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Chapter 146: The Meaning of the Competition

Chapter 146: The Meaning of the Competition

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Song Dazui[1]. A critic well known by the public.

He found the meaning of his existence through criticizing all sorts of hot news and gossip. Due to his shamelessness, he had also accumulated a huge number of fans throughout the years.

This time, he trained his fire on the Gene Rookie Competition.

"In my opinion, this year’s competition is extremely unfair."

Song Dazui wrote a long article about it.

His contents include him saying how the competition’s rules were unreasonable, were the winners selected through such a competition truly the strongest producers, etc.

He also mentioned that Lin Ke was obviously much stronger than Chen Feng yet had ended up defeated in such a manner. Was such a competition method fair? Furthermore, without the slightest hesitation, he questioned that since when had the competition between producers degenerated to the level of genetic warriors where they battle each other barbarously?


This caused an uproar among the masses.

However, these words of his had indeed left a lot of people pondering.

Especially the fans of Lin Ke!

He was obviously much stronger than Chen Feng, yet he had been defeated just like that, and in such an insulting manner too! Did this not mean that there was a problem with the rules of the competition?

Hence, a large number of people started supporting Song Dazui.

How many fans did Lin Ke have?

Over 10 million!

That superpowerful energy armor and that ice-cold sci-fi feel he gave them had attracted a lot of attention, turning those people into his diehard fans. At this time, it was natural for them to step out and show their support for Lin Ke.

Who was right or wrong was no longer important. They simply wanted a fight.

"Ah ah ah ah ah, requesting the rules of the competition be changed."


"This is supposed to be a competition between producers! Just give each participant a laboratory each, let them have a battle of production success rate based on the provided materials. Wouldn’t this be fine?!"

"Killing is a barbarous act."

Lin Ke’s fans complained crazily.

However, this time, before the Gene Production Association replied, someone else replied.


This was a grandmaster producer with an illustrious status.

"I believe I am qualified enough to answer these questions, right?" The grandmaster producer said indifferently. Next, he started counterattacking without a trace of politeness.

"1. Lin Ke deserved his death.

"After leaving the digitized world, he failed to clear his head immediately. This shows that Lin Ke’s experience in counterattacking and crisis awareness is almost nonexistent. This means, if he were to produce gene reagents in the wilderness, the moment he met with any danger, he would definitely die! Looking at it this way, Lin Ke deserved his death! He should rejoice in the fact that this is only a simulated environment. If not…

"2. Who told you Lin Ke is stronger than Chen Feng?

"Although Chen Feng only produced a small amount of gene reagents, regardless of the speed, time spent, or the quality, his gene reagents far surpassed the gene reagents of Lin Ke.

"3. The competition rules are extremely fair.

"This is a score-based competition. Lin Ke’s defeat did not mean that he lost the competition. Chen Feng’s victory did not mean he won the competition. In a score-based competition, only the one with the highest final score will be the final winner.

"4. May I ask, which aspect of this competition is unfair?

"For gene production at the higher levels, there are a lot of situations where the producers will be required to produce on the spot. All sorts of enemies and layers of plots and machinations unfolding together. Do you believe that these people will take the fact that you are a producer into consideration and have a fair competition of gene production with you? Are you f*cking retarded!? Do you think that everyone everywhere is your mother?"


The moment the thread was released, it caused an uproar.


"What a good 'everyone everywhere is your mother'!"

"Yeah, who told you that Lin Ke is stronger than Chen Feng?"

"It’s fine for Song Dazui to seek the meaning of his existence by gossiping about those celebrities. Now he actually dares to shoot his mouth off about the Gene Rookie Competition? Any random grandmaster can berate him to death."

Everyone was happily gossiping.

At the learning forum, a number of genuine producers also voiced their concerns at this moment.

"I encountered countless crises in the past. Some were even much more terrifying than what Lin Ke encountered. How many of my comrades died due to their crisis awareness being too weak. Do you think everything will be fine just because we received the protection of genetic warriors?"

"Too naive!"

"In all honesty, Lin Ke deserved his defeat! As long as he possessed even a little crisis awareness and paid more attention to his surroundings, he would have been able to secure victory!"

A lot of producers agreed.

"I don’t have much understanding about gene production," a genetic warrior said. "However, if I am clashing against a team with gene producers within, I will definitely kill the producer first!

"The reason for that is very simple. It is because they are simply too easy to kill! Furthermore, they pose an extremely big threat."

As the masses heard this, they started dripping wet with sweat.

A certain old producer took this opportunity to talk about his past experiences back then. Every single time they could only barely escape death. Surviving itself was simply a miraculous feat!

On-the-spot production was much dangerous than what these people imagined!

"I personally think that the rules of this competition are very fitting."

"It’s about time those nerd producers take a good look at how the real world works," an old producer lamented.

They had been against Chen Feng previously. However, they had still stepped out at this time. This was not for Chen Feng; instead, this was for the circle of producers!

For all the gene producers!


Countless people voiced their opinions.

This was the very first time Chen Feng was the one standing on the high ground during a controversy involving him.

In the hotel, Mu Yuan was somewhat unused to the current situation online. He had been used to the controversies surrounding Chen Feng. The moment he appeared, he would simply be condemned by the masses. He did not expect that this time, Chen Feng had so many supporters!

"Damn, this is not a spam army hired by Chen Feng, right?" Mu Yuan muttered.

At this time, the competition was progressing.

Chen Feng had already won his match; however, the battles of other participants were still progressing.

The first match only ended at 8:30 PM. Despite the fact that everyone already knew the results from the livestreams, they still found the official result interesting.


Qin Hai vs Jing Hi, Qin Hai’s victory.

Zhao Tian vs Huang He, Zhao Tian’s victory.

Bei Ta vs Lu Yi, Bei Ta’s victory.

Yun Xiaoduo vs Deng Li, Yun Xiaoduo’s victory.


The match ended.

Chen Feng and the rest returned to the real world.

Due to this being the final confrontation, before the end of the competition, no one was allowed to leave the arena. Hence, they would have to stay here for the next few days.

With these people?

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai and the rest as a smile appeared on his face.

The alliance of nine?

What a joke!

"What did he mean?" Qin Hai blanked before looking at the others.

Lin Ke was ashen faced. "I was defeated."


Everyone was astonished.

Qin Hai was shocked. "What happened?"

Lin Ke was very strong. Even Qin Hai would have a hard time trying to defeat Lin Ke. That terrifying energy armor with some energy-based reagents added on top of it had a high probability of forming a complete circulation of energy, leading to the formation of a never-ending supply of energy!

How did he end up defeated?

Lin Ke’s goal was the top three!

Even if he couldn’t defeat Qin Hai and some others, he was still an extremely powerful person!

Defeated by Chen Feng?

Qin Hai’s heart jolted furiously.

"What happened?" Qin Hai asked in a low voice.

Lin Ke gave a rough description of what had happened. At that, everyone sunk into silence.

"So powerful!"

Qin Hai’s heart jolted.

Despite Chen Feng only using two F-class gene reagents, that smooth sequence of his moves when he was on the hunt had alarmed everyone.


It was not Lin Ke, but them instead?


Qin Hai started perspiring.

Chen Feng could very well be much more dangerous than they had imagined!

Chen Feng was extremely intelligent. Aware of his strong points and weak points. Despite his strength and accumulation being quite lacking, his combat experience was extremely rich!

Hence, he was able to capitalize on his strong points to defeat Lin Ke.

Qin Hai had a decisive expression. "I can’t give him any chances."

Chen Feng’s awareness was too terrifying. He definitely had to avoid having a contest in this aspect with Chen Feng!

If he were to be matched with Chen Feng, he had to produce a defensive gene first to protect himself so that Chen Feng couldn’t assassinate him. Only with this could he fully display his strength.

At this time, the rest had made a similar decision as well.

Possessing strong awareness? Fine, I shall avoid you first, then.

Your foundations are quite weak anyway. When I’m done with my defensive gene, I will complete all my gene combos. Only at that time will I have a direct confrontation with you!

The tragedy known as Lin Ke could not be allowed to repeat.

Currently, in the virtual company building, Gao Yunfeng was looking at the data of the first match.

Chen Feng had won.

And triggered a series of controversies as a result.


Gao Yunfeng shook his head.

"Lin Ke’s defeat has instead made the true meaning of this year’s competition known," Hou Liang said indifferently.

Gao Yunfeng nodded slightly.

He was aware that the kids nowadays were more partial toward the path of pure production. However, he had never expected that it was so severe! Even a celebrity producer like Lin Ke lacked crisis awareness. Was it due to the protection these producers received all this while being too good? Things were looking bleak.

Nevertheless, the final confrontation had to continue.

The first match was simply the beginning. Only one point was awarded. Only by progressing without stop and working hard to improve oneself could one became the best producer!

Why were the rounds in the competition separated with rest days in between?

That was not only given so that the participants would have time to produce genes. It was also given so that they would have the chance to study! There were simply way too many things for them to learn from each round they went through.

A lot of things learnt from the textbook or learnt during one’s training would encounter problems during actual on-the-spot production.

This was especially true in situations where the producer was affected by the dangers in their surroundings.

It was only during such moments that the true power of a producer could be seen.

If one were to encounter failure during the first time, it was understandable. What should one do next then? Only by learning without stop could one progress till the end! Gao Yunfeng also wanted to take a good look, what kind of strongest producer would appear at the end of this competition?

Qin Hai?

Yun Xiaoduo?


Light flashed in Gao Yunfeng’s eyes.


1. Fun fact, the Dazui in Song Dazui’s name means ‘big mouth’ in Chinese. Hence, his character is spot on with his name.