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Chapter 147: Hide and Seek

Chapter 147: Hide and Seek

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Night passed quietly.

Next day, at 10:00 AM sharp, the second round began.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng’s second opponent appeared.

Chen Feng vs Zhao Tian!

"It’s him?"

Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

Zhao Tian.

A famous celebrity producer.

It was rumored that Zhao Tian’s family background was quite ordinary. He had depended on his efforts alone to reach his current height. Possessing extremely rich production experience! Despite not being as popular as Qin Hai or Yun Xiaoduo, he was still extremely powerful. His modified formula was his strongest trump card!

A special gene reagent possessing an extremely powerful ability!


Mutated Roach Gene Reagent

Class: E

Difficulty: 5-star

Type: Special

Function: User will obtain an extremely powerful adaptability. For a duration of one day, all E-class and below gene reagents that had been used at least once on him would subsequently lose their effectiveness against him.


"Mutated roach gene reagent…"

The information regarding this gene reagent surfaced in Chen Feng’s brain.

This was an extremely terrifying gene reagent in the lower levels!

One had to know that this was the Gene Rookie Competition!

How could a producer only produce a single attack gene reagent? One could only defeat their opponent by bombarding their opponent with a bunch of these attack gene reagents!

Before Zhao Tian?

All that was but a joke!

Even if one prepared a hundred of the same gene reagents, they would still be ineffective, apart from the first attack!

This gene was simply a heaven-defying existence despite its limitation of a 1-day duration.

However, this did not mean that Zhao Tian was undefeated. A huge amount of materials and energy were required to produce the mutated roach gene reagent. One only needed to kill him before he completed his production.

"I need to kill him as soon as possible!"

Chen Feng had a clear goal.


After preparing the mutated thundersnake gene, Chen Feng was once again out on the hunt.

"It begins again."

The viewers in Chen Feng’s livestream room were filled with anticipation.

Without a doubt, his current opponent, Zhao Tian, was extremely formidable. The only hope for Chen Feng to obtain victory was to kill Zhao Tian before he completed his mutated roach gene reagent production!



Chen Feng traveled forth.

However, just as he was halfway to Zhao Tian, he had no choice but to stop. That was because, regardless of what ability he used, he was unable to find a trace of Zhao Tian. He would not be able to find Zhao Tian unless he carpet searched every inch of land here.

Zhao Tian had concealed himself.

He had even used a gene reagent with a barrier-like ability.

"Smell of orchid…"

Chen Feng took in the smell in the air.

This was a type of gene reagent that was able to release a huge amount of gaseous substance capable of interfering with one’s spiritual energy, sense of hearing, and vision. It pervaded the whole simulated environment.

"Such a high vigilance."

Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

By doing this, it was obvious that Zhao Tian wanted to waste his time. As long as he lasted until his mutated roach gene reagent was produced, Chen Feng would simply not be his opponent anymore.

At this time, at a certain location, Zhao Tian’s lips curled into a smile.

Chen Feng? I won’t let you find me easily. This match will only truly begin after I produce my mutated roach gene reagent. At that time, I will let you see the true power of this gene reagent!

Zhao Tian was filled with anticipation.

He would not repeat Lin Ke’s mistake.

This time…

He had to win!

"You insta-killed me once before; I will defeat you once now."

Zhao Tian’s lips curled into a smile.

His mutated roach gene was not omnipotent. At least, against Qin Hai and a few others, it wasn’t as effective. Instead, there was even a possibility of this gene reagent impeding him! After all, too long a time was required to produce this gene. This led to a low quantity and quality for his other gene reagents. However, if it was used against Chen Feng?

It was simply a divine weapon!

This was a good opportunity for him to become famous!

Zhao Tian was tempted.

With Chen Feng’s accumulation, after he used the pitiful amount of attack gene reagents he had, he could only watch as Zhao Tian started ravaging him. Here, there was simply no chance for Zhao Tian to be defeated!


The more he thought about it, the more excited Zhao Tian was. He started producing his gene reagent. Before his production was completed, he would definitely not face Chen Feng.


A faint orchid fragrance spread out.

Zhao Tian’s silhouette silently disappeared from the woods.

In Zhao Tian’s livestream room, everyone that witnessed this scene exclaimed in astonishment.




From the smell to the footprints, Zhao Tian had flawlessly prepared everything before starting his production. It was simply impossible for Chen Feng to find him.

"Such a strong vigilance."

"Seems like Chen Feng will lose this match."

"Yeah, a method like assassination can only be used once."

Everyone lamented.

Since assassination was no longer effective, there was no longer any suspense to this match. A gene reagent like what Zhao Tian used was extremely effective against a person with low accumulation like Chen Feng.

It was simply impossible for him to obtain victory.

"He has been restrained…"

"The control on the rhythm of the match has been snatched away by Zhao Tian."

"This is quite pitiful."

Everyone felt regretful.

The production of the mutated roach gene reagent was extremely time consuming. Hence, Chen Feng proceeded to produce genes while he was on the hunt. However, after approximately five hours, he had yet to discover Zhao Tian.

That guy’s vigilance was too high!

Chen Feng was producing while hunting him; he was gathering material while he hid.

One action would not delay the other.

After five hours, Zhao Tian’s production was successful!


Zhao Tian directly gulped his mutated roach gene reagent down. A gush of powerful force bubbled up as a faint purple aura swirled around him.

"It’s done?"

A smile appeared on Zhao Tian’s lips.

Chen Feng… you dare to hunt me? Hehe.

With a wide stride, Zhao Tian walked out and bellowed, "Chen Feng, do you dare to come out?"

He was ignored.

"Hmph." He sneered. "Let me see, how long can you continue hiding?"


Zhao Tian started hunting for Chen Feng.

After preparing a bunch of defensive gene reagents, Zhao Tian was all ready. Even if Chen Feng were to appear, he would be able to exhaust Chen Feng to death!

Zhao Tian started producing gene reagents while he looked for Chen Feng.


"How many hours has it been, the situation is now overturned?"

"There are no other options, that mutated roach gene is too powerful."

"True, that thing can only somewhat limit a powerful producer. However, for a rookie producer like Chen Feng, it is simply an existence akin to a disaster!"

Everyone lamented.

Chen Feng seemed to only possess a single thundersnake gene, right?


Several beginner level 1-star F-class reagents as well?

Something like the fireball technique.

Such simple attacking methods were simply incapable of dealing any sort of damage to Zhao Tian. This was especially true now that Zhao Tian had produced several defensive gene reagents as well.

It was very probable that Chen Feng might fail to break through the defense!

"Chen Feng, come out!"

Zhao Tian sneered as he started hunting for Chen Feng.

Everyone was somewhat speechless.

The originally simple gene confrontation had once again degenerated. During the first half, Chen Feng was hunting for Zhao Tian. During the latter half, Zhao Tian was hunting for Chen Feng. The two seemed to be playing a game of hide and seek. When hunting and hiding, both were also producing their selected genes in order to prepare for the final confrontation.

Time passed quietly.

At the final hour, light flashed.

Area restriction activated!


With the center of the simulated environment as the middle point, a layer of faint black light appeared at the edges of the simulated environment and started closing in. Everywhere that layer of light passed, not a single blade of grass was left alive. Everything there was destroyed.


Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air as they looked at the environment that was rapidly rotting.

Mountain ranges…


Everything was instantly turned into nothingness.

So this was the so called area restriction. The black light would, in an hour, slowly move toward the inner region of the simulated environment until it reached the center!

These lights moved slowly, but if one were to touch them, only death would await.

It was also at this moment that, at a certain edge of the remaining active area, Chen Feng slowly crawled out, carrying a bundle.