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Chapter 148: Competing in Accumulation? Come at Me!

Chapter 148: Competing in Accumulation? Come at Me!

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"You finally show yourself." Zhao Tian sneered. "Why are you running? Didn’t you have a lot of fun hunting for me in the start?"

Chen Feng merely smiled. "Hehe."

"Hmph." Zhao Tian snorted before indifferently saying, "Since I have now caught you, don’t even think of escaping anymore. Just let this end. You have no chance of winning anyway."

"Is that so?" Chen Feng put his bundle down. "I prepared a lot of gifts to you."

Zhao Tian sneered. "How funny."

Chen Feng’s accumulation was clear for all to see. Or could it be that this Chen Feng fellow had not checked information about him before coming here? Not aware of his mutated roach gene reagent?!

If that was the case…

A cold glint flashed in Zhao Tian’s eyes.

It was at this moment that Chen Feng opened his bundle.


A row of shiny gene reagents appeared. They were so dazzling that the light almost blinded Zhao Tian.


Zhao Tian was shocked.

"I wonder if these are enough?" Chen Feng smiled and stopped talking.

"You…" Zhao Tian’s expression changed greatly.

That was because, in Chen Feng’s bundle, over 100 gene reagents could be seen. Furthermore, among all the gene reagents, none were repeated gene reagents, and all of them were attack gene reagents!


Zhao Tian instinctive response was to retreat.


Too late!

"Accept your gifts."

Chen Feng tossed out a bottle of gene reagent.


The air cracked.

A bottle of 3-star gene reagent exploded, and Zhao Tian defended himself hastily.

This was merely the beginning. From Chen Feng’s hand, one bottle after another of different gene reagents were tossed out, each of them exploding with an extremely formidable power.




A succession of gene bombardment.

Just as Zhao Tian had said earlier, his mutated roach gene reagent was extremely powerful. However, its weakness was rather obvious as well. The weakness being that it was too time and energy consuming. Because of this, apart from this special gene, Zhao Tian was not able to produce too many different gene reagents.

He did not have too much in the way of defensive gene reagents either.




Chen Feng’s hand was furiously tossing gene reagents.

All Zhao Tian could do was frantically defend himself, cutting a sorry figure.



"So many gene reagents!"

Everyone in the livestream room was stunned.

Was this really Chen Feng?

That moment when Chen Feng took out over 100 gene reagents from his bundle, they were all stunned. That was because this signified that Chen Feng had mastered at least 100 or more formulas!

Low accumulation?

No formula?

They suddenly felt like their faces had been slapped to the point that they were swelling.



Terrifying energy descended.

Thundersnake gene was simply one of the gene reagents in Chen Feng’s bundle. A vast majority of the gene reagents in it were gene reagents that Chen Feng himself had never seen before either. These were all part of the countless formulas he had purchased recently.

The cost for producing these gene reagents was very low as well.

He could directly produce an F-class gene reagent successfully, while an E-class gene reagent would at most exhaust 1 point of his luck value.


"You are competing in accumulation with me?"

Chen Feng sneered.



Zhao Tian had a dumbstruck expression.

Chen Feng’s bombardment covered a full 360-degree angle around him, not even giving him a chance to flee. The pitiful amount of defensive gene reagents he had could not display much effect at all at this moment.



Zhao Tian started furiously vomiting blood.

Mutated roach gene?

Super strong adaptability?

Under Chen Feng’s never-ending bombardment, it became a joke.

At this time, the livestream rooms sunk into a momentary silence as well. No one had expected that this would happen. The Zhao Tian that had just won his previous match would sink into such a miserable predicament?

Attacked by Chen Feng’s countless gene reagents to the point where he started questioning the purpose of life!

Furthermore, the scariest point being: if even Chen Feng’s attack gene reagent formulas were in such a high amount, how about defensive, support, or other formulas? How many of them did he have?

No one knew!

"Who the f*ck said that his accumulation is weak?"

Zhao Tian was furious.

This was too hateful. If he had known earlier that Chen Feng actually had so many formulas, he would absolutely not have produced this mutated roach gene.

Why was he so passive currently?

That was because he had wasted such a long time to produce a gene that was simply useless against Chen Feng!

How could he win now?

"Ah ah ah ah ah…"

Zhao Tian was furious.

He could vaguely feel that he had once again been tricked by Chen Feng!


Another gene descended and shattered Zhao Tian’s chest with an explosion.

"I will die soon…"

Zhao Tian had an unsightly expression.

He couldn’t lose here!

It has been too difficult for him to reach this height!

He was aware that it was not possible for him to be the champion, so his goal was to get into the top three!

Entering the top three!

Obtaining the reward given to the top three participants!

This had always been his goal all this while.

Yun Xiaoduo and Qin Hai had extremely terrifying strength, so he simply couldn’t defeat them. He would not be able to score in his matches against them. Hence, before he encountered them, he could not fail to score in his other matches.

The one point from his match with Chen Feng, he could not lose!


Another gene reagent descended.

At this, Zhao Tian’s defenses fully collapsed, and bloodstains were all over his body.

He couldn’t hold on for much longer.

"You forced me," Zhao Tian bellowed.


He started shining with a terrifying dazzling radiance.

"Trump card, eh?"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

However, right at this instant, the world before his eyes blurred. The whole simulated environment seemed to disappear at this instant, and a brand new world appeared!

"This is…"

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted.

Currently, within the virtual company building, the expression of Gao Yunfeng who was enjoying the show in the command center suddenly changed greatly. "This is bad."

Digital battle!

Zhao Tian had actually dragged Chen Feng into his digitized world!

Things were getting dangerous!

"Damn it."

Gao Yunfeng had an unsightly expression.

The danger level of digital battles was extremely high.

During the previous Gene Rookie Competitions, every single year there were participants who died due to this. This year, when setting up the rules, he had tried his best to prevent this from happening.

However, he had never expected that, during the final confrontation, these bastards would still use such a method of battle! The ability to engage in digital battles was part of gene production; hence, he couldn’t prohibit this!

One had to know that to die in the virtual world was simply a simulated death. That was because only one’s simulated body was active in the virtual world.

However, in a digital battle, one could erase their opponent’s spirit body! The moment something bad happened in the digital battle, it was true damage! It was very probable for Chen Feng to directly die here!

"Pass the information to Chen Feng." Gao Yunfeng inhaled, "If he can't hold on, surrender immediately. He must definitely not meet this digital battle with force!"

"Wait." Gao Yunfeng thought about it and said, "Activate the special channel. Regardless of who it is that surrenders, end the competition immediately after that!"


The technician nodded.

Countless commands were sent, yet Gao Yunfeng still had a solemn expression on his face.

Digital battles were too dangerous.

The moment the two digitized worlds collided, one would either die or suffer injuries. Even if Chen Feng wanted to retreat, would Zhao Tian allow him to? This was the most dangerous method of confrontation among gene producers!

"Hopefully, nothing bad will happen," Gao Yunfeng muttered.

Beside him, Hou Liang merely smiled. He believed that, since a gene producer could use all methods available for them in the final confrontation, digital battle should naturally be included!

It finally reaches this point?

At this time, in the live stream room, the viewers who were initially enjoying the show became spirited.

"Damn, it's a digital battle!"

"Finally, we get to see this!"

"The cruelest confrontation method between gene producers?"

"Zhao Tian is truly vicious!"

"What’s so vicious about that? He’s losing anyway. Why not try a digital battle? Since it is allowed by the rules, it is legitimate! For his rank in this competition, he must fight it out!"

Everyone started discussing spiritedly.

The appearance of a digital battle had triggered everyone there.



Regardless of Chen Feng or Zhao Tian, the viewers of both their livestream rooms increased rapidly.

"I’m afraid an accident will happen," someone said in a low voice.

In a digital battle, if one side was stronger and one side was weaker, then it wasn't scary. One would be able to retreat if one couldn’t win. The scariest scenario was when one party was well-versed in digital battle methods while the other did not know how to engage in digital battles! Despite this being something a high-level producer had to know, among these intermediate-level producers, how many of them had actually learned it? The moment they were attacked, something bad could happen!

This was the scariest aspect of this!

Did Chen Feng possess any digital battling methods?

No one knew the answer!


Light swirled.

With a resplendent radiance, a multicolored mystical world appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Digital battle!