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Chapter 149: Zhao Tian’s Firm Decision to Kill

Chapter 149: Zhao Tian’s Firm Decision to Kill

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"It’s starting."

Everyone had a solemn mood.

Digital battle, the cruelest confrontation method available in the Gene Rookie Competition!

This was because, for the producers at this level, even if they were lucky enough to have learned about digital battling methods, they were still rookies at it. Lacking control and unaware of the severity of their actions, casualties could arise easily.

"This is bad, Chen Feng doesn’t seem to know how to engage in digital battles."

"How did you figure that out?"

"Look at his digitized world, there’s nothing in it!"

That guy had an unsightly expression.

At this time, everyone looked over. Currently, both digitized worlds had overlapped with each other. In this multicolored world, Chen Feng and Zhao Tian were facing each other, standing on firm earth beneath their feet.

Behind Zhao Tian, countless shiny genes streaked around, forming into countless shapes. This was the digitized world he forged, a formidable world created to assist him in gene production!

Behind Chen Feng, though, there was nothing!

"This is a digitized world?"

Everyone gasped.

A digitized world was something a gene producer had to have.

However, when one had just entered the profession, their digitized world would be like a piece of blank paper. A high-level producer would be able to alter and perfect their digitized world, greatly increasing their gene search efficiency. This was something every single gene producer had to learn.

Due to the fact that the digitized world was a world formed by spirit, it was something that could be easily attacked by other producers. This was how digital battles came about. The moment a digital battle started, both digitized worlds would temporarily overlap with each other.

Moreover, everything one created in the digitized world, such as weapons, defenses, shapes, and everything else, would appear to be controlled as one wished. An example would be the countless shining genes behind Zhao Tian.

One could control them to either attack or defend.

If one won, one would be able to inflict heavy injuries on the spirit of one’s opponent.

If one was defeated, one had to hastily leave.

In other words…

Even if one’s spirit was heavily injured, one had to leave this space. That was because the moment the digitized world was locked and one could no longer leave, it was very probable for one’s spirit to be destroyed there!

That would be equivalent to a real death.

"Yi, something is wrong?" A lot of people had a puzzled expression. "I seem to recall from the previous digital battles I saw, within there would be countless genes."

"That was the gene production stage," the others in the livestream room explained to him.

Gene production stage.

When one had freshly extracted blood essence for the gene search process, one’s digitized world would be filled with genes. Hence, if one were to enter into a digital battle at this time, the digitized world would be filled with genes!

This was the most commonly seen type of battle during gene productions.

The purpose of such a battle was to plunder the genes of one’s opponent or to damage the production of one’s opponent. The current digital battle they were witnessing was the normal condition of the digitized world, so naturally, there wouldn’t be genes swimming around.

"So that’s the case." That person suddenly realized something and felt something was wrong. "However, if he does not even have those genes, then does that mean that Chen Feng will…"

That’s right.

Chen Feng had no constructions his digitized world at all!

If a digital battle was initiated during gene production, it would be fine, as Chen Feng would at least have some scattered genes at his disposal. However, the Chen Feng of now was simply akin to a naked person.

He did not have anything to use!

And opposite him…

Despite the digitized equipment behind Zhao Tian being somewhat crude, he was nevertheless still fully armed.

"Something bad is going to happen to Chen Feng."

Now, everyone could see things clearly.

"Just surrender fast."

Some couldn’t bear to watch on.

"Yeah, it’s only a competition. Only one point. We believe that you will be able to advance till the end, getting into the top three! Moreover, even if you were to lose one match, it is still possible for you to become the overall winner!"

"True true true."

The chat was furiously spammed.

"You are only 18 years old, you don’t have to bother about this guy, right?"

"He’s already 24 years old. He will definitely participate in next year’s competition. With your talent, next year, you can definitely defeat him like a dog!"

Everyone comforted Chen Feng.

They were all wishing that Chen Feng would quickly surrender.

After all—

One might lose one’s life here!

Along his way, Chen Feng had gained a lot of diehard fans. The fans that were initially silently watching Chen Feng’s competition had also jumped out into the public due to this.

At the same time, in various places, countless people were paying attention to this. This was the first digital battle in this year’s competition. The participant involved in it was the Chen Feng who was the newest in the profession among all the participants.

The guy known as a ghost talent[1]!


"So Chen Feng does not know any digital battling methods?"

"Bullshit, how long ago did he enter the profession? It’s stunning enough for his production level to have reached this height. How could he have had any extra time to learn about digital battles?!"

"Don’t forget, he’s only a peak beginner producer!"

"Something is going to happen."

Everyone’s hearts chilled.

Now, their only hope was for Chen Feng to surrender as soon as possible.

Or perhaps…

To look for an opportunity to escape despite his spirit suffering injuries.


Countless gazes were concentrated on the digitized world.

At this time, in the digitized world, Chen Feng had once again appeared in this mystical world.

Under his feet was the familiar earth.

Despite the fact that Chen Feng had never constructed his digitized world, this firm piece of earth he had in this digitized world was the spoils of war from his digital battle with Wang Yue previously.

"This feels somewhat wrong."

Zhao Tian could feel that the earth beneath him was firmer than he had imagined.

He could distinctly remember that he had merely casually constructed a flat surface.

What about Chen Feng?

Zhao Tian looked at the blank space behind Chen Feng and sneered. How could the firm earth be something resulting from him? This opponent was simply a total rookie who had yet to construct anything in his digitized world.

"Seems like the overlap of two digitized worlds caused the earth to become firmer," Zhao Tian deduced.


A slight tremble started spreading.

Now, both digitized worlds had perfectly overlapped.

Behind Zhao Tian were several thousand flickering gene fragments. These things that one could not see with the naked eye in the real world were incomparably immense in this world.

Furthermore, they possessed extraordinary might.


Countless gene fragments condensed into a huge sword in Zhao Tian’s hand.

This was an attacking method.


A succession of gene fragments enveloped him, forming shiny gene armor, helmet, boots… a flawless set of equipment!

This was a defensive method.

In an instant, Zhao Tian had perfectly equipped himself.

Before him, Chen Feng was not doing anything.

"I’m sorry." Zhao Tian looked at Chen Feng coldly. "This time, I’m afraid you won’t survive."

"Oh?" Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

"I had to fight my way here all by myself and had experienced way too many things. This time, even if I were to let you off, after seriously injuring your spirit, your gene production skills would be adversely affected as well. As a result, you might hate me your whole life. With your talent, you might truly surpass me in the future. Therefore, I have to truly kill you here!"

A cold glint flashed in Zhao Tian’s eyes.


It was nonexistent.

If he was kindhearted, he would have died long ago.

From a 14-year-old kid from the slums, he had reached his status today by relying on his viciousness alone. He was much wiser than Lin Ke!

Chen Feng had to die!

Apart from this, there was a more important factor!

This year, his goal was top three. Next year, his goal would be first place.

How about Chen Feng?

He was only 18 years old, with incredibly high talent.

If first place was taken by Qin Hai this year, he would need to face Chen Feng next year. No matter how confident he was in himself, he couldn’t guarantee a victory against Chen Feng!

This was a freak-like genius.


If he wanted to grab the first place next year, he had to get rid of Chen Feng!


1. Ghost talent is a Chinese term used to describe a person who is capable of solving problems using peculiar methods with the peculiar methods being even more efficient than normal methods.