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Chapter 150: Who’s Killing Whom?

Chapter 150: Who’s Killing Whom?

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"Goodbye," Zhao Tian shouted coldly.

Since he had decided, he would not hesitate.

He was clear that if he were to drag this out, some old man that loved talent would most probably interfere in this.

Hence, he had to kill as fast as possible!


Taking the opportunity when Chen Feng was still blankly thinking of his words, Zhao Tian erupted instantly. His fully armed body soared and he slashed down toward Chen Feng with his terrifying sword.


The terrifying sword descended.


The air cracked.

Under such a powerful attack, the digitized world that was not perfectly overlapped was showing signs that it could collapse at any moment.

"Something bad is happening!"

All the viewers cried out in alarm.

They had guessed that a digital battle might be cruel, but they had never expected Zhao Tian to be so vicious when making his move while Chen Feng was a total rookie.

Looking at Chen Feng that was dazed at the same spot without moving, everyone’s hearts palpitated.

Chen Feng…

He really had no idea how to engage in digital battles!

He did not even know how to escape or leave this place!


To be more accurate, since entering the digitized world, this totally unfamiliar world to him, Chen Feng seemed to have remain stunned, doing nothing at all.

With this slash of a sword, he would probably be finished.

At this time, at the top floor of the virtual company building.

"What’s going on?"

Gao Yunfeng was ashen-faced. "Where’s the message about surrendering? Has it been sent to Chen Feng?"

"Yes, it was sent."

The technician smiled bitterly. The first thing he did was send it to Chen Feng. Yet for unknown reason, Chen Feng did not react in any way.

If so, why had he not received anything, then?

Gao Yunfeng was anxious.

Could it be that Zhao Tian possessed some method to block message transmissions? But this was a system notification! However, no one was sure of this as there were simply too many mysterious abilities in this world.


Looking at that terrifying slash that was descending toward Chen Feng, Gao Yunfeng’s heart palpitated. Chen Feng would die here like this? Even if he had always believed that Chen Feng was not qualified to be the champion, that was his prejudice against Chen Feng’s age.

Chen Feng’s talent was something no one could deny!

Quickly surrender! Gao Yunfeng howled inwardly.

This was the final confrontation. Nobody could interfere with the match. Even he, the one who had set up the rules, could only watch on anxiously.

It was at this time that Chen Feng suddenly raised his hand and pointed toward Zhao Tian.

"He finally reacted?"

Zhao Tian laughed nastily. "It’s too late!"


The terrifying sword ray landed.


The earth trembled.

"Is Chen Feng dead?"

Everyone hesitantly looked at the scene, and they were collectively stunned.



What had they seen?!

How was this possible?!

Countless people were so shocked they all stood up.


Gao Yunfeng couldn’t help but to curse.

In the digitized world, Chen Feng was still standing in the same spot.

The sword ray that was descending toward him had shattered, turning into countless gene fragments. Instead, on the head of Zhao Tian, who was not far away from him, a finger-sized hole had appeared.

All the equipment on Zhao Tian's body had shattered.

"How is this possible…"

Zhao Tian widened his eyes unbelievably.

He was defeated?

Defeated by Chen Feng?

In a digitized world on top of that?!

How was this possible!

Chen Feng was clearly a rookie in regard to digitized world!

At this time.


A red light flashed past.

Only now did he see that resplendent red light string on Chen Feng’s hand. It coiled around Chen Feng naughtily in a lively manner, as if it was a living being.

"What is that…" Zhao Tian mumbled.

He remembered.

Previously, it was exactly this thing here that had pierced straight through him.

At that instant, all the gene equipment on his body had collapsed.

This thing…

"Can you feel that there’s something different with this piece of land here?" Chen Feng suddenly asked with a smile on his face.

"What?" Zhao Tian’s expression changed greatly. "This is the digitized world you constructed!"

"That’s right," Chen Feng said coldly. "In my digitized world, only a piece of firm earth was constructed, and also a single strongest attack. With both of these, it’s sufficient."

Zhao Tian was ashen-faced.

So that was the case!

This piece of earth…

That ray of light…

They were actually Chen Feng’s digital battling methods!

The Chen Feng that he believed to have zero foundations actually possessed the strongest digital battling methods.

Competing in digital battle with him?

Simply akin to courting death.

At this time, everyone who saw this had a dumbstruck expression. No one had expected that this would happen. Previously, they were still worrying and praying for Chen Feng. In the blink of an eye, this was the result presented to them?!

With a single wave of hand, every method Zhao Tian had was destroyed.

With a single ray of light, piercing straight through Zhao Tian.

The digital battling methods of these two people were simply in two different leagues!

"So powerful!"

"Sooo cool, ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

"You all have no idea how I was feeling. It’s like riding a roller coaster. A second earlier, I was still thinking that Chen Feng would die. The next second, he had astonishingly counterattacked!"

"Damn, too powerful."

The chat was furiously spammed.

Even the lurkers started spamming.

The amount of spam in Chen Feng’s chat had reached its highest point since the start. That insta-kill of Chen Feng's had enchanted countless viewers.

"You…" A cold glint flashed in Zhao Tian’s eyes. "Is this really something yours?"

Could he be cheating?

The Gene Production Association would permit every method that belonged to the producer himself. However, something that belonged to others was not permitted to be used.

This was understandable.

If an elder were to teach one a certain method, and one trained painstakingly to make it something belonging to oneself, it was acceptable. However, if one were to simply borrow something for their own use during the last minute?

That was absolutely not permitted!

For example…

The plum blossom imprint Wang Yue had used previously was against the rules!

Was Chen Feng truly so powerful?

Zhao Tian doubted it.

"It might be really true that you are simply a rookie. However, an expert previously helped you by leaving this ray of light in your body."

Zhao Tian could not accept this.

How much time had he spent painstakingly training to learn the method to engage in digital battle? For an intermediate producer to transcend classes and learn the methods of digital battle, the difficulty level was extremely high!

As for Chen Feng?

A mere beginner producer?

How was it possible!

"Is that so?"

Chen Feng merely smiled.

Since Xiao Ying had entered his spiritual world, he could feel that Xiao Ying and his spiritual energy were becoming increasingly near in rhythm and had started to gradually assimilate with his spiritual energy. This continued until, finally, Xiao Ying became a part of his spiritual energy!


What a joke!

"What do you think of this, then?"

Chen Feng raised his hand.


In the digitized world, the equipment of Zhao Tian that had been shattered by Chen Feng and turned into masterless gene fragments were actually slowly swimming toward Chen Feng.


Chen Feng pointed midair.


Those gene fragments had actually condensed into a huge sword once again.

"How is that possible?!" Zhao Tian cried out in alarm, an ugly expression on his face.

This was the most basic of digital battling methods. However, a very long time was required in order to sharpen these gene fragments endlessly before turning it into a part of one’s digitized world, turning it into one’s weapon.

Zhao Tian had spent one whole month on this!

As for Chen Feng…

Only a split second was used.

Turning his gene fragments into a weapon in front of his face.


Was there any need?

Their digital battling proficiencies were simply in different leagues!

He was defeated.

Utterly defeated.

"However, the words of yours earlier indeed reminded me of something," Chen Feng suddenly smiled as he said. "It has been quite hard for you to reach this height. Hence, you treasure all this. Moreover, you are a vicious and merciless person, so you will definitely look for a chance to have your revenge against me. Therefore…"

Not good!

Zhao Tian’s heart thumped. Chen Feng wanted to kill him!