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Chapter 151: The Opened Pandora“s Box

Chapter 151: The Opened Pandora's Box

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"I sur…" Zhao Tian suddenly screamed.


Right this moment, Chen Feng raised his hand once again.




A red light flashed.

Xiao Ying streaked forth, leaving multiple afterimages behind, and pierced through Zhao Tian.

Zhao Tian, dead!


Zhao Tian’s mouth remained wide open, not having the chance to even finish his final word.

It was still possible for him to recover if his body was merely pierced through. However, in the split second earlier, that countless exploding red light had exhausted all his energy!


Zhao Tian’s silhouette disappeared.

The digitized world collapsed.

The first digital battle of this year’s Gene Rookie Competition ended just like that.

Currently, at the competition arena, Zhao Tian’s body collapsed with a resounding thump, losing his consciousness eternally. In his livestream room, the stream had gone black.

Zhao Tian, dead!


The whole world erupted in an uproar.

No one had expected such a result!

Zhao Tian was dead?

That’s right, Zhao Tian was dead!


A lot of people remain dazed for a long time before reacting.

This was the first death in this year’s Gene Rookie Competition. Moreover, it was in such a way where the one intending to kill failed and ended up getting killed himself, dying in Chen Feng’s hands!

At the top floor of the virtual company building. Even the Gao Yunfeng that had maintained an anxious expression all this while had a dumbstruck expression currently.

It was over?

Over just like that?

That’s right.

Chen Feng had indeed survived. But the problem was, Zhao Tian was dead! The death of a producer, which was what he had always been trying to avoid, had still happened!

At this time, in the virtual livestream room.


"Congratulations, Chen Feng, for successfully counter-killing."

"After this match, who still dares to look down upon our Chen Feng?"

The chat was furiously spammed.

Poor accumulation?

Lack of formulas?


In this match, a countless amount of faces were slapped by Chen Feng.

From the moment Chen Feng had first participated in this competition, he was the participant who had suffered the highest amount of condemnations. The reasons being his poor accumulation, lack of formulas, and using unusual methods to win through loopholes in every round!

Yet, the truth was?

Chen Feng’s mastered formulas were much higher than everyone else's!

When he was battling against Zhao Tian, the attack gene reagents alone were already incredibly high! How about the other types of gene reagent?

Defensive, support…

When all types of gene reagents were totaled up, the amount would be much higher!


Hehe, who had a bad accumulation?

What a joke!

Everyone believed that Chen Feng had zero foundations in the aspect of digital battles, yet this was where he had instantly erupted and insta-killed Zhao Tian!

Chen Feng not qualified to enter the top 10?

Chen Feng was much weaker than Lin Ke?


Chen Feng’s fans were all stirred.

In the learning forum.

And all sorts of other online communities, every single place that had once berated Chen Feng was now silently enduring the face slapping unleashed upon them by Chen Feng’s fans. As for Song Dazui’s personal website, it was simply flooded by endless spam.

Chen Feng had instantly turned into a topic that was hot worldwide.

"The fiercest dark horse in history!"

"Digital battle number one, in this year’s competition, who can contend with Chen Feng?!"

"The most advantageous contender for first place!"

All the media outlets had Chen Feng on their front pages.

As for the matches of the other participants?

They no longer received any attention.

Today, everyone was only focused on Chen Feng!

Chen Feng, who never had a chance to counterattack against all the accusations against him all this while, had, for the first time, cleaned up all the accusations against him and transformed into one of the most promising seeded participant!

At night, the second match officially ended.

When Qin Hai and the rest came out, with astonishment, they found that one person was missing. "Where’s Zhao Tian?"

"Dead." The first one to end his match, Lin Ke, had with his own eyes witnessed Zhao Tian’s death. He gulped before continuing, "He died during the match. After the employees carried his body away, they only replied with the words ‘brain dead.'"


The area instantly sunk into silence.

Brain dead?

Dying in the real world?

Everyone inhaled cold breaths.

"Digital battle!"

Qin Hai had a solemn expression in his eyes. "Chen Feng is actually well-versed in digital battles?"

"Not only him, Zhao Tian as well." Lin Ke was previously somewhat close to Zhao Tian. "However, being able to insta-kill Zhao Tian, not even giving him a chance to escape, this means Chen Feng is extremely powerful in digital battles!"

Everyone sunk into silence.

The so-called alliance of nine had been suffering defeat after defeat right off the bat. One defeated, one dead. It was simply pointless to continue this alliance.

"You all need to be careful," Lin Ke said in a low voice, "especially during the digital battle stage!"


No one mentioned it anymore.

The so-called alliance was primarily established due to Chen Feng being too weak and bringing shame to the top 10. The alliance had been established to prove the dignity and strength of the top 10!

And now?

Chen Feng had defeated two of them in a row, proving his strength!


They needed to start worrying about themselves!

"Just go back and make our preparations." Qin Hai waved his hand. He possessed powerful strength as well, so there was naturally no need for him to fear Chen Feng. However, it was different for the others. A slight mistake might cause them their life!

Everyone left.

Qin Hai sunk into contemplation.

He initially believed that victory was within his grasp. However, nothing seemed to be proceeding smoothly.

After the failure in their first encounter, he had started taking it seriously. However, it was still one failure after another! And now, he had, for the first time, felt the sense of helplessness that only his opponents felt in the past.

Victory was not something that could be achieved by simply being serious!

So, this time, it’s different than the past?


This was an extremely unfamiliar feeling for him.

Regardless of how many trump cards Chen Feng showed, Qin Hai had always been clear that his strength surpassed Chen Feng's, just like the opponents he had encountered in the past.

However, even so, the one who ended up victorious every single time was Chen Feng!

The only rank Qin Hai was confident in getting was second place.


He had no idea.

"Chen Feng," Qin Hai mumbled this name.

How much stronger than Chen Feng did he need to be in order to defeat him?

Sea City.

Within a large hotel.

Qin Hai’s butler was communicating with the people from the Qin family.

"Is Little Hai alright?"

"He should be feeling somewhat bewildered since Chen Feng has temporarily surpassed him, right? However, when he finally rearranges his thoughts, he will reach a higher height. Chen Feng’s appearance is a good thing for him."


"It’s fine for him to temper himself a bit here. However, he must still obtain the final first place!"

"Don’t worry."

"This child, Qin Hai, has never disappointed us."

Outside the window, the night seemed darker.

Time passed.

Currently, in the virtual company rest room, Huang He and the rest were doing last minute studies on digital battles. Their goal was very simple. Even if they couldn’t defeat Chen Feng in a digital battle, they should, at the very least, be able to escape before using their gene reagents to face him!

In this aspect, they were far stronger than Chen Feng.

However, they soon experienced what a nightmare was like.

After Zhao Tian forcefully initiated a digital battle with him, a brand new world was opened wide before Chen Feng. He discovered a single fact. Why should he wait for others to challenge him in a digital battle?

Since this was acceptable by the rules of the competition, he could initiate digital battles as well!


Third match, Chen Feng vs Jing Hui, victory!

Fourth match, Chen Feng vs Lu Yi, victory!

Fifth match, Chen Feng vs Deng Li, victory!

Sixth match, Chen Feng vs Huang He, victory!

Four matches in a row.

Four wins in a row!

Chen Feng hadn’t even produced many gene reagents. After discovering his enemy, he would forcefully initiate a digital battle. Next, he would destroy them in the digitized world!

Despite these people possessing a certain amount of know-how in regards to digital battles, they were still not Chen Feng’s match.

However, against these opponents who had not posed much problem to him, Chen Feng found no need to kill them. As long as they surrendered, he would accept it.

Soon, Chen Feng earned six points.


"Dominating everyone present!"

"I feel like Zhao Tian opened Pandora’s box…"

"Hahaha, same here."

"Too terrifying!"

"This is Chen Feng’s true form!"

The chat in the livestream room was spammed furiously.

Previously, every time Chen Feng was attacked, they felt a lack of confidence when they hit back against the critics. However, now that Chen Feng was dominating everyone present, they felt refreshed!

Incredibly carefree!


They had an urgency to scream loudly:

Who’s next?!

This is Chen Feng!

This is the strongest producer!