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Chapter 152: Tricked Chen Feng

Chapter 152: Tricked Chen Feng

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"Too strong," a large amount of people muttered.

Regardless of the type of digital defense one possessed, regardless of how powerful one was, before Chen Feng’s red flash, everyone would be destroyed.


Up till now, no one was aware of how he accomplished that.

No one knew why Chen Feng’s digital attack was so powerful.

Too terrifying!

"He won’t slaughter his way to first place just like this, right?"

Some were shaken.

"You think too much."

"Granted, Chen Feng has defeated six opponents. However, the remaining three are the figureheads among the top 10, especially Yun Xiaoduo and Qin Hai! Do you think that with their background, they won't be well-versed in digital battles? If Chen Feng insists on continuing down this path, he will definitely fall!"

"I agree."

Some nodded.

Chen Feng was very powerful. This was publicly acknowledged. However, if he wanted to crush all opposition with only digital battles?


"Wanting to survive till the end, production skills will still play a major role," an old producer said slowly.

They believed that regardless of Qin Hai or Yun Xiaoduo, they would be able to easily end Chen Feng’s path of insta-killing. However, they did not expect that on only his seventh match, Chen Feng had already encountered trouble.

Seventh match, Chen Feng vs Bei Ta.

"Bei Ta?"

Chen Feng had seen his information.

Different from Chen Feng, the information about other participants was publicly available online. Hence, at the beginning of each match, Chen Feng would first weigh the strength of his opponent and proceed to initiate a digital battle against those who were weaker in this aspect to end the battle.

If his opponent was strong, Chen Feng would first prepare his gene reagents before initiating the digital battle in case those gene reagents would be required later. Luckily, up until now, such a situation had never happened.

As for this Bei Ta?

His proficiency in digital battles was quite ordinary.

Chen Feng could definitely win!

"Let’s continue, then."

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.

For a match where a digital battle was sufficient, he would definitely not produce any gene reagents!

The reason for that was simple—to save up his luck value.

During the final round, matches would be held daily for a consecutive nine days. Based on the small amount of luck value he had, if he did not use them sparingly, he would not be able to last till the end.


Chen Feng produced his scouting gene reagent and started looking for Bei Ta.

However, nothing was found.

Every trace of Bei Ta was blocked. Even after trying with several different gene reagents, Chen Feng still failed to find any trace of Bei Ta. His opponent had silently concealed himself.

"Hiding again?"

Chen Feng frowned.

Such situations had happened before. If his opponents were to successfully conceal themselves, he could only wait until the area started closing in.

"Do you think you can win just by dragging it until the area starts closing in?"

Chen Feng sneered.



Chen Feng stopped looking for him and started his gene productions. He started to produce all sorts of gene reagents without stop.

Time passed quietly.

Soon, they reached the final hour.


The area started closing in!

"It’s here."

Chen Feng was stirred.


Ten minutes passed…

Twenty minutes passed…

Thirty minutes passed…

Chen Feng did not see anyone appearing. Bei Ta seemed to have completely disappeared.

"What’s going on?"

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

It was already the final 30 minutes, yet he hadn’t even caught a glimpse of Bei Ta.



Blending with the environment?

Chen Feng guessed.



He started using several gene reagents to once again scout for Bei Ta; however, nothing could be found.

No result whatsoever, like how it had been previously.

After 10 minutes, Chen Feng had still failed to find Bei Ta.

At this time, as he saw the faint black energy that was gradually approaching, Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. This was an opponent he couldn’t see at all!

This time, things were getting troublesome!

He looked at the time. There were still 20 minutes left before the end of this match.

Digital battle?

He couldn’t even see his opponent, how was he supposed to initiate a digital battle?!

At this time, in Bei Ta’s livestream room.


"Such a method, too shameless!"

"This this this…"

"Dang, one can do this?"

Everyone was dumbstruck.

That was because the Bei Ta before them had become a rat and was hiding 100 meters underground. It was simply impossible for Chen Feng to find him!

"How did he turn into a rat?"

"Yeah, aren't genetic abilities prohibited?" someone asked.

Those who had been watching since earlier silently listed the gene reagent used by Bei Ta.


Mutated Dark Rat Transformation Reagent

Difficulty: 5 stars

Class: E

Function: Able to transform into a mutated dark rat that possesses a certain degree of dark energy. Able to blend into the user’s surroundings, blocking all detection. Active duration: 24 hours. The mutated dark rat possesses ability: Dark Guardian—instantly increases one’s defense by a tenfold for one minute!

Limitations: Unable to cancel before the end of the duration



Everyone was shocked.

Mutated dark rat?

The 1 cm small mini life form??


No wonder Chen Feng had failed to find him.

In actuality, this was quite a ridiculous gene formula. With a difficulty of 5-star E class, it could only help its user transform their body. Furthermore, the transformation couldn’t be changed as one wished. However, if it was used during some specific situations…

This was a bug-like existence!

For example, here.

This was in actuality a way of obtaining victory through trickery.

However, as long as no rules were violated, who cared?

Wasn’t this precisely the way in which Chen Feng had obtained his previous victories? One could only say that karma existed. Chen Feng had used some tricks to secure victory. Now, someone else was using such methods against him as well!


"Karma indeed."

"Hahaha, I am suddenly very curious as to what expression will be on Chen Feng’s face when he loses this match."


A huge number of people were happily gossiping.

Chen Feng had tricked way too many people previously.

Now, even when he had finally displayed his capability, when facing someone who used a trick to win, everyone’s first reaction was to see how Chen Feng react to getting tricked.

Bei Ta’s goal was extremely clear.


Waiting for the power that was closing in and restricting the area to kill Chen Feng.

One had to know that, according to the rules, during the final hour, as time passed, the area in which one could move in would reduce until it became a single point.

As for Bei Ta?

He was moving underground!

The underground was restricted in a similar fashion as above ground as well.


Bei Ta’s size was small!

The mutated dark rat was only as big as one’s fingertip and possessed an ability to blend with the environment on top of it.

How was Chen Feng supposed to catch him?

Moreover, the dark rat possessed a certain degree of resistance against such corrosive energy. Hence, even if they were to suffer the energy corrosion at the same time, Chen Feng would be the one to die first.


"Seems to be the same as Chen Feng’s fourth round?"


Everyone recalled the android used during the fourth round. Chen Feng had used a similar suicidal method to defeat his opponents. Now, Bei Ta was returning the favor!

The area became smaller due to the restriction, to the point where the size of the active area was now a small circle which one could clearly see with one look.

At this time, only 15 minutes were left before the end of match.

In the virtual company building.

Gao Yunfeng did not know whether he should laugh or cry as he looked at this match.

Indeed, any match with Chen Feng in it would have a weird rhythm.

The previous few rounds were same. The current round was still the same. However, this time, Chen Feng was the victim, suffering from Bei Ta’s trick.


What was with the tinge of evilness that he seemed to be giving off currently?

Gao Yunfeng felt like he was somewhat taking joy in the calamity of Chen Feng.

"Cough cough."

He quickly readjusted his state of mind.

As the one who'd set the rules, how could he be jeering at the participants?

It could not happen!

However, that faint trace of a smile at the corner of his lips could not be hidden no matter what. Someone doing something similar—Chen Feng, can you discover a way to break out of this predicament?