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Chapter 153: You Know Nothing about Strength

Chapter 153: You Know Nothing about Strength

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Currently, in the simulated environment for the final confrontation, Chen Feng frowned as he looked at the approaching corrosive energy.

Distantly, everywhere that energy passed would turn to ruin. Vegetation would dry up, losing its vitality. He definitely could not touch this energy!


Where was that Bei Ta guy?

He had yet to appear!

"Waiting for a sneak attack?"

Chen Feng believed that Bei Ta might have used some ability to conceal himself, waiting for an opportunity to ambush him. Hence, he had been maintaining his vigilance and waiting until now.

"Could it be…"

Chen Feng suddenly thought of something.


Chen Feng’s eyes widened, and he had an unbelievable feeling.


Someone was trying to trick him?

He finally understood.

This Bei Ta guy was planning to hide himself and die together with him!

Now that his thoughts were redirected to the correct direction, the rest became easier to guess. Chen Feng was able to quickly deduce the methods that Bei Ta might have used. Hence, he stayed where he was and waited for Bei Ta to show himself.

As the active area was going to close in, Chen Feng’s thoughts were extremely simple. The surface ground was not the only area that would start closing in. This applied to underground and the skies as well.

The whole area would close in spherically.


When only three meters of active area remained, Bei Ta would definitely show himself. That was because the remaining space was simply insufficient for the both of them.

However, even in the final two minutes, when the area remaining was now less than three meters, Bei Ta was still hidden!



Chen Feng bombarded everywhere around him, yet no traces of Bei Ta could be found.

"This guy…"

Chen Feng frowned.

Was it some special gene reagent?

Chen Feng could vaguely guess something. His opponent might have used some special ability to hide. Even if the opponent was right before him, he would not be able to see his opponent!


An explosion of flame.

Chen Feng threw down a gene reagent onto the ground.

The earth trembled.

Yet no abnormality was found.

At this time, the viewers in Bei Ta’s room were laughing crazily.

"I’m afraid Chen Feng is going to suffer defeat here."

"I think so too."

Everyone was happily gossiping.

Even as layman viewers, they were able to see that Bei Ta was right beside Chen Feng, waiting for the match to end. However, Chen Feng had not noticed it. Furthermore, the mutated dark rat was too small and had completed blended into the environment, assuming an appearance of a small clump of soil that looked the same as the other clumps of soil around it.

That gene reagent thrown by Chen Feng earlier had actually hit Bei Ta. However…

Bei Ta was now an E-class mutated beast with a tenfold increase in his defense!

A mere low level gene reagent like this, how was it possible for him to be hurt?

"He’s still not showing himself?"

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed with a cold glint.

Without finding out how Bei Ta had concealed himself, he simply had no means to locate Bei Ta!


Becoming smaller?

Or perhaps…

Transforming into a speck of dust and drifting around in the air?

Or perhaps…

Turning into something else and attaching to his clothes?

Or perhaps…

Turning into bacteria and hidden on his body?

All these were possible!

When Chen Feng was sweeping through the formulas two days ago, Chen Feng had witnessed all sorts of powerful and mysterious gene reagents, especially those 4-star and 5-star E-class gene reagent formulas!

There were a lot of rare formulas with mysterious abilities!

It was very possible that Bei Ta had mastered one of these.

"I must find a way to deal with this quickly."

Chen Feng had a solemn expression.

Luck Aura?


As of now, as to where Bei Ta was, what shape he had assumed, what type of transformation he had assumed, Chen Feng was unclear. Even if he were to activate his Luck Aura, Chen Feng had no idea how to direct his Luck Aura to work. Due to the fact that Bei Ta might be using any one of those special abilities, if his train of thought was wrong, he would simply be wasting a large amount of luck values!

Trying one by one?

Not enough time!

What should he do, then?

Chen Feng contemplated.




None of that was important. The location was the most important thing!

Then, how should he determine Bei Ta’s position?

He had always been using Luck Aura on matters concerning probability. This caused Chen Feng to forget that Luck Aura was in itself a nearly omnipotent existence!

Even if it was not used to affect reality, it was still extremely powerful!

Only used on probabilities?

If so, he should simply change his present predicament to a matter of probability!

For example—

Chen Feng’s lips curled up forming a smile.


He closed his eyes and entered the digitized world.


Earth trembled.

The gene fragments that formed the earth in his digitized world hovered.

With a wave of his hand, in accordance to the environment of the simulated world his physical body was in, he linked all these gene fragments into one solid line after another, forming a graph midair with him as the point of origin.


Chen Feng waved his hand.

In accordance to the color of the gene, he divided the genes into ten different numbers. A messy pile of multicolored numbers was now hovering in midair before him.


It started to resemble some sort of luck number generator.


"If a particular number is what I required, isn’t this simply a matter of probability now?" Chen Feng said.

Now, he merely needed a coordinate.


"If I am lucky enough, the numbers represented by these gene fragments that I caught would be the coordinate of Bei Ta?"

Chen Feng said calmly.

Despite the probability of him getting this correct being low, this was just what his Luck Aura excelled in.




Chen Feng casually grabbed three times.

Horizontal coordinate confirmed, one point of luck value consumed.

Longitudinal coordinate confirmed, one point of luck value consumed.

Altitude coordinate confirmed, one point of luck value consumed.


Chen Feng’s eyes shone.


Leaving the digitized world, Chen Feng grabbed toward a certain location.


What his hand grabbed was a clump of soil with a peculiar sensation to it.

Chen Feng sneered. "I caught you!"


"Even with this, he was found?!"


Everyone in the livestream room was stunned.

At this moment, toward the end of the match, 30 seconds remained!

The corrosive energy was right beside Chen Feng now. He only needed to move slightly and his body would come into contact with that terrifying energy. Bei Ta only needed to persevere for 30 more seconds and he would be the winner. No one had expected that Chen Feng would catch Bei Ta at this moment!

How had he done it?

Nobody knew!


Everyone was dumbstruck.

At this moment, the Bei Ta that was grabbed by Chen Feng felt somewhat astonished as well.

He had never expected that he would be captured by Chen Feng during the final 30 seconds. However, even with this, he was not afraid!

He was now a mutated dark rat!

He was without any attacking powers; however, his defense was still at the level of a peak E-class warrior!

"Dark Guardian!"

Without hesitation, he activated the only active skill the mutated dark rat possessed to instantly increase his defense by a tenfold. This meant that he currently possessed an absolute defense at the level of a peak D-class warrior!

30 seconds?

No one was able to damage him!

Bei Ta stared at Chen Feng loftily. "You have insufficient time."

"Are you sure?" Chen Feng had a faint smile.

Bei Ta was confident. "Even Qin Hai is not capable of breaking this defense of mine!"

"Kid, you don’t know what strength is."

Chen Feng sneered before casually tossing that clump of soil in his hand into the restricted area that was filled with the corrosive energy.


A mournful scream resounded.

Bei Ta, dead!


Match ended!

Chen Feng, victory!


The livestream room went into an uproar.