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Chapter 154: Gene Armament!

Chapter 154: Gene Armament!

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"Bei Ta is dead?"

Everyone had stupefied expressions.

No one had expected the Bei Ta that was still showing off his prowess one moment ago to be instantly found and tossed out to be devoured by the corrosive energy.

Tenfold defense?

Simply a joke.

"How did he find Bei Ta?"

Everyone was bewildered.

Mutated dark rat was a peculiar life form with almost zero attack power. However, due to its small size and its extremely powerful concealment capabilities, even those who were one class higher than it would fail to locate it. After Bei Ta transformed, he had almost perfectly displayed all the capabilities of a mutated dark rat. However, Chen Feng…

Only used one second!

"Who knows?"

Everyone else was confused as well. No one had seen clearly how he did it.

Chen Feng seemed to have only closed his eyes, but when he reopened his eyes, he directly caught Bei Ta.

"Probably some powerful scouting reagent," someone guessed.

"That’s possible."

The rest nodded their heads.

Seemed like Chen Feng’s accumulation was truly much more terrifying than they had imagined.


Countless people expressed their regret.

They were originally hoping to see Chen Feng defeated by a trick once and experience the feeling of having been tricked. Unexpectedly, Bei Ta’s trick had been easily foiled by Chen Feng.

As for Bei Ta’s defeat?

They did not find that surprising.

The amount of accumulation Chen Feng had displayed so far was above Bei Ta’s. Hence, it was to be expected that Chen Feng would be victorious. Right at this moment, an astonishing piece of news appeared as well.

Qin Hai vs Yun Xiaoduo, Qin Hai’s victory!


Everyone was alarmed.

Yun Xiaoduo was defeated?

One had to know that, despite Qin Hai’s strength, currently, Yun Xiaoduo was the one holding the advantage. A single Yun Xiaoduo was in actuality equivalent to three people.

Although the little donkey was the only one capable of producing genes among the trio, the big yellow ball and Yun Xiaoduo could both help with material gathering. When battling, they could help activate the produced gene reagents as well.

It was simply equivalent to 3 vs 1.

Under such circumstances, she was still defeated?!

"What happened?"

Everyone entered Xiao Yunduo’s livestream room one after another.

"Ah ah ah ah ah, too pitiful!"

"After resisting for so long, she still ended up defeated."

"I feel so angry."

The chat was spammed furiously.

Everyone scrolled back the chat history and found the reason for Yun Xiaoduo’s defeat.

Gene armament!

A product that would usually only be used by high-level producers.

One had to know that, for the producers at the level of those high-level producers, ordinary gene reagents were no longer effective. One had an E-class attack gene reagent? Well, the opponent had an E-class defensive gene reagent.

Both would have a huge amount of gene reagents prepared, with none of them able to do anything to the other.

In such a situation, if one wanted to obtain victory, one had to utilize their production level and known formulas to produce a type of gene reagent that was much more powerful!


Gene armament came into existance.

The so-called gene armament was simply something created by assembling multiple gene reagents together. Multiple gene reagents would perfectly fuse together, complementing each other to display an astonishing effect!

In other words, this was the gene producers’ version of a secret art!

Assembling multiple gene reagents together in order to unleash a more powerful effect!

An example of this would be Lin Ke’s mechanical armor set!

When everyone first saw Lin Ke’s energy armor, they only felt that it was something new. They don’t quite understand the concept behind it, but they found it cool. None of them had imagined that Lin Ke’s armor was actually a completed armament!

One had to know that, despite the fact that Lin Ke was insta-killed by Chen Feng, during his subsequent matches, his armor still displayed a terrifying power, causing him to be undefeated!

Even in his match against Qin Hai, he had almost obtained victory!

This was the strength of a gene armament!

During Yun Xiaoduo and Qin Hai’s final confrontation, under circumstances where both their gene reagents failed to have any effect on each other, ultimately, it became a confrontation between gene armaments.

Qin Hai possessed a gene armament assembled by 11 types of gene reagents. After assembling them, a huge energy ball would be created that could be used to bombard his opponent!

Yun Xiaoduo possessed a gene armament assembled by 15 types of gene reagents. With these, an extremely powerful cannon with an extremely long attack range was formed. It was also capable of automatically locking on all targets within its field of vision and possessed a powerful attacking method by raining down never-ending shots.

On paper, Yun Xiaoduo’s gene armament was more powerful.

The amount of gene reagents and gene materials required by it was much higher than what Qin Hai required. However, due to their simulated environment being a huge maze-like cave, Yun Xiaoduo’s super-powerful cannon was incapable of displaying its true power. Finally, at a certain corner of the cave, she was insta-killed by Qin Hai.

"What a pity."

"There’s really nothing one can do about it in such a situation."

Everyone felt regretful.

The strongest gene armament being restrained by the simulated environment? That was simply akin to a manmade disaster!

As of now, the seventh match had officially ended.

Chen Feng, seven points.

Qin Hai, seven points.

Yun Xiaoduo, six points.

Lin Ke, five points.

That’s right.

After being defeated by Chen Feng, Lin Ke had still managed to crush all opposition by relying on the power of his gene armament, obtaining 5 points and ranking fourth!

From this, one could see how powerful a gene armament was.

"Seems like Lin Ke will only be able to get fourth place."

"Mhm, with Chen Feng’s rise, there’s no place left for Lin Ke."

"There are only two more matches left. These three should be the final top three…"

Someone suddenly realized something.

Top three!

In the battle of the top 10, the purpose was not only to select the champion. There was also the top three! However, before this round had started, no one had expected that this would be the composition of the final top three.

Chen Feng!

Qin Hai!

Yun Xiaoduo!

As for the rest of the rankings? Nobody cared.

Qin Hai, never defeated, and might obtain either first or second place!

Yun Xiaoduo, defeated once, might obtain either second or third place!

As for Chen Feng, there was a possibility for him to obtain any of the three places!

"Well, let’s see how they do in the next match, then."

Everyone was looking forward to it.

In the fifth round, there were a total of nine matches. Chen Feng had already gone through seven matches, with only his matches against Yun Xiaoduo and Qin Hai remaining. These two were also the most anticipated matchups.

Final rankings?

The subsequent matches would determine it!

At this moment, they suddenly thought of a question: "Does Chen Feng have any gene armaments?"

"No idea."

The rest shook their head.

Gene armaments were not something everyone possessed. Due to the high amount of fusion, tests, and research required, a huge amount of resources were required to support all this. It was simply something an ordinary person would not be able to possess.

Hence, even among the top 10, so far, only three of them were seen to possess a gene armament.

Lin Ke, Qin Hai, Yun Xiaoduo!

Did Chen Feng possess one?

No one knew.

However, the possibility of him having one was very low.

"It’s going to get difficult for him."

Everyone was anxious.

During the previous matches, Chen Feng had proved the accumulation he had, giving him the qualifications to challenge these geniuses! However, without a gene armament, he could only obtain third place!

When a gene armament appeared among intermediate gene producers, it was simply a weapon of mass destruction.

It was also with this that Lin Ke had the confidence to obtain the third place. Unfortunately, after his unexpected insta-kill in Chen Feng’s hand, he could only settle for fourth place. However…

Was there any hope for Chen Feng?


"Chen Feng?"

Lin Ke sneered.

After the match ended, he found out Chen Feng’s results as well.

Against this guy who had used some tricks to defeat him, he had only a negative opinion! If they were to have a head-on confrontation, his gene armament would absolutely beat Chen Feng so badly that even Chen Feng’s mom wouldn’t recognize him when Lin Ke was done.

"Xiaoduo, defeat Chen Feng for me." Lin Ke looked at Yun Xiaoduo. "If you end up defeated, I will tell my dad to propose a marriage to your family."

"You dare?!" Yun Xiaoduo immediately started raging.

She was simply not interested in marrying this pretty boy!

Lin Ke’s expression turned unsightly. "Fight your match properly, then."

"Hmph, do I need you to teach me that?" Yun Xiaoduo clenched her teeth. "I can finally have my payback for my insta-kill at this guy’s hands previously. Hmmph hmmph. I myself am even more looking forward to defeating Chen Feng than you!"

"Isn’t that right, little donkey?" She patted the little donkey beside her.

"Ao—" The little donkey howled with both its ears erected and a red glow in its eyes.

Ice cream!!!

Lin Ke was immediately speechless.

Not far away, Qin Hai nodded toward them before getting up and leaving.

"This guy is looking somewhat weird."

Lin Ke frowned.

Despite being the most powerful person there, Qin Hai was still quite good-natured when facing others. Regardless of how genuine he actually was, his smile nevertheless always gave off a comfortable feeling to others.

Now, though, his smile appeared like a fake smile.

Lin Ke could even feel a sinister feeling from his smile.

"Hmph." Yun Xiaoduo curled her lips. "I suppose after he won against me, he’s now looking down on me."

That doesn’t seem to be the case.

Lin Ke narrowed his eyes.

Despite him having a lower amount of combat experience, in no way did that mean he was stupid as well. Something was definitely wrong with this Qin Hai guy!

"Hopefully it’s simply a misconception of mine," Lin Ke mumbled.

Night passed.

Early next morning, at ten sharp, the eighth round begun. Chen Feng vs Yun Xiaoduo!


Light swirled.

Automatic map selection.

When a simulated environment appeared, almost everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air. That was because the selected environment was the well-known Volcanic Isle in the real world.

At the middle of the island was a huge volcano.

From the summit of the volcano, one would have a clear view of the whole island. For Yun Xiaoduo, this signified that the most optimal field of vision and the most optimal shooting range for her gene armament would be available for her!