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Chapter 155: The Hidden Sinister of Yun Xiaoduo

Chapter 155: The Hidden Sinister of Yun Xiaoduo

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"Volcanic Isle!"

"It’s actually this place!"

Everyone was stunned.

For Yun Xiaoduo, this was simply the best environment for her. The moment she occupied the high ground, Chen Feng’s death was assured.

Indeed, as soon as the match started, Yun Xiaoduo charged toward the volcano's summit without hesitation. After five minutes, she was standing on the summit. After ten minutes, her cannon was successfully produced.


The first attack shot toward Chen Feng.

What is that?

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling and desperately dodged the attack.


An energy beam landed on the ground, creating a huge crater behind Chen Feng.


Chen Feng was speechless.

What on earth is this? It’s only ten minutes in!


Chen Feng activated his scouting gene and looked at the volcano summit. He was able to immediately see clearly the situation Yun Xiaoduo was in. That was because Yun Xiaoduo simply did not intend to conceal herself.

A super-huge energy cannon had been constructed on a platform and was aimed at Chen Feng.

A huge clump of a yellow shaggy ball was moving everywhere, gathering materials, while a little donkey was producing genes. As for Yun Xiaoduo, she was simply in charge of firing the cannon.

Each assigned to their own roles.

Chen Feng: "…"

This is too excessive! What the f*ck, this is simply three people instead of one! Even if genetic abilities are restricted, this is still too shameless!

Just as Chen Feng was thinking, another energy beam was fired toward him. Chen Feng hastily got out of the way. He looked at Yun Xiaoduo’s position and found that she had the whole island in her field of vision. There’s simply nowhere for him to hide!

This was an island where a volcano was in the middle of the island, while around the volcano was a huge expanse of forest.

Chen Feng was within the forest. However, for Yun Xiaoduo, the cover provided by such a forest was simply equivalent to something nonexistence.

"Let’s hide underground first."

Chen Feng clenched his teeth.



Amidst the endless bombardment, Chen Feng hid in a certain gorge.

Since he was very far from Yun Xiaoduo, it was still quite easy to dodge despite the power of the cannon.

"This won’t do."

Chen Feng looked at the young lady at the summit that was presently immensely proud. If this continued, he might really end up getting bombarded to death.

"I need to think of something."

Chen Feng started thinking quickly.

Yun Xiaoduo had full control of the whole island, with underground being the only domain she was not able to bombard.


If he were to hide underground, would he have a chance?

"Let’s try it out."

Chen Feng decisively put his thought into action.

Terrain reconnoitering began.

Soon, Chen Feng managed to find an underground path. He cautiously crept over there. The underground path he found was leading toward the interior of the volcano.

"This is not an underground river path."

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood as he realized that this might be the path created by the lava during the volcano’s previous eruptions.

As he reached the interior of the volcano, Chen Feng looked around. Nothing except the terrifying lava could be seen.



The scorching lava was bubbling.

The temperature in here was extremely high. Even Chen Feng would not be able to resist this.


Since he couldn’t find any other new tunnels, he could only leave. This underground tunnel stretched from the volcano’s interior to the forest. Hence, Chen Feng could randomly find any place to hide after leaving the interior.

However, just as he reached the entrance of the tunnel from the volcano's interior.


A terrifying energy beam descended upon him.

Not good.

Chen Feng had a solemn mood as he immediately stopped his step. The entrance before him crumbled down as a result from the shot.

He was actually found out!

He abruptly looked toward the summit of the volcano. There, a certain beautiful young lady proudly said, "Hmph hmph. Naturally, I am too busy to observe everything here. However, I forgot to tell you something. The Volcanic Isle in real life is a place I have visited before. Hence, I am very clear on the hidden underground paths here."


"Especially the interiors of the volcano…"

"It’s a natural wonder and is now a tourist attraction. The ice cream I bought for little donkey also melted inside there. The temperature in it is truly quite touching, yoo."

"Under the bombardment of my cannon, you will definitely hide inside."


"I will not give you any chance to come out."

Yun Xiaoduo was all smiles as she looked at Chen Feng, "If you surrender, I will let you out. Otherwise, hmph hmph, you can just stay inside and be roasted like a lobster."


The live stream rooms instantly erupted into an uproar as the chat was spammed furiously.


"Seems like there are times when my goddess will be playing tricks as well."

"The proud and lovable goddess is actually such an sinister person."

No one had expected the Yun Xiaoduo who was normally dorky could be so sinister, tricking Chen Feng into the interior of the volcano.

Within, there was only the scalding hot lava!

With an excessively high temperature!

In the real world, when tourists visited there, they would all be equipped with various equipment to protect themselves and regulate their body temperatures. Only with all that were they able to stay inside for several minutes. Otherwise, it was simply impossible for one to last inside there.

"There won’t be any problems, right?"

Some of them were worried.

After all, when Bei Ta had tried to trick Chen Feng earlier, his plan was easily foiled by Chen Feng.

When it came to tricks?

Chen Feng was simply a senior!

"It’s different this time." Soon, someone retorted, "Bei Ta failed in his trick due to his strength being too low. As for our goddess Xiaoduo, her strength in itself is higher than Chen Feng's! Look at this, the moment Chen Feng leaves, he will end up getting bombarded to death. If he stays inside, he can only be roasted to death inside the volcano."


"He has no way out!"

Everyone looked over and found that to be true.

In a short two minutes, Chen Feng was already sweating profusely.

"I’m afraid Chen Feng is going to lose."

"Three vs one is too excessive, right…"

"I’m afraid Chen Feng can only end up in third place now."

Everyone sighed.

No one had expected that this matchup would end up this way. In a short one hour after the match had begun, Chen Feng was already forced to desperation.

Someone suddenly thought of something. "If he were to produce some ice reagents to reduce the temperature…"

Since there were no limits to the materials provided, then if he were to reduce the temperature, he might be able to survive? Since they were able to think of this, naturally, Chen Feng had thought of this as well. Hence, from the livestream room, Chen Feng could be seen starting to gather materials to produce temperature-reducing gene reagents.


It was useless!

In such an environment, the effects of his gene reagents were greatly discounted!

"The fire elemental energy in this environment is too strong."

"In such an environment, the efficiency when producing fire-related gene reagents increases. However, when producing any gene reagents with temperature reduction effect, not even one tenth of its original effect can be retained."

Everyone felt regretful.

Since he had failed to reduce the temperature, how long could Chen Feng last?

No one knew.


Inside the volcano.

Chen Feng’s lips were somewhat pale. His whole body was dripping with sweat. Due to the high temperature, he was already somewhat dehydrated. In less than ten minutes, he would definitely die!

What should I do?

Chen Feng inhaled.

The entrance was blocked by Yun Xiaoduo. There was simply no way for him to leave. However, in this special environment here, water and ice type gene reagents had their efficiency greatly reduced. He simply couldn’t do anything.

Defensive gene reagents?


This was not an attack.

This was simply an environmental effect.

Chen Feng looked at all the formulas he had learnt so far. However, none of these formulas were able to get him out of his current predicament.


Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

A defensive gene reagent might not be able to do anything to the high temperature. However, it might be able to defend him against the cannon?

Chen Feng was tempted to try it out.

Immediately, he produced a defensive gene reagent. The instant he walked out of the tunnel, the 4-star E-class defensive gene reagent that he had painstakingly created was bombarded into nothingness by the cannon.

That cannon possessed too terrifying a might.

In actuality, that was how things should be.

The super powerful cannon was a gene armament created by Yun Xiaoduo by assembling a huge amount of 4-star and 5-star E-class gene reagents. How could an ordinary gene reagent created by Chen Feng defend against such a cannon?

An exception was the aquarhino gene reagent.


Chen Feng looked around him.

Even if he ignored the probability of success when producing this gene reagent here and used his luck value to complete the production, in such an environment, the aquarhino gene reagent might have less than one tenth of its power remaining.

Due to the word aqua in its name!

This was, after all, still a gene reagent related to the water element.

"What should I do, then?" Chen Feng muttered.

In such an impasse, Luck Aura would not play that big a role.

"Am I going to die here?"

Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

He was already at the top three!

Two more steps and he would be in first place!


He had still ended up defeated here.

"I really can’t accept this," Chen Feng mumbled.

After arriving in this world, this was the first time he'd fought hard for a specific goal. For this Gene Rookie Competition, he had truly spent too much time preparing.

Can I really not get first place?

Chen Feng clenched his fists.

Drip! Drip!

His sweat kept dripping without stop.

Chen Feng’s lip was already very pale now due to dehydration.


Far away, the scalding hot lava was bubbling, filled with a terrifying power. As Chen Feng stared at that expanse of red, suddenly, he blanked like a person who was captivated by something.




Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Perhaps—there’s still a chance!


In the virtual livestream room, everyone watched on as Chen Feng proceeded with his final struggle. Under Yun Xiaoduo’s scheme, he simply had no way of surviving.

Even his movement was now somewhat sluggish.

"I don’t think he can last any longer."

"He seems to be producing some gene reagent."

"It’s still going to be pointless. In such an environment, any temperature-reducing gene reagents will be ineffective."

"No, that seems to be some temperature increasing gene reagent."

Some recognized that gene reagent and had odd expressions on their faces.


Everyone blanked.

Temperature increase?

Was he sick?

In such a situation, he was still thinking of increasing the temperature?

"Wait, look at the rest of the gene reagents he has produced," someone reminded.

Everyone looked over, and the expressions on their faces changed greatly.

Mutated extreme heat gene reagent: Greatly increasing the temperature within a certain radius.

Mutated parched heat gene reagent: Triggering the particles within a certain radius, increasing their reactivity.

Mutated enlargement gene reagent: Increasing the size of the objects within a certain radius by tenfold.

Mutated catalysis gene reagent: Increasing the reactivity of everything within a certain radius.

Several tens of gene reagents possessing a similar type of ability were produced by Chen Feng. Furthermore, all of them were mutated gene reagents.

"The heck, what is he planning?!"