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Chapter 156: Troublemaker

Chapter 156: Troublemaker

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"Could it be…"

Everyone finally thought of something.

"Are you saying…"

The rest inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Was that possible?

In the real world, it was naturally impossible.

But here…

With an unlimited supply of materials!

Moreover, these gene reagents of Chen Feng's were already quite powerful in their base forms. In the current special environment, their power was increased by several folds. And coupled with the mutations on top of that…

No one could imagine the power these gene reagents could now unleash.

"That shouldn’t be the case, right?"

Some of the viewers gulped. Chen Feng wouldn’t be so crazy, right?

However, at the next instant, they saw Chen Feng toss all the gene reagents into the lava before franticly rushing out the tunnel. Right at this moment, the earth started trembling.


A gust of terrifying power soared straight into the sky.

At the volcano's summit, Yun Xiaoduo felt some sudden changes in the energy around her.

"What’s going on?"

Yun Xiaoduo blinked her eyes.

Her cannon was still aimed straight at the entrance. She knew that, during the final moments, Chen Feng would definitely try something. She believed that this was merely him struggling before his impending death.

"Hmph hmph."

"This time, I must kill you."

Yun Xiaoduo was excited.

Right at this moment, she finally saw Chen Feng’s silhouette.

"You are indeed out."

Yun Xiaoduo was feeling happy.


The cannon locked onto Chen Feng!

However, right at this moment, the little donkey beside her suddenly started biting her clothes and dragging her as it retreated.

"What are you doing?"

Yun Xiaoduo had a perplexed expression. She could vaguely felt that something wasn’t right.

It was at this moment that...


A gust of astonishing energy erupted from beneath her feet.


Terrifying lava soared up to the skies.

At this moment, the whole piece of sky above the Volcanic Isle turned red.


Yun Xiaoduo’s face paled.

She finally understood what had happened!


As the terrifying lava rushed forth, Yun Xiaoduo’s expression changed greatly as she frantically escaped with both her pets. However, how could she make it out at this time?

Apart from being the position with the best field of vision, the volcano summit was also the spot where the lava erupted.


The Yun Xiaoduo trio was engulfed by lava.

Faintly, one could hear Yun Xiaoduo indignantly scream in her final moments, "Chen Feng!"


A wave of even more terrifying lava erupted.

Currently, Chen Feng had just come out of the tunnel entrance. Behind him, a river of lava could be seen rushing along the underground path he was in.

Everywhere the lava passed, not a single living organism was left behind.

This was a disaster!


Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

Is it over?



The firm volcanic rock behind him started trembling.

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly.

This is bad! I overdid it!

He originally believed that the volcanic rock would be able to obstruct the erupting lava. After all, in a situation where a tunnel was available, the lava would simply flow like a river along the available tunnel. Unexpectedly, the eruption this time was too terrifying. This small tunnel was simply incapable of containing such a powerful eruption.


The volcanic rock behind him collapsed instantly.

Terrifying lava gushed out of it, heading toward Chen Feng.


Chen Feng escaped frantically.

Just as he was about to be caught up by the flowing lava.


Time itself seemed to pause.

End of match!

I won?

Chen Feng was perspiring all over.

Finally… it’s over.

Chen Feng gasped. He had never expected that Yun Xiaoduo would actually be able to survive for so long in the lava. It seemed like Yun Xiaoduo still had some defensive trump cards in her hand!


Chen Feng shook his head.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng returned to the real world.

Eighth match, Chen Feng’s victory, Yun Xiaoduo’s defeat!


Everyone in the livestream rooms was shaken.

The viewers who had watched as everything unfolded were more shocked than anyone else. This was especially true for that final eruption, that moment when the disaster descended!

With the virtual technology, they'd felt like they were personally there at the location.

At that moment, they almost believed that they were going to be submerged within the lava.

Countless people were so shocked they ejected out of the virtual world back into the real world.

Chen Feng had won. Using an inconceivable method.

"He actually caused a volcanic explosion," countless people muttered.

Up until now, these people still couldn’t believe that Chen Feng could be so crazy.

This madman!

The purpose of environment simulation was to give everyone a more immersive experience. Within, everything was exactly the same as in real life. However, everyone had neglected one crucial factor.

To kill using the environment!

An almost flawless strategy!

Using such a method, Chen Feng had shocked everyone.

As for Yun Xiaoduo?

She had gained her initial success due to the environment, and she was finally defeated due to the environment as well.

Due to this special terrain, she had occupied the tallest summit, using her long range cannon to hunt for Chen Feng. Due to her familiarity with the terrain here, she'd tricked Chen Feng into the interior of the volcano. However, it was also due to this very terrain that she'd become the very first casualty to the erupting lava.


Everyone remained dazed for a long time.

This time, they truly did not know how to evaluate this match.

The only feeling they had was shock.


In the virtual company building, Gao Yunfeng was speechless for a long time as well after seeing that final victory screen of Chen Feng.

Such a manner of battling exists? Is this guy still a human? Why is his brain working in a totally different way than others?

Gao Yunfeng was too tired to even say anything about this.

Volcanic Isle!

This was a map that they had used countless times. Even in the previous Gene Rookie Competitions, this map would definitely appear at least once in every final confrontation.

However, nobody had ever used such a method to obtain victory!


Gao Yunfeng sighed. "I think this grandson is simply here to harm me, right?"

He knew that, after this match, the amount of reports he needed to write would once again increase greatly.

Since such an incident had happened, this map, Volcanic Isle, would most probably be temporarily prohibited from future competitions. Otherwise, if everyone were to use such a method in the future…

Simply imagining that caused him to perspire all over.


Not only this.

All sorts of maps where the terrain might be manipulated to kill would be prohibited!

As he attentively checked the other maps, there indeed existed maps where one might be able to use some unusual methods to trigger a tsunami, earthquake, or other types of natural disasters. Over half of their maps end up prohibited due to this.


Gao Yunfeng could only smile bitterly.

This single explosion of Chen Feng's was simply world-shaking.

"Hopefully nothing will happen in the final match."

Gao Yunfeng could only pray. At this point, more than anyone else, he wished that this competition would end quickly, because the participants in this year’s competition were simply too terrifying.

At this time, the act of using the terrain or environment to kill had flooded the whole internet.

Newspapers, learning forum…

Those who had not witnessed this live were all shocked.

Chen Feng, a person who was always able to use some never-thought-of-before method to obtain victory when everyone believed that death was certain for him. His battling methods were always capable of captivating everyone!

"I’m converting from a hater to a fanboy!"

"You can’t not respect this."

"The first time, it might've been luck. The second time, it might've been a fluke. But now… this is his real strength!"


Everyone started discussing spiritedly.

On the other hand, everyone in the learning forum was discussing about the volcanic eruption. Based on available information, the volcano on the Volcanic Isle was classified as A class!

As for Chen Feng?

He had used a peculiar method to induce the volcano to erupt.


Why did one have to use an attack to cause an explosion?

Sometime, as long as a suitable method was used, it would be sufficient.

It was said that, due to this match, the denizens near the real life Volcanic Isle all moved out of their homes. The local Genetic Union also organized an emergency mission to blockade the whole Volcanic Isle.

The scenic tourist attraction there had temporarily stopped operating.

The repercussions of this match were extremely huge. In actuality, a lot of research scholars knew of some similar methods to cause this volcanic eruption. However, Chen Feng was the one who had announced this method to the world.

In order to stop others from imitating the same thing, they could only blockade the island.

Chen Feng was once again trending worldwide despite the fact that he had yet to win first place.

Furthermore, Chen Feng’s popularity had, for the first time, exceeded Qin Hai's, his livestream room becoming the most popular room among the participants.

"I am suddenly looking forward to Chen Feng’s victory."

"Haha, same here."

"Compared to Qin Hai’s textbook-like mainstream methods, I much prefer Chen Feng’s methods of doing things."

Everyone discussed spiritedly.

In the learning forum.

In a thread titled "Who do you think will be the final champion tomorrow?", Chen Feng’s supporters exceeded 62% of the voters, 38% higher than Qin Hai’s supporters.

Chen Feng!

Chen Feng!

Almost every single topic there was related to Chen Feng.

Along with Chen Feng’s emergence, Qin Hai had silently fallen out of the altar he was previously on as the number one among the youth.

This heated atmosphere was despite the fact that the final match had yet to begin.

There was really nothing one could do about this. The effects of Chen Feng’s action were too powerful. In simpler words, Chen Feng was simply a troublemaker. In almost every single match he was in, Chen Feng would be causing trouble despite the fact that he was in fact seriously competing in the competition.

As for Qin Hai?

He would forever be doing things in a manner that conformed to the norms. After a long time, others would naturally start feeling tired of this.

Currently, in the Qin family, as the elders of the Qin family saw the newspaper headlines and the threads in the learning forum, they felt immensely confused.

Why had things turned out this way?

Had Qin Hai done anything wrong?


Everything had been done in accordance to the plan, and everything had proceeded smoothly.

Winning every match he was in,Qin Hai had continuously obtained eight points in a row, a legend-like feat. However, even with this, Qin Hai’s popularity was still dropping crazily?


Was it due to the fact that Zhao Tian had been killed by Chen Feng, causing Qin Hai to have one less match?

That shouldn’t have had too big of an effect.

Death was simply an isolated incident.

After Zhao Tian’s death, when the other participants were matched against Zhao Tian, they would automatically gain one point. This was also a special rule set by the Gene Production Association. The reason for this rule was to discourage the participants from killing others.

Despite the fact that the digital battles couldn’t be prohibited due to it being part of gene production, they still wished that nobody would die.

Hence, if one killed their opponent, the others would be receiving free points.

Was this the reason for the drop in Qin Hai’s popularity?

Obviously, this wasn’t the reason.

The drop in his popularity was not due to him not being excellent enough. Instead, it was because a person that was much more captivating had appeared, a terrifying person.

A person who possessed only 250 points of his spirit attribute.

A person who was only a 20-star beginner producer!