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Chapter 157: Before the Storm

Chapter 157: Before the Storm

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"Chen Feng…"

Quietly, those from the Qin family muttered this name.

In the living room, a middle-aged man said with a faint smile on his face, "I don’t want to see anything unexpected happening."

"Don’t worry," someone from the Qin family said, "Qin Hai will definitely become the champion."

"I know," the middle-aged man said unhurriedly. "This is also the reason I am working together with your Qin family, because I believe in Qin Hai’s strength. If he fails to obtain first place…"

"There is no need for your Qin family to continue existing either."


At this, the expression of everyone in the Qin family changed greatly.

They hastily said, "We—"

"Remember," the middle-aged man interjected, "based on our plan, Qin Hai must secure first place. This is the core condition for our plan to work."


"If you fail to meet this condition…" The middle-aged man waved his hand and left the Qin family.

The Qin family sunk into silence.

"I knew it. Working together with them is akin to working with the devil," a Qin-family woman lamented.

"What’s the point in saying all this?" an old main rebuked. "Qin Hai obtaining first place is supposed to be the easiest part of our plan to accomplish. Who expected that something would go wrong here?"

No one had expected this!

In the previous year’s competition, a genius who shined dazzlingly had appeared as well.


In order to avoid any complications, they'd made Qin Hai wait one whole year before joining this year’s Gene Rookie Competition. However, who could have guessed that Chen Feng would appear now?

Could Qin Hai win?

They had no idea!

From the available information, Qin Hai had a 90% chance of winning.


Against Chen Feng?

All the available information was simply worthless!

Moreover, what they wanted was a 100% chance of victory. After all, if Qin Hai failed…

"Hu." The old man inhaled. "Seems like we can only use that thing then."

Everyone sunk into silence.

The price of using that thing…

"We will have to wrong this child, Qin Hai," the old man said faintly. However, for the Qin family, this had to be done!


Night deepened.

In the sky above the Qin family, a trace of haze had appeared for no apparent reason. A gust of black aura quietly streaked past.

At this time, in Sea City, Chen Feng was concluding the experience he'd gained during this competition.

He had been too careless! If he'd been more cautious, he would not have been tricked into the interior of the volcano by Yun Xiaoduo. The fact that he lacked understanding of Yun Xiaoduo’s strength was also a huge problem.

Besides that, he was originally looking forward to have a digital battle with Yun Xiaoduo. Yun Xiaoduo might not have been weak in digital battles, but with Xiao Ying, a miracle could be created.


He had no chance to do that!

From the start till the end, Yun Xiaoduo had not given him a single chance! If it wasn’t for him causing the volcanic explosion in the end, he would only have died there. It appeared that he had to stop relying on digital battles alone.

This was a trump card, something he used to defend himself. He absolutely could not abuse it.

"Since Yun Xiaoduo knows that digital battle should be avoided, Qin Hai will definitely know it as well," Chen Feng deduced.

Furthermore, it was very probable for his opponent to create a pit waiting for Chen Feng to jump into it. Now that Chen Feng had fallen into someone’s tricks twice, despite the fact that he'd managed to foil both tricks, he had no choice but to increase his vigilance.

This was his final match. Hence, he had to be prudent!

Victory would grant him first place!

Granting him the greatest of glories.

With a defeat, he would end up in second place, slowly forgotten by the masses.

"Work hard," Chen Feng cheered himself on.

Currently, he still had 420 luck value remaining.

The night became deeper as everyone entered their slumber.

In a half-awake state, Qin Hai suddenly felt that his dreamland had become unprecedentedly clear. All vagueness disappeared from his dreamland, giving him the feeling as if he had truly arrived there.

Qin Hai’s heart jolted. "What’s going on?"

"Child," Old Man Qin’s voice resounded suddenly.

Qin Hai was pleasantly surprised. "Grandfather."

Old Man Qin’s genetic ability, Dream of Golden Millet!

Able to send messages through dreams!

No one was capable of detecting it.

"Do you have any confidence in your match tomorrow?" Old Man Qin proceeded to share his analysis of the current situation with Qin Hai, causing Qin Hai’s expression to change greatly. Only now did Qin Hai know the height the current Chen Feng had reached.

However, even with this…

"Don’t worry, grandfather!" Qin Hai had a firm gaze. "Regardless of how strong Chen Feng is, I have 80% confidence in winning!"

This was his confidence!

His actual strength was much higher than what it appeared to be.

Old Man Qin sighed. "Eighty precent, eh?"

Eighty precent... It was not enough!

The big Qin family could not put their gamble on such an odd!

What if…

The remaining 20% was what happened instead?

Chen Feng’s train of thought was too bizarre. Nobody was able to guess what he was thinking. If he were to once again utilize some tricks, Qin Hai would still end up defeated!


Qin Hai’s strength far surpassed Chen Feng's!

"I’m sorry, child." Old Man Qin sighed. "I have wronged you."


Qin Hai blanked.


Old Man Qin stretched his hand and his palm landed on Qin Hai’s forehead.


A gush of terrifying power started scattering around them.

"No!" Qin Hai had a pained and twisted expression. "Grandfather, don’t…"

"I’m sorry." Despite feeling somewhat guilty, Old Man Qin remained firm. "Think of the children of the Qin family. Think of your parents. We really have no other options…"


An explosion of energy.

The dreamland disappeared.

Qin Hai returned to the real world at that instant. An acute pain started spreading from within his body.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah—" he started yelling crazily.

He felt like his body was going to burst and explode.

That terrifying energy engulfed his whole body and started ravaging his body. Finally, that energy broke through all the chains in his body, taking Qin Hai into a brand new world!


Limit breakthrough!

Blood dripped down Qin Hai’s lips.

"Why…" Qin Hai mumbled.


Even now, he did not dare to believe that his family would do this to him!

He had broken through!

Stepping through the limit, entering D class.

His initial 1,000 points of spiritual energy had also greatly increased, breaking through his limit, increasing rapidly until it reached 2,000 points, a height that a lot of people did not even dare to imagine.


He was now a broken person as well.

All the potential he had within his body had been destroyed by that forceful breakthrough.

He was initially a person with the chance to reach C class, B class, or even higher.

He believed that, as long as he was given enough time, he would definitely become a legend. However, now, he could only be a forever D class, struggling at the bottom tier of society.


Qin Hai started crying blood.

Qin family!

The bewilderment in his eyes transformed into hatred.

However, right at this instant, a dream-like voice echoed in his head. "Alive, you are a Qin-family human… Dead, you are a Qin-family ghost… Kill Chen Feng and obtain first place."


Light flashed.

"Kill Chen Feng, obtain first place!"

Qin Hai’s pupils slackened.

"Killing Chen Feng…"

"Obtain first place…" Qin Hai muttered.

On his chest was a devilish flower, gleaming with a faint light.

Night passed quietly.

Next day, the final match descended. Qin Hai vs Chen Feng!

Their respective supporters were already in their respective livestream rooms. The popularity of these two had also reached the highest height in history.

At ten sharp, the match began.


Light swirled.

The simulated environment appeared.

This was the map of a completely ordinary forest. Evidently, due to the earlier incident where the environment had been manipulated to kill, the organizers did not dare to use the other maps that were more peculiar.

Especially in the final match.

Clearly, even the Gene Production Association was now scared of Chen Feng’s antics.

At this time, the match officially began.

"Qin Hai…"

Chen Feng had a solemn expression.

This was a name he had heard countless times before. Finally, he was now facing this person. Despite the fact that he had surpassed Qin Hai in the previous rounds, he was very clear on the way in which he had accomplished those feats.

This time, he could only face his opponent head on!



Manipulating the environment?


This was the final match. Chen Feng could only give it his all.

Thundersnake gene reagent…

Icefox gene reagent…

Bluebat gene reagent…

Chen Feng started his crazy pace of gene production.

All the F-class gene reagents and all the E-class gene reagents from 1-star to 3-star were being mass produced. Chen Feng tried his best to produce all the gene reagents that he believed would be helpful.

This was a tough battle; hence, he had to make ample preparations.


Time passed.

This period before they finally faced each other was like the calm before the storm. It was so silent it was scary. Regardless of Chen Feng or Qin Hai, both were producing gene reagents at a rapid pace. Only until the final hour, when the area started closing in, did both of them slowly start moving.

"It’s starting."

Everyone in the livestream rooms was excited.

During the whole day, they had both prepared a huge amount of gene reagents. Among these produced gene reagents, a large portion were what the viewers could recognize as well. However, in the hands of both these people were also some never-before-seen gene reagents. Even among the over 10 million viewers in their livestream rooms, none were able to recognize these reagents.

These were their respective trump cards!

However, for an unknown reason, the Qin Hai of today was emitting a terrifyingly ice-cold aura. On his face was an indescribably evil aura. Even his fans in the livestream room had a feeling that something was off.

Was it because he took this match too highly?

Or perhaps…

Everyone’s hearts leaped.

They had a premonition that something was going to happen in this match today.