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Chapter 158: One Killing Move per Step

Chapter 158: One Killing Move per Step

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In the forest, after one whole day of preparations, Chen Feng and Qin Hai finally encountered each other.

A monstrous smile appeared on Qin Hai’s lips. "I have waited a long time for you."

Chen Feng frowned. This guy…

The Qin Hai of today was giving him a different feeling.

"I don’t know how you reached this height." A trace of gloominess could be seen from Qin Hai’s smile. "However, this is where you stop."


A sudden eruption of terrifying power.

In Qin Hai’s hands, 20 bottles of gene reagents shattered at the same time before condensing into a huge clump of energy that changed shape irregularly in the air before finally taking on the form of a dark-gold energy sword.

"This is…"

Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

Gene armament!

It was actually a brand-new gene armament!

They had initially believed that Qin Hai would once again use the gene armament he'd used during his previous confrontation with Yun Xiaoduo. Never had they expected that he actually possessed a second gene armament!

"Two gene armaments!"

Everyone inhaled deeply.

Gene armaments were already a rarity for producers at this level. For Qin Hai to actually possess two of them, how terrifying an accumulation did this guy have? Furthermore, that dark-gold energy sword…

Was even stronger than his previous gene armament!


Dark-gold energy swirled around the sword in Qin Hai’s hand.


Dark-gold light enveloped his body.

The Qin Hai that previously possessed low combat power suddenly had a change in his aura.


Qin Hai stepped forth.

His lithe body drifted over, leaving behind a gold-colored afterimage in the air. The most terrifying part of this was the fact that the gold afterimage had, in an instant, become alive.


The dark-gold afterimage streaked toward Chen Feng!

As quick as lightning.


Chen Feng’s pupils constricted as he tossed out a gene reagent without hesitation.


The aquarhino gene reagent shattered in midair.

This was the gene reagent for which the materials needed to be painstakingly gathered during the second round. However, in this final round, where unlimited materials were provided, Chen Feng was able to easily produce this gene reagent.

This was the strongest defense he possessed.


The dark-gold afterimage smashed into the Aquarhino’s Rampart.


A terrifying energy shockwave containing astonishing power resulted from it. Aquarhino’s Rampart did not waver, while the dark gold afterimage shattered right away.

Was it blocked?

Everyone was holding their breath.


The aquarhino gene reagent was indeed worthy of being the strongest defensive gene at this level. Even the attack from Qin Hai’s gene armament was…

However, right at this moment.


Light swirled.

Qin Hai lightly stepped forth once more. From his previous position, a dark-gold afterimage was once again left there. At the moment it appeared, it became alive and, once again, streaked toward Chen Feng!


Once again, Qin Hai stepped forth. With that, another dark-gold afterimage was birthed.

One afterimage per second.

One killing move per step.


Three dark-gold afterimages smashed onto the Aquarhino’s Rampart.


Cracks started appearing on the Aquarhino’s Rampart.


The cracks spread.


Aquarhino’s Rampart collapsed immediately.

The defense was broken through!


Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Too terrifying!

This was Qin Hai’s second gene armament?

One killing move with every step he took!

Every time he took a step forward, an afterimage that looked the same as him would be left behind. Even Qin Hai’s original posture or movement was maintained in the afterimage, an extremely terrifying ability.

"What’s going on?"

Everyone was alarmed.

Qin Hai’s strength was much higher than it had been yesterday.

"No idea."

The rest shook their head.

"I’m afraid things are going to get dangerous for Chen Feng," someone whispered.


Everyone focused on the match.


Once again, Qin Hai stepped forth.

Dark light flashed from the dark-gold energy sword in his hand as another afterimage appeared and terrifyingly flashed forth toward Chen Feng.

"I can’t hold on much longer!"

Chen Feng clenched his teeth.

This attack was too terrifying. He simply had no way of defending against it.

What should I do? Light silhouettes… energy…


Chen Feng instantly activated all the attack gene reagents he had on him. A huge expanse of interweaving fire and thunder covered the sky. At this moment, all of Chen Feng's gene reagents exploded.


The dark-gold afterimage streaked forth.

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted.

Before his eyes, all his attacks were instantly crushed. Next, the dark-gold afterimage, with its sword in hand, proceeded forth toward Chen Feng.


Chen Feng bellowed.


All of his defensive and support gene reagents were instantly activated as well.

All of them!

Chen Feng was enveloped by a rainbow-colored radiance.


The dark-gold afterimage arrived.


Chen Feng could feel a terrifying power nearing him.

One step!

Two steps!

Three steps!

Chen Feng was pushed back by three steps before he manage to force himself to stop.

"Were all of them blocked?" Chen Feng muttered.

Before his eyes, the sword of that dark-gold afterimage stopped right in front of his chest, leaving a faint red cut there. Chen Feng was almost killed then and there.

"Too terrifying."

Chen Feng was dripping wet with sweat.

Too powerful!

Was this the real strength of Qin Hai?

However, this was merely the beginning.

Qin Hai sneered. "Ah."


Once again, he stepped forth. From his previous spot, another dark-gold afterimage appeared and became alive. It even glanced at Chen Feng, its eyes filled with killing intent.


The dark-gold afterimage disappeared almost immediately.

"It’s over."

Everyone sighed.

The evenly matched confrontation they were expecting to see had not appeared. From the start, this match was a one-sided oppression, with Qin Hai holding the absolute advantage and Chen Feng not having the chance to even hit back!

Was this the real strength of Qin Hai?

Too terrifying!

Chen Feng…


Everyone shook their head.

They knew that Chen Feng was going to be defeated.

He had lost almost 99% of his gene reagents. In such a confrontation between gene producers, that was simply equivalent to losing one’s combat power.

How was he supposed to continue battling?

Currently, in the simulated environment, Chen Feng’s heart palpitated as he looked at the gradually fading dark-gold afterimage.

So powerful!

One afterimage per step!

Such a mystical gene armament exists?

Chen Feng suddenly felt like he had been looking down upon the heroes of this world. The gene producer profession had a long history, so how could this profession not have a strong accumulation after so many years of development?

Dark-gold afterimages eh…

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

He couldn’t hold on much longer.

Every single one of those afterimages had too powerful an attack. It was far above Chen Feng’s current level. Furthermore, their movement speed was simply astonishingly fast, to the point where Chen Feng was helpless against them.

If that’s the case, then I shall stop defending!


Chen Feng inhaled deeply before closing both his eyes.


He gulped down a bottle of gene reagent.

A wave of heat started spreading within his body, akin to a dazzling radiance amidst the dark night.


Beside Chen Feng, a dark-gold afterimage appeared in a mysterious manner.

It’s here!

Both Chen Feng’s eyes remained shut.


The dark-gold sword slashed down.


Followed by a terrifying energy explosion.

It was over.

Everyone sighed.

However, right at this moment, Chen Feng’s body had, in a bizarre manner, inclined sideways, evading the sword attack. A dark-gold slash brushed past him yet did not leave any wound on him at all.



Everyone abruptly widened their eyes.

He'd evaded that?

How was that possible?!

One had to know that the sword of this afterimage was excessively fast. The reason Chen Feng had faced these attacks head on initially was also due to their high speed with the bizarre angles in which they attacked from which was practically impossible to avoid.

Hence, he could only face those attacks head-on.

Every single instant of the appearance and disappearance of those afterimages was so fast one could not catch any glimpse of them.



Everyone stared blankly at Chen Feng.

They were further confounded by the fact that Chen Feng currently had both his eyes shut.


"What skill is this?"

Everyone had stupefied expressions. Such a cheat-like skill existed?

"Could it be that the afterimage’s sword can only be seen when one closes their eyes?"

Some tried shutting their eyes, but they saw nothing except a vast expanse of pitch black and was left feeling like idiots.

"What on earth is going on?"

Everyone was confused.

However, no one was able to figure it out.

"Perhaps... it's simply a coincidence?" someone suddenly asked.

Right at this moment, Qin Hai stepped forth. Another dark-gold afterimage appeared, energy sword in hand, and streaked toward Chen Feng. It’s faintly discernable silhouette was incomparably terrifying.



A flash of gold, yet Chen Feng was still standing.

This slash... had once again missed.