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Chapter 159: Chen Feng’s Counter

Chapter 159: Chen Feng’s Counter

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"Chen Feng is really capable of dodging that?"


"He can even find a solution to deal with such a terrifying gene armament?"

Everyone’s eyes shone.

In the simulated environment, Chen Feng stood at his original spot. A faint smile could be seen on his face. With both eyes shut, every single dark-gold slash toward him was easily dodged.

One slash!

Two slashes!

Three slashes!

He dodged it, captivating the masses!

Chen Feng was really capable of dodging it!

Everyone stood up in excitement.

The match that everyone had believed would end soon had once again become exciting. Chen Feng’s confidence and ease when he moved proved that Qin Hai was not the only person who had concealed his strength. Chen Feng had concealed his strength as well.

"This guy…"

An alarmed expression appeared on Qin Hai’s face.

He was very clear on the strength of this gene armament of his.

Coupled with his greatly increased strength and the huge increase in his spiritual energy, his gene armament was extremely powerful. How was it possible for a mere Chen Feng to survive against his attacks?

"I refuse to believe this."

A cold glint flashed in Qin Hai’s eyes.



Afterimages flickered.

Qin Hai started moving around rapidly, leaving behind one afterimage after another.

Every single place he passed by, an afterimage would be left behind. After every single step of his, an afterimage that looked exactly the same as him would appear, filled with killing intent.



One dark-gold afterimage after another streaked toward Chen Feng.

Each of those afterimages would disappear a split second after their appearance before reappearing at an odd and tricky angle near Chen Feng with a dazzling flash of dark gold.

Extremely fast!

Extremely powerful!

However, Chen Feng was as calm as usual.

Bending, tilting…

Every single one of Chen Feng's movements was able to dodge one of those dark-gold slash. One dark-gold colored afterimage after another would flash by Chen Feng’s side before disappearing again.



The viewers were incomparably excited as they watched this.

Too strong!

"This is the type of battle I wanted to see!"

"After this match, this gene armament of Qin Hai's will definitely become known worldwide."


Everyone believed that.

Such a cool looking attack…

Such carefree afterimages…

This gene armament of Qin Hai's not only possessed strong attack power, it was also incredibly eye-catching as well. However, more attention was focused on Chen Feng.

A lot of people had seen how Chen Feng had consumed a gene reagent before Qin Hai’s attacks started reaching him. That was what they were interested in. The powerful gene reagent capable of contending against Qin Hai.

One single gene reagent of Chen Feng's was sufficient to deal with the gene armament of Qin Hai?

How powerful was that gene reagent?

Everyone stared at Chen Feng with twinkling eyes.

As of now, Chen Feng’s eyes still remained shut.

Virus mode!

This was Chen Feng’s special mode!

Using the aurora gene reagent, he entered his virus mode, pushing his affinity with spiritual energy to its limit. With that, everything around him seemed to slow down, becoming incredibly clear.

This was Chen Feng’s answer to Qin Hai’s attack.

As for Qin Hai’s afterimage attacks?

They became incomparably distinct for him as well!

After all…

At their base, these were a type of spiritual attack!

Chen Feng was unable to exert his control on these attacks. However, the spiritual energy used to form the dark-gold afterimages was incredibly clear for him in this mode, akin to a naked person that he was able to see clearly.

Possessing a speed so fast one could not see it clearly?

Attacking from tricky angles?

All of that became nonexistent factors for him.


He once again dodged an attack.

Six seconds, Chen Feng silently muttered in his heart.

Only four seconds of duration remained for his Virus Mode; he had to end this battle fast!

At the thought of this, a sneer formed on Chen Feng’s lips. "Is this your strongest attack? Isn’t it too weak? I even handicapped myself by sealing my sight. Even with this, you can’t beat me?"


Killing intent flashed in Qin Hai’s eyes.

"You are courting death."

A terrifying dark-gold radiance flickered in Qin Hai’s hands.


The dark-gold radiance dispersed.


A flash of light.

Qin Hai stepped forward. However, this time, it was no longer the same afterimage attack he'd been using previously. His whole person was enveloped by the dark-gold radiance and his speed increased to his limit.


A flash of light.

Qin Hai was now personally attacking instead of relying on his afterimages.

His speed was so fast that his movement caused a sonic boom in the air.

"This is…"

Everyone’s hearts jolted furiously.

The power of this attack was much higher than the attacks of those dark-gold afterimages.

"I know!" One of the viewers cried out in alarm. "Those dark gold afterimages were simply an ordinary attack of this special dark-gold mode of Qin Hai's. This current attack, though, should be the true ability of this gene armament!"


Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

He was so powerful?

Chen Feng…

Could he survive this attack?

They were aware that Chen Feng could handle the ordinary attacks easily. However, the dark-gold energy sword was much more terrifying now.

This was the true form of that gene armament!


In an instant, before the viewers could even shift their gazes, Qin Hai, with that terrifying dark-gold energy sword in his hand, had appeared behind Chen Feng.


Like a gushing river, the dark-gold radiance descended upon Chen Feng.

At the same moment, a dazzling light abruptly blossomed from the eyes of Chen Feng who had been dodging all the previous attacks in a casual manner. This was his chance, at this moment, there was still one second left on his Virus Mode active duration.




Before the Virus Mode, the stronger one’s spiritual energy became, the stronger the energy one condensed, the more obvious one was to him! For him, this was akin to the heat underneath an infrared ray. The stronger the ray was, the clearer it appeared for him!

The current Qin Hai was simply akin to a huge sun in Chen Feng’s spiritual world.

Every single movement of his, every single angle he appeared from, appeared incomparably distinct to Chen Feng.


The dark-gold energy sword in Qin Hai’s hand descended.


Terrifying energy shockwave was left behind on the route the sword traveled. Chen Feng’s lithe body dodged the slash and appeared before Qin Hai.

With a raise of his head, their eyes met.


Chen Feng laughed lightly.

His lips curled, forming a perfect curve.

That was a sneer.

"You dare!"

Qin Hai’s fury increased greatly.

He had never expected that Chen Feng would be so arrogant. Not leaving after dodging his attack and instead sticking close to him to sneer at him!

"You are courting death!" Qin Hai raged.


The dark-gold radiance shined dazzlingly. Just as it was about to slash toward Chen Feng, Chen Feng gently stretched his hand out and placed his palm beside Qin Hai’s mouth.


Qin Hai blanked.



Forcefully, Chen Feng stuffed several bottles of gene reagents into Qin Hai’s mouth.

That’s right!

Those gene reagents were directly stuffed into Qin Hai’s mouth!


Regardless of how good Qin Hai was at gene production, his combat experience was not as rich as Chen Feng's. This was a domain a pure gene producer like him could never surpass Chen Feng in!

The moment he allowed Chen Feng to get near him, Chen Feng would be able to find the best opportunity to make his move!

For example—

What was happening presently.


Qin Hai’s mouth was suddenly stuffed full.


His eyes widened.

This was a battle between gene producers. Hence, gene reagents should be used as their method of battle!

Therefore, as long as no rules were violated, one could use any method one wished in the battle. However, Qin Hai had never imagined that Chen Feng would use such a vulgar and barbarous method!

Chen Feng had actually stuffed those gene reagents into his mouth?

Too excessive!

In his fury, Qin Hai wanted to take those gene reagents out.

However, right at this moment, Chen Feng’s silhouette drifted past him as that familiar voice once again appeared in Qin Hai’s ear. "Goodbye."


An instantaneous, terrifying energy eruption.

Chen Feng…

Had exploded those gene reagents!

Those were the final batch of gene reagents Chen Feng had on him. Those were also the most destructive gene reagents he had. Now, all of these reagents were in Qin Hai’s mouth…

All of them exploded!

At this instant, a resplendent radiance shined dazzlingly!


Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

What had they seen?

This, this, this…

Too scary!

Was there no other place Chen Feng could have exploded these reagents?

He had instead chosen to stuff these reagents into Qin Hai’s mouth before detonating them. This was a through-and-through humiliation! Despite this happening in a virtual world, they could still imagine how hot and painful that felt.


"This is quite a heavy taste."

"It’s too excessive to stuff those into the mouth."

"I thought the triple combo was already the furthest he would go…"

"From today onwards, integrity no longer exists."

"Ah ah ah ah ah, Chen Feng dared to do this to our Little Hai?"

The chat was furiously spammed.

All sorts of messages appeared in the chat.

Qin Hai’s fans were cursing in rage, whereas Chen Feng’s fans were feeling so comfortable they felt like they were in the clouds. Never before had a single battle caused them to feel so comfortable!

This was the type of battle they wanted to see!

Free and intoxicating!

After a long time, that dazzling radiance finally disappeared.

Was Qin Hai dead?

Everyone instinctively looked over.

There, a collapsed forest could be seen.

A lone figure stood there with a pair of dazed eyes and nerveless pupils. On his face were multiple bloody scars, giving off an indescribable gloomy feeling.