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Chapter 160: Demonic Fern Gene Reagent

Chapter 160: Demonic Fern Gene Reagent

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"Qin Hai… dead?" someone muttered in a low voice.

However, he received no reply.

The simulated environment appeared extremely immersive to them as well. They were able to see Qin Hai clearly. However, that ice-cold expression and blank gaze of Qin Hai's confused them as to whether he was alive or dead.

Was he dead?

The whole world lapsed into silence.

Everyone was waiting.


Dong! Dong!

A familiar sound of a heartbeat reappeared. Qin Hai’s face recovered its luster and life returned to that blank gaze of his. However, in his pupils, a mysterious flower had appeared.


Qin Hai suddenly started laughing.

On his face, a resplendent smile appeared.

At this moment, the dripping blood stopped. The bloodstains on his face stopped at their original position, forming a bizarre blood tattoo on his face.


"Chen Feng…"

"Is there a need for this?" Qin Hai muttered.

Chen Feng, with his acute senses, felt that something was not right. The current Qin Hai was giving off an extremely odd feeling.

"If you had just let me win, this would have simply ended here." A bizarre smile appeared on Qin Hai’s face. "Is there a need for you to force me to kill you?"

What is he talking about?

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.


Qin Hai consumed a bottle of gene reagent.


A terrifying energy erupted out of Qin Hai’s body and started spreading. In a split second, it had engulfed the whole simulated forest!



The whole simulated environment was trembling.

That is ...

Almost everyone gasped at that moment.


In the virtual company building.

The Gao Yunfeng that was anxiously watching the match stood up abruptly, and the expression on his face changed greatly. "How is it possible for this thing to appear in the simulated environment?"

An employee smiled bitterly. "This is something he produced himself."

"What?" Gao Yunfeng blanked momentarily. He made it himself? How is that possible, that's…

"Appearance of freaks two competitions in a row?"

Gao Yunfeng was alarmed.

Beside him, the eyes of Hou Liang who had been maintaining his silence shone. Among the children that make up the current batch’s participants, there's one who has reached this height? What a pleasant surprise!

Not only them, almost everyone watching was alarmed.

That was because what Qin Hai had consumed was a D-class gene reagent!

"How is it…"

Everyone was shocked.

This was a Gene Rookie Competition!

A competition for youths under 25 years old!

When digital battles and gene armaments had appeared, they could be brushed off as one having outstanding talent to be able to learn something that would usually only be learnt by advanced gene producers. But for D class gene reagents?

That was truly something that only higher-leveled gene producers could produce!

Could it be…

Qin Hai had reached the advanced production level?

Sea City.

In the large hotel, Zhang Wei was watching the livestream with an unsightly expression. Chen Feng’s feat of reaching the finals had given him a pleasant surprise. However, he had never once imagined that this was the level Qin Hai was at.

Advanced gene producer?

The birth of another freakish genius!

Were there any advanced gene producers below 25 years old before?


However, they were low in amount.

Every single one of them was a world-shaking genius.

In the previous year’s Gene Rookie Competition, such a producer had appeared and crushed all opposition in the competition. From the start till the end, no participants had been his match. He had been able to easily grab first place in the competition.

This year, the same thing was happening!

Zhang Wei sighed. "So unlucky…"

One more step!

One more step to the apex!


Zhang Wei felt regretful.

He was sure that, in the subsequent Gene Rookie Competitions, Chen Feng might have a chance to become an advanced gene producer as well before grabbing first place and forging his very own legend.

But now…

His advances could only stop here.

Currently, in the virtual livestream rooms, everyone only recovered from their shock after a long time.

They all knew Qin Hai was powerful. However, no one had expected that he was powerful to such an extent. He had actually broken through his limit and become an advanced gene producer.

One had to know that, before becoming an advanced gene producer, one had to first be a D-class genetic warrior.

This was the lowest requirement for it!

For those gene producers who did not break through their limits by tempering through battles, it would be extremely hard for them to break through the D-class limit. It was very normal for one to be stuck here for years. However…

Qin Hai had broken through!

He had only become a peak D-class genetic warrior this year, and he had now smoothly broken through to become an advanced gene producer!

"So strong!"

"Qin Hai is actually this impressive?"

"I initially believed that Chen Feng would make a successful comeback. Unexpectedly, Qin Hai’s trump card was even more terrifying!"

"D-class genetic warrior, advanced gene producer…"

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

It seemed like there was no longer any suspense to this match.

Historically, there were several competitions where advanced gene producers had appeared. Each time one of them appeared, they would crush all opposition with no participants capable of contending against them.

That was an advanced gene producer! This was not a simple matter of higher attributes or production proficiency, genetic abilities needed to be taken into consideration as well!

For someone with Qin Hai’s background, since he had broken through into D-class, his family would have probably prepared a fusion gene reagent for him so that he could fuse with a new genetic ability!

His production proficiency had probably improved greatly as well.

Since even a D-class gene reagent was used, what could Chen Feng use to compete against him?

"A pity for Chen Feng."

"No problem, he can still do well next year."

Everyone felt regretful.

Why had both extraordinary talents existed at the same time?

In such circumstances, there was really nothing much one could do about it.

One could only say that times were changing, as the younger generation nowadays was more powerful than the previous generation. Initially, an advanced gene producer would only appear in the competition once after many years. Now, though, such freaks had appeared two years in a row.

Perhaps this was what the future of gene producers looked like?

"Perhaps Chen Feng still has a chance?" someone guessed.

After all, Chen Feng had always been a ghost talent[1]. Even if he couldn’t beat his opponent, he could still look for a way to secure victory?

For example—

Manipulating the environment to kill his opponent, or something like that?



Qin Hai moved.

A terrifying energy started spreading around him.

The whole forest trembled.

At this moment, all the vines and trees leaped up like living animals. This was the D-class gene reagent produced by Qin Hai.


Demonic Fern Transformation Gene Reagent

Class: D

Difficulty: 4 stars

Function: Transforming into a demonic fern, obtaining the terrifying ability of a demonic fern, granting one the ability to temporarily control all the vegetation within a certain radius.

Duration: 1 hour


Demonic fern.

An extremely terrifying plant.

It was able to absorb the live essence of other plants to increase its strength and was crowned as the ‘King of Vegetation’!

In a radius of 5 km, as long as it was a place where this plant existed, all the other vegetation could only struggle at death’s door. By depending on the extracted essence from the genes in the demonic fern, a terrifying ability would be granted to the user of this gene reagent.



A flash of green light.

A thick vine smashed down, leaving a deep gorge on the ground. At this, everyone inhaled a breath of cold air. This was the power of a D-class gene reagent!

Even for its controlled plants, D-class power was still able to be displayed.


Manipulating the environment to kill?

No chance at all!


"Too scary!"

"D class is like a dividing line into an entirely different level of strength, and Qin Hai has successfully stepped past this line."

"How is Chen Feng supposed to contend with this?"

Everyone cried out in alarm.

They had initially believed that the confrontation between Chen Feng and Qin Hai’s gene armament was already a powerful clash. Unexpectedly, Qin Hai had actually reached D class and had even fused with a new fusion gene reagent!

A new fusion gene reagent!

A new genetic ability!

And a brand new production level!

For a person who had entered the ranks of advanced producers, he was simply akin to a person who had entered a different world, a world for the strong.

Chen Feng…

Had no hope of victory.


1. Ghost talent is a Chinese term used to describe a person who is capable of solving problems using peculiar methods with the peculiar methods being even more efficient than normal methods.