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Chapter 161: Taking a Leisurely Stroll

Chapter 161: Taking a Leisurely Stroll

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In the forest, Qin Hai was partially transformed into the demonic fern. Vines started growing out of his body and the plants around him started swaying crazily due to the demonic fern’s power.

A dance of plants!

Under Qin Hai’s control, all the surrounding plants started growing at a crazy pace.

This was the demonic fern gene!

This was the plant kingdom belonging to Qin Hai!


Qin Hai stepped forth.

That huge demonic fern body of his swayed around, filled with a terrifying power.

"I didn’t originally intend to do this." A cruel smile appeared on Qin Hai’s face. "You are the one who forced me to do this. How good would it have been if you had been obediently defeated by me. Instead, you tried to humiliate me, hehehe…"


A vine flung itself at Chen Feng.


The ground cracked.

Chen Feng’s heart was alarmed as he looked at the gorge that was left behind on the ground in front of him.

Such terrifying strength!

This is Qin Hai’s true strength? No, something doesn’t seem right! Qin Hai obviously had a different aura yesterday! Could it be… Chen Feng contemplated.


Another vine descended while Chen Feng retreated hastily.

"Where are you running to?"

Qin Hai saw through Chen Feng’s intention and started furiously chasing after him.



Everything within a hundred meters was fully covered by the plants as the plants started crazily smashing toward Chen Feng, akin to a dance of the demons. Since Qin Hai controlled everything here, how could he permit Chen Feng’s escape?


Chen Feng inhaled.

Before his eyes, nothing could be seen except an endless amount of swaying vines and plants. Even the sunlight was completely sheltered as darkness descended upon the area. Every nook and corner around Chen Feng was completely sealed; nothing outside the encirclement could be seen.

"It’s over…" a large amount of people muttered.

This time, it was truly over.

The several tens of vines with D-class power and the sky-covering plants had completely confined Chen Feng within an area of a hundred meters.

How could he escape in such a situation?

Nobody had expected this to be the result of the final match.

Qin Hai obtaining first place?

Everyone felt regretful for Chen Feng.

However, right at this moment, everyone gasped in alarm.

That was because Chen Feng had once again closed his eyes.

"What is he planning?"

Everyone’s heart leaped.

The last time Chen Feng had closed his eyes, he'd countered Qin Hai’s dark-gold sword! This time…

Let’s begin, then , Chen Feng chanted in his heart.

Regardless of the amount of vines or plants around him, even if countless attacks might land on him, turning him into a meat paste the next second…

Luck Aura, activate!

A faint aura started undulating around Chen Feng’s body.

This was the first time Chen Feng tried to affect reality during a battle. Instead of purely affecting the probability of things, Chen Feng was currently truly trying to affect reality.


Was the true strength of his Luck Aura!


Chen Feng stepped forth.

Somewhere there was a nucleus of a certain plant, triggered by the demonic fern’s power. This plant was growing at a crazy pace, possessing a formidable power despite still being under the demonic fern’s control. However, under such unlimited stimulation by the demonic fern’s power, an incident with a small probability of occurrence occurred to its genes! This plant that was supposed to be a small-sized plant instead suddenly become bulky.


A vine smashed toward Chen Feng.


Coincidentally, that plant that had suddenly become bulky forcefully pushed the vine away due to the lack of space for its growth, causing the vine’s trajectory to change.


The vine landed; however, it missed its target!

Chen Feng had safely stepped forth.


Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air.

He was fine?

How had the vine missed?

No one knew!

They only thing they could see was Chen Feng closing his eyes before calmly stepping forth.

"This should be a coincidence?" someone guessed.

At this time, Chen Feng stepped forth once again.


Qin Hai’s eyes were as sharp as lighting.

The previous incident had surprised him. However, he was aware of what had happened. This was a mutation with a small probability of occurrence; hence, it should be a coincidence. A mere Chen Feng…


Under Qin Hai’s control, a particular plant smashed toward Chen Feng.

That was a stalk of grass that was hard as iron!

However, right at this instant, the grass that was supposed to charge forth toward Chen Feng suddenly become limp the moment it arrived in front of him.


Qin Hai had a dumbfounded expression.

It became limp?

He tried to control the grass.

He could control it!

However, the grass failed to harden.

Pa ji!

The limp grass smashed onto Chen Feng’s body, tickling Chen Feng.

Qin Hai blanked.

He had never expected the grass that was supposed to be incomparably sharp would mutate at the last minute, became a soft and limp grass like a normal plant.

Gene degeneration? The f*ck? How was this possible?



One vine after another descended.

Killing intent blossomed from the demonic fern’s vines and the countless surrounding plants.

Qin Hai controlled his plant kingdom and started attacking Chen Feng furiously. However, astonishingly, Chen Feng safely walked out of the encirclement just like that with both his eyes shut.

Not a single wound was left on his body.

"Damn, damn, damn, damn!"

"Such a method exists?"

The livestream room erupted in an uproar.

This was the demonic fern!

He was attacked by all the plants around him!

Everyone was shocked.

Every single time Chen Feng closed his eyes, it was like he had activated some cheat, becoming extremely terrifying.

It had been the same previously.

Now, it was still the same.

One step!

Two steps!

Three steps!

Akin to someone taking a leisurely stroll, stunning countless people.

Soon, Chen Feng walked out of Qin Hai’s attack range.

After walking 100 meters away, he stopped his steps before opening his eyes, a smile forming on his lips.



This was the power of the Luck Aura?

Affecting reality!

This was the first time Chen Feng had used his Luck Aura in such an unrestrained manner. That feeling was simply incomparably comfortable! When enveloped by the Luck Aura, he was akin to a god!

Omnipotent existence!


Chen Feng sighed as he looked at his remaining luck value. In the span of several seconds, 300 points of luck value had been exhausted.

A whole month of saving up was just for this thrill of having the Luck Aura fully activated.

Turning around, Chen Feng’s eyes met with the inconceivable gaze of Qin Hai.


Chen Feng laughed lightly and walked away in a carefree manner.

"Chen Feng!"

Qin Hai raged.



Countless plants smashed toward Chen Feng.


When those plants were one meter away from Chen Feng, they stopped.

He was now 100 meters away from Qin Hai, exceeding the range of his control. Qin Hai wanted to move his body. However, the huge demonic fern’s body was too slow; it was simply incapable of catching up to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had smoothly escaped.

"He escaped!"

"He really managed to escape…"

The chat in the livestream room was spammed furiously.

Earlier, they had witnessed with their own eyes how Chen Feng had stepped forth one step at a time, leaving Qin Hai’s control radius. That feeling…

Truly exhilarating!

"It was like he turned on some omnipotent cheat."

"I know, right?"

"He probably used some gene reagent that can release an aura that plants hate," someone guessed.

The rest nodded.

Even if this was a wrong guess, Chen Feng had to have used something similar.

This world was filled with too many mysterious genetic abilities and all sorts of gene reagents with a myriad of abilities. Hence, they did not find what Chen Feng had accomplished suspicious; they were merely stunned by him.

The unknown formulas that Chen Feng had mastered were definitely no less than Qin Hai's!


Chen Feng could really win?

Instinctively, everyone looked toward the match.

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