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Chapter 162: Chen Feng’s Attack

Chapter 162: Chen Feng’s Attack

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"You won’t be able to escape."

Qin Hai was filled with killing intent.

"There’s not much time left in this match anyway. I can just stand still and wait for you!" Qin Hai sneered. "When the area starts closing in and only 100 meters are left during the final 30 minutes, I want to see where you run off to!"


In this round, escape was pointless!

He was an intelligent person. The item used by Chen Feng to escape the encirclement definitely had some limitations to its usage. Within a short time period, he definitely couldn’t use it again. Since that was the case, Qin Hai really had nothing to fear!

Even if he'd managed to escape now, so what? During the final 30 minutes, when only 100 meters of active area was left, that would be the start of his party!

Everywhere remaining would be within his attacking range!

"I will be waiting for you."

Qin Hai stared at Chen Feng coldly, filled with killing intend.

At this time, after escaping, Chen Feng started producing gene reagents. Despite his failure in his earlier encounter with Qin Hai, he had nevertheless still managed to gather some information.

For example—

The characteristics of those plants.


Plant kingdom?

A faint smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.



Chen Feng went into a crazy pace of production.

After 10 minutes, before the final 30 minutes of the match had even arrived, Chen Feng walked out from the forest and appeared before Qin Hai’s line of view way earlier than Qin Hai had expected.

"Chen Feng!"

Qin Hai’s gaze locked onto on Chen Feng.

Nothing could be seen on Chen Feng.

On Chen Feng’s body, no gene reagent could be seen!

What was he thinking of doing?

Qin Hai did not understand.

"I want to ask something." Chen Feng beamed as he looked at Qin Hai. "Your aura only changed today. So my guess is, your advancement into D class is quite recent?


"Let me think, right after you broke through into D class, you hastily rushed into the realm of an advanced gene producer. On top of that, you even learned a D-class gene formula. I suppose…

"You probably didn’t get much sleep last night right?

"If so…

"I doubt you had any extra time to learn any other new formulas, right?

"Hence, my guess is that, presently, this is the only D-class gene reagent you know."

Chen Feng finished his analysis.

"Even if there’s only one, it’s sufficient to kill you." Qin Hai’s gaze was bitingly cold. "I don’t know what gene reagent you used earlier to enter that special mode. However, there should be a limit to its active duration, right? During the final 30 minutes, the whole remaining active area will be within my attack range. I refuse to believe that you will be able to survive that final 30 minutes!"

"Of course not." Laughter burst out of Chen Feng. "However, I suppose you are not aware of what happened during my match yesterday, then?"

Qin Hai blanked. "What?"

"My match with Yun Xiaoduo…" A faint laugh escaped Chen Feng. "That was quite a splendid match."

What does this mean?

Qin Hai could keenly feel that something wasn’t right.

He wanted to act now. However, Chen Feng was out of his 100-meter attack range, and he had no way of getting near Chen Feng. Hence, he couldn’t do anything currently. It was at this moment that, far away, there was a flash of light.

That is…

Qin Hai took a look, and immediately, his expression changed greatly.


The sound of an intense explosion resounded.


Before the eyes of all the viewers was a vast expanse of red.

Far away, that terrifying radiance shone dazzlingly. The vast expanse of red started spreading.

That was—



The dazzling fire spread along the plants in the area. The forest was filled with plants. However, under normal circumstances, the fire would definitely not have burned so fiercely.

However, under the effect of the demonic fern, all the plants had grown greatly.

In order to increase his strength, Qin Hai had created a true plant kingdom in the radius of 100 meters around him, not leaving any blank spot in the radius.


The fire burned.

Within the area, after all the plants were consumed by the fierce fire, they were reduced to nothing but ruin.

However, opposite Chen Feng, Qin Hai was merely staring at him with ridicule in his eyes.



Qin Hai sneered. "Are you really so naive as to believe that all plants will be burned by fire?"


Layers of plants surrounded him.

Those plants with cold-related properties that were harder to burn made up the very first layer of the plants.

"Ah." Chen Feng merely looked at him calmly. "My fire is very powerful, yo."


The spreading fire finally reached Qin Hai’s plant kingdom.


An explosion of flame.

All the plants there were instantly ignited.

"How is that possible?"

Qin Hai’s expression changed greatly. What damnable fire was this?!



There were countless unburnable plant here…


Block the fire! Qin Hai howled inwardly.


There was no use.

All his controlled plants were burned after they charged forth, akin to a moth that flew into a flame.

Even those plants that were normally unburnable were now burning fiercely.

The fire grew in intensity before finally covering Qin Hai. The Qin Hai that had transformed into a demonic fern was currently a plant himself. Hence, facing such an intense fire, there was nowhere he could hide!

"This is impossible…"

Qin Hai couldn’t believe this.

It was over!


A terrifying explosion of flame.

In the virtual livestream room, everyone remain dazed for a long time.

It was over, just like that?

The plant kingdom Qin Hai had painstakingly built was torched and burned clean by Chen Feng. On top of that, even Qin Hai was burnt together.


"Such a fire exists?"

"God knows, I suppose this is another special reagent again?"

Everyone was shaken.

Everyone was aware that the demonic fern was something that could easily burn.


Its opponent need to first have the chance to set it on fire.

After transforming into a demonic fern, all the plants within a radius of 100 meters around Qin Hai were under his control. He should've been able to easily block the fire off. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s special fire was able to ignite all types of plants!

This was the most terrifying aspect of what had happened.

Qin Hai’s demonic fern gene reagent was once again countered by Chen Feng.

This time…

Another never-before-seen gene reagent was used as well.

That was what the masses guessed.

Not far away, Chen Feng was looking on calmly.

Mystical fire?

There was no such thing.

The instant the fire had started spreading, he'd activated Luck Aura. The plants that were stimulated by the demonic fern’s fire were already in an extremely unstable mode. Under Luck Aura’s effect, they had immediately mutated.

All the plants that were hard to burn had mutated, changing their property to one that was easier to burn.

This was the reason the fire had grown so fiercely.

One hundred points of luck value!

Causing an unprecedented fire!


An endless explosion of fire.

After a long time.

The fire disappeared, leaving a vast expanse of wreckage behind. At the spot Qin Hai had been, a huge black charred object was there.

That was a dead demonic fern!

Had it ended?

Everyone guessed.


Right at this moment.



The demonic fern split open. A black and white silhouette crawled out of the demonic fern with great difficulty.

He was still alive!

Chen Feng sneered. He did not find this surprising. Even if Qin Hai was still alive, he was already gravely injured.

Taking one’s life while one was down!

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed with a cold glint as he decisively made his move at this moment.

However, at the same time, Qin Hai abruptly raised his head.

The face that was usually good-looking appeared somewhat twisted now. A faint energy erupted and started swirling around Qin Hai’s body at that instant.


A mournful screech.


All the ash left behind by the fire was blown away. Chen Feng’s gaze blurred before he instantly appeared in a brand new world.

This was—

Digitized world!