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Chapter 164: What’s Chen Feng Planning to Do?

Chapter 164: What’s Chen Feng Planning to Do?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh
"Qin Hai ended the digital battle?"

"He could’ve secured his victory then and there, right…"

The viewers were confused.

"It’s probably because that power he unleashed was too powerful, collapsing the digitized world," someone guessed.

Regardless of how Chen Feng and Qin Hai conducted their battle, there would be some experts capable of coming up with an explanation for their actions.

"Did anyone see anything?"

"From that palace, only a flicker of glimmering could be seen."

"Hey, same here."

"I really want to see what’s inside it…"

Everyone’s curiosity was piqued.

However, no one was able to get a clear look.

Qin Hai had been extremely decisive, not wasting a single second. At the crucial moment, he had ended the digital battle without the slightest hesitation, not giving anyone the chance to get a clear look.

"This match is going to end soon anyway, right?"

Some looked toward the match.


Qin Hai was gravely injured!

Chen Feng’s fire had truly left him in a miserable condition.

Chen Feng was gravely injured!

Wounded by Qin Hai in the digitized world, his vitality was gravely damaged.

However, despite the fact that both of them were gravely injured, due to Qin Hai’s act of ending the digital battle and letting go of his chance to erase Chen Feng then and there, Chen Feng’s injury was clearly lighter. Hence, this was Chen Feng’s chance!

He only needed to walk over, get rid of Qin Hai, and he would be victorious!

Chen Feng would be the champion of this year’s Gene Rookie Competition!

Everyone was filled with expectation.

They knew that the competition would end very soon.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, at this moment, Chen Feng suddenly started laughing wildly. "I understand, hahahaha, I understand. So that's the case!"


With the final breath he had, he turned around and escaped!

That’s right.

He escaped!

He did not engage in a final struggle against Qin Hai. Instead, he turned around and escaped.

"Has he gone insane?"

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Earlier, Qin Hai had let go of the chance to kill Chen Feng, wasting the perfect opportunity he had. Now, Chen Feng had turned around and escaped, wasting his perfect opportunity as well.

What on earth were these two people thinking?

Everyone could no longer understand what was going on.

However, just as Chen Feng left.


Qin Hai had, with great difficulty, gulped down a black-colored gene reagent.



A vigorous heartbeat sound could be heard.

All the injuries on Qin Hai’s body were recovering at a rapid speed, and the scars on his body started disappearing. The originally gravely injured Qin Hai was actually recovering rapidly!

"The f*ck?"

"Could this be some D-class healing gene reagent?"

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

No wonder Chen Feng had escaped without hesitation!

With such a gene reagent in Qin Hai’s hand, Chen Feng could only die!


What was the meaning behind Chen Feng’s wild laughter earlier?

No one understood!

At this time.

After leaving, Chen Feng started gathering materials and producing gene reagents at a frantic pace. Due to the concentration of all sorts of materials in the simulated environment, Chen Feng was able to quickly find all his required materials.

Gene production!


Chen Feng started a rapid pace of production.

Currently, Qin Hai was healing rapidly.

"Fast, fast, fast!"

Everyone had anxious expressions.

Qin Hai had a healing gene reagent prepared in advance, yet Chen Feng had none. Hence, he could only produce on the spot! If Qin Hai were to make his move before Chen Feng was done…

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

Everyone watched on nervously.

The gene search step required time, and the gene reaction stage required time!

These required time…



The speed in which Chen Feng’s hands moved exceeded everyone’s expectation.

Luck Aura, activate!

In every gene production step, he would enter the most optimal mode he was capable of!

At this time, not far away, Qin Hai’s cold gaze landed on Chen Feng.

The distance between them was not great. He could at any time interrupt his healing and attack Chen Feng. However, he did not do that. That was because he was also unsure of whether Chen Feng still had any trump cards hidden or not.

The moment he interrupted his healing, if Chen Feng still had some trump cards hidden… it would be deeply troubling!

Hence, he decided to wait until he was completely healed.

He believed that Chen Feng would definitely not have such a terrifying gene reagent!

That was because what Qin Hai had used was technically not a gene reagent!


Healing gene reagent?

That was simply a fake alert!

A cold radiance gleamed in Qin Hai’s eyes.


One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

Qin Hai could feel his body recovering toward its peak condition, recovering to the highest height he had ever reached since his breakthrough. Moreover, he could even faintly feel that his strength had somewhat increased!


The power in his body had finally recovered.

Qin Hai moved his body, feeling an unprecedented abundance of power swelling within.

He had returned to his peak condition!


Everyone in the livestream rooms inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

What gene reagent was this?

It was so powerful?

They were aware that a young master from an influential family like Qin Hai had a deep background, so he would definitely have many mystical gene formulas with high star ratings at his disposal. However, a complete recovery?

This, this, this…

Was somewhat excessive!

"At least 5-star D-class gene reagent!" someone speculated.

Anyhow, Qin Hai had successfully used it.

"Chen Feng is finished!"

"That’s not for sure. He has completed his gene production as well."

Everyone instinctively looked over. As Qin Hai recovered to his peak, Chen Feng had also completed his gene production. However, when everyone looked at his gene reagent, they felt helpless.

It was actually—

This gene reagent?!


Mutated Icefox Gene – unknown

Class: E

Type: Special

Function: Enables one to use Iceheart. Triggering the potential within the icefox’s gene, able to heal every type of injury and spiritual damage within a certain area of effect. The healing effect and area of effect radius depend on the amount of energy exhausted.

Usage: Triggered by energy storage items (the higher the amount of energy, the stronger the effect)


That very gene reagent everyone here was well acquainted with!

This was the very gene reagent that had played a crucial role during the third round. However, the reason for this gene reagent being so powerful back than was due to the energy storage items available in the kingdom’s warehouse!

Due to that terrifying supply of energy!

In itself, despite being a mutated gene reagent, this was not a powerful gene reagent!


Everyone was speechless.

So, after so much effort, Chen Feng had actually produced such a gene reagent? In a situation where no energy source was supplied to it, when this gene reagent was used alone, it was simply an ordinary E-class gene reagent!

It would not be able to display any special effects!

"Is this due to Chen Feng not having any other healing gene reagent formulas?"


Everyone sighed.

Facing a peak condition Qin Hai, Chen Feng would most probably be defeated here.

Even if they were to use the same attack gene reagent, Qin Hai would still be able to easily insta-kill Chen Feng. Under his current condition, how was it possible for Chen Feng to win?

Qin Hai laughed. "You are going to use this gene for healing?"

This Chen Feng had indeed exhausted everything he had.

Have I overestimated you?

Qin Hai’s lips curled up, forming a smile.


It’s time for this to end?

An attack gene reagent appeared in his hand.

At this time.

Chen Feng had taken out his mutated icefox gene reagent as well. However, out of everyone’s expectations, he did not use it on himself. Instead…

He aimed it at Qin Hai!

"Are you crazy?"

Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng with an expression like he was looking at an idiot.

This guy was actually using a healing gene reagent to attack him. Was his brain damaged?

Even the viewers were all confused. Chen Feng couldn’t be suffering from some brain damage because his digitized world had been shattered earlier right?

Something similar seemed to have happened before in the past competitions.


A beam of light descended from the sky.

Chen Feng sneered before activating his icefox gene reagent toward Qin Hai.

At this moment, in the Qin family’s great hall, a bizarre huge magnetic energy board was hovering in the middle of the hall. Around it were seven huge pillars that were flickering with dark radiance. Terrifying gusts of energy formed without stop on the pillars. The seven pillars formed a bizarre rune that was suppressing the magnetic energy board in the middle of the hall.



The black aura bubbled without stop.

On the magnetic energy board, a frail silhouette could be seen. An expression of pain could currently be seen on that silhouette.

That silhouette…

Had exactly the same appearance as Qin Hai!

His expressions and movements were exactly the same as the Qin Hai that was shown on the screen that was broadcasting the match!