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Chapter 165: Shall Never Be Enslaved!

Chapter 165: Shall Never Be Enslaved!

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"My grandchild," Old Man Qin said coldly, "are you still resisting? From the moment you were born until now, how much has the Qin family given you? Is it so hard for you to repay us this one time?

"Give up!

"For our Qin family…

"For everyone!"

On the magnetic energy board.


Qin Hai clenched his teeth tightly.

Despite his suppressed consciousness, his gaze was still as firm as ever, "I… Qin Hai… won’t… become… your… slave…"

Qin Hai’s expression started twisting as he struggled.

All those bizarre movements of Qin Hai's they saw on the screen originated from this!

Despite them blocking his speech and using their own speech as a replacement, Qin Hai’s expression was something they couldn’t block. Hence, this was why everyone else kept having a feeling that the current Qin Hai was quite bizarre.

"Hehe. My good grandchild, is there a need for this…" Old Man Qin sighed.

Since Qin Hai’s childhood, he had been trained by Old Man Qin to be persistent and strong.

This caused his willpower to be tough and durable.

He had never expected this to be used against them instead!

"You must know, your perseverance, your tough willpower, all this resulted from the training we gave you." Old Man Qin sneered.

A sneer leaked out of Qin Hai’s throat. "Ah... ah…"

"Increase the power!" Old Man Qin howled. "Every single motion of Qin Hai's must be standardized. We can’t let anyone see through this. Even his voice must be altered accordingly. Do you hear me?!"

"Yes." The rest did not dare make any other noise.




They had an all-rounded control over Qin Hai.

However, even with all that, there would be occasional instances where Qin Hai was able to struggle out of their control.

Thorough these 20 years, they had been training Qin Hai’s abilities and persistence. However, they had never imagined that Qin Hai’s willpower was terrifying to such an extent, reaching a height that far surpassed the average person.

At a different side of the hall, a person that greatly resembled Qin Hai was seated on the magnetic energy board. Around him, light swirled without stop. This person was unconscious. However, there was a thin thread that connected him to Qin Hai’s body.

This was Qin Hai’s substitute, the bizarre Qin Hai that was currently in the competition!

After exhausting every available option, they still failed to fully control Qin Hai. To avoid anything unexpected happening, they could only use Qin Hai’s cousin to replace Qin Hai’s consciousness! In every match, whenever Qin Hai’s body needed to do something, energy would be released from the pillars to stimulate Qin Hai’s body to perform the actions required.

This was the method they had chosen to control Qin Hai!


Was also the true form of the Qin Hai that had appeared during the match.

"You won’t be able to last any longer." Old Man Qin sneered. "You shall be a sword of the Qin family! Your might be crippled of your future potential, but in exchange, our Qin family has obtained the best partner to work with in the future!

"However, even with this, when the competition ends, your title as the champion can still be used to gain a huge amount of wealth. When we have fully exhausted every benefit your body can bring to us, we will expel you from the Qin family."

Old Man Qin already had everything planned out. For Qin Hai, they had given too much. Hence, they had to recover it all back!

"I… won’t… allow you… to prevail." Qin Hai gnashed these words from his teeth word by word.

He was unable to open his mouth. His body was no longer controlled by himself. However, he was still able to make his voice heard!

"Hehe." Old Man Qin merely sneered at that. Resisting? What right do you have to resist! The moment you were born, that thing was planted in your body. From the moment you were born, you were destined to be a weapon of the Qin family, existing as a puppet!

At this time, in the hall, they could see from the screen that was broadcasting the competition that Chen Feng had taken out an icefox gene reagent.

"Are you counting on him?" Old Man Qin indifferently said, "Although he smashed the palace open earlier, no one noticed your existence. They have no idea what’s going on!

"Now… he will die in your hands as well!"

Is that so? Qin Hai’s gaze landed on the gene reagent in Chen Feng’s hand. At the sight of this, his eyes gleamed. Haha! It’s that gene! Chen Feng, you have indeed not disappointed me! Next.. .It’s all yours!


At this time, in the forest, a special energy belonging to a mutated icefox gene bloomed.

Qin Hai merely sneered.

He was sure that Chen Feng’s brain was damaged.

However, it was at this moment that Qin Hai suddenly had a bad feeling. He had suddenly recalled something, the other function this mutated icefox gene reagent had—


Could it be…

Qin Hai’s expression changed greatly.

Damn it!

Chen Feng had seen through him and specially prepared this gene reagent for him!


Instinctively, Qin Hai wanted to escape.


It was too late!


That terrifying beam of light descended upon him.

Qin Hai’s expression became even stranger. An expression appeared on his face that was alarmed, smiling, and unbelieving, all at the same time. He couldn’t believe that Chen Feng had actually guessed the truth!

How was that possible?!

Even the elders of the Gene Production Association had failed to see through him!

However, opposite him, Chen Feng merely watched on with a serene expression.

Let it end…

Chen Feng sighed inwardly.

All his doubts and questions had been answered the moment the palace in the digitized world had been smashed apart. Despite him not having seen it, Xiao Ying had been able to see it!

In everyone’s eyes, Xiao Ying was merely a weapon!

Only a skill of Chen Feng's!

Only Chen Feng knew that Xiao Ying was a living being!

It transmitted the scene it had witnessed to Chen Feng. It was at that instant that Chen Feng had finally understood the meaning behind the huge palace in Qin Hai’s digitized world!

That palace…

Had been constructed to imprison the real Qin Hai!

During the competition, the Qin Hai here was actually a fake Qin Hai! The body belonged to Qin Hai, but the consciousness had been swapped long ago!

As for in a digital battle?

The real Qin Hai would definitely appear!


"Qin Hai" did not dare to engage in any digital battles!

However, in the final moments, he had been forced to engage in it once and had almost been exposed by Chen Feng on the spot. This was also the reason he had ignored everything else and ended the digitized world’s activation!

That was because… if they had stayed there for one extra second, everyone worldwide would have been able to see it! They would have been able to see the real Qin Hai that was imprisoned by seven pillars in that palace!

Hence, after escaping, Chen Feng had produced the icefox gene reagent.

For that single instant of purification!

He was not aware of how powerful his reagent’s purification was. However, he had witnessed Qin Hai’s perseverance. That guy, even under such circumstances, was still able to struggle and resist!

That terrifying willpower had caused even Chen Feng to be moved!

Qin Hai! Next, it’s your turn!

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.

At this moment, in the Qin family, when the power of the mutated icefox gene reagent blossomed, that purification energy appeared on Qin Hai’s body. At this moment, all the black pillars instantly lost their effect!

Old Man Qin’s expression changed. "Not good."


An explosion of light.

On the magnetic energy board, Qin Hai erupted.


The Qin Hai that had long prepared himself punched toward the joining point of all seven pillars, destroying the terrifying energy cycle there. This was the weak point of the pillars.

Qin Hai had been aiming for this spot for a long time!


The terrifying black aura started bubbling.



All the black pillars crumbled!

"Qin Hai!"

Old Man Qin was furious.

These pillars were something given to them by that person!

"You are merely a crippled person now! Even if your consciousness returns to your body, your body is still crippled! If you stay in the Qin family and work for us, I will forge a new body for you! I will give you a new future! You should be aware that I am truly capable of that! As long as you become the champion…" Old Man Qin enticed him. "I will make you stronger, becoming the strongest person in Qin family. I swear with my ability that I will comply with my promise. You should know that I will not be able to go against this swear!"

"Old Qin!"

Everyone gasped.

Old Man Qin was truly going all out.

Since he had sworn with his ability, he would have to abide to it!

This was common knowledge.


The rest were alarmed.


They had used such methods on Qin Hai. The moment Qin Hai returned…

I don’t want this either. Old Man Qin felt somewhat guilty; however, he truly had no other options!

Presently, they could only do this to tempt Qin Hai to stick with them!

For the Qin family…

However, on the magnetic energy board, the only answer they received was Qin Hai’s wild laughter.

"Hahahahaha! Do you think that I will still listen to you?"

A sword of consciousness appeared in Qin Hai’s hand.


Dark light flickered in Old Man Qin’s hand.

"Qin Hai!" Killing intent flashed in his eyes. "Secure first place and the Qin family will appoint you as the head! After my death, this will be your world! If you still insist on acting recklessly… I will definitely end you!"

Qin Hai laughed heartily. "Haha."


The sword of consciousness in his hand started radiating.


Qin Hai’s body soared and slashed toward the other magnetic energy board beside him with his cousin on it.

"You dare!" Old Man Qin raged as the black light in his hand shot forth toward Qin Hai.


A terrifying radiance bloomed.

Qin Hai’s half crouched figure, the sword ray that was descending from his hand, the incoming black light, everything there seemed to erupt at this single instant!



Vaguely, Old Man Qin seemed to hear Qin Hai’s firm voice.

"I, Qin Hai, shall! never! be! enslaved!"


Everything was submerged by the explosion.

The substitute died!

The magnetic board was destroyed!

More than half of the Qin family was reduced to ruins!

"It’s over…"

Old Man Qin looked at the departing consciousness of Qin Hai and closed his eyes painfully. In the end, what sort of freak had their Qin family trained!?