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Chapter 166: The Weight behind That Slash

Chapter 166: The Weight behind That Slash

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh
Currently, in the match, Qin Hai was struggling painfully.

Vaguely, a smiling expression could be seen on his face. He appeared like he was in pain, yet he was smiling at the same time. Suddenly, he felt that his body was no longer under his control as a gust of faint aura started dispersing from his body.

He was somewhat alarmed. What happened?

"You are back?" Chen Feng asked knowingly. Then… it’s time!


Chen Feng pointed.

Digitized world, activate!


Once again, the digitized world descended.

Chen Feng had a decisive gaze, while opposite him, Qin Hai’s expression became even more twisted. His whole body was engulfed by a black aura as a terrifying armor wrapped around his body.

"Chen Feng! You are courting death!" Qin Hai roared.

He had lost his contact with the Qin family. He had also lost contact with his own body. Moreover, he could feel that he was gradually losing control of this body!

He knew that something had happened in the Qin family! He had to kill Chen Feng as fast as possible and leave here to return to the Qin family! Qin Hai was very sure of this.

"Kill!" he bellowed.

Qin Hai erupted instantly.


Shadow attack!

In his current condition, Qin Hai was akin to a war god. Especially when he was raging, he was nearly undefeated. Hence, Chen Feng was simply not his match!

However, Chen Feng merely smiled.


A flash of red light.

Chen Feng pointed toward the palace behind Qin Hai!



The huge palace in the digitized world was pierced through.


The palace collapsed!


The huge palace collapsed, turning into a ruin.

"You think that you will have a chance of winning just because you destroyed the palace?

"You are gravely mistaken! Before it completely crumbles, I will definitely kill you!"

Qin Hai was filled with killing intent.

This time around, he was well prepared. He condensed all the power his body could muster. Although he was gradually losing control of the body, he was confident that he would be able to deal with Chen Feng before it happened!

Killing you! The competition will end! Killing you… everything will remain!


A flash of black light with an unblockable force!


Chen Feng’s eyes were as sharp as lighting.


Red light flashed.

Once again, Xiao Ying flashed forth with a sharp gleam.

That dazzling red string and the huge black radiance were about to collide!

Everyone held their breath.

However, just as the Qin Hai that was enveloped by black aura reached Chen Feng.

Just as the two of them were going to face off for one last time, a bright silhouette descended from the skies, radiating with a dazzling light!


That dazzling silhouette descended from the skies!


In the silhouette’s hand, a sharp energy sword blossomed and resolutely stabbed down.

"Who is this?" Qin Hai felt something was amiss. "Scram!"


A terrifying black aura erupted and charged upward.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, the black aura that seemed undefeated became so fragile before that shiny silhouette. That sharp energy sword seemed to be capable of cutting through everything and could not be blocked at all!

Qin Hai laughed malevolently. "This is your trump card? Hehe. Feigning a final face-off with me before summoning an energy sword to sneak attack me from above? You truly believe such a childish attacking method willwork?"

"Come! Let me show you my true strength!"


Once again, the black aura bubbled.

A gust of terrifying power erupted from Qin Hai’s body. With his body as the point of origin, a huge black undulation spread around him. It appeared so scary it caused one’s heart to palpitate!

At this time, Chen Feng maintained his firm gaze.


Red light flashed.

The super fast red light streaked forth in a straight line.

In the sky, that dazzling silhouette finally landed as well.


The energy sword transformed into a golden ray!

Currently, in the dark digitized world.

Only an eye-grabbing red flash that was parallel to the ground and a perfectly straight golden ray that was descending from above could be seen. One horizontal and one vertical, one red and one gold, pierced through the black shining globe that Qin Hai had transformed into.


The three of them finally colluded!

Time seemed to pause at this moment.

That red flash and gold flash were so incredibly resplendent.



A loud sound!

The earth crumbled!

The dense energy filling the digitized word exploded!

A dazzling radiance.

"It’s starting!"

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

They knew that the final confrontation was going to end soon!

The survivor from this would be the final champion!

At this time, when that dazzling radiance faded.

Who won?

Everyone looked over and was collectively stunned.

Qin Hai…

Was lying on the ground.

His chest was pierced through by an energy sword. That shining silhouette was pressing the energy sword down, impaling Qin Hai on the ground in front of Chen Feng.


Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Dying like this…

"It’s you…" Qin Hai stared at the silhouette in front of him with an unbelievable expression.

The silhouette laughed. "Goodbye."


The energy sword was fully inserted into him.

Qin Hai, dead!


The whole world went into an uproar.

Everyone in the virtual livestream rooms was alarmed.


They had all believed that the silhouette was one of Chen Feng’s digital battle skills, something similar to Qin Hai’s soldiers. However, no one had expected that…

It could actually talk?!

A third party?!


There was a third party in this digitized world?

This was a spectacular final battle. Everyone was attentively watching it lest they miss out on any details. However, it had never crossed their mind that a third party would appear!

This was the digitized world!

"What on earth is that thing?"

Everyone’s hearts jolted furiously.

And it was also at this moment that, as Qin Hai died, the radiance surrounding the silhouette faded. The third party’s true appearance was exposed. With this, the over 100 million viewers in the virtual livestream rooms were almost scared shitless.

That was because the person that had appeared was Qin Hai as well!


The f*ck?

Everyone was stunned. What the f*ck was going on?!


Everyone was stupefied.

At this time, as ‘Qin Hai’ died, the black aura that was no longer under any control started spreading everywhere. However, under Qin Hai’s suppression, the black aura could only struggle pitifully.

This black aura was an existance surpassing someone at their current level.


This was Qin Hai’s world! When the real Qin Hai appeared, when his consciousness descended, everything was over.

Death of his real body!

Death of his consciousness!

The person that had taken over Qin Hai’s body had truly died.

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai.

A dazzling smile appeared on Qin Hai’s face. That bright and warm genius that always gave off an incomparable cozy feeling to others, that omnipotent genius had returned. "Thanks, Chen Feng."

Chen Feng merely smiled.

"I owe you my life," Qin Hai said with a smile. "In the future, I will return the favor."


The digitized world collapsed.

In the forest, Qin Hai returned to his body. The energy sword condensed in his hand and was directly stabbed into his own chest. Since he was aware of the thing that was in his body, he would absolutely not allow that thing to control him anymore!

Let’s end this! This ridiculous farce! End this! Everything given by the Qin family!


Dazzling light swirled around him.

A bizarre radiance flickered on Qin Hai’s body. His formidable consciousness started clashing against the black aura.

Such powerful willpower!

Admiration appeared in Chen Feng’s eyes.

"Chen Feng… help me," Qin Hai muttered.

Both Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting as his finger landed on Qin Hai’s forehead.



The terrifying black and while radiance shattered.

Qin Hai, dead!


The simulated environment disappeared. This long battle had finally ended with Chen Feng’s victory!


The match ended. They returned to the real world.

Chen Feng tossed the virtual equipment on him away and charged to the Qin Hai that was not far from him.


Qin Hai’s body slumped down powerlessly.

"Qin Hai!" Chen Feng helped him up.

After a short while, Qin Hai opened his eyes. Although his face was frighteningly pale, a familiar smile appeared on his face.

It was Qin Hai!

He was alive!


Weakly, Qin Hai looked at the Chen Feng that had him in his embrace and mustered his remaining strength to say, "I’m not interested in males."


Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

Only after he handed Qin Hai over to the medics did he exhale in relief.

It was finally over!

Qin Hai had used his powerful willpower to put an end to it, erasing that thing that had caused everything and reinstating his control on his own body, ending this farce!

However, his future…

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai.

Currently, despite being weak, the smile on Qin Hai’s face was unprecedentedly serene.

Despite—the fact that he had experienced all this.

"Why am I worrying for him?"

Chen Feng laughed involuntarily.

With this guy’s willpower, Chen Feng doubted that anything could restrict his future.

He should instead be worried for himself. Although he had won the competition, his foundation was still too weak. He couldn’t really put all his hope on Luck Aura every single time he was engaged in a battle, right?

I won’t be surpassed by you.

Chen Feng had a resolute gaze.

However, Chen Feng was unaware that the whole internet was in mayhem!

What joke was this?

What on earth was that thing that had appeared toward the end?

Especially the scene where Chen Feng summoned a Qin Hai to kill the other Qin Hai, this confused countless amounts of people.

"What did I see?"

"What’s going on?"

"Is this a new digital battling method?"

Countless people guessed.

There were also some that had realized that something was wrong. "Did anyone of you realize that the Qin Hai that appeared toward the end, the smile on his face, that was our real Qin Hai!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

"The reason I did not support Qin Hai in this match is precisely because of that cold feeling he was giving off…"

"Not only this, the guy that died had yelled ‘It’s you’ before he died. Did anyone else notice that?"

"If so, does this mean that the one who appeared in the end was the real Qin Hai?"

"Requesting an explanation!"

"Requesting the truth!"

The chat was spammed furiously. No matter what, they had never imagined that the final match of the Gene Rookie Competition would end in such a manner.

Chen Feng summoning a shining Qin Hai to kill the dark Qin Hai?

Too shocking!