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Chapter 167: Glory of the Champion!

Chapter 167: Glory of the Champion!

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The match had ended. Chen Feng and Qin Hai’s final confrontation had stirred the whole internet, and everyone was talking about it. This was especially true for the final scene where Chen Feng had summoned the shining Qin Hai!

It shocked everyone.

They knew that something had to have happened!

At this time, not only them, even Gao Yunfeng and the other employees had stupefied expressions.

Shining Qin Hai?

Dark Qin Hai?

What the f*ck was going on?!


A crisp notification resounded.

The technician was suddenly startled awake. "Abnormal data found!"


The screen flickered.

Shortly after, the technician extracted the data. Immediately, they inhaled a mouthful of cold air. Their sealed competition data had actually been cut off and replaced with similar data!

The technician started investigating this.

The thing that had intercepted their report and replaced their data was actually a dark aura…

"How is this possible?!"

The technician blanked.



It was those damnable special abilities again!

The technician gnashed his teeth. When it came to technology, they were already the best. However, in this world, there still existed genetic warriors possessing peculiar abilities!

This was a clash of technology and ability!

If it wasn’t for the real Qin Hai appearing in the end, they would probably have failed to detect anything wrong even now.

"Body replacement?"

Gao Yunfeng and the rest immediately understood what had happened.

Cheated! Someone had actually dared to cheat right in front of them, and they had almost succeeded on top of that! From a certain perspective, this could be considered as substituting the participant!

"What a good Qin family!" Gao Yunfeng sneered. He had a rough idea of what had happened.

Hou Liang contemplated. "Interesting."

The Qin family, how had they obtained the ability to pull this off? Why had they chosen this path? They would've rather destroyed Qin Hai in order to get first place? Unless…

Hou Liang’s lips curled up forming a smile. "Seems like things are getting interesting."

"Contact Qin Hai. Get him to explain this," Gao Yunfeng said in a low voice.

"All right."

Everyone nodded.

When something like this happened, Qin Hai would be the most suitable person to provide an explanation.

Soon, Qin Hai, who had somewhat recovered, started talking to the media. Under the circumstances where he was unable to defeat Chen Feng, the Qin family had imprisoned his consciousness and used his cousin as a replacement for him and tried to kill Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng had found out the truth during the match and rescued him before the both of them joined hands to spoil the Qin family’s plan!


The moment this news was released, the whole world was in an uproar!

Everyone was shocked. This was the truth?!

"No wonder Qin Hai kept giving off an odd feeling…"

"Ah ah ah ah ah, I knew it, our Qin Hai is definitely not such a person!"

"The Qin family is courting death!"

"Hmph, hmph, just wait for Gene Production Association’s punishment!"

"So that’s what happened."

"A ‘like’ for Chen Feng."

Qin Hai’s fans came out to express their support.

It was also at this moment that a lot of people realized something.


"Doesn’t this mean that Chen Feng not only defeated Qin Hai, he also defeated the fake dark Qin Hai and had even rescued Qin Hai?!"

As everyone thought of this, they were immediately shocked.

Wasn’t this the truth?

Would the normal Qin Hai have been Chen Feng’s match?


If he was truly capable of defeating Chen Feng, the Qin family would not have taken over his body!

The dark Qin Hai had broken through into D class and cheated in every way possible, yet he had still failed to defeat Chen Feng!

If his accomplishment was only to this extent, it would be fine. But for Chen Feng to see through everything and rescue Qin Hai on top of that?


Everyone was shocked.

It was at this moment that they truly realized how terrifying Chen Feng was! How powerful the champion of this year’s Gene Rookie Competition was!

At this time, the contents that were only broadcasted at the competition channel earlier had, at the end of the competition, spread to all the medias, every screen in existence in this world, every single place one could watch this!

The end of the Gene Rookie Competition and the birth of the champion…

The captivating final confrontation…

Chen Feng and Qin Hai joining hands…

One after another, all of this exploded the internet.

It was everywhere!


Light swirled.

In the competition’s broadcast channel, as the competition ended, the replay started playing.

Only Chen Feng was highlighted in the replays!

This was the honor belonged to Chen Feng alone, to the champion!

At this moment, the masses were reminded of the fact that, despite all the huddles during the competition with Chen Feng on the brink of elimination several times in incredibly precarious positions, from the start till the end, he had maintained his spot at the forefront among the participants.


Second round, Chen Feng’s aquarhino gene, unbreakable defense.

Third round, Chen Feng bathing in the holy radiance, rescuing the whole kingdom.

Fourth round, Chen Feng insta-killing all opposition, undefeated by anyone.

Fifth round, captivating everyone present!

First place!

First place!

He had obtained first place in all these!

Everyone was shocked.

Those who had initially wanted to question Chen Feng’s result had all decided to shut their mouth.



Which of these aspects was Chen Feng weak in?


The scenes on the screen changed.

Chen Feng against Lin Ke, surprise attack like a wild beast!

Chen Feng against Zhao Tian, his terrifying accumulation was displayed for the first time, crushing his opposition!

Chen Feng against Bei Ta, countering his opponent’s trick, that mesmerizing grab of his remained a mystery even now, as none was aware of how Chen Feng had discovered the concealed Bei Ta!

Chen Feng against Yun Xiaoduo, that volcanic eruption, that incredibly powerful environmental manipulation!

Chen Feng against dark Qin Hai, the meteor-like red flash, and finally, saving Qin Hai—the scene where they both joined hands became a legend!

"So strong!"

As the masses watched the scenes being played, only shock could be felt in their hearts.

This was Chen Feng!

This was the strongest producer of this year’s competition!

The worst since time immemorial? What a joke!



The scenes kept changing.

Finally, all the flickering scenes combined together to form a huge trophy with ‘Chen Feng’ carved on it.


Everyone’s hearts trembled.

It was because everyone had, at this moment, recalled another thing. Different from the other participants, Chen Feng was merely 18 years old!

He was only a high school graduate!

Moreover—he failed his final examinations!

They knew that all the other participants would be forever living beneath Chen Feng’s limelight!

Eighteen years old!

First place at the Gene Rookie Competition!

Going forward, as long as he was able to develop himself smoothly, he would definitely become a legendary figure!

At this moment, in all parts of the world, everyone was looking at that huge trophy.

This moment… was a glory belonging to Chen Feng.

Sea Breeze University.

The ex-classmates of Chen Feng's, the fellow students that had started looking down on Chen Feng after they'd managed to enter a seeded university, were collectively stunned. Never once had they imagined that Chen Feng would reach such a height!

"Yi, that guy seems like your ex-classmate?"


They blushed.



An ex-classmate they had looked down upon!

"Chen Feng…"

Su Jin was staring at that huge silhouette shown on screen.

For the first time, she felt that her existence was so very tiny. For the first time, she found that Chen Feng had reached a height that she would not be able to compare to for her whole life!

Gold City.

The moment Chen Feng grabbed the final victory, everyone in Gold City went into a frenzy!

First place!

It had landed on their Gold City!

Genetic Union’s branch, Gene Production Association’s branch… even those branch presidents had never imagined that Chen Feng was such a freak!

Everyone felt immensely proud.

The whole city erupted into a frenzy of celebration.

The name Chen Feng had become the symbol of Gold City’s highest glory!

In the neighborhood Chen Feng resided in, the property there, in a short few hours, increased in price from 5,000 yuan per several square meters to several hundred thousand yuan per square meter. It was said that these properties were garbled up by those who were preparing an accommodation for their children during their schooling period. Nobody knew why these people gave up their residences in first-class cities and instead came to a place like Gold City!

Chen Feng was trending.

Trending throughout the whole world!

All sorts of media started extending invitations for an interview.

Toward all this, the Chen Feng that had just walked out the arena did not even have a chance to reject them before being surrounded.

"Excuse me, may I ask, how is your esteemed self feeling at this moment…"

"Excuse me…"

All sorts of questions were bombarded upon him in a disorderly manner. As all this was livestreamed, Chen Feng felt like he wouldn’t be able to escape anyway. Hence, he directly chose some random questions that he knew how to answer.

For example: "Excuse me, how did your esteemed self reached your current height?"

Chen Feng answered, "If one wants to be a true producer, one must continuously set goals for oneself. If one is unable to achieve a huge goal, one can first set a smaller goal, for example: mastering 1,000 formulas."

The media was dumbstruck.

One thousand formulas? Are you f*cking kidding me?!

"Excuse me, how is your esteemed self feeling toward this first place you obtained?"

Chen Feng answered, "In truth, what I regret the most is joining this Gene Rookie Competition. I never expected so many troubles would arise in it…"


The media was in despair.

Brother, can you answer properly? We are all proper medias here!

At this time, due to the fact that all this was broadcasted live, everyone who saw this burst out in laughter.

A small goal of 1,000 formulas…

The regretful Chen Feng…


All sorts of meme flooded the internet.

Only when Zhang Wei walked over with the others did this ridiculousness end.

After the media left, Chen Feng felt incomparably carefree and comfortable with his thoughts feeling incredibly clear. He had wanted to show off in such a pretentious manner for way too long. Unexpectedly, he was able to achieve this goal here!

"You kid, you can’t help yourself but to spout nonsense," Zhang Wei reprimanded him with a smile on his face.

Chen Feng merely replied with a ‘hehe.’


That was not for sure.

From Earth, where he came from, sayings like "xxx not knowing his wife’s beauty," "xxx regret in establishing Ali," "small goals," etc, all these were wise sayings of successful public figures![1]

"All right, stop messing around."

Zhang Wei brought Chen Feng back to the hotel. Only now did the smile on his face vanish as he said to Chen Feng with a solemn expression, "The people above have acted."


Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

He knew that the Qin family was definitely finished. However, he had not expected the Genetic Union to be so efficient!

How much time had passed?


Zhang Wei’s grudge filled gaze landed toward a certain direction in Sea City. That was the Qin family’s location!

"I’m afraid, it’s already over now…"


1. All these were references to the words once uttered by some successful public figures in China which were viewed as a pretentious way of showing off by the public. Their names were censored here, hence the xxx. "Xxx not knowing his wife’s beauty" refers to a guy who’s wife was known for her beauty and was a goddess in many men’s hearts, yet he claimed that he was unaware that his wife was beautiful. "xxx regret in establishing Ali" refers to the founder of Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce companies in China, who once expressed his regret for founding the company despite the fact that his very success was built upon the founding of that company.