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Chapter 168: New Authority

Chapter 168: New Authority

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By the next day, the whole Qin family had already been flattened.

Based on what was being reported by the media, due to the large amount of illegal activities they had done, the Qin family had refused to cooperate with the investigators and had even taken the initiative to attack the law enforcers, ultimately leading to a huge battle at their residence.

Toward this, no one sympathized with them.

What the Qin family had done had angered even the heavens. What kind of people would do such things to their own grandchild? They could just picture the characters these people in the Qin family were.


The Qin family’s news was quickly forgotten.

No one was interested in them.

The topic that was still trending among all the media reports was Chen Feng!

What had happened yesterday was merely the beginning. On all the media outlets, on every sort of screen available to humanity, the replay of Chen Feng’s magnificent performance during the competition was just getting started.

The captivating matches were included in these replays as well.

This did not apply only to Chen Feng. All the top ten participants were highlighted by the media outlets as well.

However, regardless of the top three, top 10, or top 100, Chen Feng was the one that would be replayed the highest number of times. Most of the recordings were showing some minute action of Chen Feng's. Those tiny details that were impossible to notice in the midst of the competition were replayed together with commentary, enlightening countless people on what had happened.

Numerous people started rewatching the competition.

As for the top 10 participants, all these scenes were something they were seeing for the first time.

Somewhere in Sea City.

Lin Ke was watching the replay on the screen.

He was the person with the most intense hatred toward Chen Feng. The fact that Chen Feng had obtained several victories against him through tricks further added to his hatred. This caused him to be incomparably dissatisfied. Now, though, all his hatred had evaporated into nothingness.


Lin Ke sighed.

After watching the final match of Chen Feng's, he had no choice but to acknowledge that even if he were to display his utmost strength, he would still fail to defeat Chen Feng! This guy was simply a freak!

Chen Feng was truly worthy of the first place he had won.

Chen Feng…

Lin Ke was filled with fighting spirit.

In the future, I will definitely surpass you!

In a certain shopping mall, Huang He was watching the replay shown on the screen, and he ultimately shook his head.

Too strong!

"This is the real strongest producer," Huang He lamented.

Beside him, his wife nodded in agreement. On her delicate face was a smile. However, her gentle gaze remained on Huang He, never moving away.

In an ice cream shop.

A little donkey was salivating as it stared at the ice cream in front.

Yun Xiaoduo was glaring at it fiercely.

The little donkey had a pitiful expression.

Yun Xiaoduo glared at the donkey for a long time before finally waving her hand and pouting as she said, "Fine, fine. I will let you eat. I can’t blame you. Even that pretty boy Qin Hai was screwed…

"Oh, there’s also Chen Feng, that beast!

"Hmph hmph." Yun Xiaoduo clenched her tiny fist and aggressively said, "Chen Feng, don’t let me encounter you in the future!"

As the people around her heard that, they started sweating profusely.

One had to know that although Yun Xiaoduo was the one participating in the Gene Rookie Competition, the little donkey was the actual one in charge of gene production. In person, though, Yun Xiaoduo was actually a genetic warrior. An extremely powerful genetic warrior at that!

If genetic abilities were not restricted by the Gene Rookie Competition…

As they thought of this, they observed three seconds of silence for Chen Feng.

In a certain hotel, Bei Ta was looking at the screen. He saw the scene where, a short moment after Chen Feng shut his eyes, he performed a feat worthy of legends, just like what had happened when he'd found the hidden Bei Ta. This scene was simply worthy of being a classic.

"What gene reagent is this…" Bei Ta exclaimed in admiration.

He was very sure that Chen Feng had certainly used some gene reagent.

Chen Feng’s accumulation was simply much more terrifying than what everyone had imagined.

In the learning forum.

All sorts of threads appeared.

Threads guessing Chen Feng’s genetic ability…

Threads guessing the various peculiar methods Chen Feng used during the competition…

Threads guessing the actual amount of formulas Chen Feng knew…

All sorts of threads.

For every single unexplainable action of Chen Feng's, countless theories were crafted by these people. Chen Feng’s name was truly resounding through every nook and corner of the world.

As for a vast majority of his feats?

They remained a mystery.

At this time.

In the hotel.

Chen Feng had a "what the f*ck" expression.

This was because, earlier, someone had come over looking for him to be a brand spokesperson. Initially, Chen Feng was extremely excited with the prospect. That lasted until Chen Feng found out that his visitor was representing a tampon brand.


Why the f*ck were they looking for him for this product?!

"XX tampon, a tampon as perfect as the genes I produced!" What messed up slogan was this?!


Chen Feng nearly beat those visitors out of his room.

At this time.


His door opened automatically.

Zhang Wei walked in, feeling curious as he saw Chen Feng. "What angered you?"

"Nothing." Chen Feng felt helpless.

Zhang Wei suddenly recalled something. "Oh, right, there’s several brands here looking for you to be a spokesperson…"

"I’m not doing it!" Chen Feng rejected without any hesitation.

Zhang Wei looked at him with a strange expression. If you don’t want to do it, fine. Why are you reacting so strongly?

Chen Feng coughed.

"Fine. You don’t lack money anyway," Zhang Wei muttered. "There are a number of examples where some celebrity producers got drawn into troublesome lawsuits after becoming a spokesperson. It’s a correct decision for you to not accept the offers. You are still not quite strong at the moment. There’s no need to get tangled into such scandals. However, there is one specific matter that you need to prepare yourself for."

Chen Feng raised his head. "What?"

"Your reward," Zhang Wei said with a smile.


Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

It was here!

The reward for the competition champion, the chance to join the Gene Production Association’s headquarters!

This was what he had been waiting for!

That night, Chen Feng and Zhang Wei arrived at the Sea City’s branch punctually.

Here, Chen Feng saw the person from the headquarters for the first time. He was a frail-looking old man with wise-looking eyes.

"Welcome to the Gene Production Assocation."

The old man took the initiative to shake Chen Feng’s hands, giving him a firm handshake. "I am Hou Liang."

"Hello," Chen Feng said.

"Sit," Hou Liang said with a smile. "I was supposed to go to headquarters to handle the procedures for you. However, since our current circumstances are quite special, I will simplify everything. I hope you don’t mind that."

Chen Feng shook his head. "Don’t worry about that."

Hou Liang smiled. "Let me pass you the reward first, then."


He passed over a wooden case to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng opened it. Within was an exquisite and delicate-looking badge. This was the badge of the Gene Production Association’s headquarters, a symbol envied by countless people.

Hou Liang saw that Chen Feng was planning to keep it and reminded him, "Scan it first."


Chen Feng scanned it with his wristband.


Identity binding!

Confirmation complete!

Dear respected producer, hello. Your current benefits: Able to purchase F- and E-class formulas at a low price. Able to obtain purification-type formulas for free. You can obtain D-class formulas by completing missions. Currently, you do not have any access to higher level formulas.

Low price!


Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

There was actually such a benefit to becoming a member of the Gene Production Association’s headquarters.

For a producer like him who only needed to learn a formula once and didn't need to master it, it was entirely possible for him to know all available F-class formulas!

What a great profit!

Chen Feng was agitated.

This alone made his participation in this competition worth it!

Apart from this…

There were also those free formulas!

There were quite a number of free formulas among F- and E-class formulas! Why had the Gene Production Association made these formulas free, though?

There had to be a reason for this!