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Chapter 169: Purifier!

Chapter 169: Purifier!

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"Can I ask about the free formulas?"

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.

"I knew you would want to ask about that." Hou Liang laughed involuntarily and muttered to himself before the smile on his face vanished. "I wonder if you noticed the black aura that appeared on Qin Hai’s body?"

Chen Feng’s heart sank. "Naturally."

The black aura was extremely terrifying and was very powerful, as it could be used to attack and defend. It could also enter the digitized world, turn itself into fake genes, or even heal one’s body. Seemingly an omnipotent existence.

Hou Liang’s expression became solemn. "That black aura is what we call dark energy."

Dark energy?

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

Hou Liang continued explaining slowly, unveiling the mysteries of this world to Chen Feng.

This was an extremely large world. Although countless peculiar genes existed, in a situation where the ecology was in its complete form, the power of all these genes would be able to form a balanced cycle of energy, guaranteeing the continuation of this world.


A peculiar energy had appeared, and the reason for its birth was unknown. It was capable of devouring all kinds of energy, dealing lasting damage to the balance of this world and causing terrifying consequences one could not even begin to imagine!

It disregarded the regulations of this world. If it were to be allowed to grow, the amount of energy that was devoured by it would increase until the point where the whole world was destroyed! This energy was the so-called dark energy!

In order to destroy this dark energy, the Genetic Union had secretly established a supervising department that would be in charge of monitoring and destroying the dark energy, defending the balance of this world!

Throughout the years, the conflicts between the supervisors and the dark energy had never ended. Despite the dark energy’s continuous appearance, the amount of supervisors increased without stop as well. They had been able to suppress the dark energy while hiding their existence from the masses. However, outside of anyone’s expectations…

This year, a variable had appeared.

Chen Feng’s heart leaped. "What variable?"

Hou Liang let off a long sigh. "Mutation!"

A portion of the dark energy that was initially only capable of operating through instinct had mutated and started possessing intelligence. It became capable of escaping and hiding. Against them, normal methods were simply ineffective. These mutated things were capable of devouring energy to increase their power, constantly increasing their strength. They had now become even more hidden and even more terrifying.

They would devour everything, including the intelligence of others. What was astonishing was the fact that once one’s intelligence was devoured, the person would transform into the same existence as the dark energy.

Dark freak was the term coined by the Genetic Union for these newly evolved beings.

Chen Feng: "…"

An easy to understand name.

"Oh, right," Hou Liang recalled, "that cousin of Qin Hai's is precisely one of those dark freaks."

"Hiss!" Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

No wonder that guy had been so terrifying!

So these were the dark freaks? Formed of dark energy, possessing the ability to transform their body into a physical form, and also capable of transforming their body into an energy form, they were incredibly powerful. If one wanted to destroy a dark freak, only one method was available—


Dragging them into the digitized world!

Due to their structural makeup, they would directly enter the digitized world and lose their connection with the real world. This was also the time where these dark freaks could be killed! This was the only method capable of thoroughly killing a dark freak!

So that’s the case!

Chen Feng finally understood. He had previously talked to Qin Hai. Qin Hai had clearly killed the body of his cousin. Logically, his cousin’s consciousness should have died along with the body as well. However, his cousin was still so powerful in the digitized world. Now, though, it appeared that the cousin’s body was simply part of the body formed by the dark energy!

Wait… If it’s digitized world… Chen Feng suddenly realized something. "Then... it must be a producer?!"

"That’s right." A bitter smile appeared on Hou Liang’s face. "A supervisor will be able to destroy normal dark energy. However, these intelligent dark freaks are something that only producers can destroy!"

This was the most headache-inducing problem for them!

Only the digitized world was capable of truly eliminating these guys. Hence, this arduous mission could only be left in the hands of producers. However, a producer normally possessed nearly zero combat power!

"In actuality, destroying them is a very simple feat. Determine the intensity level of the energy in the dark freak before dragging it into the digitized world and destroying it. Simple as such."

Hou Liang felt helpless as well.

From their research, the Gene Production Association had created some gene reagents capable of destroying these dark freaks in the digitized world. However, a lot of producers did not even possess the most basic of self-defense methods. When facing these dark freaks, most producers would not even reach the point of using these gene reagents before getting themselves killed.

They were simply too weak!


The somewhat different nature of the Gene Rookie Competition this year came into being.

They hoped that, through this competition, those ordinary producers would be made aware of the importance of crisis awareness and the importance of self-defense abilities. From that, the producers would become even more powerful!

"In the coming few years, we will change gradually. As for the topics of purification gene reagents, crisis awareness, and digital battling methods… we are planning to make them part of compulsory education, transforming all the producers with whatever methods we can!

"This year, though… we can only pick the suitable producers from you all." Hou Liang gave Chen Feng a deep gaze. "We need to choose a huge group of producers from currently existing producers to become the first generation of purifiers!"


Chen Feng’s heart was solemn. From the name, he could guess what this entailed.

Eradicating dark energy!

Purifying the world!

"What about those seniors?" he suddenly asked.

The Gene Rookie Competition was an event that would only involve up to intermediate-level producers, with the rare occurrence of advanced-level producers. What about those higher-leveled producers?

"All producers meeting our requirements can become an eradicator," Hou Liang said with a deep voice. "Look at this."

Hou Liang displayed some data.

Purifiers’s requirements:

1. Possessing digitized world.

2. Possessing formidable on-the-spot production capabilities (on-the-spot production is necessary as part of the required materials would be the opponent’s energy-form body)

3. Possessing a certain level of self-defense capabilities.

4. Production level (guaranteed success of production in a single attempt for 5-star E-class formulas)

5. Firm willpower.

Those meeting these requirements can become one of the purifiers.

So that’s the case.

Chen Feng lightly nodded.

However, how did this relate to his first place in this Gene Rookie Competition? With so many purifiers in existence, regardless of how he looked at it, he wouldn’t be of much help, right?

Chen Feng felt doubtful.

"It’s because of this." Hou Liang guessed Chen Feng’s thoughts and sighed. "Three years ago, some warriors of the Genetic Warrior discovered a huge clump of black light at a certain location. It is very probable that an extremely terrifying dark freak was being nurtured in that black clump. Different from a normal dark freak, it was capable of devouring and growing without limit, possessing unlimited potential for growth!

"At first notice, we sent someone there." At this, a weird expression appeared on Hou Liang’s face. "However, those above D class are incapable of getting near that place!"

"Above D class?"

Chen Feng blanked. Such an odd barrier existed?

"Yes. As long as one’s attribute exceeds 1,000 points, one can’t enter." Hou Liang nodded. "Initially, we were curious as well. How could such a barrier exist? Subsequently, we found that this was the dark energy’s doing. The dark freak was intentionally letting those producers with attributes lower than 1,000 in."

Chen Feng’s heart leaped. "What?"

The dark freak was intentionally letting those producers with attributes lower than 1,000 in?

"Yes." Hou Liang had a solemn expression. "All these producers were treated as energy supplies for the nurtured dark freak! Humans below D class are the best food for it!"


Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air.