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Chapter 170: Sudden Change!

Chapter 170: Sudden Change!

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"Not only this. From what happened to the Qin family, we can conclude that they have already learned how to trade. Both these facts prove that the newly gained intelligence of theirs is growing rapidly. The moment their intelligence reaches our level… things will get truly dangerous. As for now… although this method is able to increase the strength of that nurtured dark freak, similarly, they are also restricted by the same rules they set. The dark freak in there will not become too strong either. Hence, this is a very good opportunity for us to storm that place and get rid of that dark freak!"

Hou Liang’s eyes were sharp as lighting. "Based on the current status of the nurtured dark freak, it will break out of its cocoon one month from now. At that moment, the thick cocoon around that dark freak will disappear. With that, the dark freak will lose its protection. That will be the best time for us to get rid of it as well! That… is also our only chance!"

Hou Liang had a solemn expression.

"Wait." Chen Feng rubbed his skull, trying to smoothen his thoughts.


He needed to cool his head.

In other words, there’s one particular dark freak that has been in incubation for three years. No one has any idea what it is apart from the fact that it’s an extremely terrifying existence. Perhaps it's a dark Nezha[1] or something. Next, due to the restriction that only those below D class can enter, I am required.



For world peace.

For love and justice.

Since the world is in such a crisis, I must certainly charge to the forefront and save mankind! When required, I can even sacrifice his life. Is that right?

Right my ass!

Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

Who the f*ck are they trying to fool? Trying to fool a child or something?!

Although it sounded grave from Hou Liang’s words such as lasting damage to the world’s balance, dark energy, devouring, etc…

However, Chen Feng had a feeling that this guy was trying very hard to lure him in. Since a dark energy that could damage the world existed, then a different type of energy that could restore the world would perhaps exist, right? He refused to believe that, after so many years of history, the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association would be crippled by some dark energy!

This was simply illogical.

Moreover, if it was truly so grave, the Gene Production Association would have long reacted strongly against it. Would they still have advanced with their plans quietly like what they were doing presently? For the whole world to still be in order?

Chen Feng looked outside. The Sea City’s branch appeared incredibly serene.

All the producers were busy with their respective projects. One of them was even excitedly bragging about one of his proposals that was approved and had received research funds from the headquarters.

There was also a certain fat branch president whose perverted gaze kept scanning the curves of the customer service representatives, appearing satisfied and carefree.


If the world was truly ending, what on earth were these fellows doing?

Sending research funds?

Checking out girls?

World crisis?

What joke was this?

Furthermore, even if the sky was about to collapse, there would be someone else to support it! A tiny producer like him, no matter what happened, it wasn't his place to do something about it, right? You couldn't lure someone in like this just because he was young!

Chen Feng was expressionless. "What if I reject?"

"Cough cough." Hou Liang and Zhang Wei beside him were waiting for his answer. When they heard this, they almost choked themselves to death. Everything had been proceeding smoothly, so why was he talking about rejection?

Where’s your sense of responsibility?!

Where’s your sense of honor?!

"Erm, that… such a responsibility, it’s undeniably yours." Hou Liang had a solemn expression. "Therefore, this arduous task of saving the world shall…"

"What if I reject it?" Chen Feng continued his question.

"Fine." Hou Liang sighed. "Such a thing, if it’s not voluntary, we won’t be able to achieve much anyway. We will have to start looking for a volunteer, starting from the top rankers in this competition, until we find a suitable person."

I knew it.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

He knew it. All of this, world crisis, the task of saving the world is undeniably his, all this was bullshit.

This mission, in all honestly, was merely a mission to erase a crisis that "might appear in the future"! If Chen Feng refused to accept this mission, naturally, others would have the chance to accept it.

"How about the reward for this mission?" Chen Feng said forthrightly.


Hou Liang felt helpless. Can’t you be a patriot for once?

"If it was Qin Hai, he would definitely not ask such a question," Hou Liang lamented.

He missed Qin Hai already. If it was Qin Hai, he would definitely have accepted this mission without any conditions. For world peace, for mankind’s future!

"Yeah." Chen Feng agreed. "Hence, he ended up getting tricked by others into this dogshit present circumstance of his."

Hou Liang: "…" F*ck! The children nowadays are truly hard to deceive! You are only a high school graduate!

"Fine fine!"

Hou Liang showed him the mission details immediately.


Ultimate purification

Mission period: One month from now

Mission venue: Extreme Iceland

Mission introduction: Purifying dark freak

Mission reward: Any D-class formula x1


Due to this being a special mission, the descriptions were extremely concise. However, the mission reward was made very clear. When Chen Feng saw it, his eyes shone!

One of any D-class formula!

Chen Feng was agitated.

How many formulas were there in the gene bank of the Gene Production Association?

No one knew!

A lot of the E-class and F-class formulas provided by the Gene Production Association for the competition were stunningly amazing formulas possessing extraordinary abilities that were extremely astonishing.

As for D class?

None were provided!

Not even 1-star D-class!


That was because the value and quality of D-class and above formulas greatly surpassed the formulas below this level.

Hence, Chen Feng had never expected that a D-class formula would be taken out as the reward for this mission. The most crucial point being that one could choose any D-class formula one wished for!

In that gene bank with a huge number of formulas…

5-star formulas with heaven defying value…

Chen Feng was tempted just thinking about that.


Chen Feng started weighing the pros and cons of accepting this mission.

Although Hou Liang had mentioned that this mission was extremely dangerous, if he were to prepare sufficiently improved gene reagents coupled with his luck value, he might have a chance.


Without risk, where was the reward?

If not for this incidence, would the Gene Production Association allow one to select a formula as one wished?

Let’s do this!

Chen Feng accepted the mission.

"Very good." Hou Liang felt relieved. This little monkey was too difficult to handle!

"I might have made this mission sound incredibly scary. However, it is truly an extremely dangerous mission."

For once, Hou Liang was finally serious as he patted Chen Feng’s shoulder and said, "Make your preparations properly. We shall meet in a month."


Chen Feng nodded his head.

Since he decided to accept this mission, he had to do his best.

However, it was at this moment that the earth trembled suddenly.

Chen Feng and Hou Liang immediately raised their head and looked toward the southeast direction.

That was where the Qin family was located at.

"Something happened!"

Both their expressions changed greatly.

The Qin family was very far away from this place. However, the energy explosion there could be felt even here. What had happened there?

Hou Liang immediately contacted someone, and soon, an astonishing update was transmitted to him. When the employees had been finishing their job at Qin family, the place had suddenly exploded.

The over 100 employees there were all dead—no survivors!

A terrifying energy dispersed without stop from the Qin family.

The Genetic Union had blockaded the ruins of the Qin family immediately and sent out the supervisors to purify the energy surrounding the Qin family. However, below the ruins of the Qin family, an unknown energy kept surfacing!

There, a dark freak might have been hidden!


1. Nezha is a protection deity in Chinese folk religion. Nezha was born during the Shang dynasty in a military fortress at Chentang Pass. His father was a military commander named Li Jing, who later became the "Pagoda-wielding Heavenly King". Nezha's mother, Lady Yin, gave birth to a ball of flesh after being pregnant with him for three years and six months. Li Jing thought that his wife had given birth to a demon and attacked the ball with his sword. The ball split open and Nezha jumped out as a boy instead of an infant. Nezha could speak and walk immediately after birth.