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Chapter 171: Top 10 Reassembled

Chapter 171: Top 10 Reassembled

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Something happened at the Qin family!

It was announced to the public that the escaped criminals from the Qin family were rebelling and the Genetic Union was already after them. However, Chen Feng was clear on what had happened.

Dark freak!

A life form that was seemingly human yet not human and seemingly beast yet not beast. They initially believed that there’s only one dark freak in the Qin family. Now, though, it seemed that the problems in the Qin family were much graver than they had imagined.

Qin family…

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Beneath the ruins of the Qin family, even if there was a dark freak there, it was something that had hidden itself there after being pursued. Hence, that thing there did not seem too strong. Perhaps it would be just nice for him as target practice?

"What are you thinking about?" Hou Liang glared at Chen Feng ferociously. "Do you think that a dark freak is so easy to deal with? That Qin Hai’s cousin had his physical body destroyed by Qin Hai first before getting dragged into the digitized world, and he was only dealt with after the both of you joined hands. Do you truly believe that you alone are capable of defeating him?"

"Cough cough," Chen Feng coughed.

"Moreover." Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng. "The current you is too weak. At the very least, you must go to the headquarters and greatly increase your strength first before you can be considered a qualified eradicator."

"Great improvement?" Chen Feng’s heart jolted. "There’s something to be gained when I go to the headquarters?"

"You don’t know that?" Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng in astonishment. This was supposed to be something everyone knew! Entering the headquarters and greatly improving one’s strength! This was the real reward from the Gene Rookie Competition! This was also the reason why even those children of the influential families would fight hard to obtain first place. How was it possible for this crafty fellow to not know about the advantages of entering the headquarters? Only later did Hou Liang recall that Chen Feng’s origins were truly humble.

An orphan without a background or a backer!

"Truly…" Hou Liang was in a solemn mood. It has been a long time since he'd last seen a child like this. Humble background was an indication of the incredibly low amount of resources at his disposal. This was especially true for someone like Chen Feng. For him to reach such heights even with such a low amount of resources, now that he had joined the Gene Production Association, this child’s future would be limitless! "The headquarters of the Gene Production Association is also known as the holy land of producers. It is extremely difficult for one to become a producer of the headquarters. However, once one manages to enter, one will be greatly rewarded."

A smiling expression appeared in Hou Liang’s eyes.

So that’s the case.

Chen Feng was enticed.

"The headquarters is quite far from here. It will be better for you to wait for a month and go there when we are about to depart for the mission," Hou Liang said faintly.


Chen Feng understood. Anyway, he had a lot of things to deal with here as well.

"As for the Qin family," Hou Liang muttered for a bit before saying, "we will directly send some supervisors and purifiers over to purify the Qin family’s ruins as soon as possible. You should join them.

"Scratch that. All of you in the top 10 need to go. As a preparation for your coming mission, you must get yourself familiarized with all this and gain further understanding of the dark freaks. This opportunity is just nice for that. This will also serve as the final test for the rest of them to determine if they are qualified to be purifiers." Hou Liang had a bright expression.

Chen Feng nodded. "Understood."

So, this is a practice eh?

Chen Feng’s lips curled up, forming a smile.


At the Qin family’s ruins, an area with a circumference of 100 meters was blockaded. A faint radiance gleamed, separating the blockaded area from the outside world, akin to a border between two worlds.

Outside was the real world, with bright sunshine, whereas the inside was the sinister and scary-looking Qin family’s ruin, which was filled with a dark aura. It was akin to two worlds with different styles.

At this moment.

In front of the Qin family’s ruin, everyone gradually arrived. After the competition, the top 10 were once again gathered. Outside of Chen Feng’s expectations, Sun Han was the person replacing Zhao Tian here.

"Chen Feng! Do you remember me?" Sun Han was seething with hatred.

So what if Chen Feng had won the first place? That did not change the sad fact that Sun Han was in 11th place. On his personal information window, this position would be forever displayed. The 11th place of this year’s competition! Not even part of the top 10! And the reason for that was Chen Feng’s insta-kill that was achieved with a cheat-like method!

He was very angry.

This was because, even without this one point, Chen Feng would have easily been able to become the overall winner. It was merely the fourth round, so even if Chen Feng were to obtain second place during that round, his overall placing wouldn’t have been greatly affected.

As for him, that one point was extremely important! The one point that was extremely important for him was taken away by Chen Feng. That one point that was insignificant for Chen Feng. This was the reason for Sun Han’s anger. Without being in the top 10, he felt that he was as petty as dust.

"Oh, it’s you." Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. "Mhm, I heard about the incident where you launched a complaint against me. It was truly somewhat hotheaded of you. However, it’s nothing major. Hence, I forgive you."

Sun Han: "???"

Forgiving me? Who the f*ck wanted your forgiveness?!

"Chen Feng!" Sun Han’s anger soared to the skies, and he was about to continue speaking.

"Be obedient." Chen Feng patted him. "A lot of people are looking for me. You should first queue up behind the line."


Sun Han was stunned.

As he turned around, it was indeed true. Everyone in the top 10 was looking at Chen Feng with complicated expressions. That was particularly true for a certain beautiful young lady filled with youthfulness.

"Chen Feng!" Yun Xiaoduo gnashed her tiny teeth.

"Cough." Chen Feng waved to her.

"Hmph hmph. Let me tell you. Although you are more powerful than my little donkey, I am personally a genetic warrior… hmph hmph. If you do not apologize to me today…" Yun Xiaoduo raised her tiny clenched fist as a threat.

More powerful than little donkey…

Chen Feng looked at the little donkey beside her and felt insulted. So, he had been competing against a donkey?

Chen Feng raised his hand. "I have a question."

"Say it."Yun Xiaoduo was feeling proud. Although her gene production skills were not as good as this guy's, she had the strongest combat power. For her to drill some obedience into these proud fellows was something she felt extremely satisfied of.

"Since you have a donkey, why don't you ride it?" Chen Feng asked honestly.

Yun Xiaoduo glared with her big eyes. "Donkey is my friend!"


Chen Feng muttered, "It’s clearly a pet. Having a good mount but refusing to ride on it, are you waiting for it to ride you instead?"

"Chen Feng!" Yun Xiaoduo was so furious her face turned red.


She took out a carrot from her bag and tossed it at Chen Feng.


Lin Ke’s expression changed greatly.

What joke was this? Chen Feng was merely a producer with zero combat power. Although he seemed so powerful in the competition, his prowess was on the premise of having an unlimited supply of materials and ample preparation time. Under normal circumstances…

A gene producer had no combat power!

Despite this being a casual toss by Yun Xiaoduo, her strength attribute and agility attributes were extremely terrifying. Hence, the carrot she had casually tossed still erupted with a terrifying power.

"Dodge it, quickly," Yun Xiaoduo said anxiously. The moment she'd tossed the carrot out, she had regretted her actions. Since she had faced Chen Feng in the match before, she had subconsciously neglected Chen Feng’s strength.


With a terrifying power behind it, the carrot smashed toward Chen Feng.

"Chen Feng!"

The rest of them charged over to him.

Instinctively, they wanted to save Chen Feng with some gene reagents. However, they couldn’t act in time and could only watch on as the carrot with terrifying power behind it smashed at Chen Feng.

At this moment, Chen Feng slightly raised his hand.


The carrot in front of him was instantly cut into pieces by his Wind Blade, turning into countless fragments that splattered around.

Wind Blade?

Lin Fan and the rest had dumbfounded expressions.


Wasn’t Chen Feng a producer?

Why did he know a skill like Wind Blade?

One had to know that Chen Feng’s genetic ability was now the biggest mystery for those at the learning forum. Despite there being some who had exposed that it was Wind Blade, the rest refused to believe that. Ultimately, these exposures were buried beneath seas of threads that were guessing what Chen Feng’s genetic ability was. Hence, presently, Chen Feng’s genetic ability was still a hot topic at the learning forum.

And now… it was really Wind Blade?

Lin Fan and the rest remain dazed for a long time. That was because this signified that they had been defeated by a Chen Feng that essentially had one less useful genetic ability for gene production compared to them.

Yun Xiaoduo was astonished. "Your ability is actually Wind Blade?"

Chen Feng was even more shocked than her. "You were actually carrying carrots around?"

In his memory, no girls would be carrying carrots around in their bag, especially not such a thick and solid huge carrot.

"Chen Feng!" Yun Xiaoduo was furious. "That’s little donkey’s food! I bring it around since ice cream can’t be kept for long!"

"Oh, oh, oh." Chen Feng suddenly felt enlightened. No wonder it was so huge.

"What gaze was that!" Yun Xiaoduo stared threateningly at Chen Feng!

She swore Chen Feng was the most annoying male she had ever met!

With nobody capable of contending against him!


"He doesn’t mean anything bad." Qin Hai said beside her.

"Go away, you pretty boy!" Yun Xiaoduo stared at him ferociously. "You both are the same, nothing good!"

Qin Hai: "…"

How did this relate to him?

"Look at what you have done." Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng and helplessly said, "Can’t you just yield to her on account that she’s a girl?"

"Why are you here?" Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. He had initially believed that Qin Hai would need to recuperate for a long time.

"I don’t have any time to rest," Qin Hai said indifferently.

Chen Feng’s mood became solemn. Was it due to his exhausted potential?

After the competition, he had subsequently heard about what had happened to Qin Hai. Due to the forceful breakthrough, from thereon, he might be stuck in D-class forever, unable to break through for his whole life.

This signified that, regardless of how powerful he was now, he would be gradually surpassed by others.

One had to know.

Even among the purifiers, there were different ranks among them. The higher-rank purifierswould be in charge of higher-level missions. As for Chen Feng and the few of them who were new purifiers, they would only be in charge of some low-level missions.

As for Qin Hai? He might be stuck at this level forever! How sorrowful was that?

On Qin Hai’s face, though, was still the same calm smile.

This guy…

Chen Feng sighed inwardly.

Even when he was already in such a circumstance, he still wanted to come and fight it out?

"Can you not look at me this way?" Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng who had been watching him attentively and meaningfully said, "I told you, I’m not interested in males."

Chen Feng: "…"

"In this world, countless possibilities exist." Qin Hai had a confident expression. "Even if my potential is exhausted, I believe that I will still be able to achieve something in this life of mine!"

Despite losing his potential, he had instead gained true freedom. The chains shackling him all these years were undone. His willpower had become more powerful as well.

A smiling expression flashed through Chen Feng’s eyes. "Best of luck."

The few of them chatted idly with each other and gradually got familiar with each other.

At this time, the light barrier that was blocking the dark energy opened up noiselessly. Two people walked in. They were the supervisor and purifier in charge of today’s mission.