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Chapter 172: One Accident after Another

Chapter 172: One Accident after Another

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"Supervisor Peng Long," the somewhat plump middle age man stated indifferently.

Everyone nodded slightly.

Surprisingly, the purifier sent by Sea City’s Gene Production Association was an extremely beautiful woman with a hot body.

"Hello, I am Xia Yan." Her lips curled up, forming a smile that was extremely pleasant to look at.

"Oh, hello."

Sun Han and the rest blanked.

"…" Peng Long’s lips twitched, evidently used to such situations.

Peng Long raised his hand. "Let’s begin."


Two shining butterflies bloomed from his hand. The faint blue energy cleared all the energy in the Qin family’s ruin that was giving off an uncomfortable feeling.

"This is Peng Long’s ability, oh." Xia Yan smiled as she said, "This ability is capable of purifying the dark energy, and it’s very powerful."


Everyone was amazed. Such a genetic ability existed?


Peng Long pointed at the air.


At that instant, the fluttering butterflies went through a countless number of transformations. Countless silhouettes flew out from the two butterflies. Every single silhouette that flew out was flickering with a faint radiance. They fluttered in the air and, under Peng Long’s control, charged forth toward the Qin family’s ruin that was enveloped in darkness.



One butterfly silhouette after another exploded.


The dark energy in the surroundings was cleared in a split second.

At the Qin family’s ruin that was covered by darkness, a long tunnel appeared. This was the underground tunnel and also the place where the dark energy leaked out from.

So powerful!

Everyone gasped.

"First step, to determine the dark energy value."

Peng Long aimed his wristband at the Qin family’s ruins.



Light flickered on his wristband screen before finally stopping at D-class.

"Those who have installed the supervisor’s chip can use their wristband to conduct a rough evaluation of the dark energy value," Peng Long said indifferently. "D class means that the dark freak here is very powerful. At least a D-class supervisor and purifier need to join hands to deal with it.

"If we lack either, or our class is lower… only death awaits."

Clear explanation.

Everyone had a solemn mood.

Peng Long opened up a path in front of them. "Let’s go."

"I don’t have much combat power, so I will have to walk with you all, oh," Xia Yan said, smiling.

"No, no problem," Sun Han replied with a blushing face. "I, I can protect you."

"Why thank you then, little brother~"Xia Yan said, smiling.

"I can protect you as well," Lin Ke said with confidence.

"Hmph!" Yun Xiaoduo pouted. When she lowered her head to check out her own body, she felt powerless.

A mature woman like Xia Yan with incredibly good looks and a seductive figure was simply too attractive to these vigorous young men. This was especially true for producers that were shut-ins.


Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances and remained silent.


They walked into the tunnel in an orderly fashion.

In the tunnel, only darkness could be seen.


It lightened up.

At Peng Long’s side were two butterflies, one to each side of him, with their wings stretched. Everywhere both these glowing butterflies passed, the dark energy would quietly disappear.

"Second step, clearing the dark energy as we move," Peng Long said coldly. "No dark energy is allowed to be left behind, or else any single bit of dark energy that is left behind might bring you danger."


Everyone nodded their heads.


Next, they only needed to follow the trail of the dark energy and find the dark freak before putting an end to it. With this, this mission would be done with. This was meant to be an ordinary purification mission, after all.



An odd sound could be heard.


Sun Han’s expression changed greatly. Everyone looked over and found with horror that a pale hand had suddenly stretched out from the ground and grabbed him.

A silhouette crawled out as everyone felt a chill on their backs.


Sun Han was perspiring all over from shock.



A dazzling radiance.

The various gene reagents that he had prepared were tossed out all in one go. All sorts of defensive abilities wrapped around him, each shining with various colors.


Peng Long pointed midair.


That silhouette’s forehead was pierced through, and it slumped down.

"This is a dark zombie. A corpse that will move by instinct after being polluted by dark energy. It does not pose much threat; you don’t have to waste your gene reagents for this…" Peng Long said indifferently.

"Little brother, are you alright?" Xia Yan asked, deeply concerned.

Sun Han blushed as he waved his hands repeatedly. "N-no problem."

"Let’s go."

Peng Long’s lips twitched. Due to the presence of Xia Yan here, he had a feeling that his words were simply being ignored.

On the way, another dark zombie appeared and shocked Lin Ke to the point that he hastily tossed out all sorts of gene reagents. He even directly assembled his energy armor then and there!

Despite there being someone there protecting them, against these zombie that appeared directly from the ground and grabbed onto their ankles, they were shocked sh*tless. This was not a competition in the virtual world; instead, this was the real world.

"I told you, there’s no need for any fear," Peng Long said impatiently. They were already grown-ups. How ridiculous it was for them to be so flustered?

"Say less." Xia Yan glared at him. "A producer is different from you genetic warriors. Can’t you understand our predicament?" She gently said, "Be careful."


Sun Han and the rest felt somewhat ashamed.

Fortunately, after several such incidents, everyone finally grew used to it.

This was not a particularly long tunnel. Peng Long led everyone as they carefully proceeded forth. Finally, they found the location that the dark freak was located at.


A hiss from something that was hidden in the darkness.

It’s here!

Everyone had a solemn mood.

They could already feel that terrifying aura that originated from the end of the tunnel.

"Dark freak. A life form formed by dark energy, possessing inexhaustible power," Peng Long said coldly. "To truly kill these things, one must drag them into the digitized world. Normally, a group of genetic warriors with purification-related abilities and gene producers would work together to deal with them."

"The genetic warrior shall be the one to act first. When its body is—"

Before Peng Long could finish.


The distant dark freak suddenly started raging.


A terrifying killing intent bloomed. A boundless dark aura started bubbling in the depths of the tunnel.

"Damn it." Peng Long’s expression changed slightly. "Why is it suddenly raging?"

Dark freak. If it was provoked to a certain degree, its strength would greatly increase!

However, here…

Peng Long acted decisively. "Little Yan!"


Xia Yan’s gene reagents were already ready in her hands.


Peng Long’s body started radiating with a dazzling light.

Two butterflies interweaved in the air, generating countless amounts of butterfly silhouettes.



A huge amount of butterfly silhouettes charged toward the dark freak.



Terrifying sounds resounded without stop.

The sounds generated when the butterfly silhouettes landed on the dark freak’s body were similar to the sound generated when acid was used to corrode metal. That bizarre sound seemed capable of attracting reverence from the depths of one’s heart.


The dark freak’s body collapsed instantly.

"Now! Little Yan!" Peng Long shouted.

"I’m here." Xia Yan gulped down a bottle of gene reagent.

Limpid light started radiating all over her body. This was the purification energy!


Digital battle, activate!

The dark freak disappeared from its position. It had been dragged into the digitized world by Xia Yan. She was borrowing the power of her gene reagent to battle the dark freak in the digitized world.

This was the method in which a dark freak could be killed. Similar to what Chen Feng and Qin Hai had done previously. The rest were not able to see what was happening in the digitized world, so they could only wait here.

Lin Ke and the rest were somewhat anxious. "Nothing bad will happen, right?"

"It will be fine," Peng Long said indifferently, "We have worked together a lot of times. Furthermore, before entering the digitized world…"

Chen Feng and Qin Hai pricked their ears to listen.


Xia Yan suddenly started spouting blood.

"Little Yan!"


Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

"It’s fine." Xia Yan’s expression was pale, and she weakly said, "That fellow is stronger than I expected. However, it has still been eliminated by me. We should leave here quickly."

"All right."

Peng Long nodded.

With the death of the dark freak, the mission was completed.

Time spent: three hours.

This was an extremely ordinary mission. Hence, since it was completed, it was best for them to depart quickly. Xia Yan’s injury was somewhat serious. They needed to get her treated as soon as possible.

However, right at this moment, no one noticed that, on the ground, within a shattered gene reagent bottle, some bizarre energy was dispersing without stop and fluttering toward the dark energy in the air.

Peng Long stood up. "Let me do the final purification."

With the dark freak’s death, the remaining dark energy could now be purified easily.

However, at this moment.


The dark energy at the end of the tunnel started bubbling suddenly.

"What’s going on?"

Peng Long’s expression changed greatly.

This aura…



Dark energy bubbled.

It fermented without stop. In the darkness, a terrifying aura appeared, accompanied by the sounds of lithe footsteps. Everyone looked over and immediately fell into a solemn mood.

That was because a new dark freak had appeared!


The dark freak howled.


Under Peng Long’s control, both butterflies charged toward the dark freak.

Xia Yan walked out weakly. "I’m going to help him."


Lin Ke and the rest felt ashamed.

They were actually incapable of giving any help!

This was a D-class dark freak! It was also much stronger than a normal D-class warrior! Apart from specific genetic power such as purification, they simply had no way of dealing with it. If they were to rashly charge forth, they would only mess things up for the two seniors!

"Not good!"

A faint red light flashed in Chen Feng’s hand. He exchanged glance with Qin Hai. They were feeling something amiss. If their guess was correct…

"Go and help!"

Chen Feng prepared to charge forth without hesitation.

However, at the same time.


A dark freak blocked his path.

"Be careful!"

Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.



One silhouette after another appeared.


Everyone looked over and immediately inhaled mouthfuls of cold breath.




Approximately five dark freaks had surrounded them!