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Chapter 173: The Culprit

Chapter 173: The Culprit

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At the Qin family’s ruins, the people from Genetic Union were guarding the outer layer around it. Distantly, at a certain location, two people were observing what was happening there through a screen.

"It’s about time…"


"How confident are you?"


"That’s sufficient. Our research result with the Qin family must not fall into the hands of those from Genetic Union and Gene Production Association!"


"Right, the interns that they added at the last minute…"

"They won’t be able to do much."

"That’s good, then."

The conversation by the two with gloomy voices gradually stopped.

Everything was going as they'd planned.

Currently, beneath the Qin family’s ruins, in the pitch-black tunnel, Chen Feng and the group were surrounded by dark freaks. Terrifying power was leaking from each and every single one of these dark freaks. The power leaking from each of them had reached D class!

Things were getting troublesome!

Everyone’s expressions were unsightly. This was not a competition, nor was this a virtual world. They were simply unqualified to cross swords with these D-class freaks!

What should they do?

Everyone despaired.

"Don’t panic!" Qin Hai said with a deep voice. "We only needs to last for several seconds and the two seniors will come over. Sun Han, aren’t you the best in using defensive gene reagents?"

"They are all used up!"

Sun Han felt like crying from regret. When the dark zombie appeared previously, he had wasted all his gene reagents!

Lin Ke…

Bei Ta…

It was the same for them.


Qin Hai inhaled.

"Don’t worry."

"Xiaoduo, Chen Feng, both of you should still have your gene reagents on you, right?"


"We will be counting on you both then."


Chen Feng replied with an overcast voice.

"Try to last for extra few seconds and we will be able to survive this."

Qin Hai’s steady voice managed to pacify the few of them that were panicking. Soon, they recovered their calm and started trying to help with their genetic abilities.



Chen Feng and the rest activated the last remaining gene reagents they had.

Defensive gene reagents!

Attack gene reagents!

Exhausting their power to support the activation of these gene reagents.

Currently, the dark freak that appeared had been slain by Peng Long. However, it was undergoing rebirth beside him.

"A mere newborn dark freak dares to be so unbridled here!"

Peng Long looked at Xia Yan. "Little Yan!"

"I’m afraid I can’t activate my digitized world now," Xia Yan replied weakly as she passed over a gene reagent to Peng Long, "This dark freak is a newborn and is extremely weak. Break this bottle and you can directly stop its rebirth."


Peng Long took the gene reagent.


Gene reagent activated.

Countless dazzling blue particles flickered.

However, astonishingly, those blue particles did not charge toward the dark freak. Instead, they charged toward him and started devouring the power in his body.

"What’s going on?"

Peng Long’s expression changed greatly.


Next, an acute pain was felt on his chest.

With an unbelievable expression, Peng Long turned around. A dazzling smile appeared on Xia Yan’s face. "Good bye~"

"You…" Peng Long slumped down powerlessly. "How is this possible…"

Xia Yan was a dark freak as well?


If she was truly a dark freak, how was it possible for her to have avoided the Gene Production Association’s detection?

"Do you think there are so many dark freaks around?" Xia Yan whispered to his ears, "Those things are the result of our research."


Peng Long widened his eyes.

His heart jolted violently, and died the next instant!

Currently, Chen Feng and the rest were still resisting the dark freaks.

They had nearly exhausted all the gene reagents they'd prepared. These dark freaks were too powerful. It was simply impossible for them to block these freaks. Soon, they would probably all die here.

"Senior Xia Yan!" Chen Feng suddenly saw the distant Xia Yan as he called for help. "Save us!"

"I’m coming."

An anxious expression was shown on Xia Yan’s face.


Purification energy started flickering around her as the few dark freaks got out of the way in fear. Toward such purification energy, they had an innate fear.

"Hang on! Brother Peng will be here soon!" Xia Yan reached their side and handed over several gene reagents. "He sent me over to protect you all first. Come, take this gene reagent down first to increase the purification energy here."

"Many thanks," everyone said gratefully.


As they opened the cover of the bottle, everyone was about to consume the gene reagents.

A smiling expression appeared in Xia Yan’s eyes.

It was at this instant that Qin Hai’s eyes flashed and a gush of pure spiritual shockwave erupted from him and smashed toward Xia Yan.

Damn it!

Xia Yan’s pupils constricted.


She retreated backward hastily and dodged Qin Hai’s attack. However, outside of her expectations, what welcomed her after she retreated was a succession of terrifying ice-cold Wind Blades!


Blood bloomed.

Despite her high vigilance, she still lost an arm!

Blood started spurting out of her severed arm.

"I failed to kill her?"

Chen Feng was somewhat regretful.

He had initially believed that he would be able to instantly kill her. What a pity.

"What are you all doing?!" Sun Han and Lin Ke’s expressions changed greatly. "You have both become dark freaks?"

Chen Feng merely sneered. "Idiot."

Distantly, the terror on Xia Yan’s face waned as she looked at Chen Feng coldly. "How did you find out?"

She looked at her bleeding shoulder and gulped down a bottle of gene reagent. With that, the bleeding stopped as the wound the size of a bowl started healing at a high speed.


Only now did Sun Han and the rest notice that the problematic person was not Chen Feng or Qin Hai; instead, it was Xia Yan, the sexy female producer!

The purifier assigned for this mission!

"I didn’t like you from the first moment I saw you," Chen Feng said coldly. "Although Peng Long was a person of few words, every time he said something, he would be explaining to us the ways to eradicate the dark freaks. As for you, although you appeared to be concerned about everyone with your incessant comforting words, not a single word you uttered was of substance. Moreover, every time Peng Long reached a crucial point in his explanation, you would interrupt him.

"It would've been fine if it had only happened once. But when it repeated two and three times…there was definitely a problem somewhere. Of course, at that time, I was merely feeling suspicious.

"Dark freaks are obviously something with intelligence. However, the dark freaks here are all out of their minds, behaving like some mindless beasts.

"This is the second reason for my suspicion.

"Third, when you were obviously capable of easily defeating the dark freak in the digitized world yet you end up pretending to be gravely injured, we became certain—

"There’s some problem with you!"

Chen Feng’s gaze was cold.

Unfortunately, when he'd found out what had happened from Xiao Ying, Peng Long and Xia Yan had already charged forth. Otherwise, he might have been able to rescue Peng Long!

"What a clever little brother." Xia Yan smiled as she said, "Unfortunately I’m now a one-armed person. If not, I would definitely applaud you."

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed. "Who are you actually?"

"This is something you don’t need to know." Xia Yan looked at him while beaming. "You are all quick-witted indeed. Unfortunately, all of you still need to die here. This elder sister here is not interested in playing with a dead person, oh~"


A flash of cold glint.

Xia Yan abruptly bent as a cold glint flashed past her and smashed onto the ground.

Not far away, Yun Xiaoduo’s silhouette appeared.

Assassination failed!

The smile on Xia Yan’s face vanished. "Bad kids."

She had never expected that Chen Feng was actually talking to her to drag the time out so that Yun Xiaoduo could mount a sneak attack. These few fellows were indeed not as simple as they appeared to be.


"I refuse to believe that you all can leave this place alive."

Xia Yan’s body retreated with a flying speed.


The purification energy faded.

Instantly, the few dark freaks surrounded Chen Feng’s group. Moreover, the dark freak that was killed by Peng Long earlier had come over as well.

Six of them!

"Have fun."

Xia Yan smiled coldly as her silhouette vanished.

Her mission this time was to retrieve the information left at the Qin family. These interns here that were about to die were not worth her time.


Currently, a terrifying aura started bubbling around the body of the six dark freaks.

Chen Feng‘s group was in a grave danger!

"We’re finished."

Sun Han and the rest were ashen-faced.

Without their gene reagents, they were simply without combat power!

Spiritual shockwave?

It was simply ineffective against these fellows!

"Drag them into the digitized world!" Sun Han shouted in terror.

"You can’t!" Qin Hai rejected that decisively. "Even a newborn dark freak is extremely terrifying. If you were to drag one into the digitized world before first killing their physical body, you will definitely die!"

They were only gene producers!

Even for purifiers, assistance of supervisors was required in order to thoroughly kill a dark freak. What should they, producers without any sort of preparations for this, do now?

"What should we do…"

Everyone despaired.


The dark freaks moved.

With the six of them erupting at the same time, the power unleashed was extremely terrifying.

"Xiaoduo!" Qin Hai said suddenly.

Yun Xiaoduo smiled bitterly. "I can only block one off."

She was merely an E-class genetic warrior!

Against D-class dark freaks, she could only hold one of them. As for the rest…

There were five more!


The dark freaks charged at them.

It seemed like something bad was about to befall them. At this time, Chen Feng sighed as he finally decided to make his move.

"Let me do it, then," Chen Feng said calmly.


The genes in his body started burning furiously.


Luck Aura, activated!

In times of danger, Chen Feng did not hesitate!


In an instant, an endless amount of Wind Blades charged forth.

Every single one of these Wind Blades was flickering with a bizarre azure glow. That was the power of purification! Chen Feng had at this instant activated his Myriad Illusions ability to change the property of his Wind Blades to purification.




A huge amount of purifying Wind Blades shot forth.

More than half the underground tunnel was brightly lit at this moment by the dazzling Wind Blades.

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