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Chapter 174: No Mercy

Chapter 174: No Mercy

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The underground tunnel was brightly lit.

A storm of Wind Blades.

The terrifying purifying energy erupted, stunning everyone present. Yun Xiaoduo stopped her secret art that was about to be activated and looked at all this blankly.



A storm of Wind Blades engulfed the dark freaks.

The newborn dark freaks were bombarded to death by Chen Feng.


Everyone blanked.

None of them had expected Chen Feng to have such a terrifying combat power. They all knew that one of Chen Feng’s genetic abilities was Wind Blade. However, since when did Wind Blades have a purifying attribute? And since when did the Wind Blade’s amount during release become so high?

Chen Feng…

He was a producer!

Yun Xiaoduo had a bewildered expression on her face. It was fine that this guy crushed her in terms of gene production. Now, even his combat power was higher than hers. How was this possible?

"What are you all blanking out for?" Qin Hai shouted. "Drag them into the digitized world!"

Everyone was startled awake.

After being killed, these dark freaks would not disappear. Rather, they would start absorbing energy without stop to reform their body.



Digitized world activated!

"Come!" Sun Han shouted.

Since they hadn’t been much help up till now, they were eager to help now. Lin Ke and the rest were stirred and started dragging the dark freaks into their digitized worlds.

One for each!

The few of them had finished dragging all the available dark freaks into their respective digitized worlds before Chen Feng, Qin Hai, and Yun Xiaoduo were able to do it.

After the competition, even those who had not constructed their digitized world had gone on to learn some digital battling methods or digitized world construction methods. Now that they had a chance to demonstrate their prowess, they would not hold back.


All the dark freaks disappeared from reality.

Digital battles began!

This was quite a simple task. As these dark freaks were all newborn, they were quite weak. After their physical body was killed by Chen Feng, their combat power was greatly reduced as well. Now, one only needed to erase their existence in the digitized world and they would be done with it. However, surprising Chen Feng, these fellows that had dragged the dark freaks into their respective digitized worlds actually…

Failed to defeat the dark freaks!



Xiao Ying travelled back and forth through their digitized worlds.

From Xiao Ying’s consciousness, Chen Feng could clearly see that those fellows were in a disadvantageous position! If this continued, they might end up devoured by the dark freaks instead.


Chen Feng cursed inwardly.

They finally understood the reason the Gene Production Association had such high requirements for purifiers. If one couldn’t even meet these requirements, one might end up dragging others down instead.


A dark-colored aura could already be seen blooming from Sun Han’s body.

Qin Hai’s expression changed slightly. "What to do?"

"Wait." Chen Feng glanced at them and said, "Huang He and Lin Ke are still able to hold on. We can let them be for now. As for the rest… let’s activate a digital battle against them directly."

Digital battle?


Everyone blanked before realized it.

Digital battle! It was a collision of the digitized worlds of two producers!

However, there were no rules saying both producers had to fight each other in the digitized world. If they were to start a digital battle at this moment, they could join hands to defeat the dark freaks!

"Good idea."

Everyone’s eyes shone.


Digital battle activated!


Digitized worlds started descending.

In an instant, the digitized world that was in imminent danger became firmer due to the inclusion of a new digitized world. Now, with two producers against one dark freak, the dark freak was quickly defeated.



One dark freak after another got eradicated.

It ended.

Chen Feng had a calm expression.

The faint red light in his hands disappeared noiselessly.

That was Xiao Ying.

Since normal methods were usable to deal with this, there was no need for him to expose Xiao Ying. Apart from Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo, he did not quite trust the rest.

Chen Feng looked toward a certain corner in the tunnel. "Xia Yan was headed over that way."

"Let’s go!" Qin Hai said decisively.

Xia Yan herself was a producer without much combat power and was only able to rely on the dark freaks. Now was the perfect chance for them to deal with her.


The group chased after her.

In the depths of the tunnel, Xia Yan had finally found the information left behind by the Qin family. As she prepared to leave with this information, she heard footsteps from the tunnel.

"This sound…"

Doubtfully, she looked over. At that, her expression changed immediately.

It was those interns!

How was this possible?

Six dark freaks had been left there. In that situation, even Peng Long might perish. These interns had actually dealt with those dark freaks?

Xia Yan’s heart thumped. She finally recalled that among these producers, there was a peculiar existence among them—Yun Xiaoduo! That damnable donkey was the actual producer. Yun Xiaoduo herself, though, was a genetic warrior! If she arrived here, Xia Yan might not be able to escape.

She had to leave, now!

I won’t be able to take this away?

Xia Yan felt somewhat regretful.

Before her eyes was a stack of paper with a faint glow on it. These were the results of their many years of research.

In this era of genes, only by using these specially produced papers could one hide and protect the information one wanted to.

Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be able to take it away.

The original plan was to eliminate everyone here and take these away. However…

"It’s a pity."

Xia Yan shook her head.

She was too clear on the importance of this information. Since she couldn’t take it away, she could only destroy them. There were also these damnable interns! If they hadn’t got involved at the last moment…


Xia Yan’s eyes gleamed coldly.

As she stared coldly at the direction the group was coming from, she calmed down.


She took out several bottles of gene reagents and placed them in front of her.

At the same time, Chen Feng and the rest arrived.

This was an extremely long underground tunnel. They had just arrived to find Xia Yan waiting for them there. Beside her was something with a faint glow on it.

"Those things…"

That was the first thing Chen Feng noticed when he arrived. In this dark tunnel, even a faint radiance appeared extremely dazzling.

Is this the target of her mission?

Sun Han gnashed his teeth as he stepped forth. "You whore, let me see where you run now!"

He had adored her since her initial appearance, yet he'd ended up tricked, making him feel like he had been played around with. Now, since there was only one exit in this tunnel, Xia Yan would definitely fail to escape.

A faint smile was on Xia Yan’s face. "This big sister here has been waiting for you lot, oh."

This women…

Chen Feng’s pupils swirled around as he looked at those gene reagent bottles on the ground. These bottles appeared to be some random bottles that were left around on the ground.

Coupled with the faintly glowing papers in the dark tunnel, these bottles were nearly unnoticeable.

However, these things… and their positioning… gene armament!

This term suddenly appeared in Chen Feng’s head.

Is it a misconception?

He knew that he lacked understanding on gene armaments. Hence, he looked toward Qin Hai beside him only to find that a solemn expression had appeared on Qin Hai’s face.

Something was wrong indeed!

"We have a problem," Qin Hai said with a low voice.

"Come back!" Chen Feng shouted.

"The f*ck should I be scared of?" Sun Han was not scared at all. "She is merely a producer as well. What is there to be afraid of?"

Xia Yan looked at him as she beamed. "What an obedient little brother."


She exhaled toward Sun Han. "Little brother, don’t miss this sister here too much, all right?"


A faint gust of energy dispersed.

"Retreat!" Chen Feng shouted.


Several silhouettes retreated immediately.

Beneath Xia Yan’s foot, those gene reagents burst apart in an instant and energy of over 10 different natures interweaved together before erupting with a terrifying power.


A terrifying gush of energy bloomed.

Sun Han widened his eyes. "What is this…"

His body was instantly engulfed by that erupting energy.


The energy flooded past him.

Sun Han, dead.

This was a perfectly straight tunnel. Hence, there was nowhere for them to hide.

This woman…

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted.

They had guessed that those gene reagents were some gene armament or trump card of Xia Yan's. However, they had never expected these gene reagents to be such a suicidal attacking method.

Had this woman gone insane?!



Everyone hastily escaped.

However, the flood of energy was moving at a much higher speed than they were. If this continued, they would only end up engulfed by the boundless energy and die.

What to do?

Chen Feng’s eyes swirled around rapidly.

Wind Blade?

It wasn’t sufficient.

In this kind of place…

Chen Feng looked at the immense amount of energy that was gushing toward them like a river. The straightness of this tunnel had become the reaper of their lives.

"I don’t want to die."

Bei Ta and the rest were frantic and horrified.

Qin Hai stepped out. "Let me try."


His few remaining gene reagents bloomed.


A dark-gold energy sword condensed in his hand. This was his strongest gene armament. This was also the strongest ability he had demonstrated during the rookie competition.


Qin Hai aimed his slash at the end of the tunnel.


The dark-gold radiance collided with the erupting energy.


The energy wave merely slowed for an instant before it once again started charging toward them.

Chen Feng suddenly made his move. "Xiaoduo!"


Two Wind Blades appeared and smashed toward the sides of the tunnel. Part of the tunnel was smashed and crumbled down, blocking the tunnel.


Yun Xiaoduo’s eyes started shining.


A terrifying eruption of power.



Fists rained.

The whole tunnel crumbled down while the Qin family’s ruin started sinking. The energy wave from the end of the tunnel finally slowed its advance.

It was working!

Everyone’s eyes shone.


Chen Feng was overjoyed. At this moment, countless Wind Blades shot forth. Yun Xiaoduo exerted her power to its utmost as well.

As they escaped, they continued crushing the tunnel. The energy wave was constantly obstructed and it was constantly slowed down.

"We are almost out," some exclaimed happily. Not far away from them, the corner of the tunnel could already be seen. As long as they got past the corner and entered another tunnel, they would be able to hide from the energy wave!

However, it was at this moment that the energy wave that had momentarily paused started erupting in power once again.

The sound of a violent could be heard. At this moment, the whole Qin family’s ruin trembled.


The energy wave started violently charging forth.


All the obstructions were blown apart.

The target of the energy wave was Chen Feng’s group!


"We are finished."

Everyone’s hearts chilled.


The energy wave reached them. Suddenly, a dazzling white light radiated.

Vaguely, a silhouette was seemingly standing in front of them.