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Chapter 175: Natural Leader

Chapter 175: Natural Leader

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Qin family’s ruin. At the outer layer, the warriors of the Genetic Union were guarding the blockade, not allowing anyone to get inside. However, it was at this moment that the earth trembled.


A terrifying explosion erupted from the Qin family’s ruin.



The Qin family’s ruin that was already in a mess was messed up once again.

"Not good."

The personnel at the outer layer felt something was amiss.

Peng Long and Chen Feng’s group were all underneath the ruin!

"Fast, start the rescue!"

A loud shout.

The genetic warriors rushed over.

However, as they were about to enter the tunnel, an even more terrifying gush of power erupted and blasted the genetic warriors away.



All of them were blasted out of the ruin.

"Damn it!"

They crawled up with their faces filthy with grime.

They were not worried about their injuries. However, for those in there…


A flash of a silhouette.

"Someone is out."

Everyone was overjoyed. "Quick, save them."

In the ruin, a bloody silhouette crawled out. It was Xia Yan.

"Xia Yan, where’s the rest?" someone asked.

"They…" Xia Yan's eyes were streaming tears. "To save me, they…"

Xia Yan started sobbing. "Wu wu wu."

Under her grief, her voice gradually faded as she lost consciousness.

"She fainted."

"Probably due to excessive blood loss."

"Quick, send her to the hospital. If the gene reagent is used in time, her arm can still regrow."


The employees arranged.

"The rest of you start the rescue operation immediately."


Everyone had solemn expressions.

They knew that something major must had happened.

A genetic warrior with purifying abilities—Peng Long—and 10 gene producers with bright futures… if they were to all die here…


"Send a rescue team down immediately!"


The air cracked.

A silhouetted descended from the sky.

Hou Liang swept his cold gaze on everyone there and said gloomily, "What happened?"

"Something happened."

An employee explained what had happened with a bitter smile on his face.


Another dark freak?

Hou Liang was ashen-faced.

There should only be a single D-class dark freak that failed to escape in time beneath the Qin family’s ruin. How was it possible for Peng Long and Xia Yan to be injured by this dark freak?

There was also Chen Feng!

He would never believe that this little monkey had zero combat power!


How was that possible?

What on earth had happened here?

The Gene Production Association would not commit such a stupid mistake. Could it be... some terrifying new breed of dark energy had once again appeared? If that was the case…

Forget it.

Hou Liang shook his head.

"Use whatever methods available to us.

"They must be rescued!

"If they are still alive, we must find them in person. Even if they are dead, we must find their corpse!" Hou Liang said, word by word.


Everyone had solemn expressions.

All the genetic warriors started the rescue operation. All sorts of scouting abilities were utilized to look for a sign of life among the Qin family’s ruin.

Currently, beneath the ruin.

Everyone looked ahead with an unbelievable expression.

In front of them, was a huge yellow ball. With astonishment, they found that this was the yellow ball that Yun Xiaoduo was normally seated on, the yellow ball the size of a yoga ball.

However, the current yellow ball had become extremely huge, appearing like an inflated ballon.

"This guy…"

Everyone was shocked.

That was because, during their moment of crisis, this chubby ball here was the one that jumped out and ate all the energy that was charging toward them! It had forcefully stopped the energy wave!



"Can’t hold on!"

The yellow ball hiccupped.


It turned into a clump of yellow light and disappeared in a flash.

Chen Feng was anxious. "Are you all right?"

"I’m fine." Yun Xiaoduo shook her head and said sadly, "This time, Pika ate too many energy. Before full digestion, it won't be able to come out anymore. I’m afraid I won’t be able to see it for a long time."

Chen Feng: …


"Don’t worry." Qin Hai comforted, "The next time it appears, it will definitely be stronger!"

"Now… we should instead be worried of how we should leave this damnable place?"

Everyone raised their heads and look over.

The initially intact tunnel was now sinking without stop. Although they had survived the energy wave, they might end up buried alive here instead.

Yun Xiaoduo exhausted all her energy while Chen Feng’s energy was near exhaustion as well.

The rest of them were all producers!

They were not even aware of how far away this place was from the surface. Could they truly leave here?

Bei Ta wanted to say something. "I—"

Suddenly, Qin Hai stretched his hand and pushed Bei Ta away.


A huge chunk of ruin fell down onto the spot Bei Ta had been standing on, leaving a pit on it.


Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.


Chen Feng tried using his Wind Blades to bombard the fallen chunk.



A crisp sound could be heard. However, the Wind Blades failed to smash the chunk.

The tunnel was constructed through ordinary materials. Hence, they would be able to smash these materials. However, these falling chunks from the Qin family’s ruin were the original materials that were used as the wall of the Qin family’s place. As a defense from outside attacks, these walls of the Qin family were built using materials that couldn’t be destroyed using ordinary methods!

At least, with Chen Feng and Yun Xiaoduo’s strength, it was something they couldn’t break.

Moreover, these materials were extremely heavy.


Far away, another chunk of ruin started sinking.

Everyone was in despair.

They were aware that only a single one of these chunks was needed to crush them all to death! Within this crumbling Qin family’s ruin…

They had no escape route!

"What should we do?"

They despaired.

"Bei Ta, what about your mutated dark rat gene reagent?"

Some recalled this.

"I don’t have it." Bei Ta smiled bitterly. "That was something that I have never produced in the real world. The materials it requires are very hard to find. Hence, I can only produce it during the competition."

Everyone sunk into silence.

Among them, only Yun Xiaoduo and Chen Feng had combat power.

However, Chen Feng had exhausted a huge amount of his spiritual energy when they had faced the dark freaks previously. Yun Xiaoduo had also nearly exhausted her energy when saving them.

All methods available to them were already exhausted.


Lin Ke clenched his fists tightly.

He was sure that if it wasn’t for him wanting to demonstrate his prowess in front of Xia Yan earlier and wasted all his precious energy-form mechanical gene armament, he could definitely do something now instead of being baggage!


A flash of dark-gold radiance.

In Qin Hai’s hand, that familiar looking radiance shone once again.

"This is…"

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Qin Hai’s gene armament was still available!

"Although it failed to block that energy wave earlier, my gene armament is still not something that can be easily destroyed." Qin Hai was confident. "Now, follow my lead as we kill our way out!"


A chunk of ruin fell down above them. The dark-gold sword in Qin Hai’s hand flashed and slashed toward that chunk.


That chunk was smashed out of the way by Qin Hai.


Everyone was overjoyed.

However… with their acute senses, they found that the energy sword in Qin Hai’s hand had dimmed.

Drip! Drip!

On the back of Qin Hai’s hand, blood dripped quietly.

Everyone’s hearts trembled. Qin Hai was most probably forcing himself as well!

He was the only advanced producer among their group. The only one among them who had reached D class. Hence, he wanted to use his courage to bring hope to everyone here. However…

How long could he last?

"We are all arrogant sons of the heavens." Qin Hai pointed forward with his dark gold sword and said with a firm gaze, "We will definitely be able to leave this place! Even if there’s no path for us, we will forge a path with our very blood!"

Everyone tightly clenched their fists.


How could they die here?

In their heart, their survival instinct returned.

Chen Feng: "…"

Worthy of being Qin Hai!

A natural leader, incredibly positive!

These words of his were quite instigative in nature. However, when used in situations such as their current predicament, it was incredibly inspiring.

Once again, they set forth.


Passion was not something that could bring luck by itself.


Another chunk of ruin dropped.

With a single slash, Qin Hai smashed the chunk away. However, the blood that was dripping from the back of his hand was increasing in amount.

He was using his very life to open up a path for them!


Lin Ke punched the ground. His fist was filled with blood as well.

He was feeling very hateful!


If he had even a single bottle of gene reagent left, Qin Hai wouldn’t be in such a precarious situation.

The rest of them were filled with shame as well.


Why did Qin Hai have to be the only one bearing all this?

"There’s no need for any guilt." Qin Hai smiled calmly. "This was initially a disaster originating from the Qin family. Let me, the ex–Qin family member, make my final contribution."


A dazzling dark-gold radiance.

Once again, Qin Hai smashed a chunk of ruin away.


Dripped down without stop.

"This guy…"

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.


He exhaled deeply.

Chen Feng stepped forth, getting in front of Qin Hai.

"Mhm?" Qin Hai looked at him doubtfully.

"From now onward, follow my lead," Chen Feng said calmly as his gaze swept past everyone there before finally stopping at Qin Hai. "When your help is required, I will let you know."

As he finished, he calmly shut his eyes.

"This is…"

Everyone’s pupils constricted.

This same scene again!

The scene they saw countless times in the replay of the competition!

There were even experts who said that Chen Feng was a person possessing an innate terrifying awareness. The moment he shut his eyes, he was also in his deadliest form.


Chen Feng stepped forth.

One step.

Two steps.

Chen Feng walked in front of everyone.

The energy sword in Qin Hai’s hand shone as he followed closely behind Chen Feng. They were leading the way with everyone following behind them.



Chunks of ruin descended.

There were several times where Qin Hai couldn’t help himself and almost made a move.

However, every single time, those chunks would, in a bizarre manner, barely brush past them.

One time after another!

These structures that had lost their construct that was now the ruin of Qin family had actually started dropping all around Chen Feng’s group in an orderly fashion.



The routes they passed were all blocked by the falling chunks. However, the path in front of them remained open.

"So powerful."

Everyone was shaken.

Was this the innate terrifying awareness mentioned by those experts? They had never imagined that a person of such talent would actually exist in this world!

Amidst the ruin, they moved like a person taking a stroll.


1. The joke here is, the name of that yellow ball is Pika, while the word ball is ‘qiu’ in Chinese. Hence, Pika ball = Pika Qiu in Chinese, which sounds like Pikachu.