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Chapter 177: Star City!

Chapter 177: Star City!

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"Come with me."

Hou Liang brought everyone to the Sea City branch.



Screenshots on the screen were rearranged unceasingly.

"Dark freak project…"

"The birth and destruction of dark energy…"

"Flame Mountain’s intelligence project…"

"Stormheart control project…"

One shocking heading after another appeared.

Even the front page of the stack of document was already so shocking.


It became a small priority.

Quite a huge amount of people would try to destroy the world on a yearly basis. However, how many of them succeeded?

In this era, it was very normal for individuals who experienced a sudden growth in power to arise. They would attempt to establish a new kingdom with their newfound power, destroy something, or think of becoming a demon king when they became too hotheaded with their power. These were quite ordinary occurrences nowadays. Unfortunately, a lot of these people died before they achieved their goal. Only a small part of these people were able to truly grow.

These people or organizations that managed to grow were the ones that were truly dangerous to this world.

This was normal.

As per their database, there were 236 incidents marked by the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association as something capable of threatening the world.

Dark freaks?

Merely one of them.


The danger level assigned to the dark freaks was merely 1 star.

However, anything marked with the "threat to the world" label should never be looked down on. Hence, even a 1-star incident would require an elder like Hou Liang to handle.

But they had never imagined that a whole organization would be related to this.

The most horrifying thing was that, from the rough information they had now obtained, among the 236 incidents labeled as a "threat to the world," 72 of them were related to this organization!

Among these 72 incidents, 30 of them had previously been treated as "natural disasters," with the remaining 42 incidents were not treated as seperate incidents before this.

This was the most horrifying aspect of this.

This was a huge organization that had been hidden all this while.


Everyone shivered at this thought.

They knew that this time, Chen Feng had probably taken a picture of something extremely crucial.

Hou Liang’s expression was unsightly. "Only these?"

These were merely the tip of the iceberg. Beneath every one of these projects, those pages that were not shown, there ought to be more detailed information.

"We can’t analyze those," the analyst said. "These were the only things we could see. Enlargement and optimization won’t give us more. For the remaining details, we can only analyze through deductions and simulations."

Hou Liang did not hesitate. "Form a research group. This must be solved as soon as possible!"


The order was implemented quickly.

What attracted Chen Feng’s attention was one of the headings with a comparatively weird name on it. It appeared extremely conspicuous among all the names on the book—the incubated project!

As per the surface information they obtained from the page Chen Feng took a picture of, the incubated was an offshoot product of the dark freaks. They had tried to once again trigger a mutation in the dark energy to create an even stronger freak! As of now, this freak had already been in incubation for three years…

Chen Feng was startled. "It’s that guy!"

The target of his purifying mission!

They had been allowing low-level gene producers and genetic warriors in to provide nutrition for that freak.

This was an experiment! An experiment to find a way to create a stronger freak.

"We don’t have enough time." Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng with a solemn expression. "Tomorrow, I will take you to the headquarters."

"All right." Chen Feng understood. They did not need to be too worried about the dark freaks. However, that fellow that was coming out of incubation was an unknown freak!

Due to the increase of difficulty for this seemingly ordinary purifying mission, Hou Liang had decided to apply at the headquarters for Chen Feng for a special genius to accompany Chen Feng on his mission.

To apply for a genuine warrior!

"Before that… you need to become stronger!" Hou Liang said.

Chen Feng nodded. "Understood."

Set off to the headquarters tomorrow, start increasing his strength, and a month later, set off to put an end to that freak.

A clear cut goal.

Today was the free time given to Chen Feng to make arrangements for his personal affairs.

In the afternoon, Chen Feng returned to Gold City. Countless people lined up on the streets to welcome his return. At the various public squares, almost all the screens were showing Chen Feng. The amount of coverage Chen Feng received here was extremely astonishing. This was now akin to a city of Chen Feng!

Chen Feng’s lips curled up, forming a smile. "Is this considered as me returning home in glory?"

At the Gold City branch, after consideration, the people there had decided to hang Chen Feng’s curriculum vitae and information pertaining to him on the wall of the branch!

From this day onward, a portrait of Chen Feng would be hung in the Gold City’s Gene Production Association.

As all the portraits were in actuality something played on a screen, the portraits appeared incredibly lively. Beneath the portraits were also wise sayings of the individual whose portrait was hung. These would serve as encouragement for all producers to work hard. Hence, the Gold City branch had contacted Chen Feng to send them his picture and personal information to be included in the portrait.


Chen Feng was shocked. He had never expected to receive such treatment. After visiting Uncle Zhang and some of his other neighbors and extending the contract for his rented house, Chen Feng completed the matter pertaining to his portrait and quietly left Gold City.

Currently, at the Gold City branch.

Full of expectations, they hung Chen Feng’s portrait on the wall.


The scenes on the screen flickered before Chen Feng’s picture appeared.

On it was Chen Feng’s personal information and accomplishments. At a certain column of the portrait, which was also the only section of the whole portrait that was not part of the display screen, was the section reserved for Chen Feng’s wise words: "Advertisement space for rent."


Everyone had stupefied expressions.

"The f*ck?"

Zhang Wei’s expression became unsightly. That bastard!

Just as he was about to call Chen Feng to give him a lashing, some passerby saw the portrait and said in excitement, "It’s Chen Feng’s portrait!"

"These wise words of his…"

Everyone felt powerless.

"I think this is quite fitting. It’s much better than that quote saying something like ‘4:30 AM in the morning.’ I have been waking up at 4 am everyday for work. Look at where I am, still working my ass off here."


"Perhaps it is this very carefree and humorous manner in which he takes things that makes him the strongest producer he is currently?"

"Yeah, I am quite sick of all those encouraging wise words. These words of Chen Feng could be considered a peculiar and unique existence among the famous, right? Hahahahaha."

Everyone started gossiping happily.

Zhang Wei was dumbstruck at this sight.

The heck?

Even with these words you guys can come up with all that?

What peculiar and unique existence?

Weirdo should be a more fitting term for him, right?


Zhang Wei shook his head with a bitter smile on his face. He silently shut down his communication tool, which he was initially planning to contact Chen Feng with. Perhaps... things were fine the way they were.

The next day, Chen Feng arrived at the headquarters with Hou Liang.



Endless lightning descended.

Purple lightning gleamed without stop in the air, between the sky and earth.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted ferociously.

He knew that the headquarters would definitely be an unordinary place. However, he had never imagined that the whole headquarters would be in the sky.

In the midst of the endless lightning.


Light swirled.

Hou Liang took Chen Feng across the field of lightning.

The lightning filled with terrifying power would noiselessly avoid them when they got near. This was the defensive restriction of the headquarters.

After bypassing all the lightning, a huge city in the sky appeared before their eyes.

Countless bizarre energy swirled around it, isolating every aura from the city.

The city floated in the sky and clouds and mist curled around beneath it. As Chen Feng stepped into the city with Hou Liang, he found that the interior of the city was actually the same as a normal city.

Hou Liang’s lips curled up into a smile. "Welcome to Star City."

Some producers were passing by. Every single one of them was emitting a terrifying aura. Among those able to join the headquarters, which of them wasn’t a genius?

These people were extremely powerful.

"So powerful!"

Chen Feng was shaken.

The whole Star City was filled with a dense recovery aura.

"Here, the recovery speed is tenfold what it is outside," Hou Liang said faintly.


Chen Feng gasped.

What was the concept of tenfold? It signified that anyone here would at all times be in a condition that was similar to a person outside who had consumed some spiritual recovery reagent. Regardless of how much energy one exhausted here, one would be able to rapidly recover.

It would be much more efficient for one to increase their strength here.


Worthy of being the holy land of producers!

Currently, in Star City, a huge number of people shifted their gaze toward the entrance. They had all felt Chen Feng’s unfamiliar aura.

"That child is here."

"The child that was the champion of the Gene Rookie Competition, the one with an innate, powerful awareness?"

"That’s right."

Some found this interesting.

Here, it was rare for someone to attract the attention of others, as almost everyone here was a genius! Those capable of joining the headquarters were all freakish existences.

Age and talent, one had to fulfill the requirement for both aspects.

Some of them had extremely high spiritual affinity.

Some of them were incredibly quick witted, existences that were almost undefeated.

Some of them possessed terrifyingly high spiritual recovery rates.

All these traits were the result of the superior genes of their elders. With these superior genes, some of the offspring of these elders would have certain traits that were different from an ordinary person's. However, even at a place like this, no one had ever seen a person with Chen Feng’s talent.

Awareness, eh?

Someone muttered, "Seems like things are going to get lively here."