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Chapter 179: Limit Increase!

Chapter 179: Limit Increase!

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That faint aura surrounding Chen Feng shocked everyone.

Third set!

Chen Feng actually had a third set of crescent moon spring!

"How is this possible?"

Everyone was alarmed.

Chen Feng did not obtain these crescent moon springs by accumulating his achievements through a long time after joining the headquarters. Instead, all these were rewarded to him upon joining. Hence…

How much had Chen Feng contributed to the association before he even joined?

"Isn’t this too excessive?"

"Obtaining three crescent moon springs the moment he joined."

Everyone was speechless.

"What heaven defying contribution did he provide?"

"I doubt any contribution could earn him so many crescent moon springs. Perhaps he took the president’s daughter as his wife?" someone muttered.

Everyone: "…"

However, as they thought of it, this seemed to be more probable. However, after their initial shock, what remained was a feeling of heartache. This third set would probably be wasted again.

First set, 10 points spiritual energy, one second.

Second set, 10 points spiritual energy, one second.

As for this third set…

He would only be able to last two seconds maximum right?

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I can’t take it anymore."

"So three crescent moon springs were wasted right in front of my eyes like this?"

"Too wasteful!"

Everyone was collapsing emotionally.

Now, the found out that one's heart would ache to such an extent just by witnessing the wasteful behavior of others.

At this time, Chen Feng had once again entering the crescent moon spring’s spiritual world.

Although he had failed two times, he had now found the way to utilize his Luck Aura here. The amount of spiritual energy he could bear would depend on this current body of his.

This spiritual body!



Seawater charged toward him from all directions.

Chen Feng sat down cross-legged. As he sensed the terrifying pressure coming toward him, he agreed that for his weak spiritual body that was forged using only 270 points of spiritual energy, this pressure was indeed too terrifying.



Even if it was spiritual seawater!


Chen Feng shut his eyes. He could feel the endless lively spiritual energy contained in the seawater. The huge amount of spiritual energy that had simulated the form of a terrifying spiritual sea.

If this was a complete simulation, if it’s characteristics were similar to the real world, then…

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed with swirling radiance.


Luck Aura, activate!

He initially believed that this was an item that would increase a fixed amount of spiritual energy. Hence, he did not intend to waste his luck values. However, since that was not the case…

He had to fight to obtain spiritual energy increase!



Seawater charged at him from all directions.

Chen Feng’s eyes remained shut.


Luck Aura started working noiselessly. That violent and fierce spiritual sea at this moment became gentle.


The berserk spiritual sea seemed to have been placated by something and was now tranquil.


That terrifying seawater calmed down the moment it reached Chen Feng. The incoming waves of seawater from different directions around him knocked onto each other just at the right angle and cancelled each other’s force to form a bizarre balance, turning the violent wave into a gentle flow of water that enveloped Chen Feng.

At this, Chen Feng’s spiritual energy finally started increasing!

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

Time passed quietly.

Currently, in Star City, those who had been observing Chen Feng were astonished to find that, this time, Chen Feng had lasted over five seconds, a big improvement from his previous two attempts.

Learning a lesson from his two previous failures?

He was indeed quite smart.

Everyone concentrated.

"It’s ending soon, right?"

"I wonder if he can last over 10 seconds."

"This will have to depend on himself."

Everyone discussed in low voices.

Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was his weakness, as it was too weak. One’s spiritual body would be fixed the moment one entered the spiritual world. Regardless of how much one’s spiritual energy increased in the world, the spiritual body would remain the same as before one entered and would not change. Hence, the current spiritual body used by Chen Feng was a spiritual body formed using 270 points of spiritual energy.

Compared to his previous two attempts, he seemed to have improved.

Di da!

Di da!

They watched as time passed.

Soon, it exceeded 10 seconds.

This time around, Chen Feng actually managed to last longer than 10 seconds!

"This is quite an acceptable duration."

"Finally, he stopped being a wastrel."

"For that small spiritual body of his, 10 seconds is already not too shabby."

Smiles appeared on everyone’s faces.

This had indeed been too difficult.

This bout of improvement attempts by Chen Feng had placed them in so much anxiety their hearts felt shattered. They almost went forward to tell him to stop wasting.

"I wonder how long he can last."

"I suppose it’s about to end soon…"

"If he can last 20 seconds, then he can be considered to have regained what he wasted during his previous two attempts."

Everyone was filled with anticipation.

Fifteen seconds!

Eighteen seconds!

Twenty seconds!

Time passed without stop.

Chen Feng had easily surpassed their expectations. Currently, he still remained in the same spot. There wasn’t even a frown on his face. Only at this did everyone start having a weird feeling.

"This guy…"

"He surpassed 20 seconds so easily?"

"Is his spiritual body really so powerful?"

They were having a weird feeling.

Even if he were to surpass 20 seconds, shouldn’t it be something that happened after incredible hardship? With Chen Feng’s spiritual body, how could he accomplish it in such a carefree manner?

No one knew the answer to that.

Time was still moving forward without stop.

Thirty seconds!

Everyone’s expression changed slightly.

Forty seconds!

Their expression became solemn.

Fifty seconds!

They could no longer sit tight.

Sixty seconds!

They were shocked.


"Damn, he has now reached a 600 point increase in spiritual energy, right?"

"Originally 270 points, increase of 600 points, a growth rate of 222%. How is this possible?"

Everyone was shocked.

They were all producers! All genius producers!

Crescent moon spring was what everyone there had experienced before.

They were aware of how terrifying that spiritual sea was. If one wanted to learn the tricks of getting more spiritual energy out of the crescent moon spring, they would have to learn some spiritual energy controlling skills.


222% growth rate?

It was something almost no one had accomplished before!

There indeed existed people capable of increasing 600 or even more points of spiritual energy. However, all those people were at least D class with high amount spiritual energy!

As for Chen Feng?

His initial spiritual energy was merely 270 points!

His spiritual body was forged by 270 points of spiritual energy!

A spiritual body at such a level…

How was he resisting the spiritual wave?

No one knew!

At this time, time continued forward.

Sixty-one seconds!

Sixty-two seconds!

Sixty-three seconds!

"He’s nearing the limit," a person suddenly said.

Chen Feng had an initial spiritual energy of 270 points. If he could last for 73 seconds, he would have an increase of 730 points, reaching the peak of E class at 1,000 points!

Reaching the E-class limit!


All the producers watched on.

Breaking through the limit at a single attempt?

Granted, for these people, E class was an extremely low level. However, such a manner of improvement was sufficient to alarm them!

Seventy-one seconds!

Seventy-two seconds!

Seventy-three seconds!

"He reached his limit!" someone cried out in alarm.

Up until now, Chen Feng had increased his spiritual energy by 730 points, reaching 1,000 points!

"So powerful."

"Truly inconceivable."

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

On his first day here, Chen Feng had captivated everyone here.

Two hundred seventy points of initial spiritual energy.

A 730 point increase!

A growth rate of 270%!

A very frightening number.

Currently, the clock was still ticking. Although his spiritual energy was no longer increasing, Chen Feng still remained in the crescent moon spring, absorbing spiritual energy without stop.

"He’s still at it."


"Although his spiritual energy won’t increase anymore, it is a good choice to use it to stabilize his new spiritual energy."

Everyone nodded their heads.

The crescent moon spring was not an item that one could use to break through their limit.

Despite its spiritual world appearing so violent, at its core, it was simply a pure increase of attributes. Hence, its nature was somewhat mild and would not leave any aftereffects for those who used it to increase their spiritual energy. One would be able to improve their attributes in a safe manner, as it provided a stable growth. The only disadvantage of this item was its nature being too mild; hence, it was incapable of breaking through one’s limit.

That was because a person’s limit had to be broken through by force!

It was a bottleneck!

Only by constantly surpassing oneself could one break through!

As for the crescent moon spring…

Even if one were to use it when one was already at the limit, one could only stabilize one’s spiritual energy, increasing the quality of one’s spiritual energy, and increasing the strength of one’s spiritual body in digitized worlds.