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Chapter 180: Limit Breakthrough?

Chapter 180: Limit Breakthrough?

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"This kid…"

Everyone’s tones were filled with admiration.

It was indeed as the rumors had said. This was a kid capable of creating miracles.

He was only 18 years old!

Eighty seconds!

Ninety seconds!

Time pressed on.

Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was gradually stabilizing.

The innate mild and stable nature of the crescent moon spring played a big role here. Chen Feng’s spiritual energy had now become incredibly powerful.

Currently, almost half the total producers in Star City were alarmed.

They heard that someone had broken the record for the highest growth rate, surpassing the previous record of 200% growth rate left by a certain genius and creating a new record of 245% growth rate!

"Chen Feng, eh?"

"That competition champion?"

A lot of producers in the city shifted their gaze toward the residential area.

There, the swirling radiance around Chen Feng appeared incredibly dazzling.

Those high-level producers at the center of the city had noticed this scene as well.

"Is this the child you had recommended previously?" an old man with bright eyes asked. "Not bad."

Hou Liang smiled. "With exceptionally good talent and awareness, he is also very intelligent. And the most important point being this child’s ability to create miracles."

"Is that so?" The old man shifted his gaze toward the direction Chen Feng was at.

"Of course. Chen Feng is the best choice to deal with the freak that is about to come out of incubation. Below D class, he is most certainly the most suitable person—"

However, right at this moment, around Chen Feng’s body, a familiar aura suddenly appeared.

"This is…"

Expressions of shock appeared on the faces of countless producers.


Hou Liang’s expression changed greatly.

That aura…


That was the aura that would appear when spiritual energy increased!

Despite not breaking through, the aura surrounding Chen Feng started changing and once again charged upward to increase his attribute.


He was surpassing his limit!

Nobody had expected that he could actually break through in the crescent moon spring world!

"This can’t be right?"

Everyone’s hearts trembled with shock.

One could break through using the crescent moon spring?

This had never happened before!

Even if the fact that the crescent moon spring’s nature was too gentle was not taken into consideration, regardless of how many times a person had used the crescent moon spring before, that person’s spiritual body would still collapse under the never-ending waves of the spiritual sea. This was because the spiritual sea waves would become increasingly violent. The longer one lasted within, the scarier the spiritual attack one had to endure!

As for Chen Feng?

He had been in there for 10 minutes.

"He won’t really break through, right?"

Everyone was shaken.

"Who knows?"

The rest paid their utmost attention to this. Chen Feng’s actions had truly given a lot of people a shock.

"That bastard…"

Hou Liang’s expression was unsightly.

The mission!

The purifying mission!

Those with attributes above 1,000 would not be able to enter!

If this bastard really broke through here, Hou Liang would really have to look for a new candidate. However, if Chen Feng truly broke through here, it would also serve as proof of his outstanding talent…

Should he be anticipating Chen Feng’s breakthrough or not?

An expression of pain was plastered all over Hou Liang’s face.

Eleven minutes!

Twelve minutes!

The aura surrounding Chen Feng became even more bizarre.

Fifteen minutes!

Twenty minutes!

The bizarre aura of Chen Feng's was slowly stabilizing. His bottleneck merely swayed for a bit before once again, it stabilized and was now as stable as a mountain.


"He had indeed failed."

"Regardless of how stable his spiritual energy is, it’s still pointless."

"That’s the limit."

Everyone understood.

"Luckily." Hou Liang exhaled in relief. It was all good if Chen Feng failed to break through.

It was at this moment that someone used a scouting ability to take a look at Chen Feng, only for his expression to end up changing greatly.



Everyone instinctively glanced at Chen Feng and, similarly, expressions of shock appeared immediately on their faces.


Hou Liang shifted his attention on Chen Feng as well. Immediately, his expression became unsightly.

This was because, when they scanned Chen Feng using the gene scanner, they found an incredibly astonishing thing. Despite Chen Feng not having broken through his limit, his spiritual energy had still increased!

Spirit attribute: 1,010 points!


"What’s going on?"

Everyone had stupefied expressions.

Without breaking through the limit, the spiritual energy could continue to increase?


Even Hou Liang was dumbfounded.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng’s aura was changing in a steady pace.

One thousand ten points!

One thousand twenty points!

One thousand thirty points!


It was still increasing!

Despite not having broken through, despite still being stuck at E class, Chen Feng’s power was still increasing unceasingly. Under the crescent moon spring’s effect, his spiritual energy was increasing rapidly.

The crescent moon spring was capable of this do this?

No one had been aware of this!

This was because nobody had ever accomplished something like what Chen Feng had, to be able to take a shower in the increasingly terrifying crescent moon spring’s world. That’s right. Chen Feng was simply taking a shower!

That never-ending spiritual sea wave was giving him a sensation akin to taking a shower.

One thousand three hundred points!

One thousand four hundred points!

One thousand five hundred points!

His spiritual energy finally stopped increasing.

Luck Aura stopped its operation. This signified that Chen Feng’s spiritual energy and the quality of his spiritual energy had reached his current limit. Hence, the Luck Aura was no longer effective and had automatically stopped.


Luck Aura deactivated.

The gentle seawater around him once again became violent.


Chen Feng was instantly submerged.


Light swirled, he returned to reality.

Chen Feng quivered as he was startled awake. As he took at look at his attribute, he was shocked as well. He was aware that the crescent moon spring would definitely not help him break through his limit. This was why he had been absorbing the spiritual energy without inhibition.

However, he had never expected that, even without breaking through his limit, his spiritual energy could still increase!

One thousand five hundred points?

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air.


Would Old Man Hou tear him apart?

Currently, all the producers in Star City were alarmed.

If it was 270% growth, fine, they could accept that. A record was meant to be surpassed anyway. It was very normal for records to be surpassed here. However…

Increasing 1,230 points of spiritual energy?

A 456% growth rate?

Wasn’t this too excessive?

He had exceeded the supposed limit of E class!

"So the crescent moon spring has such an effect?"

Everyone blanked.

Since its first creation, this item had been treated as a priceless treasure. No one had ever used a crescent moon spring in such a manner. No one had ever stayed in the spiritual sea for such a long time either.

"Too astonishing!"

"Immediately start research on the crescent moon spring. If it truly possesses such a function…"

Countless producers were feeling joyful.

They were aware that if the crescent moon spring was truly capable of helping someone exceed the presently theorized limit of 1,000 points…

Its value would increase!

Naturally, the premise to achieve the same effect was for someone to be able to remain in the spiritual sea long enough.

Currently, at the center of Star City, Old Man Hou had a stupefied expression.

What was this?

One thousand five hundred points of spiritual energy yet not breaking through the limit? Under such circumstance, could he still participate in the purifying mission?

Who knows?

The so-called maximum attribute allowed to enter was deduced after several peak E-class warriors entered it successfully. The maximum attribute of 1,000 points was deduced because a peak E-class warrior would only have a maximum attribute of 1,000 points. As for someone who had yet to enter D class yet having attributes surpassing 1,000 points…

They had never considered this!

"F*ck!" Hou Liang couldn’t help himself and cursed.


They were not entirely without a solution.

Hou Liang suddenly recalled something and looked at the old man in red clothes beside him.

Hou Liang rubbed his hands. "Old Zhu… hehe… that gene reagent of yours…"

"Scram!" Old Zhu did not hesitate to reject.

Hou Liang did not feel any shame. "For everyone’s good, please sacrifice for once."


"A mere purifying mission. You can just get a different candidate for it," Old Zhu rebuked angrily.

"You are really not lending it? Old Zhu… can’t you think it over?" Hou Liang was all smiles as he dragged Old Zhu to one side as both his hands quietly stretched toward Old Zhu.

"You dare to act against me?" Old Zhu rebuked angrily. "Damn it, you are blatantly robbing me!"

After a short moment, Hou Liang walked out the room in a carefree manner with a bottle of gene reagent in his hand.

As for the Old Zhu left in the room, his clothes were in a mess, and he was so angry even his beard was trembling. This asshole! It has been so many years, why is he still so shameless! How can you snatch it directly?