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Chapter 182: The Crazy Goal

Chapter 182: The Crazy Goal

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Peril Rebirth!

A one-time-use gene armament.

When used, a seed would be planted within one’s body. When one encountered any fatality, the seed would erupt and, in an instant, unleash a formidable power to put an end to one’s opponent.

At the same time…

One’s stamina, state of mind, and injuries would all be fully recovered!

In an instant, recovering to one’s peak condition.

This was what Peril Rebirth was!

"Such a thing…"

A small flamed was ignited in Chen Feng’s heart.

This was a gene armament assembled from 12 sets of 4-star and 5-star D-class gene reagents. Normally, only master producers could produce these.

Valuable and rare!

As for advanced producers?

Even if the formula for all the 12 required gene reagents was provided, how long would it take that producer to master it?

Rather than spending time on these, that advanced producer might as well use the time to try breaking through to master gene producer.

By the time one was able to master a huge amount of D-class gene formulas, reaching the point where these required gene reagents could be easily produced, one would be near the level of master gene producer anyway.


The usual minimum requirement to use the Peril Rebirth was master gene producer.

Only a powerful master gene producer with solid accumulation and a solid background would possess Peril Rebirth, which was equivalent to a second life!

It would be etched into one’s body, serving as an extremely powerful trump card for a producer!

When he was previously increasing his knowledge on gene armaments, he had been stunned the first time he'd seen Peril Rebirth. Now he was only one step away from this gene armament.

"Peril Rebirth…"

Chen Feng’s eyes shone brightly.

He was enticed.

In this world, countless types of gene abilities in all sorts of forms existed. Even with his Luck Aura, even with his high vigilance, he was still not able to guarantee absolute safety to himself.


This was an item that he had to get his hands on.

Master producer, eh?

Chen Feng started pondering the probability of him getting this gene armament.

Class certification. This was a process all producers had to go through. Chen Feng had once gone through a certification at the Gold City branch. It was a simple process. He had only needed to produce three sets of the lumberbear gene. However, the certification at the headquarters would be somewhat different.

They would provide a specially prepared formula for certifications.

One who completed the production successfully would pass the certification.

The certification formula requirement for beginner producers: 1-star F class

The certification formula requirements for intermediate producers: 1-star E class, 100 points of spiritual energy

The certification formula requirements for advanced producers: 1-star D class, 1,000 points of spiritual energy

The certification formula requirements for master producers: 1-star C class, 10,000 points of spiritual energy

"C class…"

Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

Indeed. Would it be too far-fetched for him to set his present goal to becoming a master producer?

On his current official identifications, only 20-star beginner producer was recorded. His true ability, though, even after pushing to his limits, would only be an intermediate producer. As for a master producer? It was simply a whole different level.

Even passing the advanced producer certification would be quite difficult for the present him.

Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

With his 1,500 points of spiritual energy, he met the minimum requirement to be an advanced producer. However, if he were to depend solely on himself to produce a 1-star D-class gene reagent, it would still be somewhat difficult.

The rate of failure would be too high.

However, if he were to activate his Luck Aura, the advanced producer certification would be simple to get.

As for master producer certification?

He had zero chances of succeeding.

He did not even meet the minimum spiritual energy requirement for it.

More accurately…

His current spiritual energy was one figure away from reaching the required spiritual energy.

"Forget it."

Chen Feng shook his head.

For now, he should avoid biting off more than he could chew.

"When my spiritual energy meets the requirement, I will definitely get you in my hands!"

Chen Feng clenched his fists.

This gene armament was something he had to obtain.

Shutting the certification interface down, Chen Feng decided to first claim the ordinary D-class formula that was rewarded to him. Although it was merely an ordinary formula between 1 star and 3 stars, it was still nevertheless the first D-class formula of his.


He opened the gene bank.

"Access scanning… identity confirmed…"


Light swirled.

Silhouettes of countless gene reagents appeared before his eyes.

These were all D-class gene reagents!

Below the illusory image of each gene reagent was the introduction and detailed data for these gene reagents. Whichever gene reagent one picked, all the information would be directly transmitted to one’s wristband.

"Let me see."

Chen Feng was somewhat excited.




Every single one of these D-class gene reagents was extremely powerful, even if they were merely a 1-star D-class formula!

"Powerful," Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

Since he had the chance to choose a formula, he naturally needed to make his choice with his upcoming mission on mind. Since purification formulas would be provided for free, Chen Feng’s choice should prioritize a self-defense formula. After all, only by staying alive could he complete the assigned mission.


Chen Feng started flipping through the gene bank. Just as he was prepared to search for self-defense genes, he blanked.

This was because he had at this moment seen a peculiar D-class gene formula. A formula that would be useless in increasing one’s combat power yet possessed quite a unique effect when used.

"The gene bank is indeed all-embracing in the type of formulas it contains," Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration. This was because this gene reagent's effect was: Reduce target formula’s requirement by 5%.

Reducing requirement?

Such a gene reagent exists?

What’s the theory behind it?

Chen Feng took a look. When using the gene reagent, a spiritual barrier would be formed. Within the barrier, one’s spiritual energy would be livelier, as one would be able to absorb the energy from their environment to make up for what was lacking. With this, the minimum spiritual energy requirements for one to be able to produce the gene reagents specified by the formula would be reduced.

"Is this the theory behind it?" Chen Feng contemplated.

If it really worked this way…


Chen Feng hastily filtered his options.

All requirement-reduction formulas were filtered out.

Shortly after.

Several dozens formulas appeared. All of them were requirement-reduction formulas. Among them, the formula with the highest reduction had a requirement reduction of 50%.

Unfortunately, that was a 5-star formula.

Among the 3-star D-class formulas, the best of them only possessed a requirement reduction of 30%.

"Thirty percent..."

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.


He entered the virtual community.

Market filter!

He directly filtered out all the requirement-reduction gene reagents in the business district. All sorts of gene reagents appeared, ranging from 10% reduction to 30% reduction. However, no higher reduction could be found.


Gene reagents with 4 or 5 stars were rare products. Coupled with the fact that these formulas had low profit margins, the amount of producers willing to produce these were quite low.

"Seems like I can only produce them myself."

Once again, Chen Feng opened the gene bank and locked onto his chosen gene reagent.



Gene formula received.


Turtlefungi Gene Formula

Difficulty: 3 stars

Type: Special

Function: Reduces spiritual energy requirement of formulas by 20–30%

Duration: 120 seconds

Introduction: Produced using the extracted blood essence of turtlefungi. All sorts of materials are required to stimulate the mysterious power contained within the turtlefungi’s blood essence to create a special gene reagent.


Granted, on the market, formulas with 30% reduction were available. However, Chen Feng believed that, when he produced it, he would be able to produce one with a better effect.

If it were to mutate…

And used at the same time as some other gene reagents capable of increasing his spiritual energy for a certain duration…

Chen Feng was excited.

If everything progressed as he expected, he might truly be able to pass the master producer’s certification once to get that gene armament.

There was hope!

Chen Feng’s gaze became burning hot.

Wasn’t it a mere 10,000 points of spiritual energy?

I shall put it all on the line!

He put his thoughts into action and decisively started his grind to pass the master producer’s certification.

First step.

Produce a mutated turtlefungi gene formula.

The minimum requirement for this formula was 1,200 points of spiritual energy. For Chen Feng with 1,500 points of spiritual energy, this did not pose him any problems.

Reading the data.


Choosing the materials.


At the headquarters, everything was much more convenient compared to when he had been at his home.

Soon, Chen Feng had prepared everything and started his production. Due to his high spiritual energy, his production progressed much smoothly than his expectations.

After 30 minutes, he completed his production.


Mutated Turtlefungi Gene Reagent

Type: Special

Function: Reduces spiritual energy requirement of formulas by 40%

Duration: 120 seconds


It reached 40%!

Chen Feng was excited.

This meant that only 6,000 points of spiritual energy were required. The rest of the required spiritual energy would be absorbed from the environment by this gene reagent.

Would this be sufficient?

This was far from sufficient.

Chen Feng’s second step was to improve this formula!

One could also say that…

He was performing optimization on this formula!

With the complexity of this formula, there ought to be some places where improvement was possible!

Chen Feng believed that, under the super-powerful effect of his Luck Aura, even if the probability of improvement was only one among multiple billions of succeeding, he would be able to successfully transform this formula into something that was much better, even at the cost of exhausting a huge amount of luck value.


After resting for three days, when his saved luck value went over 100 points, he began.


Light swirled.

With both his eyes shut, Chen Feng entered the hyper-dimensional mode.

Surrounding him were the required gene reagents and huge amount of materials. Anything that might be required had all been prepared by him. His success or failure would depend on his current actions.



Both his hands fluttered around rapidly.

Gene search, completed.

Gene fusion, completed.

Gene reaction, completed.

For Chen Feng, who was already well practiced in this, improving a formula wasn’t too difficult. His luck value was dropping rapidly and stopped when he only had 50 points remaining.

Production successful!


Mutated Turtlefungi Gene Reagent

Type: Special

Function: Reducing spiritual energy requirement of formulas by 50%

Duration: 120 seconds


"It reached 50%!"

Chen Feng was excited.

Indeed, the formula had been successfully improved!

He counted the remaining materials in the room and found that the amount of required materials was onefold higher than the original formula.

"5,000 points of spiritual energy requirement!"

Chen Feng clenched his fists.

He was now one step closer to passing the master producer’s certification.


Third step, increasing his base spirit attribute!

His spirit had now stabilized at 1,500 points. If he wanted to further increase it, it was nearly impossible. However, if he were to only increase it for a duration of time…

It wouldn’t be a problem!

There were way too many gene reagents out there capable of increasing spiritual energy for a certain amount of time!

For example—

Bluebat gene reagent!

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