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Chapter 183: A Step Away!

Chapter 183: A Step Away!

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Mutated Bluebat Gene

Class: E

Function: Instantly increases spirit by 500 points for a duration of 3 seconds.


This was a gene reagent Chen Feng had once used during the competition. A 5-star E-class gene with a powerful effect. However, if one were to overuse it, one would immediately suffer brain death.

During the competition, Chen Feng had used this gene reagent to crush his opponents, since the user of this gene reagent would be an android.

In reality, though?

This wouldn’t work.

Based on Chen Feng’s research, when one chose to temporarily increase one’s spiritual energy, it was best to maintain the increase within a range of 100%. Only with this would one avoid suffering any damage.

In other words, Chen Feng would be able to have a maximum temporary increase of 1,500 points. With this, his original attribute of 1,500 points, coupled with the additional 1,500 points, he would have a total of 3,000 points, only 2,000 points away from his target.

"What if I were to use three bluebat gene reagents at the same time?"

Chen Feng thought about it but ultimately shook his head.

Not worth it.

Using three at the same time wouldn’t be the main problem. The main problem would be the short duration of three seconds.

He could indeed continue using another three bluebat gene reagents right after the three seconds duration was over to prolong it. However, if he were to do that, he would be wasting an average of one bluebat gene reagent per second.

To produce a C-class gene reagent, even if his Luck Aura were fully activated, he still required 100 seconds to complete the production. Hence, he would require a total of 100 mutated bluebat gene reagents!

A hundred of them!

To be safe, he might even need to prepare more of them!

This was a 5-star E-class formula! Something that Chen Feng would not be able to complete with his basic skills unless he were to use Luck Aura. The huge amount of materials and luck value it would potentially require…

"Simply a huge pit."

Chen Feng immediately rejected this idea.

Were there any other options?

Chen Feng pondered. Suddenly, he recalled a certain formula: earthworm’s body gene reagent, a 3-star F-class formula that instantly increased spiritual energy by 30 points for a duration of 200 seconds.

This was quite an unremarkable gene reagent. Its class and requirements were lower and it wasn’t a particularly useful gene reagent as well. However, if the earthworm’s body gene reagent was used to link the F-class gene reagents together, it might be able to unleash an unimaginable power.


Mutated Earthworm’s Body Gene

Class: F

Function: Using earthworm gene as the core, able to link multiple same F-class gene reagents together, enabling the reagents to display better effects.


"What a perfect match."

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

The crucial point of using such a combination of gene reagents would be the fact that he would not need to waste his luck values.


One, five, 10…

With a huge amount of low-level gene reagents, Chen Feng started his tests. Based on his results, around 30 low-level gene reagents could be linked together to give a temporary increase of 1,500 points to his spiritual energy. The duration would be 200 seconds.


Chen Feng spent three whole days to complete his production.

Up until now.

Chen Feng already had 3,000 points of temporary spiritual energy increase secured. On top of that, he would also be able to reduce the requirements by around 5,000 points.

"I’m nearly there."

Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

Fourth step, increasing the efficiency of his spiritual energy.

Not reaching the spiritual energy requirement?

No problem!

If he couldn’t meet the quantity, he could make up for it with the quality!

If one point of his spiritual energy was as effective as two points of the spiritual energy of others, did this not mean that he had used a roundabout method of meeting the requirements?

This was what Chen Feng aimed for.

Naturally, this was merely a vision of his.

Would other troubles accompany this quality increase of his spiritual energy?

What was the difference between the different methods of improving spiritual energy quality? Which would be suitable for gene production? Which would be suitable for combat? Which would be incompatible with requirement-reduction gene reagents?

All these would require a huge amount of tests to determine.

"Let’s begin then."

Chen Feng was exhilarated.

Increasing the power…

Increasing the effect…

Increasing the quality…

Increasing its concentration…

Chen Feng started conducting a huge amount of tests on F-class gene reagents.

Some of these gene reagents would conflict with other gene reagents, some would conflict with requirement-reduction gene reagents, etc. Chen Feng spent approximately seven days to find the suitable gene formula.


Mutated Cuttlefish Gene Formula

Difficulty: 5 stars

Class: E

Function: Temporary increase of spiritual energy’s effectiveness by 80%.

Duration: 150 seconds

Introduction: Produced using extracted cuttlefish beast’s gene reagent. All sorts of materials were required to stimulate the mysterious power contained within the cuttlefish’s genes, producing a special gene reagent as a result.


Eighty percent for 150 seconds.


Eighty percent of 3,000 spiritual energy would be 2,400 points!

In other words.

After using his prepared gene reagents, Chen Feng would have a temporary spiritual energy equivalent to 5,400 points. With his turtlefungi gene reagent, he surpassed the required 10,000 spiritual energy for the master gene producer certification!

"I meet the requirements!"

Chen Feng was excited. It was a pity that, after this cuttlefish gene reagent mutated, its duration was what increased. Otherwise, Chen Feng believed that he would be even more powerful.


He was merely one step away from passing the master producer’s certification.

"It’s time to go get certified."

Chen Feng’s eyes shone brightly.

He had been waiting for this moment for a long time.


Star City.

Thirteen days had passed since Chen Feng’s crescent moon spring incident. These days, Star City had recovered its original tranquility.

"How is that thing progressing?"

Hou Liang was communicating with someone from the Genetic Union.

"It’s still in incubation. Presently, there are no signs that it’s breaking out of its cocoon," his counterpart replied with a steady voice. "It will be similar to our estimations. Anything that might happen will only happen half a month later. That will be the time when everything will begin."

"That’s good, then." Hou Liang had a solemn expression. "Continue updating me with the situation there at all times."


Receiving his reply, Hou Liang ended the call.

The present situation of that thing in incubation did not exceed their estimations. If everything progressed smoothly, in half a month, only when the incubated broke out of its cocoon would be the time where Chen Feng was required.

Hou Liang had a concentrated gaze. "Hopefully nothing goes wrong. How is Chen Feng doing these two days?" He looked at his assistant.

"Oh." The assistant clearly blanked momentarily before replying, "He hasn’t left his room for days. He had been busy producing gene reagents."

"That’s good, then."

Satisfied with the answer, Hou Liang nodded his head.

This was what he liked about Chen Feng. Regardless of his talent or his background, Chen Feng was never discouraged and always worked hard. The amount of hard work he put in far surpassed a lot of people out there.


The assistant’s wristband buzzed.

He looked at it and his expression became weird, "It seems like Chen Feng is coming here for certification."

"Certification?" Hou Liang pondered before nodding slightly. "True, it is indeed time for him to get certified. Well, go and prepare the intermediate producer’s certification reward for him in advance then."


The assistant nodded.

"Wait." Hou Liang thought about it. "Prepare the reward for advanced producer certification as well."

The assistant clearly blanked momentarily. "Ah?"

Advanced producer?


Wasn’t Chen Feng a mere beginner producer during the competition? Even if he were incredibly talented, he would not be able to skip the intermediate producer level and become an advanced producer immediately, right?

"Nothing bad will arise from being prepared," Hou Liang said grudgingly. "Just in case this kid starts causing trouble again."

"True." The assistant thought about it and immediately got someone to prepare it.

Hou Liang had a grudging look in his eyes. As he looked at the certification center beside him, he felt a tinge of anticipation. "I wonder if this kid will have the courage to charge straight to becoming an advanced producer?"

At this time.

Chen Feng started his registration at the entrance.

"Please select your level of certification."

"Intermediate producer!"

"Please wait a moment."


Light swirled.

One 1-star E-class gene reagent formula was sent into Chen Feng’s wristband. Around him, the materials required for this formula were all ready.

This was the certification formula.

"Let me take a look first."

Chen Feng accepted the data of the formula.

A huge amount of information emerged. Fortunately, a large amount of the contents were something that Chen Feng had come across before among the other E-class formulas that he had studied. Hence, he was able to memorize the contents of this formula in a short time.

"Let’s begin, then."

Gene production began.

After five minutes, Chen Feng completed his production.

Despite not using his Luck Aura, this was still extremely easy for him.

This proved that the ability possessed by Chen Feng had far surpassed the level of a newbie, reaching the level equivalent to a high-level intermediate producer.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "Seems like my studies all this while have not been for nothing."

"Congratulations. Certification passed, the reward will be released."


A valuable book was transmitted to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled calmly and said without the slightest hesitation, "I want to continue the certification."

"Please select your level of certification."

"Advanced producer," Chen Feng said calmly.

"Please wait a moment," the ice-cold voice of the system replied.

Some of the people around him paused their steps. Chen Feng was planning to charge into advanced producer? They all knew who this kid who had caused an incident on his first day here was.

"Advanced producer…"

A lot of people shifted their gazes here.

With Chen Feng’s age, if he were to pass his advanced producer certifications, it would be something joyous for the association as well.

Soon, the certification began.

This time, it was a 1-star D-class formula, the certification formula for an advanced producer.

After two minutes.


Production complete.

"An 18-year-old advanced producer," a person with a pair of bright eyes said. "This kid’s talent is extremely astonishing!"

"I saw this coming the moment he defeated Qin Hai."

Some smiled at this.


Everyone shook their heads as they laughed at themselves.

Wasn’t that true? Qin Hai himself was an advanced producer and also a D-class genetic warrior. Didn’t he end up defeated by Chen Feng anyway? Hence, it was not surprising for Chen Feng to pass his advanced producer certification.

Everything was as they expected.

"Seems like we need to start working hard," one of them smiled as he said, "or else we might end up surpassed by him."


Everyone nodded their heads.

With the inclusion of a genius here, they were all motivated to work harder.

However, at this very moment.

The expression of one of the producers there changed greatly. "He is…"


Instinctively, everyone turned around and was immediately shocked. That was because, currently, Chen Feng had not left. Instead, he had started the third certification for the day.

Master producer certification!

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