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Chapter 185: It’s You? The Scammer?

Chapter 185: It’s You? The Scammer?

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Gene armament acquired!

Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

This was the first gene armament he had obtained. Moreover, it was the Peril Rebirth that was only normally possessed by powerful master producers. With this, he had gained something that was equivalent to a second life.



A huge amount of data started flooding into his wristband. All the formula rewards were sent to Chen Feng. This was also the first time Chen Feng had a good look at the data pertaining to this gene armament in it’s entirety.

Peril Rebirth, a gene armament assembled from 12 rare D-class formulas. Among these 12 formulas, five of them were 5-star formulas and seven of them were 4-star formulas. When used in the prescribed order, the power of the gene armament could be displayed.

The usage of this gene armament was limited to only the producer himself.

"Producer himself?"

Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

He finally understood the reason why this gene armament couldn’t be bought through the market. He also finally understood why was this something only master producers were qualified to have. That was because this item was an item that only its producer could use.

"Is this due to the effect of one of its required gene reagents?" Chen Feng guessed.

There were a lot of better gene reagents that possessed high usage limitations.

Peril Rebirth was obviously one of these.

Currently, there were still 17 days till the end of this one-month period he had. His current accumulated luck values: 200 points.

"It’s enough."

Chen Feng’s eyes were as sharp as lighting.

D-class formulas would not pose much of a problem to him. As long as he had sufficient materials, he would be able to produce them all in a single day. This city he was currently in was also the place with the most complete warehouse the whole world had to offer.

Purchase, purchase, and purchase!

Chen Feng started a furious shopping spree.

Naturally, although he would sell a mutated gold ant gene every few days, there would still be periods where he lacked funds. Hence, after thinking about it, Chen Feng decided to directly produce a huge amount of mutated gold ant gene reagents.

With this, the business in his The Strongest Gene shop also reached a peak period.

In a single day, all his gene reagents were sold out, temporarily freeing Chen Feng from problems related to funds.

Purchasing materials!

Gene productions!

Besides that, he also took the chance to study the valuable guide books he had received rewards: ‘Spiritual Energy Usage Skills, from Well Practiced to Proficient’ and ‘Five Years of Digitized Construction and Three Years of Digital Battle.’

One of them taught him about the usage of spiritual energy while the other taught him about digital battling methods.

Both of these were also the knowledge he presently lacked most.

Chen Feng started consuming knowledge hungrily.

As for purification?

Chen Feng was not quite worried about this.

This was an important mission labeled as a ‘world threat,’ so all the required purification gene reagents for this mission would be provided by higher-level producers.

Chen Feng merely needed to concentrate on what he was tasked with: destroying the incubated being and defending himself!

The reason for that was simple.

The moment the incubated being was destroyed, the barrier restricting entry of those in higher levels would naturally be gone.

At that time, the experts from that organization would definitely appear. The reinforcements from the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association would appear as well. A chaotic battle would definitely break out there.

As the person at the center of the soon-to-be battleground, Chen Feng had to withdraw immediately.

During the waiting period, Hou Liang came over several times to talk to him about the course of the mission.

1. Entering the Extreme Iceland.

2. Destroying the incubated being.

3. Leaving immediately.

4. Reinforcements from both sides will appear, and a chaotic battle will break out.

Naturally, the moment he completed the first three steps, the fourth step would have nothing to do with Chen Feng.

"Remember, the moment you complete the mission, you must withdraw immediately!" Hou Liang repeated this countless times.

He was aware of how dangerous this mission was. If everything progressed according to their plan, there naturally wouldn’t be any problems. What he was most afraid of was the appearance of variables in the middle of the mission.

It was very probable that this variable would be something that originated from that mysterious organization.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Is it so serious?"

"Of course. In our original mission plan, the incubated being was treated as a natural occurrence. But now, it is very probable for that mysterious organization to make their move as well," Hou Liang said with a deep tone. "Naturally, corresponding to the mission’s difficulty, we will increase the rewards. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards. We have never deprived our people of their fair share."

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "Understood."

An example would be the Xia Yan incident. Initially, he was not supposed to have received any rewards. However, due to a change in circumstance and the increased difficulty of what he encountered during the mission, the association had rewarded him two sets of crescent moon spring. From this, their generosity was apparent.

Chen Feng’s lips curled up, forming a smile. "I am now looking forward to them making their move."

The higher the risk, the higher the return. I am truly… looking forward to it.

Time passed silently.

The one-month period ended quickly. Based on the reports from the scouts, the incubated being was about to be birthed soon.

"For this mission, the Genetic Union will deal with the enemies you meet on the way. You only need to follow along with them, look for the incubated being, and then…" Hou Liang’s eyes were ice-cold.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "Understood."

After finding the target, he would need to toss out a huge amount of purifying gene reagents to weaken the incubated being. At its weakest moment, he only needed to drag it into the digitized world before killing it on the spot. This was Chen Feng’s mission.

"Let’s go." Hou Liang personally escorted Chen Feng to the Iceland. This was where the nearest Genetic Union camp to the Extreme Iceland was located.

"Remember to be careful," Hou Liang told him.

"Don’t worry." Chen Feng smiled. "With Peril Rebirth, nothing will happen to me."

"You kid…" Hou Liang burst out laughing.

Thinking about it, he agreed. Even if Chen Feng couldn’t produce Peril Rebirth successfully, the 12 required D-class formulas for it were in themselves rare formulas. Among these formulas, 10 of them were formulas used for self-defense. As long as he managed to produce one or two of them, Chen Feng’s survivability would increase by quite a large amount.

As for successfully producing the gene armament? He never considered that. This was a gene armament assembled through 12 rare D-class formulas! Even a master producer would require several months of research to successfully produce all of them.

Seventeen days?

Simply impossible.

Regardless of how talented Chen Feng was, he would still require time for all this.

Currently, the people from Genetic Union had arrived as well.

Chen Feng raised his head and blanked immediately. He had once tried to guess the identity of the strongest E class that the Genetic Union would send for this mission. However, he had never expected the person to be someone he knew.

"Hehe, long time no see."

Wang Chun’s face was all smiles.

Chen Feng: "…"

Why was it this guy?

Strongest E class?

Chen Feng stared doubtfully at that thin physique of Wang Chun's. This was not an ordinary mission. This was a purifying mission! Could Wang Chun really protect him?

What joke was this?

Chen Feng was expressionless. "How did you end up as the strongest E class of the Genetic Union?"

"With a couple swings from Shen Wei, all my opponents were defeated." Wang Chun was feeling proud.

Chen Feng: "…"

He has been cheating way too excessively, right?

Hou Liang was surprised. "You know each other?" Geniuses indeed got along together.

Wang Chun patted Chen Feng’s shoulder. "We are good brothers that have even slept together."

Chen Feng: "…"

"That’s good, then," Hou Liang said, smiling. "I don’t have to worry now that you know each other."

"Please trust our professionalism." The person in charge sent by the Genetic Union proudly said, "Apart from Wang Chun, we are also sending out a huge amount of shadow warriors. This should guarantee the success of this mission."

Shadow warriors?

Chen Feng felt somewhat doubtful.

"Nuo." Wang Chun pointed.


In the air, a faint shadow flashed.

It was at this moment that Chen Feng found with shock that he had been surrounded by at least 10 shadows. Every single one of them was emitting a terrifying aura from their body.

Shadow warriors!

Genetic ability: Shadow Transformation. A product of a certain assassination association.

After joint research by the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association, a unique warrior known as a shadow warrior was created. It would be used to protect important members of their organizations, a bodyguard hidden in darkness.

No one knew how many of them were around.

No one knew what other abilities they had.

These people were extremely terrifying.

It was apparent that the Genetic Union had put a lot in this mission.


All the shadow warriors vanished instantly.

They had once again concealed themselves.

Chen Feng had a solemn mood. If these shadows were here to assassinate him, could he avoid their attack?

Simply impossible!

"Seems like I need to be even more careful now," Chen Feng said inwardly.

Granted, the reason he had not detected them was due to the lack of killing intent or any intent of threat directed toward him by these people. However, it was never reliable to rely purely on killing intent or intent of threat. What if the opponents were capable of concealing their killing intent and intent of threat?


He had to be more cautious!

As Hou Liang saw Chen Feng’s performance, he nodded slightly.

In the city, Chen Feng was the king of troublemakers. The way he handled things was extremely high profile and absolutely unrestrained, not caring about how others viewed him. This was a source of headache for others around him.

But here in the wilderness, he would be extremely careful, making thorough preparations for everything.

Incredibly cautious!

This was what a true producer was like!


Mission time started recording.

Chen Feng and Wang Chun entered the Extreme Iceland under escort of Hou Liang and the rest.


Chen Feng consumed the lingerbright beast gene reagent.

His spiritual energy was decreased by 500 points while the rest of his attributes were increased by 200 points respectively.


The instant they entered.

A silent agreement was formed. Hou Liang and the rest paused their steps. This was the because of the restriction that was restricting the entry of those with higher attribute points.

It began!

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood.



Shen Wei and Shen Yi appeared noiselessly.

"It’s been a while." Shen Yi looked at Chen Feng joyfully while Shen Wei merely nodded her head.

"It’s been a while," Chen Feng replied with a smile.

Wang Chun couldn’t help but roll his eyes.


This guy was so indifferent toward him yet so intimate with the Shen Yi siblings.

"That’s a no-brainer." Chen Feng was too tired to even berate him. "With you here, it is very probable that I am the one that will end up protecting you instead!"

What joke was this?

Despite Shen Wei’s strength, it did not refute the fact that Wang Chun by himself was baggage!

With this guy here…

The identity of protector might swap between them.

Letting a gene producer protect a genetic warrior?


How excellent. How powerful!

"Cough cough." Wang Chun smiled awkwardly. "We don’t have to be too bothered with these small details. As long as we complete the mission, it will do."

Chen Feng: "…"

So this guy was also here for the generous rewards.

"Aren’t you afraid that you will truly die here?" Chen Feng grudgingly said.

"Initially, I was not planning to come. After all, this mission is very dangerous. However, when I heard that the person requiring protection was called Chen Feng, I made up my mind. I had to come here to protect you! We are good brothers that have tided through death together, slaughtered enemies together, and slept together! I will never allow you to take a risk alone!" Wang Chun spoke with justice.

My ass! Where’s your face?

Chen Feng felt like giving him a kick.

This guy was clearly here to hop on a free ride to get the mission rewards!

Shen Yi laughed cutely beside them as she watched the banter between Chen Feng and Wang Chun. Her eyes never stopped scanning their surroundings, though. She was fully concentrated on their surroundings.

Suddenly, her tiny head stopped its movement as she looked forward. "Something is coming!"


A shadow flashed in the darkness.

A mutated beast with bloodshot eyes was killed before it even got near them.

Surprise attack?


This was the Extreme Iceland!

Even if Chen Feng’s group was conversing, they were still maintaining the highest vigilance.

"It’s not the enemy?"

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

He had initially believed that their enemy would be the one appearing.


Right this moment.


A corpse dropped down loudly in front of Chen Feng’s group, giving them a scare. However, as they took a clear look at the corpse, their expressions changed greatly!

That was a dead shadow warrior!

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