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Chapter 186: Terrifying Genetic Ability!

Chapter 186: Terrifying Genetic Ability!

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"How is this possible…"

Their expressions changed greatly.


Shadow warrior?

They weren’t even able to see how it had happened.


Wang Chun reacted quickly. An energy barrier was erected noiselessly. Regardless of the method their enemy was using to attack, erecting an energy barrier would be the correct move.

Wang Chun had a calm expression. "Shen Yi, inspect."

"Understood." Shen Yi started inspecting the corpse. To avoid any probable poison infection, she was extremely cautious.


After a single glance, Shen Yi’s expression became somewhat odd.

"What’s up?" Chen Feng asked.

Shen Yi was somewhat dazed. "Hard to say."


Everyone was confused.

Hard to say?

"I think it’d be better if you all looked at it yourselves."

Shen Yi hid behind Wang Chun.

Is it that weird?

With a solemn mood, Chen Feng approached the corpse and scanned it with his wristband. A set of information appeared in his wristband. At this, Chen Feng’s expression became somewhat odd as well.


Wang Chun glanced at it and was stupefied as well. Such a genetic ability existed?

That’s right. This shadow warrior was killed by a mystical genetic ability.

Not a physical or spiritual attack. Instead, a special mode of attack.

To be more accurate…

It couldn’t even be considered an attack. This was because this was a genetic ability that could keep someone awake, a genetic ability that was classified as a trash ability by the Genetic Union.


Nerve Stimulation

Function: Through a special method of spiritual energy usage, stimulate one’s mental state, causing one to remain in an excited condition.


This was an ability that was useless in battles. Normally, it would be used in hospitals or by the masses to stay awake.

It was even rumored that there were some wealthy people who had producers with this ability in their payroll in order to increase their quality of life, maintaining constant happiness and excitement in their life.

Unexpectedly, someone had now used it for battle!

Right in front of them, this peak E-class shadow warrior whose combat power was off the charts was killed by this very ability. That expression of high due to stimulation before his death was still preserved on his face.

In layman's terms, this person here was dead due to overexcitement.

His nervous system was too excited, causing him to be overstimulated and end up dead.

Everyone sunk into silence.

Even the other shadow warriors were dumbstruck.

Overexcited to death?

What damnable death was this?

"In the future, I won't dare use the phrase ‘so damn comfortable’ anymore," Wang Chun said grudgingly.

Before their eyes was the true form of someone who had been damned by comfort.

"Seems like our enemy has appeared..." Chen Feng said in a low voice.

Their first enemy had appeared!

A genetic warrior possessing a unique genetic ability from that mysterious organization!

Chen Feng had a solemn gaze. "We need to be more cautious."

Nervous system?

What was that exactly?

Different from a normal method of attack, such a peculiar genetic ability was the scariest thing and also the hardest to guard against. If they had no ways of defending against this attack, they would probably all end up dead before they even reached the incubated being.

"Can’t figure it out."

Everyone shook their heads.

Such a bizarre method of attack was something none of them knew about.

"Nervous stimulation…" Chen Feng said with deep voice.

No one knew how this attack was launched. Hence, they couldn’t even mount any defensive measures against it. However, if it was something related to spiritual energy…

"The stronger one’s spiritual energy is, the more resistant one should be against this ability. Since our enemy can appear in this space, his spiritual energy is definitely not above 1,000 points as well. Hence, we might be able to resist it using items that can temporarily increase our spiritual energy," Chen Feng analyzed.


Everyone contemplated.

"As for those with too weak a spiritual energy," Chen Feng said in low voice, "you should all leave first."

These words were directed toward those shadow warriors.

A large majority of shadow warriors majored in agility or strength attributes. Even if their combat power was off the charts, against such unique circumstances, they couldn’t do much and would definitely die.


Half the shadow warriors sighed before leaving.

"It doesn’t matter." Chen Feng smiled. "Let’s continue."

The group advanced again.

During their advance, that person launched several attacks as well.

However, in this group, where the average spiritual energy was 800 points, these attacks couldn’t do much. The shadow warrior that was hit by the attack merely lost his ability to move temporarily. After several seconds, the shadow warrior recovered to his previous state.

One time.

Two times.

Three failed attacks in a row!

Instead, these stimulation attacks caused the shadow warriors to be extremely high with an expression of extreme comfort on their faces. Unexpectedly, their combat power even increased greatly due to the stimulation.

This was the disadvantage of this ability.

If it failed to work, it might work against the user instead!

Chen Feng: "…"

Wang Chun: "…"

How should they review this ability?


Too niche an ability instead.

No wonder the Genetic Union had labeled it a trash ability.

Even when several abilities with similar types of effect were overlapped together, even if it’s effect was greatly increased, against an enemy with formidable spiritual energy, it would still be rendered useless.

"It’s still better to be careful," Chen Feng told them.

Their opponent was also someone in peak E class like all of them.

This signified that their opponent would have, at the very least, two genetic abilities. There was also a possibility that their opponent might possess a secret art. Their opponent’s ability might be way stronger than they imagined.

Everyone nodded slightly. "Understood."


The wind was bone chilling.

In this Extreme Iceland, the deeper they entered, the colder it became. For Chen Feng’s group who had always stayed in an area with prolonged summer, this was totally a trial for them. They still needed to be cautious against the hidden enemy as well.

"Did you find him?" Wang Chun asked in a low voice.

"Soon," Shen Yi said. "One more attack from him and I will be able to lock onto his position."

"All right."

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

An enemy who attacked in such a method was someone who would be hard to detect but would possess extremely weak melee combat capabilities. The moment the enemy was located…


The blowing wind around them sounded off.

Here it comes!

Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

Surprising everyone, this time, the enemy did not choose a comparatively weaker shadow warrior as his attack target. Rather, the opponent had selected the core member of this mission, the one with the strongest spiritual energy, Chen Feng!


A terrifying flash of light.

The spiritual energy of their enemy that would only appear as a glimmer earlier, at the moment it faced Chen Feng, transformed into a formidable beam that one could see with their naked eyes.

"Not good."

Wang Chun’s expression changed greatly.

Increased Effectiveness!

This guy’s second genetic ability was actually Increased Effectiveness!

That ability that was initially an ability that was not particularly formidable and was merely a somewhat bizarre ability, at this moment, erupted with an astonishing might, bombarding toward Chen Feng!

The enemy was attempting to behead the group!

He wanted to directly eliminate Chen Feng!


A shadow warrior blocked in front of Chen Feng.

However, that beam of light phased through his body without causing any damage and instead noiselessly arrived in front Chen Feng. This was a locked-on attack!

Normal defensive methods would be ineffective against it!


An explosion of light.

Mental stimulation was released straight into Chen Feng’s brain.

"Something’s going to happen!"

Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

Too hateful!

This was merely the start of their mission! The first enemy they encountered!

The shadow warriors’ had expressions of guilt on their faces. Their conventional guarding methods were rendered ineffective before this mysterious organization! Their methods were simply useless here!

They were too clear on the scariness of that mental stimulation. If it was in its normal form, fine. However, this improved version…


That beam of light descended into Chen Feng’s brain.

"Failed to block?"

Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

He had never expected this mental stimulating attack was something that would lock onto one’s spiritual energy!

"Locking onto spiritual energy?"

Chen Feng started thinking rapidly.


Light swirled around.

That wave of light started its charge toward Chen Feng’s mind. The moment it connected with Chen Feng’s nervous system, the stimulation would begin and Chen Feng might end up dead immediately.

He would fail to block it. Chen Feng was clear that his 1,000 points of spiritual energy was absolutely insufficient to block this attack.

What should he do?

Chen Feng’s heart jolted madly.

He did not expect to face a death crisis so soon after he entered this Extreme Iceland.

Overexcited to death?

No way!

Chen Feng clenched his teeth.

This attacking method…

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.


His brain was operating at its maximum speed.

Only by determining the way in which this skill attacked could he deal with it!

Spiritual lock on…

It would only stop when it met something that was similarly in spiritual form?


If that was the case, any random attack that collided with the light beam would be able to trigger its immediate activation. Chen Feng had tried using his Wind Blades against the light beam, yet it had been ineffective. Hence, this was not a mere spiritual lock on. There should be another method for this attack to determine its target of attack—perhaps it was life force!

Only life force was something it could use to determine its target!

Spiritual form, life force…

Chen Feng’s expression became weird. If that was the case…