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Chapter 187: Overexcited Mode!

Chapter 187: Overexcited Mode!

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A form with a makeup identical to spiritual energy with signs of life!

It was a mode reachable by Xiao Ying as well!

Xiao Ying, Chen Feng urged inwardly.


With a flash of red, Xiao Ying blocked in front of Chen Feng’s nervous system.


That beam of light entered Xiao Ying’s body.

Time seemed to freeze at this moment.

Is it over?

Chen Feng had a solemn mood. Their opponent was an assassin specializing in killing through nervous system stimulation. If the focus of his research was the nervous system of a human, Xiao Ying, as a different species, wouldn’t be too damaged by that attack.

Perhaps it might even be ineffective against Xiao Ying.

Currently, the beam of light disappeared.

"Seems like there’s no problem."

Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

However, in that instant, Chen Feng found that the bright red eyes of Xiao Ying were blooming with an even more intense red glow.

This is…

Xiao Ying, go out!

Chen Feng muttered inwardly that something bad was going to happen.


Instantly, he sent Xiao Ying out.

At that moment, Xiao Ying transformed into a flash of terrifying red light as it raged and started shooting everywhere.



Two mountains around them were pierced through.


Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. What damnable thing was that?



Xiao Ying transformed into a red flash that flickered everywhere. At the Extreme Iceland, one mountain after another collapsed.

The powerful Xiao Ying with its unique body makeup had, under this unique stimulation, started raging. No one knew what was going to result from this.



Another mountain crumbled down.


A mutated beast was startled awake. Yet before it even found its enemy, it was instantly pierced through.




Red flash.

With Chen Feng as the center of its activity radius, the red flash streaked around, leaving countless perfect curves on the air with an extremely fast speed, constantly expanding the radius of its movements.

All the mutated beasts around them were killed.

Everywhere the red flash passed, not a single thing was left alive.

Even those towering ice mountains would not escape the fate of crumbling down if they happened to be in the way of the red flash.



Earth trembled.

Distantly, somewhere exceeding the range one could see with their naked eyes, several silhouettes appeared suddenly. They were escaping in a wretched manner.

"It’s them!" With a single glance, Shen Yi recognized them. It was the person who had been utilizing the spiritual stimulation attack and his servants.

Shen Wei was filled with killing intent. "Go!"



With a red flash, one of them collapsed noiselessly.

"Ah, ah, ah…"

"What freak is this?!"

"Don’t kill me, ah, ah, ah, ah…"

One mournful scream after another started resounding.

However, they were useless.



With every flash of red, one of them would collapse.

Out of the whole group of them, in less than three seconds, nine of them were killed. That sole surviving genetic warrior was staring at that red flash, despair plastered on his face. What damnable thing was this?!

Naturally, he would not realize that this was the result of his very own actions.


With a flash of red, he collapsed forever.

Currently, the red flash continued its berserking.

After a long time, when the red flash disappeared, when Xiao Ying finally returned to Chen Feng, the whole Extreme Iceland sunk into a deathly silence. In an area with a circumference of 5 km around them, all living beings were extinguished.

Only the area in Chen Feng’s vicinity was left untouched, akin to a holy land amidst the carnage.

Wang Chun gulped. "Is it over?"

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm."

Chen Feng checked his consciousness and found that the usually perfectly straight red line had turned flaccid and weak after venting out all its energy. Currently, Xiao Ying was a curved line that was slumped down weakly in his constructed spiritual space.

This guy…

Chen Feng did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

So when an illusionary snake was in a state of euphoria, this was how it would react?

Too vigorous!

Could this be considered a mental illness?[1]

He had initially thought that Xiao Ying was only good for eating genes. Unexpectedly…

This guy was much terrifying than he had imagined.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "Let’s go."

This time around, when the shadow warriors looked at Chen Feng, their gazes were filled with reverence. That scene they had witnessed earlier would be deeply etched in the depths of their hearts.

They were not aware of the existence of an illusionary snake.

In their eyes, the only thing they had witnessed was Chen Feng, safe and sound after having his nervous system stimulated before casually shooting a red flash out of his hand to destroy everything within 5 km.

So, Chen Feng was actually so powerful!


A gene producer could be so terrifying as well!

The group set forth once again.

Their journey was peaceful this time around.

As every living being within 5 km had been cleared, even those from the mysterious organization did not dare to approach this area. Chen Feng’s group was able to smoothly travel forth, entering the depths of the region.

"We need to be more careful," Chen Feng advised.

He refused to believe that the mysterious organization would give up and allow them to approach the incubated being.


Everyone nodded their heads slightly.


A bizarre chillness started descending upon them.

It’s here!

Everyone’s eyes shone.


In the darkness, a group of somewhat formidable assassins appeared.

Every one of them was at peak E-class with somewhat formidable abilities. Evidently, these were specially trained experts. Thirty silhouettes appeared from all sorts of angles around them.


Their target being Chen Feng.

After experiencing a failure during their previous attempt at using a unique ability to kill, they had decided to use the most traditional assassination method, to ambush!




One silhouette after another started dropping.

There was no need for even Shen Wei to move. The 10 shadow warriors had instantly erupted with an extremely powerful combat power, one of them against three of the enemies, and they were still able to maintain absolute superiority.


A full flush of insta-kills!

In a short 10 seconds, all their enemies were eliminated.

So strong?

Chen Feng looked at those shadow warriors.

They had been holding it in for a very long time. Now, they finally got the chance to vent their anger! Moreover, from the eyes of a majority of them, Chen Feng could see the excitement where they wished for more of these enemies to appear.

"These guys…"

Instantly, Chen Feng understood. Were they still excited from the nervous system stimulation they had received earlier?

These assassins were, in actuality, screwed up by the actions of their own allies.

"Strong," Wang Chun praised them.

Chen Feng stared ahead. "There’s still 25 km to go."

The total distance they needed to travel was 30 km.

It was not a far distance, but it was not too near either.

The failures of these assassins had proved that, if one wanted to kill Chen Feng, they had to first get rid of these shadow warriors, or else it would never happen.

These shadow warriors that had been neglected by them were the true strongest force of combat power here.


Chen Feng guessed that the next targets of those assassins would be these shadow warriors.

"You all be careful," Chen Feng advised.


They nodded their heads slightly.

Under the bone-piercing coldness, they advanced once again. Throughout the journey, it was quite peaceful. However, the more peaceful it was, the higher everyone’s vigilance was.


The chilly wind was bitingly cold.

Snowflakes started drifting around in the air.

Chen Feng was astonished. "It’s snowing."

"Yeah." Wang Chun rubbed his hands. "Seems like we have reached the inner region."

"What beautiful snowflakes," Shen Yi happily said. "Without these chilly winds, it would be so much better."

Everyone burst out in laughter at this.

At this moment, the first snowflake finally landed on their energy barrier.


An astonishing sound of something cracking resounded.

A crack had appeared on the energy barrier that had been maintained by Wang Chun.

"Not good."

Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

"Something is wrong with these snowflakes!"



Countless snowflakes started dropping. The energy barrier was in imminent danger.

"Move!" Wang Chun bellowed.


The shadow warriors once again erupted in power and destroyed the falling snowflakes.


How many of these snowflakes could they destroy?

Cold wind engulfed them with endless falling snowflakes.



The energy barrier was tottering.

Everyone’s expressions were unsightly. No one had expected that their enemies would be so fierce this time. Moreover, such a unique method of attack was used.


Chen Feng looked at the sky.

Can you control the weather? If so, is your ability something like a rain- or snow-summoning ability? Chen Feng guessed.

Such abilities were extremely common.

There were also a lot of peculiar mutated beasts possessing abilities to temporarily alter the weather. The genetic abilities resulting from the genes of these beasts would provide one an ability to alter the weather, changing the atmosphere!

For example—summoning snow or rain.

However, such abilities were normally something only required by the weather department. It was said that, during the previous annual meeting, a rainbow goddess capable of producing rainbows had appeared in the weather department.

The moment her rainbow appeared, all other weather effects would be suppressed!

The effect of her ability was quite astonishing.

However, such weather controlling abilities were normally lacking in combat power. They were also rated lowly by the Genetic Union. Unexpectedly, here, someone was using these abilities to attack.

Chen Feng started thinking rapidly.

If they were able to appear in here, they would be E class at most.

If so, their opponent would only have two genetic abilities. One of them was definitely a snow-summoning ability.

As for the next ability…


Poisoning the snowflakes?

Chen Feng frowned. Such a combination of genetic abilities was too exotic. However, if these two were indeed the genetic abilities used, the power would absolutely not be so strong!

What joke was that?

A poison ability itself was also something classified among those abilities with weak combat power.

One poison and one snow-summoning ability? With the combination of these, regardless of how one looked at it, it would not result in so powerful an effect. Even at a place like this Extreme Iceland where these abilities were naturally advantageous, it should not be so powerful.

If so, then he could be sure of one thing.

"To be so powerful, at least three of them are required!" Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting. "As long as we kill one of them, they are screwed."


Everyone nodded slightly.


A shadow warrior vanished noiselessly.

Assassination was also something they were extremely good at.

"Drag out the time for them locate the enemies," Wang Chun said coldly.

At this moment.


The energy barrier shattered into pieces.

Countless snowflakes drifted in the air, every single one of them containing terrifying power within.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "It’s here."

Regardless of how powerful the energy barrier was, it would not be a match for such large-scale weather attack. However, regardless of how powerful the snowflake was, it was still a snowflake.

As long as an ability it was weak against was used…


Shen Wei moved instantly.

Her burning sword was suddenly stabbed on the ground.


A red radiance started spreading with Shen Wei as its center. Everything with a circumference of 10 meters was instantly cleansed. All the snowflakes within were instantly melted, unable to get near them.

In the dark Extreme Iceland, that red radiance appeared very dazzling.

Everyone was dragging it out for more time.

The enemies were planning to eliminate Chen Feng as soon as possible, while Chen Feng’s group needed to last long enough for the shadow warriors to find the enemies.

Time passed quietly.

Suddenly, an abnormality appeared in the air. The drifting snowflakes dispersed while droplets of terrifying looking water started descending upon them.

It was now raining.


1. A wordplay in Chinese. The word used here is She Jing Bing, which could be literally translated as Snake Extract Disease. It also sounds similar to Shen Jing Bing, which means mental illness.

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