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Chapter 188: Weather Attack

Chapter 188: Weather Attack

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It was raining.

Everyone had a solemn mood.

The pattering raindrops dropped without stop as the rain got heavier.

Distantly, drops of rain started landing on the ground as the terrifying pattering sound echoed without stop.



A white aura appeared and started flickering.

This was…

Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold breath.



The drizzle instantly turned into a downpour.

Even the flaming area created by Shen Wei was pushed back without stop. Under the huge amount of raindrops, the flaming area reduced in size. Nine meters, eight meters, seven meters…

"I will try increasing the power," Shen Wei coldly said.

A rain at this level simply couldn’t hope to cause her any harm.


Wang Chun stopped her and shook his head slightly.

Only at this did she notice that, as her flame increased in intensity, the faces of everyone here, Wang Chun included, were already flushed red. All of them were enduring this high temperature she had created.

In order to evaporate these raindrops, a higher temperature was required. These people would not be able to endure the heat generated. The current temperature was already the highest temperature they could endure.

"What should we do, then?" Shen Wei asked in a low voice. Without locating their enemy, she couldn’t do much either.

She had never experienced a battle such as what they were currently facing, a battle where the enemy couldn’t be located even after using such a terrifying area attacking method.

Damn it!

Everyone’s expressions became unsightly. If this continued, they would be exhausted to their deaths. Enemy? They couldn’t even locate them! Against such an attack, they were helpless.

"What if we were to dig a pit in the ground?" Chen Feng suddenly suggested.

He recalled that, in his previous life, there was a game called Minecraft where they could easily build something or dig a cave to get shelter from the rain.

It seemed to be feasible in their current situation?

"Let me try."

A shadow warrior started bombarding the ground.


The ground was damaged.

However, only cracks were left on the ground. The soil here contained an extreme property of chilliness; hence, it was nearly impossible to dig a cave here.

Wang Chun’s expression was unsightly. "I’m afraid this won’t work…"

Their enemy's scariness exceeded their imaginations.

Chen Feng looked at the shadow warriors. "They still have not been found?"

It had been a while, yet their comrades had yet to locate the enemy.

"The enemy has blockaded all detection abilities," one of the shadow warrior replied with a solemn expression.

"I can’t find them either." Shen Yi shook her head slightly. "Our enemy definitely has some blockading-related ability that has been utilized flawlessly."

All detection skills blocked?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

They were definitely against a whole squad this time instead of a single individual.

Only a full squad could control the weather in such a perfect manner with such flawless coordination. And only a full squad could hide their aura so flawlessly, to the point where even Shen Yi, who came from a unique world, could not detect them.

Evidently, their current opponent was much scarier than their previous opponents.

Chen Feng sighed. Wouldn’t it be good if that rainbow goddess was here?

Although the rainbow goddess had zero combat power, in their current circumstance, a single unique rainbow from her would be sufficient to cleanse everything. In other words, these weather-controlling abilities were weak against her rainbow ability.

This squad…

At this unique place…

And a weather attack was bringing huge trouble to Chen Feng’s group.

If this continued…

Chen Feng looked at Shen Wei whose expression was already looking bad. In order to help everyone, endure these raindrops, she had exhausted a huge amount of energy. She wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. We can’t drag this on much longer.

Chen Feng looked at the shadow warrior beside him. "Connect me to those two, I need to talk to them."

"All right."

The shadow warrior connected Chen Feng’s communication tool.


Communication established.

"Send me your current locations," Chen Feng said faintly.

"All right."

Both shadow warriors sent their locations to Chen Feng.


After receiving their locations, Chen Feng shut his eyes. The newly created technique during the Gene Rookie Competition was once again used, displaying his terrifying ability to affect everything in reality that related to probability.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng entered the digitized world.

Coordinates established.


His Luck Aura was fully activated.

Previously, it was with this method that Chen Feng had captured the hidden Bei Ta. That was the first time Chen Feng had attempted to combine reality with probabilities, creating a new method of using his Luck Aura.

With his Luck Aura, he would affect the probability in order to grasp the correct coordinates to find out the true location of their enemy.

In other words, he was guessing their location. With his Luck Aura, his guess would be correct.

Using gene fragments of different lengths to represent different numbers from zero to nine to represent the coordinates.


Countless gene fragments that represented different numbers gleamed in the air.

Chen Feng grabbed casually.


Six gene fragments.

The horizontal coordinate they represented was 000121.


Once again, Chen Feng grabbed.


The vertical coordinate they represented this time was 056438.


At the third grab of his, six gene fragments were grabbed. The number they represented was 000000. This was the coordinate of the altitude of their enemy, clearing showing that their enemy was not on the air or underground. Instead, they were on the ground as well.


Their position was now confirmed.

This was the very ability Chen Feng had previously used during the competition. An ability he named Luck Aura – Lockdown.

With only three points of luck value, nobody could hide from him.

Chen Feng sneered. "Found you. You two," Chen Feng contacted the two shadow warriors, "our enemy is at six o'clock from your position, 213 meters away."


The eyes of the two shadow warriors lit up.


Their silhouettes faded noiselessly.

Currently, not much energy was left around Shen Wei.

At the same time, at a certain location in the Extreme Iceland, a group of ten were staring fixedly at Chen Feng’s group.

"It’s soon."

"Seems like that young lady will exhaust her energy soon. As long as she exhausts her energy, the rest of them will probably not take long to collapse. At that time…"


"Little Nine, Little Ten, make sure our aura is hidden properly."

"Don’t worry." Little Nine sneered. "Even D-class genetic warriors would not be able to locate us."


The rest nodded slightly.

Everyone in their squad had a unique ability.

Little Nine and Little Ten possessed an extremely formidable ability to block detection from one’s awareness or genetic abilities. The unique combination of both their genetic abilities were able to push this blockade ability to its limits.

The eldest brother was the one in charge of dictacting the overall flow of battle.

The remaining seven of them were all people with weather-control abilities.

The seven of them possessed all sorts of weather-related abilities with poisonous and corrosive special effects added on. The seven of them were sufficient to recreate a vast majority of existing natural disasters.

This was the power of their squad. Incomparably terrifying.

As for defense?

It was simply not needed. The radius of their weather attack was extremely terrifying. A lot of times, their enemies would not last long enough to reach them. Hence, catching them was almost impossible.


"They are expecting such newbies to pass through here?"

"What a joke."

They discussed in quiet.

"However, what on earth did Xia Yan, that crazy woman, want? Cultivating these terrifying monsters. Sometimes, I feel afraid just thinking of her creations."

"Why bother about her. We only need to complete the mission and get our rewards. That will be sufficient."

Little Nine sneered. "If she hadn’t created such things, would the organization release a mission with such rich rewards?"


Everyone burst out in laughter.

Even if the heavens were to collapse, there would be someone else to deal with it. What should they be afraid of?

"Heh, the rewards this time…"

They started discussing in excitement.

As for Chen Feng?


They glanced at him. Chen Feng’s group was still resisting with great difficulty at the same spot.

As for the two retards that were scouting for them, they had long been forgotten. Those two had also used some detection-blocking abilities; hence, if they attempted to locate those two, they would probably end up exposing their location. Those two wouldn’t be able to find them anyway.

Little Nine sneered.

However, it was at this moment that an acute pain could be felt on his chest.


Little Nine widened his eyes and stared at the person in front of him with an unbelievable expression.

A shadow warrior had appeared and quietly harvested his life. The dagger with a paralysis effect had caused him to die without even being able to leave his last words.


The rest felt something wrong.

However… it was too late.

Since they possessed an attack with such a huge area of effect, this signified that their defensive abilities were almost nonexistent. The moment the shadow warriors got near them…



Blood splattered. This was simply a massacre.

"How is this possible…"

Little Ten stared at these two with an unbelievable expression. Even in death, he could not understand how had they been discovered with the undefeated blockade established by he and Little Nine.

How was it possible that they had been found?



The shadow warrior coldly pulled out his dagger.

The battle ended.

At that instant, the terrifying downpour of rain stopped.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. "It’s over."

"You…" Wang Chun looked at Chen Feng as he exclaimed in admiration.

He was aware of how astonishing Chen Feng’s combat power was. However, he had Shen Yi by his side, so he would possess a natural advantage. Unexpectedly, this time around, when even Shen Yi had failed to locate the enemy, Chen Feng had easily succeeded.

This guy…

How many trump cards does he have?

Wang Chun sighed. "I’m now somewhat envious of you."

"Scram," Chen Feng said grudgingly. This guy with a genetic ability capable of creating a harem should be the envied one, right? With the Shen Yi siblings, he was still not satisfied?

At this time, the two shadow warriors returned with astonishing news.



Xia Yan…

This were what they had overheard.

As Chen Feng heard the details, he felt a chill go down his spine.

Their opponent was actually operating in a similar manner to the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association, where missions with rewards were issued to experts to undertake.

What did this signify?

This signified the scale of this mysterious organization. Moreover, even with such an operating method that was somewhat free in nature, they had still not heard of anything related to this organization before. They did not even know the name of their opponent’s organization.

Wasn’t this too terrifying?

The cohesion and strength of this organization might be much more terrifying than they had imagined.

"After this, we need to be even more careful."

Chen Feng had a solemn expression.

Wang Chun and the rest nodded slightly.

If this organization truly worked in a manner where missions with rewards were assigned, then, the subsequent enemies that they would encounter would probably be even more powerful. If they were to face these enemies head-on, they would have nothing to be afraid of. The limit in this area was peak E class. Regardless of the shadow warriors or Shen Wei, they were the deadliest existence within this level.

If there was one thing they were afraid of, it was those random obscure genetic abilities. Unfortunately, the members of this mysterious organization seemed to be well versed in this aspect.