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Chapter 189: So Unbridled!

Chapter 189: So Unbridled!

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Amidst the chilly wind, the group moved forth with great difficulty.

Suddenly, Chen Feng stopped.

"What’s up?"

Wang Chun felt doubtful.

"We can’t continue like this." Chen Feng shook his head. This mysterious organization was too bizarre with all sorts of unique genetic abilities that one would have difficulty guarding against. If they continued progressing in such a manner, they would definitely end up dead.

An even more important point was time. There was not much time left before the incubated being’s birth.

If their opponent dispatched a genetic warrior that specialized in slowing people down, they would be helpless against it. Hence, they couldn’t continue advancing this way.

If they were to remain the way they were, they would end up dead.

They had to think of something.

Chen Feng started thinking rapidly.


His brain moved quickly. He was clear on the importance of looking for a feasible method to deal with this. Shadow warriors? They wouldn’t do. Despite their formidable combat power, their current opponents were not applying conventional battling methods. Hence, the shadow warriors would not be able to fully display what they were good at, which was direct battles.

As for the Shen Wei siblings, they were in the same situation.

What should they do, then?

Chen Feng squeezed every ounce of his brain cells yet failed to think of anything. These unique genetic abilities were simply a disaster to those who focused on ordinary direct battles. Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something.

Was the nervous system stimulation formidable?

It was!

Was the weather attack formidable?

It was!

However, as these unique attacking methods were too extreme in their focus in their bizarre abilities, the user’s personal combat power was quite weak. If that was the case…

Their greatest weakness would be melee combat. As long as someone like a shadow warrior managed to locate them…

This, though, was what Chen Feng excelled at.

Luck Aura – Lockdown, only three luck values were required.

"However… how do I confirm if there are any enemies around?"

Chen Feng pondered.

His Luck Aura – Lockdown was able to determine the location of his enemies at any time. However, the prerequisite for that was that there had to be a target available for the skill to lock onto. If he could not figure out whether there were any enemies, how was he supposed to lock onto them?

Lock on…


Chen Feng sunk into contemplation.

The Luck Aura was almost omnipotent. This lock on function was the first skill he'd created using his Luck Aura. If so, could other abilities be created using the Luck Aura as well?

For example…

Detecting the appearance of enemies?

Chen Feng started thinking rapidly.

It was possible!

The reason for this was simple.

Luck Aura was something that would work according to how Chen Feng willed it to.

For example, if Chen Feng willed for: I need an ice-attribute Wind Blade , then, after using his luck values, a Wind Blade with an ice attribute would definitely appear. No other attributes would appear. If what he willed for was something with zero probability of appearance, then the luck value would simply remain dormant. Simple as such.

If so…

If Chen Feng willed for: Performing a certain action when enemies intending harm to him were to appear around him , would he be able to create an alert system?

He put his thoughts into action!

Let’s try it out.

With a thought, Chen Feng entered the digitized world.

A huge amount of lively gene fragments were summoned by Chen Feng.

Normally, these gene fragments would be wandering around randomly in his spiritual world and would only be useful when required. For example, when Chen Feng used his Luck Aura – Lockdown.

These were the gene fragments Chen Feng used to conceptualize real life coordinates in his spiritual world.

Under normal circumstances, these gene fragments were extremely stable and would not mutate. After all, it was pointless for them to evolve since they were now residing in a digitized world.

However, if luck values were used, these gene fragments could still be forced to mutate. It was somewhat pointless to do this, though.

This time, the new skill that Chen Feng was trying to create would require the usage of these gene fragments as well.

For example.

If Chen Feng willed: Within 3 km, if enemies with ill intent against him were to appear, one of the gene fragments shall mutate.

With this, he would be able to turn the matter of detecting his opponent’s appearance into a matter of probability.


As long as an enemy appeared, something with a low probability of occurrence such as mutation of these gene fragments would occur, even if the probability of their mutation was a chance of one in 100 million.

As long as it was something to do with probability, it would not be a problem for Chen Feng.

The most powerful aspect of this new skill was the fact that his gene fragments would not mutate if there were no enemies around them, so there would be no exhaustion of luck values.

This also signified that this was a skill that Chen Feng could leave active at all times.

Moreover, he could set the detection radius as he wished. A radius of 100 km, for example? He could even set various definitions for the type of enemies he wanted to detect. For example, a certain someone set as the target of his detection?

Will it work as I intend?

Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.


Luck Aura activated. Indeed, no luck values were exhausted.


Chen Feng leaded the group as they advanced.

One minute.

Two minutes.


A certain gene fragment in his digitized world suddenly mutated, reducing his luck value by one point.

"They’re here!"

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

However, as this was the first time he had tried using his new skill, Luck Aura – Alarm, Chen Feng was not sure if it was working as intended. Hence, he promptly activated his Luck Aura – Lockdown to lock onto their enemy.


Three points of luck values exhausted, target’s coordinates confirmed.


Chen Feng was exhilarated. It was confirmed that enemy had indeed appeared in their vicinity.

"This is good."

Chen Feng’s emotions surged.


If that was the case, wouldn’t his Luck Aura – Lockdown be ridiculously overpowered as well? As long as he willed it to lock onto a certain individual, Chen Feng could even lock onto someone with the whole world as the range.

Using his gene fragments to represent the coordinates of the whole world, he would be able to easily find whoever he was looking for.

"Let’s try it out."


He activated his digitized world.

A three dimensional graph representing the whole world was built in his spiritual world.


"If I am lucky enough, I will be able to know the exact position Hou Liang is currently at?"

Chen Feng pondered thoughtfully.


He casually grabbed forth three times.

Countless gene fragments representing different coordinates appeared, giving Chen Feng the accurate coordinate of Hou Liang. He found that his ability had indeed indicated that Hou Liang was currently at Star City.


Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

It worked!

This was the first time he had discovered how ridiculously powerful the skills he created with Luck Aura were, to the point that they ignored logic.

So…this is the true nature of Luck Aura? As long as I change everything I can’t accomplish into a matter of probability, everything will not be a problem anymore.

"So powerful."

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed ferociously.

He was now aware that he had been looking down on his Luck Aura all this while.

If that was the case…

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up into a smile. Their mission this time would be interesting.

"Come here."

Chen Feng gathered all the shadow warriors.

Matters pertaining to security were previously something that Wang Chun and the shadow warriors from the Genetic Union were in charge of. Chen Feng had no authority to command them. However, due to the strength displayed by Chen Feng, they were all listening to him now.

Chen Feng pointed at three people. "You, you, and you. The three of you will be in a team. You three will patrol the area within 3 km ahead of us."

"The three of you will be the second team… left side…"

"The three of you will be the third team… right side…"

Chen Feng sent out nine shadow warriors.

"What are you doing?"

Wang Chun had a solemn expression.

These shadow warriors were extremely powerful genetic warriors among peak E-class warriors. Granted, at times, they were weak against certain abilities. However, they were still capable of displaying an extremely powerful combat power. If they were sent away…

"Don’t worry." Chen Feng smiled. "I am merely letting them display what they are good at."


Wang Chun was confused.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. "You will know soon."

Passively defending themselves? That was simply not his style. What was the thing these shadow warriors were best at? Massacre! The previous battles had clearly demonstrated what they were good at. Extremely high flexibility, combat power, and concealment capabilities. This was what they excelled at.


They would be more and more passive that way.

"You all will be in charge of patrolling the set radius assigned to each of you," Chen Feng coldly said. "I will be sending out the enemy’s coordinates to the group nearest to them. The team of three that receives the coordinates only needs to go over and eliminate them."


Everyone’s eyes widened.


Even Wang Chun inhaled a mouthful of cold air. He had considered countless possibilities of what Chen Feng was attempting. However, he had never imagined that Chen Feng was planning to take the initiative to attack!

That’s right!

Taking the initiative to attack! In this Extreme Iceland, where danger lurked everywhere!

"You…" Wang Chun smiled bitterly. "If not for the fact that I knew you previously, I might even suspect that you are an undercover operative."

Chen Feng had a faint smile. "So, do you want to do this?"


Wang Chun clenched his teeth.

Damn it, if even Chen Feng dared to do it, what was he afraid of?

He had known Chen Feng for a while. Although he was not clear on the true extent of Chen Feng’s strength, he was very clear that Chen Feng would definitely not attempt something he was not confident in, even when it came to something as crazy as this!

A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "Then… let the game begin."

Who said that we must be on the defense?


From this moment onward, we will be the hunters instead!

With Chen Feng as the center, a region of carnage spread outward noiselessly. With the alert system and detection provided by his Luck Aura, a massacre began.


Gene fragments in the digitized world mutated.

Chen Feng’s gaze moved quickly as he locked onto the target’s position.

"Team one, 300 meters from your six o'clock."

"Team two, 500 meters from your nine o'clock."

"Team three, 950 meters from your four o'clock."



With the activation of Luck Aura – Lockdown, all enemies failed to hide.

Target found!

Target locked on!

Target eliminated!

The nearer they got to the goal of the mission, the more enemies they found. However, under the crazy massacre directed by Chen Feng, all these enemies were transformed into ice-cold corpses.




None survived.

A deathly silence sunk into the Extreme Iceland.

On their path that was initially filled with various obstacles, a path of blood was forged.


Wang Chun witnessed all this with shock.


This was too crazy!

He had never expected that, when executing such a dangerous mission, Chen Feng would be so unbridled and tyrannical, crushing everyone in the Extreme Iceland, killing everyone present!

This guy… was indeed not an ordinary person!

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