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Chapter 190: Target

Chapter 190: Target

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In a certain human-dug ice cave in the Extreme Iceland, Xia Yan was making her final preparations with a solemn expression. She was clear that the moment this incubated being was birthed, a new future would be created.



She looked at the flickering red dots on the screen.

Chen Feng…

Xia Yan rubbed her arm that had yet to recover its nimbleness as hatred flashed in her eyes. Was this damnable producer here to mess up her plans again?

"A mere producer, yet you all have yet to successfully eliminate him?" Xia Yan’s tone was cold.

"There have already been twenty attempts on this mission. However…"

A buff guy beside her was feeling somewhat awkward. In their organization, those in E class were low in number. The people they had sent so far were already the elites among their E-class warriors. Unexpectedly, their opponent was such a savage.

Everyone that was sent ended up dead! Moreover, it was now reaching a point where, before those they sent could even locate Chen Feng’s group, they were already dead.

What could they do?

Now, nobody dared to accept the issued mission anymore.

"Maybe… we can cancel the restriction for those above peak E class?" he said cautiously.

Xia Yan looked at him coldly, filled with killing intent. "That is not possible!"

That guy immediately shut his mouth.


Xia Yan continued glaring at him until his spine felt numb before she shifted her gaze.

Remove the restriction?

How was that possible?

Everything she did now was for the sake of that incubated being.

Restricting entry to only peak E class and below was not only for the growth of that incubated being. More importantly, it was to stop the attack from the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association.

If there was no restriction and this area ended up locked onto by those experts…

No one could predict what would happen here. She would definitely not take such risks.

"If only the organization placed more trust in me."

Xia Yan clenched her fists.

It was already the latter stage of their dark freak project. Due to the existence of purifiers and supervisors, the development of the dark freak project was greatly restricted. It was extremely likely this project would be canceled in a few years time.

This was her final gamble, creating the mutated dark freak—the incubated being!

Her blood and tears for three whole years were for the upcoming incubated being.

"As long as it is birthed successfully, we win," Xia Yan muttered.

Chen Feng?

She would definitely not allow him to spoil her plans.

"Authorize that person to make his move, then," Xia Yan said suddenly.


The guy beside her trembled. "You mean…"

That guy! The main subject of their previous project?

"He’s too dangerous." That guy’s expression was unsightly. "If we lose control…"

"I am aware of that," she said as grudge seethed out of her eyes. Was she not aware of how dangerous that guy was? However, they were simply out of choices currently. Hence, he had to be sent out.

A single Chen Feng had forced her to such desperation.

Chen Feng…

She stared at the red dot on the screen, killing intent seething out of her.

Currently, at the fringes of the Extreme Iceland, a silhouette stepped forth into this area with a calm expression on his face.

"Looking at the time… it is almost time," the cold voice echoed.


That silhouette vanished, leaving behind a wisp of fragrance in the air.


In the Extreme Iceland, the path of Chen Feng and his group had suddenly become smooth and unhindered. After over ten waves of enemies were killed, those people were seemingly afraid, as they no longer dared to step foot here.

Five kilometers…

Twenty kilometers…

No enemies were found as they were neared their target.

Wang Chun’s expression was even more solemn than before.

"Shen Yi," he said in a low voice.


Shen Yi pointed at that tiny skull of hers.

The more peaceful it seemed, the more dangerous it actually was.

Toward this mysterious organization, they had to maintain the utmost vigilance.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

Luck Aura – Alarm reacted once again. An enemy had appeared. After locking onto the coordinates, they started the hunt.

"Team one, 1,200 meters from your nine o'clock," Chen Feng said with a deep tone.



Three shadow warriors set forth.

"Be careful," Chen Feng advised.

Due to the amount of time it took before this enemy appeared, he had a bad feeling.

Three minutes.

Five minutes.

No updates were received.

After a long time.

The wristband of the shadow warrior that had stayed behind buzzed. A message was received. The group of three that went over to their enemy were all killed.

Not even a picture was taken before they were wiped out.

"Something happened."

The expression of that shadow warrior changed greatly.

This was a method in which the shadow warriors communicated with each other. Regardless of who it was, as long as one of them died, an update would be quickly sent to the other shadow warriors in their vicinity. Theoretically, this update should include a recording of what happened as well.


No recording was received.

Nothing could be seen.

This indicated that the three of them had been insta-killed by the enemy.

"How is this possible?" that shadow warrior roared.

Those above peak E class couldn’t enter here, and they were already the strongest among those in peak E class. Due to the constant battles they engaged in all the time, their combat power was far above an average person's as well.

It was very rare for someone capable of defeating them to appear. It was even rarer that they were eliminated when it was three of them against a single opponent.

"Could it be a whole team was there instead of an individual?" Wang Chun guessed.

"No." Shen Yi shook her head. "Only one person is there."

Wang Chun was astonished. "How do you know that?"

Shen Yi gave a surprising reply. "Because our opponent did not even bother to hide his aura!"


Everyone’s hearts throbbed.


Waves of spiritual energy started spreading out.

Indeed, at the location they had locked onto earlier, a gust of terrifying aura that was piercing straight to the heavens could be sensed. That aura was so terrifying that the air there was all twisted, giving off an extremely savage appearance.


There was no need for that.

Their enemy was directly standing there calmly, right in front of the entrance to the incubated being’s cave.

If one wanted to enter, one had to first pass through him.

Shen Wei’s eyes shone. "I’m looking forward to giving him a try."

From the moment when she was first been summoned by Wang Chun, she had already possessed an extremely powerful combat power. Along with the increase in Wang Chun’s strength, her current combat power was extremely terrifying.

She was not afraid of anyone at peak E class or lower.

"Let them come back first, then." Chen Feng sighed as he ordered the shadow warriors back.

He was aware that this might be the final battle they had to face. After all the shadow warriors returned, they set forth once again.

With seven shadow warriors, Chen Feng, and Shen Wei, he refused to believe that they wouldn’t be able to defeat a single enemy. One had to know that, regardless of how powerful the enemy was, he was, after all, still someone at the peak of E class.


The group set forth.

Soon, they reached their target.

However, despite how much they had prepared themselves, they had never expected that such a thing would be here waiting for them.

That’s right, "such a thing" was the term used to describe this enemy. This was a huge silhouette three meters tall. His body seemed to be split into two sections. The left half of his body was comprised of terrifyingly firm muscles, while the right half of his body was comprised of ice-blue mechanical body.

He appeared human yet not human.

One could also say that this was a half android.

"Half android?"

Expressions of alarm appeared on everyone’s faces.

One had to know that nowadays, with the progress in genetic research, one could even recover after losing an arm. As long as one was not suffering from brain death, external injuries simply posed no problems. Hence, the usage of things such as artificial limbs was stopped long ago, as there was no longer demand for them.

Half android?

This was almost an existence out of the legends of old.

"I have been waiting a long time for you all," an ice-cold machine voice resounded.

That three-meter-tall silhouette looked at Chen Feng’s group. His left eye was filled with life, while that mechanical right eye of his was flickering with a bizarre red light.

He had a frightening appearance.

"This guy…"

Chen Feng and Wang Chun exchanged glances, as they had an ominous feeling.

If this guy’s body had not ended up this way due to some problems with his physical body, only one possibility was left. He was a living weapon! Someone who was subjected to research that treated him as a weapon instead of a human.

Such an existence was also the very thing capable of bypassing the restriction here.

Peak E class? This restriction was ineffective against this thing here.

Wang Chun’s heart jolted ferociously. "That shouldn’t be the case, right?"

It was at this moment that this thing raised his thick right arm, that huge mechanical arm, and aimed straight at Chen Feng’s group.


The mechanical arm reassembled itself noiselessly.

Instantly, the reassembly was completed, forming a cannon.

A pitch-black hole was aimed at them.

"This is…"

Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

"Retreat!" Chen Feng bellowed.


Everyone retreated hastily.

At this instant, a terrifying radiance bloomed instantly.


A white expanse of scorching white enveloped the world.