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Chapter 191: Unrivaled Mechanical War God!

Chapter 191: Unrivaled Mechanical War God!

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A terrifying radiance gleamed dazzlingly.

It was so dazzling that everyone there nearly couldn’t keep their eyes open. At this crucial moment, they still managed to instinctively make the correct choice and get out of the way.


Earth trembled.

The radiance faded.

When everyone reopened their eyes, they immediately inhaled mouthfuls of cold air. A deep gorge had been left on the ground that they had failed to break despite several attempts.

This was the power of that energy attack.

Incredibly terrifying.

"This guy…"

Everyone had unsightly expressions.

This energy attack had at the very least reached the power of D class. It might have even reached the peak D-class level. These peak E-class warriors here were simply not a match for that.



The half android stretched his body.

Wang Chun gave his order without hesitation. "Attack!"

When it came to battles, he was much more experienced than Chen Feng. Despite how powerful the energy attack was, they were still able to dodge it if they were careful. Furthermore, the activation of that energy attack required time as well. If no time was given to their enemy to make his move…


Seven shadow warriors charged toward the half android, leaving afterimages behind.

Just as they were about to reach the half android, suddenly, his right arm started flickering with a swirling glow as a bizarre energy shield instantly formed.


The energy shield shone dazzlingly as it blocked all attacks.

"Hehe," the half android laughed nastily.


Once again, the energy attack was unleashed.

"Be careful!"

Their expressions changed greatly.


A dazzling explosion.

Previously, the energy attack had been launched toward them from far away. Hence, they had been able to easily dodge it. However, with how close they were to the half android now, they simply couldn’t dodge it; they could only take it on.

"Defend!" the seven shadow warriors bellowed.


The energy dispersed and the seven of them were flung away.

Heavily injured!


Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly.

He finally understood how the three shadow warriors had died earlier. Only a single face-off and the seven powerful peak E-class shadow warriors were already heavily injured. This was simply a confrontation between two sides from totally different levels.

This thing here was not only strong in attacking; it was also extremely powerful in other aspects as well.

During that instance earlier, the seven shadow warriors had made their move instantly. However, this guy was actually capable of immediately reacting to their attack by releasing his energy shield. This displayed the fast reaction time this guy possessed. That bizarre energy shield had easily blocked the strongest attacks of seven peak E-class warriors. This also displayed the strength of that thing’s defense!

Strong attack!

Strong defense!

Fast reaction time!

Totally an opponent from a whole different league.

At this moment.


Light bloomed.

A graceful silhouette suddenly streaked out, attacking the half android from his back.

It was Shen Wei!

The moment the seven shadow warriors had attacked earlier, she had concealed herself with Shen Yi’s assistance before charging forth to erupt with her attack from the most optimal direction.

Currently, the half android still maintained the same posture it assumed when it had flung the shadow warriors away earlier.


An exceptionally good chance!


A terrifying sword ray slashed downward.

Wang Chun’s emotions surged. "Eliminate him!"


The power contained in Shen Wei’s sword increased.

Whenever she made a move, she would always put all she had into a single attack in order to kill with a single move, not giving her enemy any second chances. That red-hot flame was so dazzling its radiance covered half the sky.


The sword ray landed on the half android’s body.


A terrifying explosion of flame. Everyone was filled with anticipation. However, the body of that half android had instantly turned into a gold color and started radiating a terrifying gold-colored light.

He had blocked the attack!


Genetic ability!

A smile of contempt appeared on the half android’s lips.

Did these people believe that he was truly an android since his body had been mechanically modified? As a half android, his strongest aspect was the fact that he was still a human despite his mechanical body!

He was still capable of fusing with genetic abilities!

He was a person possessing both intact genetic abilities and the formidable power of an android.

Sneak attack?

Simply a joke.

He was the main subject of the organization’s previous project!

He had originally been slated to be an existence akin to an unrivaled war god that was the result of a fusion between technology and genetics! Although the project centered on him had been halted after a single modification due to the immense costs required, he was still the strongest existence at this level!

Although his body was half-mechanical, he was still considered a human. He was clear that, if he wanted more modifications, he could only rely on that damnable woman!


Red light flickered in his eyes.

He would first kill Chen Feng before going back to force that woman to continue modifying his body!

"Scram!" the half android shouted.


An energy explosion.

Shen Wei was flung away by the terrifying energy explosion.

Even Shen Wei, someone with a power at the peak of E class, who was also capable of transcending classes to even crush some D-class genetic warriors, was not the opponent of this half android!

How strong was this guy?

"I should really thank you all." A bizarre smile formed on the half android’s mouth. "If it wasn’t for you guys, that woman would probably not have granted me my freedom. Hence, to thank you guys… let me personally send you on your trip to the underworld!"


Light flashed.

The half android’s body started shining as light swirled around his body.

Using the fleshy portion of his body that was at the level of E class, he fully activated his genetic abilities. Two genetic abilities erupted and fused with his mechanical body. With this, nobody here was his opponent!


The half android started his onslaught.

"Be careful!" Shen Wei blocked in front of everyone.


A collision of iron fist and flaming sword!


Shen Wei started spurting blood.

So strong.

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

No one had expected that this half android would be so powerful.

The shadow warriors stood up with great difficulty. Unfortunately, they did not seem to have much combat power remaining in them. This time, they might truly die here.


The shadow warriors were filled with guilt.

Their mission was to escort Chen Feng to the incubated being.

However… they failed! Their target was already in front of them. The entrance to the cave was so near. However, they couldn’t enter!

"Escorting me here is already sufficient." A smile formed on Chen Feng’s face. "Your mission is complete. As for the rest, leave it to me."


Everyone blanked.

Leave it to you?

Was it due to the existence of that red light when his nervous system had been stimulated previously?

That red light was indeed powerful. They had a deep impression of it.


Could Chen Feng truly display that power? Without stimulation of his nervous system, he had no outside help to once again display that power.

Moreover, against this enemy with a half-mechanical body, who was capable of liquefying his body to reconstruct his body, without the assistance of an intelligent chip to help direct their attacks, it was simply impossible to end this half android!

This half android here most certainly had his brain modified with an intelligent chip, becoming the half android that he was currently. Since that was the case, a traditional spiritual shockwave would be ineffective against him. Using a spiritual attack against a machine? It was simply a joke.

They believed that, whoever it was that had modified this half android, that person must have taken this aspect into consideration as well. It was very probable for Chen Feng’s spiritual attack to be ineffective.

Allowing a gene producer to be the one battling?

How was that possible?

"Just retreat," one of the shadow warrior said in a low voice. "Even if we have failed this mission, we must assure your safety."

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "There’s no need for that."

Opposite them, the half android was seething with killing intent as he eyed them.

After hearing Chen Feng’s words, he had a bad feeling. This guy... Did this guy truly possess a method of killing him? From the data transmitted to him by Xia Yan…

This guy was extremely dangerous! He had to be cautious!

"Before we start, I have a question," Chen Feng suddenly said.


The half android was puzzled.

"Your body was half-mechanical and half flesh. So," Chen Feng looked curiously at his crotch, "is that part half-mechanical as well?"


Even if he was an enemy, wouldn’t it be too excessive to ask this straight to his face?!

Chen Feng looked at him with sympathy in his eyes. "It seems like the answer is yes."

"Chen Feng!"

The half android’s ice-cold mechanical voice was seething with killing intent.

After modification, that thing at his crotch had also become a killing weapon and could no longer be used in a regular fashion. This was the biggest pain in his heart. This was also biggest source of his hatred toward Xia Yan.

The half android started raging. "I’ll kill you!"

"Indeed…" A smile formed on Chen Feng’s face.

Even if he was a half android, his main body was still human. He would still be angry, be furious, be emotionally unstable. Such a modified life form, what was the point of its existence?

"Just let this be over with."

Chen Feng waved his hand indifferently.


Luck Aura activated.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades started emerging in great numbers. The amount of the genetic abilities contained in his Myriad Illusion genetic ability that he had access to was greatly related to the amount of his spiritual energy. Now that his spiritual energy had greatly increased, the amount of genetic abilities he could access had increased greatly as well.[1]

The strongest attacking gene! Come! Chen Feng chanted inwardly.


A huge Wind Blade appeared in the air.

Its Myriad Illusions–generated ability: Magnification, this skill was able to absorb the masterless energy in the air, increasing the energy contained in the user by threefold.

Presently, this Myriad Illusions–generated ability had combined with Wind Blade, becoming a secret art, magnifying the power of the original Wind Blade by fivefold, possessing astonishing power.


This was the strongest ability among the abilities in his Myriad Illusions that his Luck Aura had chosen.


1. In case anyone has forgotten this, this part refers to what was mentioned in the early chapters. The illusionary snake gene reagent Chen Feng fused with to obtain this Myriad Illusions genetic ability was a gene reagent containing numerous genetic abilities within. This is because the illusionary snake is a beast without a fixed genetic ability, which means that within its body were numerous genes, each with different genetic ability. When Chen Feng used his Luck Aura, he is able to select and activate the gene containing the genetic ability he needs.

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