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Chapter 192: Dying in Such a Manner Is Truly…

Chapter 192: Dying in Such a Manner Is Truly…

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"Fivefold power?"

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. He had forgotten the last time he'd had the chance to unleash his true power. The previous time he'd done so, he'd only had a spiritual energy of 250 points, yet his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade had already been capable of insta-killing someone at D-class. Now, a Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade formed with his 1,000 points of spiritual energy…


The half-meter-length Wind Blade erupted with fivefold its power and size.

"This thing…"

The half android was alerted as he started defending with all his power.


The Wind Blade collided with the energy shield.


It created a faint undulation, yet no damage was caused.

A Wind Blade created with 1,000 points of spiritual energy would only possess a maximum power of peak E class. Even after a fivefold increase in its power, it had merely reached the initial stages of D-class.

Breaking through the shield? How was that possible?

The huge Wind Blade of Chen Feng's wasn’t even as powerful as the shadow warriors.


Everyone smiled bitterly. Seemed like they were truly going to die here.

"Only this much?" The half android laughed malevolently. "Go die, then."


His body charged forth.

However, at this very moment, Chen Feng once again waved his hand.


A succession of Wind Blades erupted.

Regardless of how powerful his Wind Blade was, it was essentially something formed of wind energy. Hence, it was extremely fast. With the chain of Wind Blades unleashed upon him, the half android had no choice but to stop his attack and to focus on defense instead.




The never-ending Wind Blades bombarded the energy shield.


One ripple after another was created on the energy shield.

After several tens of Wind Blades landed on it, the shield still remained intact.

Shen Wei shook her head. This won’t do…

Doing this would only exhaust their enemy’s energy instead of dealing any real damage. If they wanted to eliminate the half android, a single powerful attack was required.

The android shook his head. "Too weak."

How could an attack at this level harm him? The producers nowadays were indeed too naïve. To think that Xia Yan had even told him that this guy was dangerous? What a joke.

However, Chen Feng still maintained his calm expression.



Wind Blades erupted without stop.

The half android merely stared coldly at this opponent. When his opponent finally exhausted his spiritual energy, it would be the half android’s turn to charge forth and kill him.


One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes.

Suddenly, an ice-cold system notification prompted. At this, the expression of the half android changed greatly.

"Ding. Warning. Only 10% energy remaining."

The half android’s expression started twisting. "What?"

Ten percent?

How was that possible?!

He had an extremely powerful energy core! The energy core was capable of supporting his normal operation for one whole year. Even if he were to engage in battles on a daily basis, the energy core would still be able to last one whole month.

How many minutes had it been?

He looked at the numbers indicating his energy level.

Only at this did he find out that, in this short few minutes, how huge the amount of Wind Blades that Chen Feng had unleashed. The unending flow of Wind Blades appeared more like a single huge wave instead of individual Wind Blades.

Although the Wind Blades were incapable of breaking through his energy shield, they were able to exhaust a huge amount of his energy supply.

"This is impossible!" The half android could not believe this. How could this guy release so many Wind Blades? Even if only one point of spiritual energy was required for a single Wind Blade, with Chen Feng’s level, 1,000 Wind Blades should have been his limit, right? Instead, what he was facing currently was an unending torrent of Wind Blades!

So many Wind Blades he couldn’t even count them!

Nine percent...

Eight percent...

His energy supply was dropping rapidly.


An alarmed expression appeared on the half android’s face.

He possessed limitless life span and a limitless future! He could not die here!


Instinctively, he turned around, trying to flee.



A huge amount of Wind Blades flooded him.


Can you escape?

When the energy shield was fully activated, he was not able to move a single step, or else the exhaustion would be even more terrifying. Hence, he could only maintain his energy shield’s activation to block Chen Feng’s attack.

Seven percent...

Six percent...

His energy supply was still dropping rapidly.

I can’t sit here and wait for death!

He attempted to use other methods. For example, shooting energy beams out of his cannon…

However, under Chen Feng’s unending Wind Blades, it was simply ineffective. Instead, his energy supply was exhausted at an even faster speed.

Three percent...

Two percent...

One percent...

A succession of warnings popped out. "Ding! Warning! Overexhaustion of energy! Warning! Automatic energy regeneration unable to keep up with energy usage! Warning! Energy supply will be emptied soon. Kindly recharge as soon as possible."


Accompanied by a mournful scream, the energy shield disappeared.


The half android screeched in terror.


He was submerged by a flood of Wind Blades.

Energy exhausted.

Defense stopped functioning.

All other available operations were halted as well.


One Wind Blade after another rained down on the half android’s body. Although he had displayed his genetic abilities to his utmost capability, that half-mechanical body of his, at this moment, became his biggest baggage.




Wind Blades erupted unendingly.

The half android was bombarded to death.


Everyone’s mouths were left agape as they blanked for a long time.

Dead just like that?

How was this possible?

The half android was akin to an unrivaled war god that had crushed all opposition. Even Shen Wei hadn't been his match. Now, this half android had been spammed to death by Chen Feng’s Wind Blades?

This was illogical!

What on earth had happened?

Everyone was clueless.

Even the Shen Wei siblings were shocked.

Wang Chun was astonished. "What happened?"

"Cough cough." Chen Feng coughed as he faintly said, "Although he had a lot of advantages, being a half android, his eternal weakness was his electric sup—oh, wait, it’s energy supply. Hence, as long as we smash him until his energy supply is exhausted, it will be over."

Wang Chun: "…"

Everyone else: "…"

Energy exhaustion?

How the f*ck was it this simple?

Nowadays, with the advancement in energy-related technologies, the energy supply in an android was generally capable of regenerating by itself. Some could even reach a level where the rate of regeneration was equivalent to the rate of exhaustion.

Energy exhaustion?

That was simply a joke.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chen Feng was the one who had uttered these words, Wang Chun would have spat all over the face of anyone else who would said this.

Now, though…

Wang Chun could only smile bitterly.

As he recalled what had happened earlier, he somewhat understood what had happened.

Chen Feng had used a huge amount of Wind Blades to destroy the balance between energy exhaustion and regeneration of that half android. When the exhaustion far exceeded the regeneration, it would become problematic.

Ultimately, exhausting all the energy available for the android.

When they understood what had happened, everyone exchanged glances. So this terrifying half android had been bombarded to death by Chen Feng?

A magnificent unequaled war god had been transformed into scrap metal due to energy exhaustion?

This, this, this…

"This freak was too strong." Chen Feng looked at the luck values he had exhausted as his heart ached.

Even if his spiritual energy had increased greatly, leading to the increase in quantity and quality of Wind Blades he could unleash, he had still exhausted 100 points of luck value.

Too wasteful.

Wang Chun: "…"

Everyone else: "…"

They had a feeling that Chen Feng was the actual freak instead of the half android.

Too strong!

The shock was more apparent on the shadow warriors. They all had dumbstruck expressions on their faces.

Was this the supposedly ‘weak,’‘frail,’ and ‘inexperienced due to young age’ producer that the Genetic Union had deployed them to protect?

Who was the one doing the protecting now?!

This wasn’t a fake mission that they had accepted, right?

Suddenly, from the cave entrance that was filled with an ice-cold aura, a buzzing sound could be heard.

"This sound…"

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

The incubated being was about to be birthed!

"Guard here," Chen Feng said without hesitation. "I will go in and deal with it."

"All right," everyone replied with somber voices.

This was the incubated being, a unique mutated monster created using dark energy. Normal genetic warriors like them would not be able to do anything to it. Instead, they might end up infected by the dark energy if they were to meddle with it.

"Let Shen Wei follow you," Wang Chun said suddenly.

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. "Her?"

Could it be that those who came from a different world couldn’t be infected by the dark energy?

"My flame is capable of purging all evil!" Shen Wei said imposingly.


Fire started raging on her huge sword. From the dense flame, a faint trace of a bizarre aura could be felt. Perhaps this was the aura of justice that was capable of suppressing all evil from the legends?

Chen Feng glanced at Wang Chun with an odd expression. What comic had this guy been reading?

Flame of justice?

What damnable world setting was that?

Moreover, the fact that the same effect could be brought over to the real world from the comic book’s world made it even more bizarre.

"Cough cough." Wang Chun coughed. "In short, the flame possesses purifying capabilities."

"All right." Chen Feng did not say anything useless as he looked at Shen Wei before saying, "Let’s go."


Both of them stepped into the ice cave.


A bizarre radiance flickered unceasingly.

The incubated being was about to be birthed!

Chen Feng stared ahead and saw that the cocoon containing the incubated being was already extremely thin. Within was a terrifying black light that gleamed unceasingly. Evidently, the cocoon could split open at any moment.

The moment the cocoon was broken would be the moment the incubated being was birthed.


Chen Feng fished out all the purifying gene reagents he had.

These were the purifying gene reagents specially prepared by the Gene Production Association. When used against the incubated being, its strength would be greatly weakened, giving Chen Feng the chance to eradicate the incubated being!


Chen Feng fixed his gaze on the cocoon, waiting for the moment of its birth.



A crack appeared on the cocoon.