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Chapter 193: This Is Different from the Analysis!

Chapter 193: This Is Different from the Analysis!

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Xia Yan stared at the collapsing figure on the screen with an unsightly expression.


That terrifying half android, codenamed "Unequaled War God," who was so terrifying even she herself felt that he was dangerous, that extremely powerful guy had actually died.

Furthermore, he had been played to death by Chen Feng.

"Trash!" Xia Yan was furious. He had sufficient strength, yet his brain seemed less capable than his strength. No wonder he had been the target of suppression by their organization.

As for Chen Feng…

This was not the first time he had shocked her.

Xia Yan inhaled deeply as she rubbed her chest that was moving up and down unceasingly.

The first time it had happened, her initially flawless plan had been seen through by Chen Feng, and she ended up losing one of her arms.

The second time it had happened, Chen Feng had successfully led that whole group of people to escape out of the Qin family’s ruins. On top of that, he had even brought back some information that was not supposed to be leaked.

Now, the same thing was happening!

The organization was already dissatisfied with her. If this incubated being project was to fail…

Xia Yan had an unsightly expression. She clearly remembered the words of her superior. The incubated being project was her final chance. If she failed even this mission, perhaps…

"I can’t fail," Xia Yan muttered. "I definitely can’t fail this time!"

Despite her confidence in the incubated being’s strength, she would not allow any mishaps to happen. This was especially true when she had someone like Chen Feng lurking around.

"Seems like there’s only one thing I can do now," Xia Yan muttered.


She gulped down a bottle of gene reagent.


A terrifying radiance dispersed from her body.

"Ah, ah, ah—"

She was hit by an immense pain, causing her to roll around on the ground. On the screen, her personal information appeared. On it, it could be seen that her attributes were changing constantly, ultimately dropping from D-class to E-class and losing 1,000 attribute points.

After a long time, she crawled up with a pale expression.

She walked forth with her swaying body and entered the area where the entry of those above peak E class was restricted.

"I’m coming…"

Currently, in the ice cave, Chen Feng and Shen Wei were waiting for the birth of the incubated being.


With a crisp sound, the crack started spreading. Black rays of light shone out of the cracks, covering the whole cocoon. From the crack, a pitch-black yet dazzling radiance could be seen.

"It’s coming!"

Chen Feng’s eyes were as sharp.


Light started swirling.

Chen Feng held onto the gene reagents in his hand tightly.


The cocoon broke apart.

Pieces of the cocoon dropped to the ground while a dazzling black light shot out of it.

It appeared!

Instinctively, Chen Feng had the urge to toss his gene reagents out. However, when he got a clear look at the incubated being, he blanked. This was because what appeared from the cocoon was a pretty boy that appeared to be 12 or 13 years old.

Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly. "What’s going on?"

Shouldn’t the incubated being be a modified version of a dark freak?

A freak should be the one that came out of the cocoon, right?

This guy…

The boy opened his eyes blankly. His had a pair of huge and pretty eyes that were not lacking even when compared with Shen Yi. "Where is this?"


He shifted his gaze to Chen Feng.

As his gaze landed on Chen Feng, life seemed to seep into those previously blank-looking eyes of his.

Chen Feng looked at him curiously while he looked at Chen Feng curiously as well. A tinge of attachment flickered in his eyes.

Chen Feng tried waving his hand. The boy waved his hand as well.

Chen Feng tried blinking. The boy blinked as well.

"This kid…"

A tinge of emotion appeared on even the ice-cold expression of Shen Wei.

This is…


Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

Something seemed off with this mission!

He was not a killing machine like those from the Genetic Union. To suddenly discover that the target of his purification mission was actually a little boy, his acute senses told him that something somewhere seemed off.

Would the problem lie on the Genetic Union's side?

Or perhaps…

Some problems had arose in Xia Yan’s experiment? From this boy’s reaction, it seemed like he was treating Chen Feng and Shen Wei as his parents. If this was the case, perhaps…

Chen Feng walked toward the boy with a smile on his face.

He took the bait! Contempt flashed in the lively big eyes of the little boy. Nobody saw it! Indeed, humans are an idiotic life form.

Based on the information given by his intelligent chip, 90% of human would have an innate affection toward existences such as young boys or lolis, regardless of age.

It was indeed correct!

Such imprinted behavior was the main weak point of mammals. A common word that could be used to describe this kind of innate behavior was "enchanted."

When a human encountered an adorable animal, subconsciously, emotions such as "enchanted," "pity," "sympathy," and the like would occur.

It was indeed correct!

Chen Feng extended his hand. "Come."

Shen Wei walked over as well. "So cute."

A sweet smile appeared on the boy’s face as he stretched out his hand to them as well. That pretty face of his was enough to shake a person’s core. When one looked at it, it appeared so innocent, with no trace of impurity.


Their hands were going to touch soon.

Come, come! the boy roared inwardly. As people who dared to hurt Master Xia Yan, you all need to die!


Countless data flipped past his eyes.

That’s right.

It was an intelligent chip!

With help from the intelligent chip, he had disguised his appearance using dark energy and, with the assistance of a huge amount of information stored within the chip, started analyzing and deciphering the weakness of his enemies, using it to achieve his goal!

This was what the incubated being was! This was also the direction in which Xia Yan’s researches had always been focused on.

Regardless of the half android earlier or this incubated being, they were created through a combination of technology and genetic abilities, creating an ultimate weapon.


A gush of terrifying dark energy swirled within his fingertips.

Due to the formidable disguise used by the incubated being, no one should be able to see through him. As long as Chen Feng or Shen Wei touched him, they would definitely be assimilated by the dark energy and might even become a part of the dark energy system!

Hahahaha! Come! Inwardly, the young boy was feeling immensely proud.


Chen Feng and Shen Wei finally reached him.

"Not good." Chen Feng’s expression changed suddenly. "You…"

I was found out!

The boy sneered. For them to only notice it now, it was too late!

As Chen Feng took a step back, the boy took the initiative to step forth and tried to touch Chen Feng. However, with a flick of Chen Feng’s wrist, a row of gene reagents appeared and were immediately stuffed into his mouth.


The boy’s mouth was stuffed full with gene reagents.


Chen Feng smiled. "Do you know what mouth shot means?"


The boy had an ominous feeling as he grabbed toward his mouth, trying to pull those reagents out.


An astonishing flame radiated brightly.

Before his eyes, that supposedly idiotic human female that seemed to be enveloped by a radiance of motherly love earlier was currently walking toward him with a terrifying flaming sword in her hand. The bizarre aura emitted by the flame terrified him.


With a sword stabbed into his chest, he was nailed to the wall.

Chen Feng sneered. "Explode!"


Endless purifying energy started blooming.


What a joke.

A Chen Feng who possessed a warning system formed using Luck Aura, and a Shen Wei that came from a different world—in their eyes, a cute young boy like this lacked any sort of attraction.

The pitiful, cute young boy did not even have the chance to say anything before being completely crushed by Chen Feng and Shen Wei.


The boy stared at them with an unbelieving expression on his face.

How was this possible?!

Were the humans nowadays so cold blooded? It would've been fine if it was only the male that was so cold blooded. But even that female… Where was the so-called motherly love?

Moreover, being a newborn, when he was in a "blank" and "confused" condition where it was the best time to subdue him, for explorers that prioritized benefits above everything, wouldn’t he be extremely alluring?

The moment they managed to subdue him, it would be equivalent to them obtaining a great increase in combat power! Were they not enticed?

According to the data provided by the intelligent chip in his brain, 90% of humans would fall for this, while 9.9% of humans would maintain their vigilance and continue their observation.

As for these two?

They had actually tricked him to get him near them before taking the chance to get rid of him?

Were these two not humans?

"How can you be so cruel?" Chen Feng lamented as he saw Shen Wei’s stab. "This little boy is so cute. How can you make your move against him?"

"I’m sorry." Shen Wei sneered. "In the world I came from, males do not exist."

Chen Feng: "…"

What f*cking comic had Wang Chun been reading?!

"Oh oh—" A dark aura enveloped the boy’s body. "You both… deserve death!"

His face twisted as the dark aura scattered around his body, healing his body constantly.

However, he was alarmed to find that the injury caused by Shen Wei’s flaming sword couldn’t be healed. Instead, his injury was worsening!

How was this possible?

What on earth was this thing?!

Chen Feng smiled as he looked at the boy. "This is the flame of justice from a different world."


He tossed out all his purifying gene reagents at the boy.


A huge amount of purifying gene reagents flooded the incubated being.

Shen Wei raised her huge flaming sword and smashed the sword hilt toward the boy’s forehead. The red light radiated dazzlingly as she said, "By my name, purify!"


The fire raged.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah—"

Mournful screams started reverberating.

And thus, the incubated being was owned by Chen Feng and Shen Wei. Finally, he collapsed. The appearance of a cute boy on him disappeared as he turned into a clump of terrifying black aura.


Chen Feng had a sharp gaze.


Digital battle, activate!

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