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Chapter 194: Final Form!

Chapter 194: Final Form!

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A boundless world appeared.

Chen Feng’s digitized world was somewhat chaotic. Apart from the firm earth and the gene fragments swimming randomly around, there were no other things with a fixed structure in it.

The amount of gene fragments he had in here were already low in amount, as he had been using these gene fragments as representations of different numbers to change some of the problems he encountered in real life into matters of probability. Coupled with the instant mutation of these gene fragments when enemies were detected…

The amount of gene fragments in his digitized world was simply not enough for his usage.

Hence, this digitized world was totally barren when compared with the digitized world of other master gene producers.

The incubated being had a horrified expression when he was dragged in here. However, when he saw Chen Feng’s digitized world, all his fear evaporated.

"This is your digitized world?" The incubated being was stunned.

Digital battles were one of the main killers of dark freaks. Hence, as a uniquely created dark freak, various information pertaining to ways of escaping from a digitized world had been transmitted to him by Xia Yan.

Moreover, the difficulty level of the information that was transmitted to him was quite high.

For example: digitized cage!

After dragging a dark freak into the digitized world, the producer would directly trap the dark freak in a cage. He had to look for a way to escape this cage within a short period of time. This was one of his compulsory subjects during the tests conducted on him.

However, in Chen Feng’s digitized world, there was nothing.

None of those terrifying cages.

None of those huge amounts of soldiers.

None of those unique chains.

Not even a single weapon could be found here.

This was simply the lowest difficulty digitized world he had ever encountered.

One had to know that even a digital battle newbie would know some methods of using gene fragments to create a digitized weapon and a digitized shield.

Here, though, nothing could be seen.


He still had a chance!

The incubated being was overjoyed.


Clumps of black aura started condensing as he transformed into a black-colored monster that was similar in appearance to the monster Qin Hai’s cousin had transformed into previously.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Interesting."

"Die!" the incubated being bellowed.

Chen Feng waved his hand.


A huge amount of gene fragments whizzed toward the boy and engulfed him.


The incubated being blanked.

How was this possible?!

Digitized world!

Those masterless gene fragments could only be controlled when the producer made these gene obtain mastery over them. Or else these gene fragments would only wander around aimlessly in the digitized world.

It was simply impossible to control them.

But here…

He had clearly seen that those gene fragments were all masterless. However, it was these very masterless gene fragments that had been fully activated under Chen Feng’s control. Akin to mini soldiers, they had submerged him.



An explosion of gene fragments.

The incubated being was flung away. Next, a flash of red appeared.

A resplendent flash of red.



The terrifying red flash pierced through the incubated being.

One time!

Two times!

After countless red flashes, the incubated being ended up kneeling on the ground with numerous holes on his body. That originally intact black-aura-formed body was now filled with holes.

The incubated being was initially an extremely powerful being. However, under the double purification by Chen Feng and Shen Wei before being dragged into the digitized world, he simply had no chance of demonstrating his power before getting crushed.

"How is this possible?"

The incubated being stared blankly at Chen Feng.


The heavily damaged body fell to the ground with a loud thump and transformed into black aura before dispersing.

Incubated being—dead!


Chen Feng returned to reality.

Now that this incubated being was killed, he and Shen Wei had to leave here as soon as possible.

However, surprising them, even after the incubated being’s death, the restriction placed for those above peak E class still remained here.

"What’s going on?"

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.



A bizarre sound could be heard.

Chen Feng and Shen Wei turned around to find that, at the entrance of the cave, a person was sprawled on the ground where the shell of the cocoon was and was swallowing the pieces of broken cocoon.


Dark aura started bubbling.

Chen Feng had a solemn mood. "Who?"

A familiar laughter echoed, "Hehehehehe…"

That person raised her head, exposing a sinister and weird looking face.

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted. "Xia Yan?!"

How could it be her?

Xia Yan!

Wasn’t she at D class? Wait, when had she dropped back to E class? Furthermore, even if she dropped her class, she was still a producer, right?

This fellow…


Shen Wei took the initiative to make the first move.

She did not have as many thoughts as Chen Feng.

As a reincarnation of justice, she could feel the disgusting stench of the evil aura on Xia Yan’s body.


The flaming sword that had never failed her pierced through Xia Yan’s chest.


Flame blazed.

Xia Yan’s body turned into ashes.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. "Dead?"

This woman had sneaked in here just to throw her life away?


Looking at the cocoon shells that had reduced in amount, Chen Feng could vaguely feel that something was wrong. When Shen Wei’s flame landed on those cocoon shells, it actually failed to damage them.

Vaguely, the color of the flame turned black.

Chen Feng was shaken. "Not good! Retreat!"

Bringing Shen Wei along, he retreated quickly.

Just as they reached the cave entrance, a gust of terrifying aura erupted from the ice cave. The enormous mountain range directly burst apart from the eruption.



The mountain range crumbled as countless icy stones rained down.

"What happened?" Wang Chun, who was outside the entrance, felt that something was wrong.

"Go!" Chen Feng shouted.

Everyone instinctively followed him as they retreated.



Terrifying boulders rained unceasingly, leaving numerous pits on the ground. Together with the boulders was the black aura that was dropping like raindrops, corroding the ground and leaving numerous holes in it.

Everyone started dodging, cutting a sorry figure doing so.


The whole Extreme Iceland was enveloped by a thick fog.

Only an expanse of darkness could be seen.

"What damnable thing was that?" Terror could be seen in Wang Chun’s eyes. What the heck had Chen Feng done?

"Who knows?" Chen Feng said grudgingly. "The incubated being was killed by us. Unexpectedly, Xia Yan arrived next. Although she appeared to have been killed by us…"



The earth suddenly started trembling.

Amidst the darkness, a huge silhouette appeared.

Instinctively, everyone looked at it and immediately inhaled mouthfuls of cold air. That was actually a terrifying monster formed of black aura with an appearance that was similar to a human yet not a human, similar to a monster yet not a monster.

However, if one paid attention to its face…

"Xia Yan?" Chen Feng said suddenly.

"Hehehehe," the gloomy voice echoed, "Chen Feng…"

Chen Feng was shaken. "It’s indeed you!"

This damnable freak was indeed Xia Yan!

Although Shen Wei had killed Xia Yan’s body, due to this woman eating the cocoon of the incubated being, her consciousness had transformed into a dark freak.

She had modified all sorts of freaks. Ultimately, she had even transformed herself into a freak.

Chen Feng sneered. "Is there a need for this?"

Hatred could be seen from Xia Yan’s eyes. "It’s all your fault."

Once, twice, thrice…

Every single time, it was Chen Feng that spoiled her plans!

Every single time!

If it wasn’t for Chen Feng, how would she have been forced to her current predicament?

"Do you know?" A dazzling smile appeared on Xia Yan’s face. "My goal has always been the fusion of technology and genetic abilities. Regardless of the half android or incubated being, that has always been the goal I was trying to accomplish. However, they were both flawed, unable to reach my vision. That fact remained, until one day, I stumbled upon the most optimal mode, which is myself! I only need to transform my body into a body of energy. With the fusion of technology into my body, I will be able analyze everything. At the same time, I only need to modify my body, giving myself the ability to switch my body between spiritual and solid form at will, and I will be unrivalled! I can step into any world at all times! Regardless of whether the world is an illusionary or a real world!"

Xia Yan laughed wildly. "All this while, I did not have the guts to do this. Now, though… thanks to your actions, I have finally taken this step. The organization will be able to see the efforts I have put into this. As long as I kill you all, when I return to the headquarters, I will definitely be allocated more resources to continue my research. I will become the most unique existence in the organization. Those who looked down on me… and you as well, shall all pay the price! Hehehe."

An intoxicated expression appeared on Xia Yan’s face.

"Such a feeling… splendid!"