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Chapter 195: Sorry

Chapter 195: Sorry

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Hou Liang and the rest that had been guarding outside the Extreme Iceland had an ominous feeling. For reasons unknown, as time passed, the aura emitted from the restricted area was becoming increasingly terrifying.

"It should be over soon, right?" Hou Liang muttered.

This feeling…

Something wasn’t right!



A black beam of light shot up from the restricted area. The disgusting aura of dark energy started spreading furiously. That aura, with a power far surpassing peak E class, shocked everyone there.

"This is…"

Everyone’s expressions turned unsightly.

Hou Liang’s heart thumped. "Something happened!"


An expert from the Genetic Union tried entering yet ended up bounced away by an intense repelling force.

The restriction was still in place!

"Since the restriction is still there, why has something so powerful appeared?"

Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold breath.

This was the restricted area! At most, only peak E class should be allowed entry into it. This was also the reason they felt comfortable with sending Wang Chun and Chen Feng in for this mission. But now…

"How’s the situation of Chen Feng and the group?" Hou Liang asked suddenly.

"Let me check." Light glimmered in the hands of one of the genetic warriors as he said, "The signals of the seven shadow warriors are feeble. They had probably suffered heavy injuries. Wang Chun and Chen Feng’s life force are still as vigorous as before."

Hou Liang exhaled in relief. "That’s good, then."

Due to the limitations of the restriction placed here, they could only detect the life force of Chen Feng’s group.

"Pay close attention to them," Hou Liang said with a deep tone. "If required, we shall break in with force!"


Everyone had solemn expressions.

It was indeed possible for them to break in with force. However, the price they would have to pay for that was unimaginably high.

The moment they decided to break in to save Chen Feng and Wang Chun, they would be required to exhaust a huge amount of resources and energy. On top of that, the experts they had hidden around would all need to expose their positions as well.

If, at this moment, their enemies decided to make a move, they would definitely fail the mission.

Everything they had done would have been for nothing.

Hou Liang was sure that the experts from that mysterious organization were definitely concealed somewhere waiting for an opportunity.

This was a war!

Regardless of which side it was that was forced to make the first move, that side would be at a disadvantage!

Currently, there was a surging undercurrent in the whole Extreme Iceland. Amidst the cold wind, countless experts were hidden, waiting for an opportunity to make a move. Any single change in the restricted area might lead to a huge battle.

At the same time, in the restricted area, in front of the ruined ice cave, Xia Yan was controlling her huge body as she walked around. The area was pervaded with black aura as a gust of power so powerful it caused the heart of others to palpitate was birthed. This was the power resulting from the combination of Xia Yan and the incubated being.

Ka cha!

Ka cha!

She returned and started eating those cocoon shells again.

"Stop her!"


Several shadow warriors made their move.

Xia Yan waved her hand casually. "Scram!"


The shadow warriors were flung away.


Blood splattered everywhere.

The shadow warriors that were already injured were flung far away and laid on the ground, unconscious.

"C class…"

Wang Chun inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

As he was now peak E class, Shen Wei would be able to transcend classes to challenge those in D class. Even when facing those at the peak of D class, he had no fear. As for C class?

That would be a joke.


The flaming sword in Shen Wei’s hand erupted.

Unlimited slash!


Afterimages flickered around.

A terrifying power was unleashed from Shen Wei’s hand as it slashed toward Xia Yan. However, shocking everyone there, the dense black aura remained undamaged under the attack of this bizarre flame.

"Ka cha!"

Another piece of cocoon was swallowed by Xia Yan.


The flame bloomed.

Xia Yan paused as she threw a cold glance at Shen Wei before continuing to eat those pieces of cocoon.

She was actually capable of ignoring Shen Wei’s attack.

"How is this possible?" Wang Chun howled.

This fellow was so strong?!

"Hateful." Shen Wei’s slender and long leg stamped on the ground as she stared at Wang Chun resentfully. "If I can unleash even a small portion of my true strength…" Shen Wei snorted coldly. "Hmph, useless male."

Wang Chun could only smile bitterly. Regardless of how strong he got, it would still be useless. The limit for entry into this place was peak E class! It was simply unimaginable for Xia Yan to use some unknown method to increase her power to C class in this restricted area.

The incubated being itself was the very thing that was restricting the access to peak E class and below. Any power surpassing peak E class should be suppressed. It was simply impossible for those above peak E class to enter this area. Even if they were to use some peculiar methods to enter this place, they should not be able to display a power surpassing peak E class.

This was a unique restriction formed with the body of that incubated being as the core.

Originally, this restriction was supposed to disappear when that incubated being died. However, due to Xia Yan’s fusion with that incubated being, the restriction here had remained in such a bizarre manner.


Regardless of how they looked at it, Xia Yan should have been the one who was the subject of the most severe repression. It should have simply been impossible for Xia Yan to surpass the limit set by the restriction here.

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled the information pertaining to the incubated being he had seen previously.

Incubated project…

Dark energy’s form…

Combination of technology and ability…

Xia Yan…

Chen Feng thought knowingly.

Soon, Chen Feng realized something. He discovered that, up until now, after mutating, Xia Yan had remained in this bizarre energy form without forming a proper human form. "Is it due to this body?"

"You are very intelligent," Xia Yan said admiringly. "Unfortunately, for an ordinary dark freak, such as those who had transformed into a dark freak due to dark energy infection, even if their body could be changed into energy form, they still have to maintain a human form in order to display their power. Unlike me… I have broken away from all limitations. I have broken away from the constraints of that dirty physical body, broken away from the constraints of a lowly existence known as a soul."

"This… is what freedom tastes like."

Ka cha!

Xia Yan swallowed the final piece of the cocoon.

A smile appeared on her dark-aura-formed face as she talked to Chen Feng while eating, akin to someone chatting during their dinner. This sinister appearance caused one’s hair to stand at its sight.

This woman…


Terrifying energy started bubbling up around Xia Yan.

"Done." Xia Yan smiled. "Then, Chen Feng, this is my final ultimatum. Although you have spoiled a lot of my plans, I am still extremely interested in your talent and the legendary awareness you are said to possess. I can give you a single chance."

Xia Yan’s gaze appeared fanatical as she said, "Pledge your allegiance to me. We shall create an existence that is even more powerful."

"I’m sorry." Chen Feng expressed his regret. "I’m not interested in an old woman."

Xia Yan’s expression froze.

"You are courting death." Xia Yan’s gaze became cold and sinister. It was rare for her to have such an appreciation toward a talent. "Fine. It doesn’t matter anyway." A toying smile appeared on her face as she smiled faintly. "After killing and cutting you all into pieces, I can still conduct my research on your corpse when I return."


The black aura erupted.

Shen Wei blocked in front of everyone. "Be careful!"


The dense flame collided with the dark aura.


Shen Wei retreated several steps back as blood spurted out of her mouth. Xia Yan, on the other hand, was still perfectly fine.

Chen Feng waved his hand. "Hmph."


Endless eruption of Wind Blades.

Purifying Wind Blades!

Ice-cold Wind Blade!

Flaming Wind Blade!

All sorts of odd Wind Blades with formidable might were instantly unleashed. However, all these Wind Blades merely phased through Xia Yan’s body without dealing any damage to her.

"How is this possible?" Chen Feng cried out in alarm.

"Hehe." Xia Yan laughed sinisterly. After suffering so many losses at Chen Feng’s hands, now that she got to see this shocked expression on Chen Feng’s face, she felt an indescribable sense of pleasure.

What a splendid feeling.

Xia Yan licked her lips. "I will be sure to treat you nicely."


The boundless dark aura instantly enveloped Chen Feng.

"Be careful!"

Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.



All sorts of attacks were unleashed toward Xia Yan.

However, they were ineffective.

Even Shen Wei’s purifying flame was useless.

"Chen Feng?!" Wang Chun bellowed.

He could do nothing except watch with his own eyes as Chen Feng was enveloped by that dark aura. Although he had always been jokingly saying that he was here to receive Chen Feng’s protection, he was essentially still a genetic warrior! Protecting Chen Feng was his mission! This was his obligation!



Golden light started radiating from Wang Chun’s body as he stood up and punched toward Xia Yan.


That terrifying gold radiance smashed toward the dark aura.

Even without Shen Wei and Shen Yi, Wang Chun himself possessed an extremely powerful combat power as well.



His punch felt like it had landed on cotton.


Despite the strength of his concealed power, his attack was simply ineffective against Xia Yan who had reached a power equivalent to C class, coupled with her ability to ignore all attacks.


Chen Feng was submerged within the boundless dark aura.

It was over!

Everyone’s hearts chilled.

However, at this moment, Chen Feng merely gulped down a bottle of gene reagent in a calm manner.

1. Mutated turtlefungi gene reagent: A bizarre spiritual energy halo was formed around the user. Able to reduce 50% of spiritual energy requirement, which is equivalent to an increase of 50% in the user’s spiritual energy effectiveness.

2. Spiritual energy enhancing reagent: In a short duration, Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was increased by onefold, increasing his current spiritual energy greatly.

3. Mutated cuttlefish gene reagent: Temporary increase of his spiritual energy’s effectiveness by 80%!

Chen Feng had actually used all the methods he had used to increase his spiritual energy when he had passed the master producer’s certification previously. However, due to the restriction placed here, his spiritual energy remained the same, without any increase.

"What a pitiful kid… Regardless of how much your spiritual energy increases here, it will only remain at 1,000." Xia Yan looked at him playfully. "Aren’t you someone capable of creating miracles? Why are you pathetically struggling here using such methods that are simply impossible of succeeding?"


The dense dark energy invaded Chen Feng’s body.

She wanted to infect Chen Feng, turning him into her ally!

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "Is that so?"


With a wave of his hand, his hand was inserted into the dark aura.

Abruptly, the dark-aura-formed face of Xia Yan shuddered. That huge pair of pitch-black eyes stared at Chen Feng with an unbelieving expression.

"You… how is that possible!" Xia Yan screeched in terror.

"Ah." Chen Feng laughed lightly.


Xia Yan’s body started trembling violently.

Suddenly, a thick and bright red line shot out of the dark aura.


The red flash shone dazzlingly.

At this instant, that bright red flash erupted and started streaking back and forth, piercing through Xia Yan’s body. On that dark-aura-formed body that was initially so powerful, numerous holes were created by that seemingly endless red flash.

Unable to attack?

Able to swap your body between illusory and solid form at will?


Xiao Ying is much more proficient at this than you!