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Chapter 196: The World’s Fastest Man!

Chapter 196: The World’s Fastest Man!

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From the ice cave ruins, Xia Yan’s terrified voice echoed out unceasingly. The dark aura trembled as she controlled her body to retreat hastily. However, it was ineffective.



The red flash streaked back and forth.

At this instant, the whole sky was covered by the radiance of that red flash.

That red flash streaked around, leaving numerous arcs in the sky as it pierced Xia Yan’s body continuously. Every single time it pierced through Xia Yan, a portion of the dark aura would disappear.

The dark-aura-formed body of Xia Yan decreased in size without stop.

"No!" Xia Yan was collapsing emotionally. "How is this possible?! How is it possible for you…"

Xia Yan stared at Chen Feng with an unbelieving expression.

Death was not a scary thing. The moment she had joined the organization, she had already been prepared for death. However, she could not believe that the flawless body that she had achieved through her whole life’s research was actually being damaged by Chen Feng just like this.

This was impossible!

Xia Yan fixed her gaze on Chen Feng.

What was the problem?

Insufficient intensity of her body’s transformation?

Insufficient energy?



Xia Yan’s body moved without stop.

However, it was useless.

Every single time the red flash pierced through her, the dark aura would tremble violently.

Soon, she was no longer capable of maintaining the activation of the unique body formed of dark aura and transformed back into a human’s body as she slumped weakly on the ground. The terrifying C-class power she'd had was once again reduced back to peak E class.

"That thing…" Xia Yan fixed her gaze at Chen Feng and madly shouted, "Tell me, how did you do that?"

"You are referring to this?" Chen Feng smiled before reabsorbing Xiao Ying back into his body with a wave of his hand.

"Tell me!" Xia Yan was almost begging.

"It’s very simple." A faint smile was on Chen Feng’s face as he whispered beside her ear, "If one wants to be my companion, the ability to move freely between the real world and the spiritual world is a must-have."

Companion? Must-have?

Xia Yan blanked momentarily before she started laughing madly.

Too ridiculous!

What was the so-called companion? This was clearly a pet!

In order words, the flawless body that had been the goal of her research for her whole life, the unrivaled power it possessed, was simply an ability that was also possessed by a pet of Chen Feng's?

"Hahahahahaha!" Xia Yan laughed till tears streamed down her cheeks. "Why did it turn out this way? Hahahahaha!"

She laughed wildly. However, her aura was weakening. Evidently, she wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Currently, Wang Chun and the rest were exchanging glances with each other. One moment earlier, they had still been worried about Chen Feng. The next moment, he had beaten Xia Yan.

Wasn’t he too vigorous?!

"I am now sure." Wang Chun smiled bitterly. "I am truly here to be protected by you."

The others agreed with that sentiment.

Protecting Chen Feng?

Chen Feng alone was already stronger than all of them combined.

This mission they had accepted was truly… too depressing!

Finally, as Xia Yan’s aura weakened, the restriction placed for those above peak E class started weakening.

The restriction was going to drop soon!

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. He was aware that the reinforcements from both sides were going to appear soon. The true battle would descend upon this place shortly.

"Go!" Chen Feng said coldly.


Everyone retreated speedily.

However, at this moment.


The air trembled as a huge palm appeared in the air before it loudly descended upon Chen Feng’s group.

"Here it comes!"

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. The true experts of that organization were finally making their move.


The terrifying attack descended from the sky. However, Chen Feng’s group was not feeling the slightest bit of fear, because at that very instant, the experts from Genetic Union finally made their move as well.


A ray of light appeared and smashed into that descending palm.

"Haha. We have been waiting for you all for a long time."


Light swirled.

The experts of the Genetic Union showed themselves.


With a flash of light, four genetic warriors emitting formidable aura from their bodies appeared. The one leading the group was enveloped by a resplendent radiance and had an out-of-the-ordinary temperament about him.

Wang Chun’s eyes shone. "It’s him!"

Chen Feng was curious. "You know him?"

Wang Chun’s emotions surged. "Of course."

Never Second, an expert from the Sea City branch. A peak B-class genetic warrior with an incredibly fast speed. Moreover, all five of his genetic abilities were speed related, giving him an extremely powerful combat power.

His slogan was: No matter what I do, I am the fastest!

This was a celebrity warrior. Similar to those celebrity producers, he was a genetic warrior with countless fans.

It was rumored that Never Second was already preparing to break through into A class. This time, the fusion gene reagent that he planned to use was speed related as well. The moment he completed his breakthrough, he might be the world’s fastest man.

"Seems like the result of this battle is already decided, then."

Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

Did this not mean that their mission was done? It had been truly too hard. When experts at such a level started appearing here, their mission was considered to have ended. He decided that this time, after returning, he would have to harshly demand a huge amount of rewards from the Gene Production Association.

"Mhm." Wang Chun nodded slightly as well. Despite the fact that this mission had been incredibly hard for them, it was still, after all, an E-class mission. Now that the restriction had been removed, the Genetic Union would be able to deal with the rest easily.

Even peak B-class experts had appeared. Was there any place left for them to do anything?

"Let’s return," Chen Feng said.


Everyone nodded their heads.

It would be too dangerous for them to stay here in the midst of the battle between these experts. As they thought of this, they silently prepared to leave. Currently, Never Second erupted with his incredibly high speed. In a single second, he reached one of their enemies.

So fast!

Everyone lamented.

Such speed, even in the whole world, there wouldn’t be many people capable of competing, right?


With a flash, a mournful scream echoed.

"He killed one already?"

Everyone raised their heads instinctively as a silhouette smashed into the ground.


Blood splattered.

Chen Feng’s group accidentally caught a glimpse of that silhouette. Immediately, they were shaken to their core. That was because the person who had been insta-killed was Never Second that had still appeared so formidable a moment earlier.


Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.


Chen Feng was stupefied. Brother, are you kidding me?

Fastest speed? Yeah, the speed you take to die is indeed faster than even those feeders!!!

"Is he a fraud?" He instinctively looked at Wang Chun. Nowadays, there indeed existed some who pretended to be those celebrity warriors. Perhaps, this guy was one of them…

"It’s really him!" Wang Chun said with a trembling voice. It was not possible for him to not recognize this person. That was truly Never Second! The celebrity warrior!

At the same time.


The air trembled.

A dull-looking silhouette walked out of thin air. It was a middle-aged man with an imposing square face. When one looked at him, he did not appear extraordinary. However, from his hand, a stench of blood was emitting.

It was him who had instantly killed Never Second.

"Never Second!" several angry shouts resounded.

The other, slower B-class warriors from the Genetic Union had finally arrived. Looking at the ice-cold corpse of Never Second, they charged angrily toward the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man pointed midair.


A terrifying power erupted as the B-class warriors were instantly flung away. Before this middle-aged man, they were actually incapable of resisting.


Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

A class!

Only an A-class genetic warrior could do this!

Wang Chun gulped. "This is bad."

No one had expected that this organization would actually send an extremely powerful expert at the A class. Had they gone insane? Or perhaps, was Xia Yan so important to them?

"Hide!" Chen Feng said immediately.


Noiselessly, they hid underneath the ice cave ruins, not daring to take a single step out.

This time… things were truly getting dangerous.

Currently, at the outer layer of the Extreme Iceland, a shocked expression was plastered on the faces of Hou Liang and the others. They had never expected that the lowest level mission involving the incubated being would attract an A-class super expert here.

"Have they gone insane?" Hou Liang howled.

A class! That was not some random vegetable at the market! For a peak E-class mission, an A-class super expert had actually appeared? What was wrong with this organization?

"Reinforcement! Requesting for immediate reinforcements!" Hou Liang bellowed at his communication tool. He believed that the Genetic Union would be able to send some corresponding experts speedily. However, could those experts make it in time?

A class…

What on earth are you all planning?

Hou Liang fixed his gaze at the ice cave ruins.

Now that the restriction was no longer in place, with their spiritual energy, they could easily see what was happening there. He was sure that this incident was not as simple as it seemed. Something like a dark freak and incubated being was not worth the time of an A-class expert.

There had to be some secret behind this.

At this moment.


Light flickered.

Beside the A-class expert, several silhouettes started appearing. All of them had unremarkable appearances, where if they were to mix into a crowd, no one would notice them.


A class!

A class!

All of them were A-class warriors!

That organization had actually sent five A-class experts here!

"Crazy. They must have gone crazy," Hou Liang muttered. He knew that something major had definitely happened.

Some major incident they were unaware of had to have happened. This incident was what caused this mysterious organization to be so reckless and willing to sacrifice anything to achieve their goal.

"Continue observing them attentively," Hou Liang told the scout. "If something really happens… even if we all die here… you must send the information back."

Hou Liang looked at the young scout. This kid was quite lacking in combat power, merely an ordinary scout. However, he had a unique ability: ignoring all barriers to transmit information.

Even if a barrier was set here, he would still be able to send the information back.

The scout’s face flushed red. "Understood."

"Then… we will have to see if we can to survive this," Hou Liang muttered.

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