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Chapter 197: Who on Earth Are You?!

Chapter 197: Who on Earth Are You?!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh
At the Extreme Iceland, a terrifying aura pervaded the air.

Chen Feng and the rest were hiding in the sheltered portion below the ice cave ruins. They were aware that it was impossible to avoid the detection of those experts; however, at the very least, this gave them a little sense of security.

Not far away, Xia Yan’s body was still trembling feebly.

Chen Feng sighed. "This woman…"

Killing a single Xia Yan had actually attracted the attention of such a powerful enemy?

What on earth was the reason for that?

"All this while, I thought that the situation where some big guys jumped out after you killed a small fry was something that would only happen to the student of a school."

Wang Chun did not even feel like berating this. "If the reason for these A-class bastards appearing is because they were Xia Yan’s lover or father, I won’t be in peace even if I were to die."

"…" Chen Feng glared furiously at him. "Are you not worried that they will overhear you?"

"There’s no problem," Shen Yi suddenly said gently with a faint glimmer in her hands. "I am not sure if I can block their detection; however, they definitely can’t hear what we are saying."

Concealment! This was what Shen Yi excelled at.

"Thanks." Chen Feng nodded faintly as he stared ahead.

Could they truly survive this?

They were sure that the organization behind Xia Yan would definitely appear. Their original plans were made with the appearance of C- or D-class reinforcements in mind. Unexpectedly, those who appeared were actually in A class!

Furthermore, there were five of them.

Was it because A-class warriors were simply too common in this mysterious organization?

Or perhaps…

Xia Yan had a unique identity within the organization?

Suddenly, the leader of the group started walking toward the ruins.

Chen Feng and the rest held their breath and hid themselves carefully.


That person reached the ruins. He was now only five meters from the position of Chen Feng’s group. Moreover, Chen Feng could vaguely feel that their opponent’s gaze was sweeping past him.


Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

In actuality, before an A-class expert, it was simply impossible for them to hide. They were now only hoping that this A-class expert was uninterested in them…

"Are you all here to save me?" Xia Yan asked weakly.

When Never Second had appeared, she had given up on all hope. Unexpectedly, the organization had sent so many experts here to save her. This was the first time she had ever felt so touched.

"Save you?" The leader of the group of experts blanked momentarily before smiling calmly. "Don’t worry. When we leave, we will bring you along."


A question mark appeared in Xia Yan’s brain. What did this mean?


That middle-aged man smiled as his gaze seemed to phase through the layers of ruins before locking onto Chen Feng’s body.

"Locked on!"

The expressions of Chen Feng and the rest changed greatly.


They retreated without hesitation. What were these A-class experts thinking about?

No one knew.


These guys had ignored the dying Xia Yan and fixed their gazes on them instead?

"Can you escape?"

That middle-aged man smiled calmly.


With a raise of his hand, radiance bloomed in his hand.


Time seemed to freeze at this moment.

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted. He could clearly see that everything around him seemed to slow down as that terrifying beam of light streaked toward him.

He could see it clearly yet was unable to dodge it.

"Chen Feng!" Hou Liang bellowed.

It was over!

That was an A-class expert!

Even a casual attack by him was not something Chen Feng could take on.


That terrifying beam of light landed and a dazzling red radiance erupted instantly.


A gust of terrifying energy started bubbling around the impact.



Terrifying cracks started forming in the ground. A deep gorge was actually left on the icy ground that normal warriors found impossible to break.

Was this the strength of an A-class expert?

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

Then, Chen Feng…

Instinctively, they looked at the impact area and found with shock that Chen Feng was still at the same spot he had been at, standing to a different side of the newly formed gorge.

A petite silhouette was in front of him, blocking the entirety of the attack from him.

That was…

Hou Liang’s pupils constricted immediately. It was her!

Chen Feng’s heart trembled. "You arrived…"

Wang Yao!

It was actually her!

For this mission, he had initially believed that the Genetic Union had made all the appropriate preparations. Coupled with the increase in his strength, he had not notified Wang Yao about this. Unexpectedly, she had still arrived during his crucial moment.

That figure in a red skirt before him had never appeared so enchanting.

"It’s been a while." Wang Yao still maintained her flat tone.

"Thank you."

Chen Feng expressed his gratitude sincerely.

"Don’t worry about it…" Wang Yao shook her head slightly. "However, with this, what I owe you ends here."

End here?

Chen Feng’s heart trembled. He remembered that Wang Yao had promised three favors to him. She had only helped him twice even after this time was included. Why had it become "ends here"? Was it due to their enemy this time being too powerful?

In actuality, Wang Yao had long repaid him a value equivalent to the seadragon’s blood essence he had given her.


If her favor to him ended here, did that not mean that he would no longer have any chance to see her in the future? This young lady that was cold yet so stubborn in fulfilling her promise…


The other A-class experts started approaching them.


Wang Chun dragged Chen Feng as they retreated.

Chen Feng suddenly said, "It’s not over yet! You still owe me one!"

"…" Wang Yao’s body trembled slightly.

She turned around and looked at Chen Feng. In those cold eyes of her, for the first time, a trace of gentleness appeared. Apart from that, a never-before-seen bizarre expression could be seen from her eyes as well.

That expression…

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

That was because he had suddenly thought of something. How powerful was Wang Yao actually?

Every time Wang Yao appeared, she was akin to a divine warrior that descended from the heavens to save him. However, among her previous opponents, the strongest was merely at C-class. This time, all five of their opponents were A-class!

Could Wang Yao…

"If you stay here, you will only drag her down!" Wang Chun said softly.

Chen Feng clenched his fists. "I know."


This term felt so piercing to his ears.

Wang Chun brought Chen Feng away. Surprisingly, those A-class experts did not follow them. Instead, they stopped and surrounded Wang Yao with solemn expressions on their faces.

"You finally appeared," that middle-aged man said with a heavy tone.


Chen Feng was alarmed. What was the meaning of this? Could it be that their final target had actually been Wang Yao?!

"Let me introduce myself. I am Lei Hao, an A-class genetic warrior, the captain for this mission," Lei Hao said calmly. Against Wang Yao, he was using an extremely solemn tone. Moreover, a trace of cautiousness could be felt from his tone. "Starting from five years ago, the projects of our organization started receiving heavy damage. Regardless of our disaster projects or dark energy projects or even our mechanical projects, they would always receive a huge amount of damage during the crucial moments.

"Every single mission. Every single project. During the crucial moment, there would be a person appearing out of nowhere. She would swiftly crush the whole project before vanishing quietly.

"For five years, 72 projects were spoiled! We were always looking for this mysterious expert. Until one day… we finally discovered our enemy." As he said this, Lei Hao still found it unbelievable. "An 18-year-old young lady, a girl that was able to maintain her appearance since childhood due to a genetic mutation."


Everyone’s hearts trembled. Even those from the Genetic Union were stupefied.

They had never imagined that this petite-looking girl here had actually done so much through the years. Moreover, she alone had done more than what their organization as a whole had done.

"You are very strong. So powerful it is inconceivable. From the projects you spoiled, we saw your potential. Increasing without stop from E class, to D class, C class, and B class… the level of our projects that you spoiled served as an indication of the constant increase of your strength." Lei Hao had a solemn expression. "Now… you have even started spoiling our A-class projects."

Every single word he said shocked everyone here.

"Wang Yao…"

Chen Feng was shaken. She had actually done so many things?

As he put more thought into it, apart from being extremely cold toward those from the Wang family, deep inside, she was still a kind person. During the Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident, she had saved the other students as well.

"What’s the point of saying so much?" Wang Yao’s expression was still calm.

"We hope you can join our organization." A tinge of madness appeared in Lei Hao’s eyes. "As long as you join us, we will forget everything you did before. You are worth that much! We believe that with your potential, in the future, you will be the arrogant child of the heavens in our organization! You could even be one of our leaders. If you choose otherwise…"


His killing intent bubbled.

Beside him, the other four A-class warriors were eyeing her as well.

Damn it!

The expression of Hou Liang and the rest changed greatly. This organization had actually sent so many experts to force Wang Yao to join them. If she was truly as powerful as they said…

The moment Wang Yao joined them…

Everyone’s expressions became unsightly.

"Damn it!" Hou Liang looked at the flickering light on his wristband. The true experts of their side were on the way. As long as they arrived, these A-class experts here would not pose much trouble.


They needed time!

Could Wang Yao drag this on any longer?

Or would she join this organization?

Everyone was anxious.

However, at this moment, Wang Yao smiled suddenly.

"Ah." Contempt in the tone of her voice with a trace of charm in it, she said indifferently, "Are these the words of your leader?"

Lei Hao’s expression changed slightly. "How do you know that?"

"Ah." A smile appeared on Wang Yao’s face. "It has been so many years. He is still the same old him with his habit of spurting nonsense out of his mouth all the time. If he truly wanted to let me be the leader, was there a need for him to start the immortality project?"


The expressions of Lei Hao’s group changed greatly.

"Who on earth are you?!" Lei Hao bellowed.

He roared. However, a trace of fear could be felt from that angry roar of his.

This young lady…

Knows everything?

"Who am I?" Wang Yao shook her head. "It’s no longer important."


At this instant, a terrifying radiance bloomed. That beautiful red skirt on Wang Yao’s body ignited, transforming into an intense flame. The terrifying power contained within her bloomed and erupted instantly.


The earth trembled.

The entirety of Extreme Iceland, in a single instant, became filled with nothing but red.

Wang Yao pointed her sword at Lei Hao. "Come!"


She was…

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

At this moment, he finally understood what she meant when she said "ends here" earlier. That was because she was aware that she might not survive to repay him the third favor.

That final gaze of hers… was a farewell to him!