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Chapter 198: Beneath the Ice

Chapter 198: Beneath the Ice

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"For the last time," Lei Hao said with a cold expression, "join us, or else—"


Wang Yao slashed with her sword.

"Seems like there’s nothing to talk about anymore." Lei Hao sighed. "If so, then, goodbye."


A bizarre aura dispersed from Lei Hao’s body.

"What is he planning?"

Everyone had a solemn mood.

However, at this moment, the other A-class warriors made their move as well.


One of them waved his hand.

A half-illusory mountain appeared in the sky and started descending. At this moment, the whole world seemed to darken beneath this mountain.

Mount Tai’s Suppression – a 5-star secret art.

An ability formed through the fusion of five different genetic abilities. With this ability, one would be able to produce an incorporeal mountain formed with spiritual energy to suppress one’s enemy.

Anyone who was the target of this ability’s suppression would have to endure a frightening shockwave.


The mountain smashed toward Wang Yao.

Wang Yao raised her right hand, placing her fair and tiny hand above her head.


The earth trembled.


A dense flame started burning around Wang Yao.

Within the intense flame, Wang Yao’s delicate body appeared so very tiny compared to the mountain. However, she successfully blocked this huge attack.


A deep footprint was left on the icy ground below her feet.


Everyone’s hearts throbbed.

This was a 5-star secret art! A 5-star secret art used by an A-class genetic warrior!

She had blocked it just like that?

However, the A-class warriors did not find this surprising.

Before coming here, they had done a lot of investigating. They were clear on Wang Yao’s strength and were not counting on this single Mount Tai’s Suppression to be able to suppress Wang Yao.

This move had only been used to restrict her movement.


The second person made his move.


In the air hovered nine miniature suns with different colors. Every single one of them was burning with an intense heat. Every single one of them was shining with a dazzling radiance.


That person pointed.


Abruptly, the nine miniature suns started shooting terrifying beams of light.

Their target being Wang Yao.

Nine beams with different colors, nine beams with terrifying amounts of energy contained within, at this moment shot forth toward Wang Yao from the dazzling suns.


The icy ground below each light beam started melting. Every single one of these beams was so terrifying that one’s heart palpitated just looking at it.

The Region of Nine Suns – A 5-star secret art.

An ability formed through the fusion of five different genetic abilities. Through the combination of genetic abilities, nine beams with different attributes would be created. After reaching their target, these beams would fuse together before reacting with each other to blossom with even more power.


Everyone looked at the blossoming beams in front of Wang Yao.


A crisp sound could be heard.

Gently, Wang Yao raised her left hand.

With this, the nine beams stopped. Before they could even fuse, they were blocked by the flaming shield on Wang Yao’s left hand.


With a snort, the third person made his move.

Another terrifying 5-star secret art was used. This time, a terrifying ice storm was unleashed as it started wreaking havoc. Everywhere the storm passed, layers of earth were torn from the icy ground.

The storm raged while the ground sunk three meters downward.

This was the terrifying ice storm. He activated the storm and completely submerged Wang Yao in it. However, that shining blaze within the storm remained, appearing incredibly dazzling.

She had blocked the nine suns attack with her left hand and the Mount Tai attack with her right hand, and the burning red skirt on her body resisted that ice storm.

"So strong!"

Everyone was shocked.

For her to resist three A-class genetic warriors so easily, how powerful was this young lady?

"Scram!" said Wang Yao with a cold look in her eyes. Around her, boundless flames started blooming.

Her blazing skirt, at this moment, displayed an astonishing amount of power.


Mount Tai’s Suppression…

The Region of Nine Suns…

The ice storm…

All the attacks were destroyed by the flame.


A terrifying explosion.

All the attacks were crushed as the whole Extreme Iceland trembled violently. A huge abyss was created from the impact.



The whole Extreme Iceland trembled.

At the same time.


A flood of endless icy water gushed forth.

Underneath the depths of Extreme Iceland, at this moment, a mystical icy water started gushing out. With its emergence, all other auras at the surface disappeared.

The abyss turned into a violent flowing river.


The azure-colored water surged forward, creating a broad river.


The water gushed out without stop.

Calm returned to the Extreme Iceland.


Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

This icy water was a legend of this Extreme Iceland. It was also the most dangerous existence here.

It was even more dangerous than these A-class experts here. That was because this icy water was capable of rendering all genetic abilities ineffective.

It was rumored that this place was originally a huge Ice River. As there had been too many deaths here, in order to assure the safety of others, several super experts had joined hand to seal this Ice River, constructing a freezing world above the river. This was how the Extreme Iceland came into being.

Everyone believed that this was simply some old folklore. Now, though…

The icy water of the Ice River had appeared!

"The legend is actually real. Beneath the Extreme Iceland, there is really an Ice River! The legendary water capable of rendering all genetic abilities ineffective…"

Everyone was shocked. What they saw and experienced today was something that was so much more colorful even when compared with the whole life of some others. They had actually broken the ancient seal placed at this place. The entirety of Extreme Iceland had now changed because of this.

They knew that this place would most probably once again end up as a forbidden area.

It was rumored that the icy water would lose its effect once it left the Ice River. However, only here at this land of the Ice River was it able to render all genetic abilities ineffective.

In the future, this would be the forbidden ground of all genetic warriors.

"Their battle actually caused this to happen?"

Everyone trembled.

They knew that A-class warriors were extremely powerful. However, they had never expected it to reach this level. Regardless of the A-class experts or Wang Yao, these were all existences at a height that some of them might not reach in their whole lives.


They might truly be able to survive this time?


Right at this moment.

A power that caused one’s heart to palpitate suddenly started blooming. Instinctively, everyone looked at the direction the aura was coming from. With shock, they found that a mystical symbol had appeared on Lei Hao’s forehead.

Lei Hao sneered as the symbol on his head started radiating. "Let this end."

"Not good."

Everyone’s expressions changed greatly as a lot of them recognized what this symbol signified.

Verbal Compliance Law.

A 6-star secret art!

A secret art formed through the fusion of six different genetic abilities that possessed the power to destroy the heaven and earth. Its weakness was the long preparation time required to activate this ability.


He was done with his preparations.

When the three experts had attacked earlier, they were simply buying time for him to prepare his ability.

This was the only attack that could be considered a killing move. Against this unique opponent they were currently facing, they definitely had to use the strongest method available to them. Only by using a 6-star secret art could they secure victory.

This was the strongest method available among A-class warriors; it had no other contenders.

If this ability was used to attack, it would be the strongest attack. If this ability was used to defend, it would be the strongest defense. This was what it was, an omnipotent 6-star secret art.


He took one step forward and pointed at Wang Yao before softly saying, "Kill!"


The symbol on his head instantly vanished.

That shining symbol, at this instant, charged toward Wang Yao with a speed as fast as lighting.

At this instant, the whole world seemed to have its color changed.

"Not good!"

Everyone’s expressions changed greatly. A 6-star secret art was the strongest ability an A-class warrior could muster. As for this Verbal Compliance Law, it was simply the strongest and most unrivaled ability among all 6-star secret arts.

Since the reinforcements from the Genetic Union were not here yet, if Wang Yao were to die now, they would probably all die here as well.

What to do?!

Everyone was agitated.

However, at the same moment the Verbal Compliance Law attack was unleashed, a bizarre energy started snaking up around Wang Yao’s body. Like an undulation of energy, it noiselessly dispersed.


Instantly, the undulation enveloped the whole area.

Time seemed to freeze.

The Mount Tai that descended from the sky, the incomparably mysterious nine suns, and the icy storm that was wreaking havoc, at this moment, all of them stopped moving.


Including that incoming Verbal Compliance Law as well, everything stopped.

Only a flash of a faint afterimage could be seen moving. If one could get a clear look at it, one would be surprised to find that the silhouette was Wang Yao herself.


With a flicker, Wang Yao vanished before reappearing beside a person.

With a flicker, Wang Yao vanished once again.


They watched this scene in shock.


Wang Yao’s silhouette flickered around everyone there. Her delicate silhouette was akin to a butterfly that was fluttering gracefully as she gracefully drifted past the five A-class experts.

After that, time seemed to start moving again.