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Chapter 200: A Single Reason Is Sufficient

Chapter 200: A Single Reason Is Sufficient

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In front of the ice cave ruins, an astonishing scene was playing out. Not only Lei Hao. Wang Chun, Hou Liang, and the rest were all stupefied, as the one escaping with Wang Yao was Chen Feng.

"Damn!" Wang Chun cursed. This idiot! What the heck is he thinking? Those are A-class warriors. Moreover, the strongest two A-class warriors!

It was no wonder that he kept having an odd feeling that Chen Feng had remained strangely silent all this while. He had glanced at Chen Feng several times during the battle to find that, apart from paying close attention to the battle, Chen Feng was not paying attention to anything else.

Surprisingly, just as he had slacked his attention from Chen Feng, Chen Feng had rushed out. This madman! Did he truly believe that he could save Wang Yao? Nope. By rushing out, the only thing he could accomplish was throwing his life away.

"Damn it!"

Hou Liang was bursting with rage as well.

At times like these, what was the point of charging out? Only one minute was left before their reinforcements arrived! As long as Wang Yao could last one extra minute, she would definitely survive this. Even if things got worse and Wang Yao was to die after one minute, Lei Hao’s group would not dare to remain an extra second here anyway.

With this, Wang Yao’s sacrifice would be worth it.

But now?

Chen Feng had rushed out. He would probably die. Wang Yao’s sacrifice would be in vain as well.

"Crazy! He must have gone crazy!" everyone muttered.

They knew that Chen Feng wouldn’t even last more than one second before that A-class expert.


In actuality, Chen Feng had waited for a very long time. He'd kept wondering, to save Wang Yao or not? Regardless of how powerful she was, was she worth rescuing?

As long as Wang Yao lasted long enough for their reinforcements to arrive, they would definitely be saved. Under such circumstances, was there a need for him to put his life on the line to save her?

Making the decision based on what would benefit him most?

He had put a lot of thought into it. However, ultimately, he had still decided to follow his heart.


The reason was simple: he liked this young girl.

This one reason alone was sufficient for him to make his move.

At an unknown time, the silhouette of this little girl had been imprinted in the depths of his heart. Was it due to her saving him numerous times previously? Or was it… due to that proud yet kind heart of hers? He had no answer for that. However, after rebirth, if he did not even have the courage to like someone, wouldn’t it be too sad?

Moreover, she had still appeared and blocked an attack for Chen Feng despite knowing clearly that she might not survive the encounter with the five A-class warriors.

This one point alone was worth Chen Feng saving her.

Was she doing this for the two favors she still owed him?


Chen Feng sighed. How had he fallen in love with such a stubborn young girl?

Naturally, he still needed to rescue her despite his lamentation.

He was not planning to throw his life away. As such, he had been waiting all this while, waiting for the most opportune moment. From the moment Lei Hao’s group had started their battle with Wang Yao, Chen Feng had been waiting, right up until the instance where Xia Yan erupted—he knew that was his chance.


The ice-cold temperature of that area pierced his bone. Chen Feng embraced Wang Yao tightly. Only at this did he feel a trace of warmth.



Chen Feng charged away.

In accordance to his plan, not a single second could be wasted. Only with this would there be a chance of survival. Planning before acting, this was the lifeline that he needed to fight for with his life.

Wang Yao’s weak voice travelled to his ears. "You shouldn’t have come out."

Chen Feng curled his lips. "You shouldn’t come have out either." If Wang Yao had remained hidden, would these A-class warriors have been able to locate her? However, she had still decided to come out, blocking in front of Chen Feng when Lei Hao had tried to kill him.

"It’s different. They are only here for me. Put me down. I can still resist several moves from them," Wang Yao said weakly.


Chen Feng laughed out loud from his anger.

Resisting several moves?

She probably means resisting for one more minute. Godd*mnit. Everyone seems capable of calculating the reinforcement’s arrival time accurately. Hou Liang calculated it accurately, Lei Hao calculated it accurately, even Wang Yao calculated it accurately.

Lei Hao had calculated the time accurately in order to kill Wang Yao before the reinforcements arrived.

Wang Yao had calculated the time accurately to obstruct Lei Hao long enough for the reinforcement to arrive.

Hence, the ultimate result should have been Wang Yao’s death, Lei Hao’s departure, and everyone else saved?

F*ck that shit!

Chen Feng shook his head. "Is this worth it?"

"This is… what I owe you," Wang Yao said weakly. "Hence… let me down. I will drag him down until they arrived. However, this time, this can be considered as two favors repaid, right? The three favors… let me repay them all before I leave this world."


Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

This fellow…

Even now, she was still thinking of the three favors?

He wanted to scold her, to tell her that she was losing her life soon; however, his words couldn’t leave his mouth. A warm current blocked his chest, giving him an uncomfortable feeling.

"All my life, only two people have sincerely helped me. One of them was Wang Yue… At my moment of desperation, he begged for mercy on behalf of me, despite the fact that his begging wasn’t really effective…

"The second one was you. Even at this moment, you still stepped out to save me. Hence, I don’t want to depart this world still in debt to you… that way, I won’t be able to pass peacefully." Wang Yao’s voice was weakening.

"Shut up!" Chen Feng shouted.

Wang Yao looked at Chen Feng with a serious expression. "I do not fear death."

Chen Feng gave her a deep gaze before saying, "But I fear your death."



Chen Feng was still running.

He knew that Xia Yan wouldn’t be able to hold Lei Hao for long.


At this instant, the dark energy blooming from Xia Yan finally faded. Immediately, an ice-cold consciousness could be felt locking onto him. That was Lei Hao’s aura!

He had been discovered!



Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. He needed time!

He knew that Lei Hao only needed a single instant to kill him.

What to do?

Chen Feng’s brain moved rapidly.

Luck Aura, activate!

I need time! Regardless of what coincidences are created, regardless of whether its probability or reality that is affected, regardless of the amount of luck values exhausted, I need time! Chen Feng roared inwardly.


Lei Hao’s attack was coming at him.


Full activation of Luck Aura.

At this instant, Chen Feng could acutely feel the rapid decline of his luck value.

Instead of being alarmed, he was instead overjoyed. That was because this meant that it was working.


Suddenly, the earth started trembling.

When the A-class attack unleashed by Lei Hao was about to land on Chen Feng, suddenly, a certain cunk of the ground broke apart as a torrent of icy water gushed up from underground.


The surging water collided with Lei Hao’s attack.


Subsequently, nothing happened.

Lei Hao’s attack vanished in an instant. After the sudden eruption of the icy water, it returned underground, dragged by gravity. The area returned to its previous situation, as if nothing had ever happened here.


Lei Hao was alarmed.

What was going on?!

He was aware that the Extreme Iceland had changed greatly, as without the seal, the icy water would gush out of the underground at any time. However, for it to perfectly block his attack… How unlucky was he for that to happen?

"Hmph!" Lei Hao snorted. "I refuse to believe…"


Another terrifying attack was shot out by him with Chen Feng and Wang Yao as the target.

However, as that attack was about to land on Chen Feng, somewhere five meters from Chen Feng, a gush of icy water suddenly shot out of the ground and noiselessly blocked Lei Hao’s attack.

How was this possible?!


Lei Hao had a dumbstruck expression.

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