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Chapter 201: Chen Feng’s Plan

Chapter 201: Chen Feng’s Plan

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The icy water… blocked his attack?!

Lei Hao stared fixedly ahead.

Chen Feng could control the icy water?


Why had the Ice River remained a legend all this while?

That was because it was capable of erasing all abilities! Something uncontrollable! That was because all sorts of ability to control were essentially still genetic abilities. Wanting to control the icy water that was a genetic ability eraser using a genetic ability? That was simply a joke.

As for the icy water… it was something that would lose its effectiveness within several seconds of leaving the Ice River. It was simply something one couldn’t preserve.

Once, someone possessing a unique ability to preserve everything in its peak condition had tried to preserve the icy water that had left the Ice River.

However… that attempt had been reduced to a joke. This was because what that person had tried to use was also a genetic ability. After getting in contact with the icy water, this ability lost its effectiveness as well.

Controlling it? That was even more impossible.

However, right here… with his own eyes, he saw that every time his attack was about to land, icy water would burst out of the ground to block his attack just before the icy water lost its effectiveness.


Who would believe that this was a coincidence?


Another attack streaked forth.


A gush of icy water burst out.

One time!

Two times!

This bizarre scene stupefied everyone there.


Everyone’s mouths were stuck agape. This works?

As of this moment, Chen Feng and Wang Yao were getting further away from him.

Lei Hao inhaled deeply. "You are courting death!"

He was aware that with this icy water here, it was simply a dream for him to use some common methods to damage them.


Are you able to block an incorporeal attack, then?

Verbal Compliance Law was his strongest killer move. However, apart from this, he had a lot of 4-star and 5-star secret arts as well.

For example: Conception of Death and Life

A 5-star secret art capable of ignoring distance, range, and defense.

A secret art that was formed through the fusion of five different genetic abilities, it was able to unleash an extremely powerful mental attack that was able to directly appear within the target’s body. This ability was in actuality something similar to the early form of the Verbal Compliance Law secret art.

It was classified as a curse, a formless attack.


A gush of powerful energy converged beside Lei Hao.

Lei Hao pointed at Chen Feng.

It’s over!

Everyone’s hearts chilled. A lot of people recognized this move. Regardless of whether it was luck or coincidence, the gushing icy water had given them some sort of hope earlier. However, how would one block this Conception of Death and Life?

Chen Feng… was going to be finished.

Everyone’s hearts trembled.


That bizarre aura locked onto Chen Feng.

Chen Feng saw this scene as well. He was aware that Lei Hao had definitely used a fatal ability. However, at this instant, oddly, a smile was instead formed on his mouth.

It’s over…

He lowered his head.

Looking at her delicate appearance, he suddenly found that this little girl was unprecedentedly beautiful. Coupled with that red skirt she had on, she appeared incomparably captivating.

Chen Feng hugged her tightly and whispered to her, "We must both survive. We will certainly… survive!"

Pu tong!

Chen Feng leaped. With Wang Yao in his embrace, he actually leaped into the icy water without any hesitation.

Pu tong!

Water splashed around.


Lei Hao’s attack arrived. However, the attack vanished amidst the icy water. Regardless of what angle he chose to attack from, he was unable to go through this river of icy water Chen Feng and Wang Yao were currently submerged in.


Everyone cried out in alarm.

Leaping into the river?

Leaping into the Ice River?

This guy had gone insane!

One had to know that, once someone jumped into the Ice River, one would lose all of one’s genetic abilities and become the same as an ordinary person that could only drift along the waves, following the flow of the river…

Anyone who did that had zero chances of survival!


Flowing along the current of the river, Chen Feng and Wang Yao instantly disappeared.

They were flushed away!

At that final instant, everyone could clearly see that just as Chen Feng's and Wang Yao’s bodies entered the water, they were already covered by ice.

This was the Ice River! A mystical body of water with a temperature so low one couldn’t even begin to imagine its coldness.

It was rumored that, back then, several thousand warriors, from F-class to A-class, had carelessly fallen into this icy water. Not a single one of them had ever returned alive.

Without genetic abilities, regardless of how high one’s body quality was, one would still die. That was because, regardless of how strong one’s body was, at the instant one dropped into the Ice River, one would be frozen immediately. Next, one would drift along with the waves before sinking into the depths of the water as a chunk of ice. Or perhaps one might be devoured by the legendary mutated beast that was said to live in the icy water. There was simply no hope for survival.


Lei Hao frowned. "Suicide?"

He had never expected that they would actually leap into this newly reemerged Ice River. The Ice River that, as per legends, none had ever survived.


His wristband buzzed.

Lei Hao looked at the screen. The experts from the Genetic Union were arriving soon.


Lei Hao sneered. His ice cold gaze glanced at Hou Liang and the rest before leaving speedily.

Since Wang Yao had fallen into the icy water, his mission was completed. Time to retreat.


With a flash.

The two departed at a flying speed. Shortly after they left, numerous terrifying auras appeared. The experts from the Genetic Union had finally arrived.

"Where are you running?"


A silhouette descended from the sky and immediately tore space apart.


Within the torn space, the Lei Hao duo that had just fled were still there.

"It’s you!"

With a single glance at this newly arrived person, Lei Hao’s expression changed greatly.


Verbal Compliance Law activated, escape at full speed!

The Verbal Compliance Law that he had prepared in advance bloomed at this instant as he transformed into a streak of light and escaped. As for his companion who had saved him earlier? Lei Hao couldn’t spare any thought to him.


A descent of endless thunder.

"Lei Hao!" that person screamed. He activated his Celestial Body Shield. However, he only lasted for two seconds before perishing.


The celestial body crumbled. The A-class expert was dead.

He did not even have a chance to use a second ability before perishing.


The gaze of the Genetic Union expert seemed to transcend distance as he locked onto the faraway Lei Hao and streaked forth to chase after him.

Currently, some of the experts remained to escort everyone away.

With such changes occurring here, not only Hou Liang’s group, even their employees in the nearby camp needed to be evacuated as well.

"Is it possible to save them?"

Hou Liang looking at the Ice River that was flowing at great speed.

"I’m afraid it’s not possible." They sighed. "Regarding this river, the Genetic Union had always kept a record of it. This was something humanity has never managed to touch. Hence, it was sealed. Now that the seal has been removed… the whole Extreme Iceland will probably be submerged in the icy water soon."



Distantly, the earth trembled.

Endless icy water gushed out of the ground.

Everyone had a solemn mood.

They knew that this place was about to be covered by endless icy water.

The whole Extreme Iceland would turn into a huge river. Here, all genetic abilities would disappear. This would become a forbidden area for genetic warriors.

Wang Chun looked at the icy water. "Chen Feng…"

"Let’s go." Hou Liang sighed, as he felt somewhat guilty. "It’s my fault."

Wang Chun remained silent. For such a thing to happen, who could have guessed it?!

The mysterious organization…

A class…

"Shen Yi." Wang Chun suddenly concentrated his gaze. "Help me become stronger. I must become stronger! I want to summon everyone! I want to… crush this organization!"

Wang Chun had a resolute gaze.

He had initially believed that he was already strong enough. With his ability to transcend levels to challenge those of higher class, he was even feeling somewhat proud as of late. However, this single slap of reality to his face had thoroughly awakened him.

This was a world where dangers lurked everywhere!

If he wanted to stay alive… he had to be stronger!!

Wang Chun inhaled deeply. "Chen Feng…"



Wang Chun left with Hou Liang and the rest.

At the Extreme Iceland, endless icy water gushed out of the ground. In a short period of time, accompanied by a loud boom, the whole Extreme Iceland crumbled, and an endless amount of icy water emerged.



The entirety of Extreme Iceland disappeared. This had thoroughly became the Ice River.

After a long time, the flowing water returned to its tranquility. As far as the eye could see, there was only an endless expanse of icy blue.

This was the Ice River.

The forbidden area of humanity from the legends!

At the same time, somewhere in the Ice River, two silhouettes that were huddled together were sinking without stop.

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